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Pokemon: Kanto Trials


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[B]Character Name:[/B] Teloiv Cross
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Class:[/B] Trainer
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Starter Pokemon:[/B] Sandshrew
[B]Second Pokemon:[/B] Pidgey
[B]Pokemon Nickname:[/B] Maple

[SIZE="3"][B]Personality:[/B][/SIZE] She has a very active and out going personality. Like most, she's very friendly with everyone and welcomes all types of advice and criticism regardless of credibility but has a lot of confidence about her own abilities. She is very supportive of others and always thinks of a more optimistic approach verses the negative. But, due to this overly trustful attitude, she has a habit of easily letting other's borrow what she has and does not no the boundaries of being overly generous or a door mat. However, even though she works well with others, when the situation is tight or stressful, she takes the lead and prefers to be left alone with it. Whether it is her own personal goals or a battle that is turning sour, she shuts everyone off and concentrates at the goal at hand.

Traits or habits she has is referring to a majority of things she likes as "super adorable!". Due to this, she can't help but also splurge her money on items she finds adoring. Her activeness causes her to forget certain belongings, but never her phone. She's horrible at lying and hates quiet or still moments.

[SIZE="3"][B]Appearance:[/B][/SIZE] Purple hair, with one distint wave or curl at her bangs. Her hair ends at the tips of her shoulder, the bottom of it curling back. She sports a limeish v-neck short sleeveless shirt over a fitting long sleeved green shirt. She wears dirty brown pants along with purple shoes. She is often seen with a yellow looking flower clip. Extra accessories are a pokeball necklace, a green choker, a green and purple beaded bracelet on her left hand and a purple watch on her right. Her orange messenger bag is filled with many pocket compartments.

[SIZE="3"][B]History:[/B][/SIZE] She was raised and born on the region of Hoenn, in Lilycove City. Her city was well known for being one of the most popular spots throughout all the regions due to the many attractions that it welcomes. Her parents are avid Pokemon Contest competitors and fans, which they more or less had tried to influence her to follow their steps. Even if she enjoys watching and occasionally entering contests, she grew tired of her surroundings in general. However, while watching television one day, she heard the news about the Kanto region holding a competition, which ultimately inspired and gave her a new goal. She consulted her parents and eventually wore them down to let her leave the city to pursue her new desire. So, she bids farewell to her family and many friends and now is on her way to try to become Kanto's new gym leader.

[SIZE="3"][B]RP Example:[/B] [/SIZE]
[As soon as the television commercial ended, Teloiv sprang onto her feet and dashed to the fridge. Her eyes found the calender, and tracing her index finger down the days, she found that there were only a few more weeks before the official tournament was to commence.
[B]"There isn't much time..."[/B] she mumbled under her breath. Teloiv remained strong and thought about her background about pokemon. She had a strong knowledge on how to take care of pokemon, even if she hasn't owned one herself. Not only has she watched the different types of pokemon entered, she had some knowledge as to what kind of moves they would be using. Knowing this, Teloiv exhaled a breath of confidence.
[B]"I am definitely qualified to be a gym leader,"[/B] ]

[B]Would you like your character drawn?[/B] [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v713/Sanoshi/pokemonrpteloiv.jpg"]LOL DONE. CLICK HEEERE[/URL]
[B]Do you have an image of what your character is based to look like?[/B] [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v713/Sanoshi/pokemonrpteloiv.jpg"]HEEEREE[/URL]
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I love the bit about "I want to avenge my family". That was funny. It [I]is[/I] pretty obvious that [I]someone[/I] at some point in time might try to make a Sasuke knock-off.

Character Name: [/B]Kurai Yakunan

[B]Gender: [/B]Female

[B] Class: [/B]Breeder

[B] Age: [/B]15

[B] Starter Pokemon: [/B]Vulpix

[B] Second Pokemon: [/B]Zubat

[B] Pokemon Nickname:[/B] Yakunan

[B] Personality: [/B]Kurai is normally a very laid-back and quiet person. She prefers solving things nonviolently. Kurai loves jokes that are not groan-inducing ones. She despises anyone who insults her or her way of doing things. Kurai is more of a follower than a leader, so she often doesn't mind others leading the way for her. She only has one problem, and that is actually [I]following[/I] such orders. Kurai's somewhat defiant nature sometimes causes trouble for the others around her. She is incredibly stubborn and strong-willed, and will, under any circumstances, give in to another's demands. Kurai has a one-track mind. Once she is focused on something, she will not leave it be until she finishes.

