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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][CENTER][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/TheWandererscopy-1.jpg[/IMG]

Welcome to the Wanderer’s backstage thread. Here we can discuss plot development, ask questions about anything that might be plaguing you, and maintain conversation about the story in general. But before we get to that…


Some of the chapters, as mentioned by DeLarge in the audition’s thread, will be run by you RPers. What the reality looks like, what the anomaly is, and how the chapter will be structured (i.e. post order, post limit, etc.) will be entirely in your hands—well, you’ll be running the idea by DeLarge and I, but I doubt will make any adjustments unless your reality is completely absurd. :]

Now obviously, with this great power comes… what? Great responsibility. So if I might make a suggestion-- Whole realities made of fire may sound cool, but I’m sure that after some contemplating you’ll decide it’s not the best idea. So to sum up my sentiment:

“Please put a good amount of thought into your realities, and remember that your goal is to create a world all of the RPers will enjoy taking part of.”

[b]Adam Jackson[/B]
A troubled genius haunted by the losses he has suffered and his past mistakes, and the unofficial leader of the Wanderers.

[u][SIZE="5"]T[/SIZE]he [SIZE="5"]10[/SIZE]th[/u]
[b]Caelum “Cael” Tempest[/B]
A highly skilled, yet aloof and distant young tactician, he's a survivor from a young age and close personal friend of Adam.

[b]Dierdre Faye[/B]
A beautiful, strong and silent diplomat, highly skilled in both physical combat and tactical espionage.

[b]Kresh “Thraximander” Bastion[/B]
A powerful, well-mannered but occasionally insultingly blunt survivalist and a dangerous warrior with a strict code of honour.

[b]Emilia Rosen[/B]
A friendly, though occasionally rather cold, adventurous former police officer with a large stash of fantastic equipment.

[u][SIZE="5"]M[/SIZE]uuh [SIZE="5"]P[/SIZE]uar[/u]
An unusual but businesslike and enigmatic young man and a brilliant marksman, who lends his skills to the group as a scout and tracker.

Well, that appears to be all, so have at it, my fellow RPers!
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[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]What he said.

Just a note on the chapters created by you. The draw of this RP is that we can really span genres with it - one minute we could be in a universe where no-one ever colonised America, the next we could be in one where steam power never became obsolete (mm-mm, steampunk universe). As such, we're looking for really different ideas for each universe - we don't want a universe where the dinosaurs never died out, followed by a universe where lizards are the dominant species - those ideas are too similar.

Also, when someone is controlling a chapter, they essentially become God (in out-of-character context). All ideas for that particular chapter will need to go through whoever has created it, not us, although we will have the final say on certain things including the overall plot arc which The 10th and myself will be taking care of.

I haven't gone through it with The 10th, but I think a sensible way to plan the chapters would be for the chapter creator to PM myself and The 10th with a simple form, something like this:

[U][B]Universe X [/B][/U](where X is probably the chapter number)
[B]Characteristics: [/B]A brief description of what is different about this universe, any notable inhabitants and anything else you think could be important.
[B]Anomaly: [/B]What is the nature of the anomaly we are attempting to fix? Is there a bizarre creature not of this world roaming around? Buildings appearing where they shouldn't? Aliens attacking Earth for no apparent reason?
[B]Mission: [/B]How are we going to go about fixing the anomaly?

Once the PM has been sent and approved by us, you will then post it in a similar format (although probably leave out the final section) in this thread for the rest of the group to see. Once that is done, you will begin your chapter in the RP proper. This seems the most straightforward way of doing it, but if anyone has any suggestions then please post them here.

Myself and The 10th have had a few in-depth discussions about plot, the mechanics of our abilities and a few other things, so we're pretty knowledgable. If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to post them here, and we will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

I think that's all from me for now. Enjoy!
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Just posting here to let you know that I'm excited for the RP. I hope that lack of activity right now doesn't discourage anyone because I've noticed that, with it being summer and all, a lot of people simply aren't visiting the boards as much... But it will pick up.

In fact, I plan to have my post up sometime today or tomorrow.
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[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Thanks, Darren! I was beginning to worry a little about the lack of activity, but I'm sure it'll start up soon enough.

