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[CENTER]When the wind blows cold and the trees are bare,
Walk through the cemetery if you dare.
Find the tomb with the skull of a jester,
And feed it the token all shiny and new,
It is then that CarnEvil will return for you![/CENTER]
-Greely Hollow Legend[/RIGHT]

Welcome one and all to CarnEvil! Long thought to be only a scary childrens' nursery rhyme, the local legend has come true. Unspeakable horrors, macabre horrors that appears to be some sick perversion and a travesty of what a carnival should be. These nightmarish creatures have overrun the town. Ludwig Von Tokkentaker has risen from his grave to wreak chaos once more, and only once before has he returned, if only to be put back into hell, where he truely belongs. Now, he has a fury that borders on almost divine, his power speading through out Greely Hollow like fire. People have been disappearing, being mere fodder for Von Tokkentaker's plans. Just what they are, no one's sure. The town is sealed off, plunged into some never ending purgatory of nightfall.

The only way to disperse the evil this time if to fight through the town of Greely Hollow and then through the former Cemetery to the Big Top, where presumeably, we'll be taking on Ludwig Von Tokkentaker himself. But be warned, there are monsters lurking everywhere, both within and outside the CarnEvil. Many of the townspeople have been trapped within the CarnEvil, now mere husks of their former selves, transformed by the evil spells the Ringmaster casts.

Do you dare to play his games?

Alright, now who wants to play?





Let's play!
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Name: Kairi Jones

Age: 16

Occupation: student

Personality: A pretty girl, she loves to sing, and she holds much reverence and a prodigy of her town. Bright and cheerful, she has a heart of gold, and would risk everything to protect her freinds and family. Knowing that the local legend is her only clue, she's giving everything she's got, or else the entire town will be gone by morning, if in deed it ever comes.
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