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Anime Which Anime should i watch??


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Hi everyone,
I've recently become stuck, i don't have a good anime to watch and i really want to watch one but i dont know whats good. Can anyone reccomend me something??
Ive already watch Naruto, One Piece, death note, parts of bleach.
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[quote name='Magus'][SIZE=1][COLOR=navy]Anything in particular you're looking for? It'll be a lot easier if you gave us an idea of what you like or something.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/quote]


Form what you've already posted though it seems you're into the regular enough shounen so I'd also agree with Shineska's recommendations of Samurai Champloo and Code Geass, though I'd also throw in Darker than Black, Gundam 00 and possibly Full Metal Alchemist. [/SIZE]
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If you want some not so well known animes then you could try

Spice and wolf-laid back anime
Toradora- cute and funny
Green Green-perverted
Ballad of a shinigami-sad
Excel Saga-random
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[SIZE=4]I al;ways have the preference of Monsters For Pockets since Pikachu is the favorite to myself . that is the alone re ason I witness the program(however the Rocket Team creates laughing from me with consistensy :animesmil ) It is one suggestion of me to you ,tyke46 to view this program on the television; I create the guarantee of your love for it!;)[/SIZE]
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