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Sign Up Escape from Crematoria

Drizzt Do'urden

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It's been years since Riddick's amazing escape from the triple-max facility known as Crematoria. The prison has since reopened and has also become the universe's first quad-max facility.

There have been several changes that have been made to the facility, the only one that has leaked out is the increased depth. Instead of being 15 miles below the surface, the holding cells have been moved a full 5 miles deaper into the surface.

You are now a prisoner who's brought to Crematoria, a home for the worst of the worst. The guards are on edge as of recentally due to the rumors of increased activity in the necromonger community. The rumors say that slowly, every planet from one end of the solar system before Crematoria has been destroyed by a mysterious force.

There has been whispers that there is only one planet between Crematoria and the suspected planet killers, and the guards have made it clear they will cut and run at the first sign of trouble; leaving all those left inside the prison to die.

700 degrees in the sun -300 degees on the dark side, 20 miles below the surface, and only one tunnel out. There is a rope attached to the hatch of the entrance, but the 500 foot climb is littered with auto-turrets and cameras.

Okay sign-up time:

Bio: Give a detailed description of your crimes, if you commited any, use this to give us some insight to yoru personality. Everybody that joins is going to be "fresh meat" besides my character, so your first post in the thread will be your arrival into the prison.

I'm out of time today, so I'm going to post my character tomorrow night when I get on.
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Name: Xavier Heartwell
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Bio: Xavier is know by everyone as a cocky little s*** when it comes to robberies, he's boastful and arrogant and well know on the Planer Jupiter for his heists. He's always been alone since the age of 14 and has fended for himself, so he only thinks about himself most of the time. From having nothing to everything, Xavier has earned his rank amongst the top thieves in his home town and all over the outer ring planets.

It doesn't matter what time of day it is, Xavier will take what he wants and always has a backup plan and gadgets to use at his disposal.
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