Just a quick note about the chapters. The 10th and I have discussed the order for the chapters, and it shall go as follows:

The 10th
Muuh Puar

Within each chapter, the only rules are that the chapter creator posts first and last. Whether there is a posting order, and how long each chapter goes on for is entirely up to the creator, who should post all this information in this thread.

On which note, my first chapter.

There is no posting order for this chapter, and the plot of this one is fairly simple, so we won't be stuck on the opener for too long. Once I am done with this one, I will pass control over to my good friend The 10th.

One final thing: The 10th and I have a very clear idea of where this story is going, so we may, at times, step in and ask you to include certain things in your chapters. These won't affect the story of your chapter, they are just tiny little hints and clues as to the overall plot arc. So don't worry that the additions we make will steal focus from your chapter - we are very clear in our intentions to make this YOUR RP as well as ours. The big story sections will come towards the end of the RP, and from what we have planned, it will be pretty explosive.

Other than that, enjoy!
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Okay, I've posted. Sorry it's a little short, (and also, sorry for not posting on time) but I didn't have much to go on and I didn't want to interfere with any plans you may have. Decided on some character development.
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[size=1]Hey guys, I don't know what happened, but I am going to try to revive this. This is too good to let die. :P I'm working on my post now.

What kind of information are we looking for, exactly? London is neither my forte nor Dierdre's.[/size]
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[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Nice to see there's still some interest in this.

Basically, the two of you are going to be finding an information point, kind of like a computer with internet access and all sorts in a phone booth, and pumping it, by fair means or foul, for any relevant information regarding the world we are in. This means any significant differences in modern history, particularly anything that could be construed as an anomaly. This means news websites, opinion articles and anything else that could have some kind of information which could possibly be seen as useful to us. I'm going to PM the pair of you with some extra information I don't want to be readily available, but I won't be able to do that until tomorrow morning.

As for your question, Afro, the people you see around you will not react to anything. They will only react to threats of violence, but I don't want anyone doing anything that way inclined just yet, as it is integral to the plot of this chapter.

Hope this helps. Like I say, I'll be giving you some extra information in the morning, but this is the general idea of what I need you to look for.

We won't be on this one for very long, people, so I hope you're all thinking of ideas for your chapters!
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[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Alright, people, this thing is coming back. I just threw up a terrible, terrible post to end the first chapter just to get the story moving again, so this time around it's [B]The 10th[/B]'s turn to create a new world for us.[/FONT]

Let's have it!
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"]EDIT: Chapter Posted! Here's some extra info:

[CENTER][SIZE="3"][B][U]?The 10th? Universe[/U][/B][/SIZE]

A reality with technology years ahead of our Earth?s. Due to the extensive amount of experimentation with different energy sources done by the humans of this planet, the wildlife of this world and the creatures that dwelt on it have mutated and become thoroughly dangerous?far too dangerous for society to actively interact with. In response to nature?s threat, every city erected a powerful forcefield to keep monsters from venturing into their homes. Though the land is feral and untamable, the area within this city is highly industrialized and urbanized.

Two reality tears opened up in the universe a couple years ago, and have been spilling an unknown type of energy into the atmosphere. Though initially presumed to be a threat, this energy seemed to have no effect on humans or beasts, and thus scientists went about simply studying the mysterious force instead of trying to seal the tears. However, as they years have gone by, the energy has accumulated and taken multiple physical forms. For reasons unknown the energy has formed into multiple metallic yet bestial suits called ?Akumas?. Presumably, the energy attempted to construct a form that mirrored the world it spilled into, thus the advanced mechanisms of the Akumas and their frightening visages.

The suits appear to be empty, with a piercing black space where a face and limbs would be. The only ?body part? they have are glowing blood red eyes emanating from the darkness. They attack indiscriminately, striking at both beasts and humans; interestingly, when an Akuma attacks a human, it attempts to bond with it. If the bond is successful, the person ceases to exist in his or her previous form and simply becomes a killing machine.

The party needs to split into two groups to seal the two tears in the world so that the Akuma can stop being created.
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Sounds battle-packed. I like. I need some fights in my posts to get all this stress out from school. Not to mention the excitement that we're finally back on track with The Wanderers. Now, I only have to make time to post with everything that's going on.
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