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RPG Journey of Chaos (Mature)

Akieen Cloud

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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Keela sighed as she looked up at Byron, the large man walking with her.
"How are we supposed to find people willing to die to get out of this stinking city?"
"Where else do our kind like to play?"
She turned and headed into a pub, as she entered she saw a few men and women who looked up at her and than back into their glasses of drink, ordering a whiskey she sat down at a table near the back and waited.
"So, now what?"
"We wait, I'm sure a few of us will show up."
"How do we know that they'll be people that we want on this trip?"
"I don't but we'll have to chose carefully."
She smiled as the ferret on her shoulder peeked out from under her hair and purred. Stroking it lightly she smiled more as he leaned into her hand and than slipped back under her hair. She looked up as the door opened and a young man, not much older than her self walked in.
"Terral, you owe me a tab, no drinks."
"Come on man, you know I'll pay you back in good faith, please?"
"No way, your up to your ears in debt."
Keela leaned on the bar giving Teeral a warm smile.
"I'll buy you a drink, if you'll come talk with me that is."
She pointed at the table in the back and smiled more. He nodded and followed her to the table and listened as she explained.
"I'll give you a fair share of the jewels if you agree to help me."
"I could use that money."
She nodded.
"I'm in,, but we'll need someone else."
"Do you know of anyone?"
"I think so, he might be worth the visit."
"Sounds fair, but lets finish our drinks while you tell me about this guy."
He nodded and began to talk to her. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Terral knew the moment Keela began speaking that she was the real deal, though he knew he should've been a bit more weary.

"Well his name is Denni Heartly, and if this mission is as dangerous as it sounds he'll be your man." Terral took a sip of his drink and eye'd Keela a bit more.

"So what does he bring to the table?" Keela asked, watching Terral intently for any signs he wasn't being totally forthcoming with her.

"Dennis sort've a jack of all trades. He's an adept fighter, but he excels in explosives. As long as you provide the material the boy will make you bombs till you drop...of couse he's going to want compensation as well." As he spoke Terral remembered one more name that would fit the mission very well.

"Okay well where do we go pick him up at?" A good explosive artist was hard to find, especially one that was willing to work with peopel, and apparently Keela picked up on that since she wanted to leave before her drink was finished.

"There's also somebody else who I think will fit in, though I don't know him personally. His name's Iza, we'll pass right by his house on the way to Denni's. I can't say I know much about him, just hearsay really."

"Well let's get heading out." Keela downed the rest of her drink and stood along with her lacky who's name Terral didn't catch.

Terral followet suit and headed out the door, first stop to see if Iza was home.
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"WHAT!!??" yelled Iza from his kitchen as he nearly fell over at what the two said. Iza was completely shocked at the whole story. So shocked was he, that he nearly burned his signature Hot-lips Flame fish order.
"I know it sounds like suicide but the pay will be worth while." said Keela as she placed her hand on the table.
"...pay...PAY!? No amount of money is worth a life ya' know. I too may be a pirate, but...geez...all this for some book..." he continued as he flipped over the slightly singed fish.
"A man of your talents shouldn't have a problem with this. In fact it should be easy money for you Iza...unless...your scared of course..." Terral said with a slight smile.
This lit Iza up like a dry leaf to fire. Iza always did succumb to simple tactics like this.
"Ohhh! You think I'm scared hu!? Argh, I'm scared alright..." he roared as he hollered for one of his workers to the window. He flipped the fish from the grill onto an nearby plate perfectly.
"Nice..." said Keela and Terral at the same time. Iza then removed his apron and chief's hat and hollered for another waitress. This time a pretty red-headed girl came into the kitchen.
"Mina...your in charge while I'm gone alright. I trust you'll keep everyone in line..." he said placing his hat on her head and giving her a small peck on the forehead. He then looked at Keela with a small smirk on his face.
"A girl in love u'll do anything for the one she loves." he said with a chuckle.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Rolling her eyes Keela led the way out of the little diner and back into the streets.
"Alright next."
Teeral led the way through the small town towards the man's house that he had told her about.
"So, Keela right? What exactly are we doing?"
"Well, going to the Chaos Tide, you got a problem with that?"
"Well considering it's a suicide run, yeah it bothers me."
She smirked slightly.
"If you want to quit, you can. I won't blame you, might think your a coward."
He growled at her slightly and shoved his hands in his pockets and continued walking.
"So, after we get this next guy we head out of port here and make our way to the next port and get supplies. Food, medicine, that sort of thing and than start making our way to the Chaos Tide."
Terral and Iza both nodded as she stretched her arms above her head and yawned. It was warm here and she liked it. Looking at the two men she was walking with she noticed that both were around her age. She sighed and looked up not paying attention to where she was going and ran into the back of Terral which sent her falling back and knocking into Iza.
"We're here."
"That's great."
She stood up and dusted her self off.
"Well, lets go say hi."
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[color=darkred]Carin stood on the wharf staring at the ship that he heard was rumored to be heading to the Chaos Tide. He walked over to several crates and clenched his teeth as he lifted one and moved it close to the boarding ramp and set it down. He plopped down onto it as he pulled out a cigeratte and a bottle of whiskey while getting comfertable. Out of no where a huge doberman came up right next to him and sat down. He pulled out something wrapped in foil and pulled out a slab of steak and handed it to the him and scratched his ears as he chowed down shaking the chain collar around its next with the tags that had the name Bison on it. He took another drag as he wondered how long it would take for them to get back to their boat.[/color]
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