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Sign Up Project Restoration: The Begining

Akieen Cloud

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[COLOR="Red"]Warning, this will be a mature RPG. You have been warned.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]AA(After Armageddon) 1290, July 20th
It has been many years since the day we found those magnificent machines in the dirt, the dig was so successful that I did not think I would be able to go a single night with out a camera in my face. There were 18 in all, these great machines were like works of art, completely unharmed by nature and preserved perfectly; they all had unique systems that I thought we would never be able to restore but to my amazement they became functional on their own. It all happened so quickly one day, it began with the machine crafted to look like a king Cobra, all 18 of these were crafted to look like animals and the detail was amazing, the Cobra one day became operational. The systems were working as if it were brand new. It baffled all of us, these machines were obviously built during the cyber era before our time, before we were born. It is amazing to think that they will one day be able to be used to help us defend this place we have come to call home.

August 14th, AA 1290
It has finally become a reality, we have modified them and made them operational for this generation to use. Deciphering the codes and languages to this era and made them able for use. We are holding a ceremony to congratulate all of our scientists for making these beautiful machines. The ball is tonight and I am looking forward to handing out our awards.

August 15th, AA 1290
The base was attacked and horrible news has reached me this night, six of the machines were taken, in the wrong hands they can cause unimaginable destruction. My hope is that those magnificent machines will not be abused in anyway, though I know in my heart that I am hoping beyond everything. Who ever took those mechs knows what they can do and will give them to coldest people that he or she knows and I fear before long we shall have a war on our hands, thankfully the commander is bringing in candidates who are likely to be chosen to become pilots for some of the remaining mechs we managed to save. I only hope it goes smoothly.

Here are the Mechs, chose which one you want, what's left over will be the ones that were stolen.

2.Black Panther
10.Humming Bird
16. Cobra
17. Coyote
19. Rat
20. Bat

Sign Ups:

Name: Suri Cross
Age(over 18 please): 21
Personality: Up beat and hyper she loves having a good time and tries to get everyone is a good mood. Doesn't know when to shut up and can border on the annoying line more often than not..
Appearance(image and/or description):See attachment
Wearing jeans and a tank top she likes the tom boy look and is most comfortable that way, wearing a bandanna to keep her hair out of her face she has little to no jewelry , a silver chain and cross around her neck and two silver bracelets on her left wrist. Leaning more towards the simple fashion she wears a pair of black steel toed boots and black exorcise gloves. Her accessories include an arm band that holds her i-pod at all times and her sunglasses that are usually on top of her bandanna or hanging on her necklace.
Mech: Cheetah
Other(anything else you would like to add about your character): She came from a very poor home and can seem tense and edgy from time to time but it passes almost as soon as it hits and she's back to her normal self which means she's bouncing off the wall hyper, her comrades have been wanting to get her checked for ADHD but putting her on medication would take the adventure out of the days cause you never really know what she's going to do.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]Okay, I just wanted to put out there that these are not like your normal mechs or zoids or whatever. They are highly advanced which means that when you touch them they don't feel like metal, they feel real. Say your character touches the bear and than the eagle, it would feel like fur and feathers, warm and soft. Pulsing as if they were actually alive. Just keep that in mind. Thanks.
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Name: Perferes to be call Alpha.

Age: 28

Personality: Alpha is a cold, battle harden soldier. Quiet, calm, and a loyal friend. But tends to question is supperiors a bit.

Always wearing BTUs, armor, combat boots with steel toe, and carries a large multi-purpuse combat knife.

Mech: Dragon

Other: Alpha was orphaned at a very early age, around age 2.When the orphanage, the staff tried to talk about his parents death. Alpha didn't answer any question. Nor did he talk to them till he was adoped. At age 4 he was adopted by a military family. Since then, its been training after training. Yet he still wont talk about his real parents to nobody. If they try, he just leaves without saying a word.
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[B]Name:[/B] Prof. (Rupert) Quinn

[B]Age(over 18 please): [/B]25

[B]Personality:[/B] Quinn is very strict and serious believing every experience is an opportunity to collect data. He thinks in the most analytical and coldly logical ways possible, usually having almost no emotion. This often creeps out is comrades at the least.

[B]Appearance(image and/or description):[/B] [URL="http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs10/i/2006/124/8/d/Ishida_Ryuuken_by_LightSeeker.jpg"]Quinn[/URL], this is Quinn's most usual attire, a clean cut suit, tie and all. He is also often seen with a small note book for recording his observations.

[B]Mech:[/B] Humming bird

[B]Other:[/B] Quinn was one of the first scientists informed of the mech robbery, having been one of the original scientists on site when they uncovered the magnificent devices. Quinn sees the uncovering and study of these machines as his life’s work, what will make him remembered for decades to come, and as such retrieving the missing mechs is the single most important task in Quinn's life.

