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[SIZE="1"][B]DISCLAIMER:[/B] I was bored today, browsing the interwebz and looking at some of my old posts when this came to light. It's been over a year since anything from this series was made. So I thought I would give it another go-round, seeing that I've been so close before, but last minute difficulties interrupted me from starting it. I'm confident that OB has seen a significant number of new and upcoming RPers, and I hope that I can finally start this damn thing. Please, if you foresee any complications in the near future that would prevent you from signing up, don't. I only want dedicated Role Players.[/SIZE]



[SIZE=1][I]As the remnants of the Panopticon imploded in a beautiful display of colors, the ESP programs rendering all of their powers to the universe, It’s sister project several light years away, was preparing for its very first test run.[/I][/SIZE]


[FONT="Courier New"]Interruption Program… 100%
Slaughter System… Online
Preservation System… Online
Genetics Program… Initiating
Darkness. . . [I]Awaiting Transport[/I][/FONT]

[SIZE=1][B]“Is everything ready?”[/B] Matthew asked as he entered the office. It contained innumerable television screens portraying gruesome scenes of rape, violence, murder, and death. Matthew had seen several of them before, but it was impossible to see all of it in a lifetime. There was simply too much brutality.

[B]“The Abyss is running its final programming.”[/B] The reply came quickly, startling Matthew. The man inside the office stood along a section of monitors, all of which seemed to be playing a rape scene. Matthew recognized one of them as Katar Dakit and Lucia Travera. Of course the actual rape never occured, but his motives seemed to be enough to classify him as a rapist. [B]“Make no mistake about this program,”[/B] the man’s deep voice continued, [B]“As the leader of this new project, any success and…”[/B] He paused for the full effect, [B]“…Failure fall on your head.

“Never before has there been a monitoring system like the ones you have employed. Are you sure this is going to work?”

“No,”[/B] Matthew replied after some time. [B]“But I believe that the other programs failed because there was some aspect missing.”[/B]

[B]“It’s true,”[/B] The man said, still staring at his TV screens, taking in all the violence. He was unnervingly calm, [B]“Not one run-through of our prior tests has managed to prevent the disaster the SEER has predicted.”[/B] He wasn’t telling the Matthew anything new, but rather stating the dire situation that the universe was supposedly in and reiterating how much The Abyss needed to be successful. [B]“In fact, enlightening Davis had the reverse effect, making the disaster even more imminent.”[/B]

It took Matthew a while to figure out exactly which Davis he was talking about. But then the Name Davis Henderson registered and he recalled that this man was responsible for the self-destruction of The Maze.

[B]“But sir, The Maze wasn’t intended for prevention, only preservation. I can hardly see what that has to do with the [I]future.[/I]”[/B] He put emphasis on the last word, not completely convinced that there ever really would be a “disaster.”

[B]“Yes. And the Labyrinth wasn’t intended to be turned into a United Galactic Program. But it seems that all good ideas these days come from terrorists.”[/B] The Man laughed a bit at his own joke.

[B]“I understand the severity of the situation,”[/B] Matthew replied, returning to the serious air from before. However, Matthew had never seen the man so upset at just a prospective experiment. It only made him even more nervous.

[B]“And you’re sure you wish to proceed?”[/B] It was a little late to be turning back, but Matthew knew it as a test of confidence.

[B]“I am.”[/B]

[B]“And you’re sure of your choices for the monitoring system?”[/B] He asked. The Interruption Beam was at 100% meaning that the onlookers were already functioning and, that it too, was unable to be changed.

[B]“I am.”

“Very well. Inform the staff that we’ll begin the countdown to initiation in two hours. After that, it’s all in your hands, Mr. Thomas.”[/B]

Matthew Thomas exited the office filled with TV screens of past subjects, excited that his project was about to begin, but worried of what might occur if something goes wrong. If there was one tiny factor that he’d forgotten to take into account, it could all fail, and Matthew would most likely be killed.

But what was presently on his mind was his contact, Al, who was waiting in the club to hear the good news. If everything went according to plan, Matthew and Al would have a nice stack of money to start over.

He picked up his inter-wav and stated Al’s name before small buzzing noise occurred as the signal connected. Seconds later, Al’s elderly face was on the small holographic screen that the inter-wav projected.