[B] Appearance: [/B]Kurai wears a black sleeveless top over a long sleeve fishnet shirt. She also wears a pair of black jeans with a chain that always seems to dangle from the waist. Kurai has a pair of black boots that seem a little big on her feet. She often has a black rose hairclip in her hair on the left side, aligned with her eye. Kurai also has a necklace that has a dark purple stone on it with "Yakunan" engraved in it.

[B] History: [/B]Kurai had lived most of her life in Veilstone City in the Sinnoh region. Her parents had refused to let her near pokemon, but despite their orders, Kurai went close to pokemon anyway by sneaking out every night and returning before her parents noticed. In this way, she learned a lot about pokemon in secret. She had learned so much, she had bugged her parents to let her get a job babysittling pokemon for trainers. They had eventually gave into Kurai's will, letting her watch over the pokemon of trainers. She learned a lot about the personalities of pokemon through this job. Kurai also learned which pokemon could breed with which, and how long it would take for them to have an egg. She would occasionally find eggs that the pokemon had. Kurai always gave them to the trainers. Most never left behind an egg. When they did, she would hatch it herself, raise it to the point where it could go on its own, then release it into the wild. This inspired her to become a breeder.

[B] RP Example:[/B] Kurai was wandering around her place of work like usual. She had spent most of the money she had already earned from taking care of other's pokemon on supplies for herself.

"Looks like it's almost time for that contest to start. I should be having a lot of work to do soon..."

Kurai walked out of the building and looked up at the sky.

"I just wish this job would pay better..."

[B] Would you like your character drawn? [/B]Yes, please.
Do you have an image of what your character is based to look like?[/B]
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Name: Brendan

Gender: Male

Class: Trainer

Age: 19

Starter Pokemon: Bellsprout

Second Pokemon: Kraby

Pokemon Nickname: Bellsprout

Personality: Brendan is a natural born leader, he loves to get right into a fight [Pokemon] and do his best. Brendan, at times can be a little over bearing, but is still a great person to have with you. Brendan is a seasoned master at pokemon and is tagging along with this group, he has his old Pokemon at Bills computer and has chose a new set of pokemon. He hopes he can learn more from this group about teamwork, wile teaching these guys a bit about solo fighting.

Appearance: Brendan stands at 6ft, with medium long black hair which he parts to the left. He has a medium frame and loves to ware skinny black jeans, a black t-shirt that has "Bid D and The Kids Table" on it, and you can always see him with a pair of skull candy head phones on, listening to ska. His shoes are black skate shoes.

History: Brendand was born in Emerald city, He always loved watching the grass pokemon scurry around, he would actually watch them for hours, untill one day his father gave him a poke'ball. Brendan went out and caught his first pokemon, a Bellsprout. He faught every battel with that Bellsprout, he got every badge with that Bellsprout, he won the eleite 4 with that bellsprout, and now he is starting over, with a new bellsprout. He hopes to teach his group about the powers of dedication to you're pokemon.

RP example: "Bellsprout! GO!" Brendan has sent out Bellsprout. Pidgey usese growl, Bellsprout takes it like a champ and returns with a razor leaf, pidgey gets a little scuffed up. Pidgey usese wirlwind, and it's a critical hit! Bellsprout usese tackle, pidgey gets hit badly, Pidgey uses growl, but it misses. Bellsprout uses tackel again, Pidgey has fainted. Brendan wins!

Would you like you're character drawn? Yes, please.
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Like I told you in my PM, my pokemon info is a little dated, let me know if I need to change anything.

[B]Character Name[/B]: John Kultz

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Class[/B]: Researcher

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Starter Pokemon[/B]: Oddish

[B]Second Pokemon:[/B] Poliwag

[B]Pokemon Nickname[/B]: Oddie

[B]Personality:[/B] John loves Pokemon, though he regretfully started out later in life then most, he strives to learn everything and anything about them. He believes man/pokemon should work side by side, and no pokemon should be forced into servitude.

[B]Appearance:[/B] John stands 6'2 and has a beefy frame. He has short dark hair, and ice blue eyes. People often write him off as being "Big and Dumb" before they get to kno whim.

[B]History:[/B] John had started training pokemon when he was 13, much later then most. As he struggled with choosing between different types of pokemon, he decided that he'd never make a good trainer since he loved them all and couldn't choose a "specialty". He then decided that collecting would be a better field for him. That way he could make his name by supporting trainers, collecting the strongest pokemon, and get to share his love of pokemon with the world

[B]RP Example[/B]: "Oddish, I choose you" John shouts as he tosses the pokeball into the ground. "Oddish, use sweet scent."

"Now I've got you!" John reached for his empty pokeball, only to find that he'd forgotten it. "That's okay, who needs it." John dove on top of the Poliwag who was still enthralled by Oddish's sweet scent attack.