Having studied the mechs from their unveiling to their loss, Quinn is, in as many ways as possible, a mech expert, knowing most of them as thoroughly as possible, and taking a personal interest is what he refers to as 'his' humming bird. He particularly knows that mech inside and out. Making him the perfect candidate to pilot it in the mech's time of need.
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[B]Name:[/B] Hayate

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Personality:[/B] Hayate is while smart, very niave, he will often mistake people words to mean completely different things then what was obviously meant and is very bad at knowing what they want to hear or otherwise are thinking and has a tendency to lead people on. At times he thinks everyone hates him tho this is ussually because they are just momentarily pissed off at his complete ignorance attimes.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Skinny and fairly he has light blue hair and is extremely athletic and has amazing hand eye cordination.

[B]Mech:[/B] Pheonix

[B]Other:[/B] Hayate is extremely poor, tho this is through no fault of his own as he has enherited a negitive forture from his parents and often misses chances to get large amounts of money through shear ignorance. This is how he got signed up to the job as he is very skilled at just about everything he does, and he owed the government money so they put him through a rigourous eligability program and he finished without a scratch(it was mostly his insane luck that follows him everywhere).
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Name: Koji Bushido
Age: (over 18 please): 21
Personality: Pretty much calm in every single situation, and never really frets abut anything. It?s like he doesn?t care about life anymore because it?s not worth living. But he still pushes on, trying to find meaning. He?s been through a lot and would reject other peoples? ideas just because of the fact that he wasn?t able to do it himself. Koji wants to be the best, he wants to be significant, but he can?t seem to make it up there, but he feels that after gaining back the mechs that were stolen, he?d be able to be recognized in his life.
Appearance: (image and/or description):
Mech: Black Panther
Other: (anything else you would like to add about your character): Koji is dieing from a disease that?s never been cured. The doctors have tried everything but they have yet to even scale the skin of it. Ever since he was diagnosed, Koji lost his playful nature and went into a depression, wondering about how he?d be remembered when he died. Until the day he was recruited for the mech quest, his life really had no significance. Koji was also formerly in the military and sent home after he obtained the disease. He did fairly well in the army too, so that might have been the reason they recruited him.
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[color=darkred]Name: Trent Viceroy
Age: 24
Personality: Always has a smirk on his face and a quick comeback for everything. Tends to always crack jokes even when things are getting dicey. Very good at letting things roll off his shoulders and turning them around on other people. Though he is a very outgoing person he is incrediably smart a loves to spend his time reading on stratagies and other knowledge to use in the future.
Apperance: [url=http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l37/Narume13/Anime%20Guys/Wolf.jpg]Trent[/url] But he wears blue jeans and a white long sleeved shirt with a chain around his neck and white biker gloves and silver avitor glass with black reflective lens. Always seen smoking a cigeratte.
Mech: Wolf
Other: His mech wasn't one of the four orginal stolen he just happened to borrow without returning. He happened to be working on one of the new buildings putting up steel to house the mechs when the robbery happened and just hopped in nd left but made sure the mech was ccounted for on the inverntory so it wouldnt be noticed.[/color]
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Hey KG I wanted to throw my hat in the ring if you'll let me, the only thing I wanted to ask before I put up my sign-up is whether or not I could change the fox mech into a wolf mech, or did you already have a reason for these specific animals?

Just let me know that, my sign-up is already in the works.
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[I hope I'm not too late? Also, if there's anything that you feels need changing, just tell me. :)]

Name: James Joanes - Pronounced ?Jones?

Age: 25

Personality: When people first meet James, they expect someone quiet and serious. After all, does he not have glasses? Does he not wear a lab coat? Was he not an assistant to the Scientists who found the machines? Yet, he is neither cool, calm, nor collected. He?s not.

Childish as all get out, James is always trying to emulate the heroes of action he?s seen in comics and read in books. The hotblooded type. You know the ones, the men who scream out their attacks? The ones who believe that they can fight against fate just because they felt so? Yeah, he?s no where close, his attempts to emulate fall far from the tree. There?s still tomorrow though right?

Appearance: As said earlier James wears a lab coat and glasses, giving him the signature geeky look that one would expect. Other than that the man isn?t really much to look out. His need to exaggerated expressions and make odd poses, however do make him something to look at. Look at and pity.

Mech: Falcon

Other: Despite his other ineptitudes, James has proven himself to be a resourceful, and wonderers lab assistant. His knowledge on the machines, while no where near the actual scientists, is still rather impressive. Don?t forget, there?s a reason they let him near the machines.
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