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Sign Up Vigilantes: Shell City Chronicles (M-LVS)


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"In other news, police captain Bates has openly commented on the actions of the alleged Vigilantes. We go now live to the police station in downtown Shell."
"Let me make this clear, the vigilantes are nothing more then criminals who have no regard for the law! We are working as hard as we can to bring them to justice, and I encourage anyone who has any information regarding the vigilantes, please come forward and te-" [SIZE="4"]KRACKZZZT![/SIZE]
The old TV fell to the ground, the heavy telephone clanking next to it's shattered frame. He stared at the broken glass, wiping the blood off his machete. His gaze turned to the dead man laying on the bed. Gagged, his arms and ankles tied to the bed posts, and his throat gashed open to the spine. The machete wielding man finished wiping the blood off his weapon and stared at the screaming face. The eyes had been stabbed out, the blood trickling down the man's face. The overall appearance was a screaming, crying corpse. A chuckle emanated from the machete man as he slid open the window to the 10 floor hotel. Sidling his way out onto the ledge, he shut the window quietly, and began to scale the wall upwards, chuckling still.
((Welcome to Vigilantes. In here, you will play as a masked hero, searching for answers to a grand mystery. What mystery is that? Well, you'll just have to join and find out, because I'm not about to tell you.

A few things to consider: As a masked Vigilante, you're actions HAVE consequences. If you kill criminals, the common folk may like you, but a large portion of the people think you're dangerous and insane, ESPECIALLY if you subscribe to a capital punishment method of justice.

Also, YOU ARE NOT A SUPERHERO. YOU HAVE NO POWERS. NOTHING EVEN CLOSE TO POWERS. You are nothing more then a regular person whose been pushed too far. You have a costume, maybe some interesting skills that help you *like fighting skills, weapons training, etc etc* that give you an edge over untrained criminals. BUT YOU HAVE NO SUPERPOWERS!

Finally, unless you work something out with the other RPer, we don't know each other's identity. We have no clue. The vigilantes generally don't socialize much due to different beliefs. A capital punishment advocate would think a 'bring em in' type to be too soft, whereas a 'bring em in' would find the capital punishment too harsh.

Now that's out of the way, let's get going.

Vigilante Name: ((What are you known as?))
Costume Appearance: ((You're costume. NOT YOUR CHARACTER'S PHYSICAL APPEARANCE, just his/her costume))
Appearance: ((Detailed description or picture. I'd prefer a description.))
Weapon: ((Nothing fantastic or anything. Guns, knives, axes, stapler, things that people ACTUALLY have access to.))
Day Job: ((How do you fund your endeavors? Are you a reporter, laborer, etc. NO MILLIONAIRES without asking me first!))
Personality: ((What makes you tick? Make it unique, this will make or break your character. Remember to include his Vigilante personality as well.))
Bio: ((What happened to you to make you become a masked vigilante? Tell about your past in Shell City, family, etc.))

