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Things you were wrong about.


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[FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][SIZE="1"]I thought for the longest time, if you swallowed a loose tooth, you'd have to have surgery. Or something of the sort.

I attribute this to a childrens book I randomly read when I was little. I don't really remember much about it, just that the kid had a loose tooth and he was all excited for it. At the very end, he swallowed it. For some reason, that absolutely [i]terrified[/i] me. And...yeah.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[quote name='Sara'][SIZE=1]I was once at a relative's house as a child, and they had made their own playdough. No big deal, we made it at my house, too, sometimes.

The thing is, instead of using food coloring, they colored their with [I]Kool-aid[/I].

It smelled [I]so[/I] good. I kept surreptitiously licking my fingers, hoping to be rewarded with sweet, grapey goodness... only to be tragically disappointed (every time!) when it tasted like salt.

The Kool-aid playdough still haunts my dreams.[/SIZE][/quote]

lol! My mom used to make paydough like that for me when I was little.

Hmmm... when I was little I wasn't the brightest. According to my mother anytime she would take me to Walmart I'd say "YAY!! Were going to Denver Colorado!!"

I thought Walmart was Denver... @_@

Also I believed in the dead of winter it was perfectly acceptable to wear a swimsuit while making snow men. And I now wonder why my immune system is dead...
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A while ago I met someone on livejournal. I became obsessed with him. While it's not the full reason why I moved to California, it certainly had something to do with it. He moved to Cali too. I met him. The third time I met him at his place. He kicked me out, accusing me of stealing, and called me a bunch of names, and not to mention shoving me when he knew I was physically/ verbally abused as a child.

He also stole a video game case worth over $450, the quartz crystals for my first wand (which is very important to me, seeing as I am a magician), not to mention a dreamcatcher and a necklace my love had made with very special materials.

He told me to wait outside his place and he'd be back. After being abused by him, there was no way I was ever going to talk to him again. I walked off and wandered around San Francisco all day trying to figure out what to do. Ended up at San Fran Uni. A nice girl let me use her cell to call home. Then I wandered a ways till I hit a Safeway. I was there for over 5 hours. Though a fellow gave me $13 so I was able to feed my starving self (thanks for understanding, universe).

When a ride arrived, we called him and told him to meet us to drop my stuff off. He refused. I messaged him on LJ when I was back here. He asked for address. I gave it. Then he replied saying, "Whoops I threw it all in the trash," which is just a utter cop-out.

Then he continued harassing me through messages. I told him the next one he sent would mean I would ban him. He did it, I banned him from my journal. Then he started posting poems on a site called allpoetry, and left messages to my lover's livejournal and allpoetry, as well as IM'ing my mom.

I found out that he wanted one thing from me all along, and one thing only. Into my pants. I learned a big lesson here. Things are never what they appear. There are a lot of cruel people out there.

I was also wrong about my lover. When I first met him, I thought he was a sociopath. He used to be insane for a period of time. He had urges to hurt and kill people, specifically people who do nothing in society but destroy and hurt themselves. He is a very predatory, beastial person. But he gave me the greatest gift of surprise: he is not a sociopath. In fact, there is a very compassionate side to him. He is incredibly loving, incredibly self-sacrificing, caring. Some might find it paradoxical that he is so sadistic on one hand, but on the other such the opposite.

When I was younger, I wrote a story about a serial killer who kills his own father after his father rapes him for the final time. It is part of where my connexction to my lover is. As I was abused, it was kind of an artistic catharsis on my part.

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[quote name='Nomurah!'][SIZE="1"][COLOR="hotPink"]Apparently [B]Jason Earls[/B] from the hit show Hannah Montannah, [I]is[/I] in fact not a teenager.

...he's like 30. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

[font=trebuchet ms] In contrast, I thought David Henrie from [i]Wizards of Waverly Place[/i] was probably like 16 years old so I was pretty happy when I realized he was 19 and therefore I could crush on him without feeling weird.

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[quote name='Nomurah!'][SIZE="1"][COLOR="hotPink"]Apparently [B]Jason Earls[/B] from the hit show Hannah Montannah, [I]is[/I] in fact not a teenager.

...he's like 30. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I knew he wasn't a teenager, but 30's?!

Poor guy must deal with a lot of things.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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