[B]“Tell me you have good news.”[/B] Al’s rough voice, although plagued with throat cancer, still demanded respect from even Matthew, who was quite higher on the social ladder.

[B]“The Countdown begins in two hours,”[/B] a wide grin spread across his face, matching the one that Al displayed, [B]“Are the investors there?”[/B]

[B]“134 and 612 are here. I’m still waiting on the others.”[/B] Al replied in between coughs. [B]“What about you?”

“I’m headed to the complex as we speak to meet and greet the onlookers.”
“Good luck to you, then. I’m glad I only have to deal with the [I]nice[/I] ones.”[/B] Al laughed at the word nice, before thrown into a fit of coughing. Humor was never kind to the old man, and it was such a shame that a cure for cancer hadn’t been discovered. It was even more of a shame that the SEER showed one of the test subjects some years ago had to potential of finding a cure but was killed during a run-through.

[I]“Yeah right,”[/I] Matthew knew in his heart that no matter how many died, the future was just as unclear as it was 2000 years ago. The SEER was a fraud, and he was determined to see its predictions fail. Lucky for it, the SEER miraculously made predictions only on the subjects who died during run-throughs. And even then, the predictions were made after they had been killed.

[B]“Good luck to both of us.”[/B] Matthew finished before turning off the inter-wav device. Then, after informing the crew of The Abyss, he stepped onto the transport vehicle and took off towards the complex where everything would unfold.[/SIZE]


Welcome, all, to the sign-ups for the fifth installment of Sandy’s “Death Card” series, [B]The Abyss.[/B] Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, I’ll brief you.

Unlike most RPGs, the Abyss is a competition of strategy and wit. There can only be one winner, and it’s a long but fun process. Here’s the mechanics.

There are a number of characters that will be at your disposal. (Two of which will be your own) The owners of these characters will remain a secret to everyone but the owner. Your job is to kill off everyone else’s characters and be the last one standing. How do you do this? Simple: with a death card.


During each round, players will receive death cards, (or a number of other possible cards, which will remain unknown and will be explained when they are introduced) Once you have reached the requirements of the round, then you can use your card. (For example: In round 1, everyone must make at least one introductory post before any killing can occur) How exactly do you post the death? Just like this:


That means the character is killed. And there you have it. That’s how you play. Once the twists are revealed, the game becomes even more interesting and difficult at the same time. So be prepared.

And now, on to…

[SIZE=3]The Sign-Ups[/SIZE]

All I require is that you post in this thread first to show interest, and I’ll be able to see how many are planning on signing up, so I can wait for all the PMs to come in.

After you’ve done that, please PM me with two 100X100 animated avatars to act as your characters. (You can see my example above, but I require one male and one female)

With your avatars, I will need the following information (Also via PM):

[B]Name:[/B] Anything you want.
[B]Age:[/B] This can be just about anything depending on the race of your character. (Obviously if they’re human, it should be reasonable. However, if you have a ninety year-old woman or a toddler, don’t be surprised if they go first)
[B]Gender:[/B] There’s only two genders… Just because you invent a race of people doesn’t mean you can invent a new gender as a loophole to the rules)
[B]Race/Origin:[/B] Human, Centaur, Sphinx, or some personal creature directly from your mind. Just about anything works. Origin includes both their home planet (which can be made up) and the time period they are coming from. (Past, present, or future, it doesn’t matter)
[B]Occupation:[/B] Anything you want.

(Keep in mind, I have the right to edit any of the information you provide me in order to better suit the style of sign-ups and to avoid any contradictions)

Now, you might be asking yourself, ‘Why isn’t there a spot for personality?’ And the answer is quite simple: Because you don’t develop the personality; your competition does. One of the key aspects to the Death Card game is manipulation. Because every character is a secret to the players, it’s all about strategy in how you use the characters. Perhaps you could make one of them a murderer or a rapist. It’s all up to you. And as their personality develops, (or doesn’t develop which has been the case with some) it will sway people to like or dislike that character. Obviously, everyone needs to die except your own, but based on how you post could determine how soon a character dies or even how long it lives.

[B]OUTLAST the competition. WIN the game.[/B]

So, here’s where it all starts. Feel free to post in this thread to show interest or ask any questions before sending in your avatars.
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