John woke up several hours later to Oddish and Poliwag laying next to him. As he rubbed his head, he had the vaugest memory of being launched by Poliwag's Water spout attack.

"Sorry for trying to capture you like that Poliwag."

"Polly Polly"

"Gosh I hope that means you want to come with me and not "get away or I'll use water spout again"

[B]Would you like your character drawn[/B]?: Sure

[B]Do you have an image of what your character is based to look like?[/B]: Nope
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[LEFT][B]Character Name[/B]: Alex

[B]Gender[/B]: Female

[B]Class[/B]: Collector

[B]Age[/B]: 17

[B]Starter[/B] [B]Pokemon[/B]: Oddish

[B]Second Pokemon[/B]: Zubat

[B]Pokemon Nicknames:[/B] Odd Ball and Nocturna

[B]Personality[/B]: Alex is gentle and kind, but not afraid to get down and dirty if needed. She can be very shy, but mostly towards things she is naive about. She loves all living things, and gets quite upset when they hurt each other. Because of this, she has decided not to be a trainer, her heart could not stand to see her pokemon fight and hurt themselves or others. She is very dedicated and caring towards her Oddish. Her dream is to collect as many Oddishs (and their evolutions) as she can, then return to her farm to work with her new companions.

[B]Appearance[/B]: Alex has lower back length black hair, pulled back into two braided pigtails, with her bangs framing her face down to her shoulders. Her tan complexion easily brings out her sea blue eyes and lengthy composure. She wears short cut off blue jean shorts, a black wife-beater with a red-plaid, long sleeve half jacket, and black combat boots. She also carries a red back pack, and wears a heart shaped locket around her neck.

[B]History[/B]: Alex was born on a small farm on the outskirts of Kanto, near the sea. Born the third child of four, she has a strong relationship with her two older sisters and younger brother. With her mother being a pokemon nurse, she grew up caring for injured and sick pokemon, though her family never had any of their own. Her daily routine consisted of waking at dawn and working on the garden until noon. It was during this time when she encountered her first wild pokemon.

One summer morning while weeding the garden, she stumbled upon what she thought was a large weed. Whilst pulling the "weed" from the ground, she discovered it was actually a sleeping Oddish. A little stunned at first. she didn't know what to do. Her mother had always told her not to mess with wild pokemon, they can be very dangerous. Now she was starring right at one, though it seemed harmless. The Oddish looked at her cautiously, then quickly walked over to an earthed carrot, tugging at it strenuously with it's teeth until the carrot was slowly unearthed.

"Aw! Your sooo cute!" Chuckling softly, she gently picked up the Oddish and hugged him. Taking the carrot and placing it in her basket, Alex sat the Oddish down carefully. "Well, I'll let you go back to sleep now." As she started to walk away, she noticed the Oddish following her happily. "Oh...alright, I'll take you inside." Quickly picking him up, she sat him on her shoulder and smiled. "Your an odd ball little one...hmm...Odd Ball, that suits you." Kissing Odd Ball's cheek, she walked through the front door.

Since then, little Odd Ball and Alex had spent their days in the garden. At least until recently, when her younger brother Victor had gone out to try and become the new gym leader. Now she must start her journey to find and help her brother.

[B]RP[/B[B]] Example[/B]:

[I]"Alright Odd Ball, work your magic...[/I]" Whispering quietly to the Oddish, Alex slowly released him from her grip, and let him roam through the tall grass. They had been kneeling for what seemed like hours in the grass, just waiting for the right moment, and now...it was finally here. Barely holding her excitement, Alex cautiously crept in the direction Odd Ball had gone. She could hear him speaking close bye, but was afraid to get too close, she didn't want scare away her could be new pokemon. Approaching just close enough to see, she peeked from behind the grass at two Oddishs speaking to each other. *[I]Oh! They're so adorable together. I wish I could understand them.[/I]* Making her way to the Oddishs, she approached the new one hesitantly. Not all pokemon are like her Odd Ball after all.

"[I]Hi little guy. I'm Alex.[/I]" As she outstretched her hand to pet the Oddish, it backed away worriedly. [I]"No no...don't be afraid. I won't hurt you, here try one of these.[/I]" Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a small carrot and handed it to her Oddish. Taking it in his mouth, he quickly ran to the other Oddish and offered. The new Oddish seemed hesitant at first, but reluctantly nibbled the carrot. After a few moments, it was gone. "See, it was good." The Oddish smiled and started to walk walk towards Alex, then suddenly stopped and ran away. "[I]Hey where are you going?...Aw....huh..what's up with you Odd Ball?[/I]" As she looked down, she noticed her own Oddish shivering at her feet. Sadly picking him up, she stood and turned around.

