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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"]My lords and ladies!

I don't know about you but when BioWare makes a game, I pay attention. When BioWare creates a new IP, I get excited. When BioWare makes a mature fantasy-themed RPG in the vein of Baldur's Gate, I flip out.

Harking back to it's roots BioWare is releasing [B]Dragon Age: Origins[/B] on October 20th across the three main platforms. PC, Trip60, and PTrip. Like I said before, it's a mature fantasy themed RPG.

From what I can tell from the videos and dev diaries it's got elements from many past BioWare games. The combat, but with updated mechanics, of classic BioWare RPGs, the dialogue and dynamic character development of Mass Effect. It's certainly brutal. Lot's of blood, sex, killing. More killing. Probably betrayal. Toss some deceit in there while you're at it.

Not to mention it looks to be dealing with racism of sorts with elves and dwarves being a, sort of, second class citizen.

Basically, you pick a race and then an 'Origin' story. Noble, commoner, things like that. It essentially sets up the world for you to begin with and you go from there, making decisions with possible ramifications.

Did I mention it's a very mature game?

Either way, has anyone been keeping an eye on this gem?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=crimson]YOU DESERVE A REPLY!

I have been following this game with a great degree of closeness since I love BioWare. Additionally, anything remotely considered to be a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate is something worth playing.

I'm looking forward to the dynamic storyline that BW has tooted about so much over this game's development - how choices are really important to the overall story. Granted, every RPG that has come out in the last five years usually says something to that effect, but I trust BioWare considering the differing paths you could take in BG and KOTOR.

October seems a long ways away.[/color]
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Im borrowing from a friend right now and I don't really know what to think about it... I love the graphics because they are amazing like Mass effect... and the story line is very in-depth like all of Bioware's previous games...But the difficulty of enemies are nuts. I spent about 9 hours straight playing my Dwarf storyline and it was pretty easy going for playing on normal. I had my party, i was doing quest after quest, while listening to 10-20 minutes of people talking at a time lol...And then i get this random quest telling me to clear a house of enemies... And I swear I spent 2 hours just tryingto empty 2 rooms...just because the tactics they expect you to be ready for in that game can be ridiculous.... Like each character has different spells'/skills so you're expected to know what to use before battle and during battle. And you can turn on tactics that get very technical...As an odd example you can make tactics like if you are fighting an enemy with less than 50% health(optional), your character casts the ice bolt spell to freeze him, or if your health is under 20%, you cast Heal or drink a potion. its neat but it gets too technical for me. The quest im on i cannot beat. Ive played it so many times I got so stressed out and haven't touched the game since....
There are so many storylines in the game because you can choose different origins of the races, like if you are a Dwarf you can choose like 2 or 3 different origins of the dwarf. i chose Noble. The same goes for Elves and Humans.

The graphics and storyline are amazing like any Bioware game but the technical part of the tactics really turned me off of the game as well as the attack system. It is much like Star Wars KOTOR attacking, where you hit A and watch your guys health and make sure you dont die... and maybe cast a spell here and there..

Anyone else play it?? I want some other opinions in case someone got past that quest that suddenly got crazy hard out of nowhere:P
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