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Yes, that's right. New stuff! I'm naughty, I know... :(

The most time spent would be on 'Arelliat Throuan and a Grydon'. (2 hours) The rest are either 1 hour or less.

[*][B]Arelliat Throuan and a Grydon - [/B]Arelliat Throuan from Doonys with a Grydon.
[*][B]Doonys - Treifar - [/B]Treifar, the Doony that only comes out in a storm.
[*][B]Doonys - Stabander - [/B]Stabander. The Doony with the poison spike on it's tail. Originally used for hunting vermin.
[*][B]Arelliat & Norm - "Not my Luam Beer!" - [/B]Luam Beer is very precious to Arelliat and Norm just sat on it. Naughty Norm...
[*][B]Arelliat & Norm - Norm Carries Protection![/B] - *Chuckles*[/LIST]
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Sorry for the double posting, but I have a few more images to add.

[*][B]Dream Whale[/B] - A few people on here will get the story behind this. Let's just say I had a dream that I gave birth to two baby whales and they both looked like this. :P
[*][B]Dragon[/B] - Just a random pic of a dragon. It didn't take me too long.
[*][B]Doonys - Drydim[/B] - Drydim, the grass ferret from Doonys.
[*][B]The Man-tastic Korey Bunny[/B] - A design for a t-shirt. *Chuckles* ;)
[*][B]Surf[/B] - An old character I created years ago. Surf is one of Heat Wind's (Bust-A-Groove/Move) brothers and controls water.[/LIST]
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