There it was, now she new why the Oddish had ran....

([I]OOC: I thought I'd leave that a hanger and finish it when this actually starts.[/I])

[B]Would you like your character drawn? [/B]Yes
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[B]Character Name:[/B] Raidou Sakazaki
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Class:[/B] Trainer
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Starter[/B] [COLOR="Red"][B]Pokemon[/B][/COLOR]: Growlithe
[B]Second[/B] [COLOR="Red"][B]Pokemon[/B][/COLOR]: Nidoran /M/
[COLOR="Red"][B]Pokemon[/B][/COLOR][B] Nickname:[/B] Blitz

[B]Personality:[/B] Raidou is a self hardened persona. In his ideal it's either " Go Big or Go Home" With little to no nerve for soft hearted types his edge for training as well as personal behavior towards Poke'mon as well as other trainers is iron willed. Nothing shakes him even if it comes to losing he always takes the battle to the next level. If there is a [COLOR="Red"][B]Poke'mon[/B][/COLOR] he can't capture he'll put his everything into taking it on till it belongs to him. The weak our taken out by the strong and in Raidou's personal opinion. If a [COLOR="Red"][B]Poke'mon[/B][/COLOR] drops from attacks he feels are worth more effort to storm through. It might as well remain in the wild to be beaten upon by other stronger Poke'mon worth his time.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Raidou is almost always seen wearing a white long sleved undershirt, with a black no sleeves hoodie. The symbol of a sun upon the back to represent his burning passion toward his determined battle vigor. Fire [COLOR="Red"][B]Poke'mon[/B][/COLOR] are his forte' so it is no wonder that for his long blaze caught hair, that it would be pulled back in wild pony tail to contain the brutal main. Along the said head would be a yellow beanie with a black stripe along the middle at the front a poke'ball symbol. Along the lower anatomy rests black baggy pants with flame designs carrying onward toward the knees. With stunning, yet completely blaze oriented red, black, yellow, and white sneakers. He can almost always be seen carrying a red back pack with a sunburst on the lowest pouch.
History:[/B] Raidou has never had much respect for the weak. This went for any and all [COLOR="Red"][B]Poke'mon[/B][/COLOR] or Trainer. His father grew ill on their small acre of home land back in Pallet Town. Though he had shown up early on with the rest of the trainers on the same day Ash and Gary were presented their starter [COLOR="Red"][B]Poke'mon[/B][/COLOR], it had been a decisive ideal for him to carry onward without the aid of Professor Oak. His father making sure it was ideal for him to set off the right way, gave him his very first poke'mon. A Growlithe. Taking this firey pup all the way to the top Raidou found himself in a flux of predicaments. " If battles were only for badges and the affection of a bond between trainer and Poke'mon. Then I'm going to make a smash mouth style of using them that will make everyone understand they are nothing more than the bargaining chips of battle."

It was after this, that Raidou won consecutive matches through the grueling training he, and his Growlithe went through. Assembling a squad of [COLOR="Red"][B]Poke'mon[/B][/COLOR] he found useful to his whim. He only managed to encounter defeat at the hands of Gary Oak. While Gary at this time had been changed by the words of Ash about what Poke'mon are worth to humans Gary tried to give Raidou the same speech only to be put down with the following dismiss of a shoulder push. After this feeling dejected Raidou sent Growlith back to his father at a local [COLOR="Red"][B]Poke'mon[/B][/COLOR] center, before making his next move.

[B]RP Example:[/B] Feet planted firmly to the soil bare digits would tighten up to the point of crimson knuckles. [I]It's not enough, still not enough![/I] The words created a calamity of a thunderous drive as a finger whipped forward, the wind picking up high with the sharp razor edge determination to bring the rain in with chaos.

"Growlithe! If you drop to a storm like this, you're not worthy of your next meal!" Shouted the crimson haired spirit as the flame endowed pup struggled against the harsh rain, wind, and elements. " Alright wait for it! " flew in behind the Poke'mon as the soaked tree swayed in the breeze. " Alright go! Flamethrower!! " with the titan of a command the pup would rear back giving off a blaze of incenerating potential. Lighting the tall plantlife ablaze as ashes fell to the muddy ground. The small pup dropping it's weight under tired paws as Raidou peered on with steel grey eyes. " It's still not good enough. " with that a back would be turned to the fire type. As foot steps indicated the abandonment of the creature. " You know the way back to the center. If you've got the strength stand and follow. If not lay out for the other wilds to eat tonight. "
Would you like your character drawn?[/B] I'll draw my own
[B]Do you have an image of what your character is based to look like?[/B] You can read can't you? Use your imagination
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