Name: Bennen Card
Vigilante Name: Weep
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Costume Appearance: Weep is well known for his trademark Crying Mask, a thick white porcelain mask styled to look like the weeping man from Theater symbols. Cresting the top of the mask is a crown of bright scarlet feathers, around a foot in length, that sweep back across the top of his head. Other then that, Weep wears nothing other then a heavy black neoprene bodysuit, thick black gloves with hard rubber on the knuckles, and heavy black boots. His trademark machete is strapped to his left thigh.
Appearance: A thickly built man, Bennen weighs in at around 280 lbs of heavy muscle. He stands around 6'3", and has short brown hair. With dull green eyes and no real distinguishing marks, Bennen easily blends into a crowd. Tends to wear simple blue jeans and t-shirts.
Weapon: A heavy machete made of black steel.
Day Job: Janitor for Lenning & Connor Law Firm.
Personality: Bennen is a suprisingly quiet man, considering his role as the possibly insane Weep. He speaks with a stutter, and generally comes off as awkward. Bennen tries to do his job quietly and not attract too much attention to himself, though he's friendly enough. Even when others make fun of him, he merely walks away and ignores them, though it's noted that he goes out of his way to be mopping or sweeping right where they need to walk the next day. Incredibly patient and docile, Bennen is the epitome of average. His stutter seems to get worse when talking with girls.
Weep is the polar opposite of Bennen. Weep constantly laughs, and speaks very eloquently. He subscribes to a "One Strike" policy of justice, and has a special vendetta for rapists and sex criminals. His complete and utter lack of mercy towards these criminals has made him a surprisingly popular vigilante with women. Overall, Weep comes off as insane, and many people consider him unstable and incredibly violent.
Bio: Bennen was once a surprisingly successful artist who was on the rise in the industry. However, when his closest friend was raped and murdered, Bennen caved in emotionally. He stopped drawing, his bills piled up, and his friends slowly drifted away from the increasingly depressed young man. Eventually, during a drunken torpor, Bennen was bombarded by news reports of rape crimes, sexual assaults, and the familiar phrase by the police of "We're doing the best we can" Enraged, Bennen began to feel that since the police wouldn't stop the crimes, he would. To prevent anyone else from feeling the loss he felt, he donned the crying mask, and became the laughing, merciless vigilante known as Weep. Weep is currently one of the top "Most Wanted" in Shell City, though the people who have been rescued by his timely arrivals have dubbed him "The Crying Angel".
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Name: Ari Inuzuka
Vigilante Name: Knives
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Costume Appearance: Ari doesn't really wear a costume per say, she wears a pair of sunglasses that are large enough to cover most of her face, her hair framing her face does the rest. She wears a pair of short, tight black jean shorts with a black tank top and black combat boots. Her thighs are decorated with large straps that hold a good supply of throwing knives in each, she also has a boot dagger strapped to her right boot and two large combat knives strapped to the small of her back she has earned her name as Knives. She is also extremely flexible and agile thanks to the unique fighting style she was taught.
Appearance: Tall and lean she weighs in at 175, she is petite looking but is anything but, muscular for a woman she is in top physical shape, jet black hair that falls in layers down past her hips and pale skin she has a simple beauty about her. Her eyes are bright Violet Blue she is clumsy and a bit awkward with a height of 5'7.
Weapon: A large collection of throwing knives and blades.
Day Job: Police Vet
Personality: Ari is very friendly and will be the first to try and get you to smile, she loves having fun and will often stop the officers the bring their dogs to her and joke with them asking about their family's and everyday lives. One of the most kind hearted people you will ever meet she refuses to let anyone who needs help pass her by and will often give a $50 bill to a homeless person just cause she can. Living alone gives her the opportunity to go out and party which she does alot of the time on weekends,she is loud and fun loving looking at her and than reading about Knives you would never put the two together in the same room, ever. Unlike Ari Knives seems to be blood thirsty, she give no mercy and never leaves anyone alive. Serious to a fault she is graceful and could easily jump from a low balcony and land on her feet no problem. She is quiet and sneaks up on her victims more than ever, killing them and leaving without them ever knowing she was there to begin with. Not the bouncy kind of person if someone were to run into her on the streets and try to make small talk it would most likely end in her knocking them out for annoying her.
Bio: Ari and her brother had always been close,they had told each other everything and loved one another greatly and stayed close all through childhood and into adults. A few years after they moved to Shell City her brother began acting out of sorts. He began coming home late looking thin and sick, and began getting agitated over little things that weren't really that big of a deal. After months and months of him acting like this, getting thinner, sicker, and more violent he finally collapsed on the door step to their apartment. Rushing him to the hospital they confirmed that he had been ODing on cocaine and other drugs for a while. Staying by his side she had to watch as the drugs slowly ate him from the inside out killing the person that was no longer her loving brother thanks to the addictive poisons that were being sold on the streets. After his death a few days later she returned to work and began to look through old files from the police station seeing more drug busts than anything, and seeing that most of the drug dealers targets were young kids she felt her anger rise til one day she finally snapped. Grabbing her's and her brother's knife collection she hid them under a heavy down jacket and found the closest drug dealer she could and killed him within moments of finding him. Blaming all the drug dealers for her brother's death she began to kill them with out mercy. She has become a favored vigilante among the mothers of the city who are worried about their teens getting involved with drugs. She has yet to make most wanted but is slowly reaching that point as she has began to target some of the drug dealers belonging to the crime bosses of Shell City. Thanks to her fighting styles of Cappioella and Savate, and her skill with knives she has been dubbed by the public as the Bladed Whirlwind.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Hope this is good enough, if anything needs changed lemme know!
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Name: Wolf Owen

Vigilante Name: The Ghost

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Costume Appearance: Actually, his disguise comes into play in everyday life. He doesn't wear a mask, but he does wear all white. Being that he is also pale to an extreme, as is his hair, people have given him the title "Ghost".

Appearance: Very slim, he could be mistaken for a girl with a non-existing chest. He is as pale as a person can get. His hair is so blonde that it is pretty much white and goes down to his shoulders or so. His eyes are a bright, icy blue. About 6 feet or so tall. Because such an appearance would give his identity away easily in the everyday world, he only leaves his home when in disguise. He wears a dull brown wig and contacts. He wears clothing that is anything but revealing and is often a pastel color to help blend with his light complexion.

Weapon: A crowbar that is spray-painted white.

Day Job: Caretaker of the local orphanage.

Personality: Very quiet, not drawing attention to himself. But he lets loose around the children of the orphanage, since he gets along well with youngsters. He is constantly aware of the consequences his actions could have and often dwells on them. When he goes out into the night to do his vigilante thing, he completely shuts down his emotions, lest they get in the way of his ridding the city of scum. He's actually a big softie and is just an all around good person, really.

Bio: Wolf lost his parents to a drive-by shooting when he was 18. He didn't have enough money to get a decent living situation going, so he took a job at the local orphanage so that his 9 year old sister Kitty could have a better housing and care situation than he could have provided at the time. Kitty was, unfortunately, kidnapped and killed by some insane spree killer that had wandered into the city. He took revenge through his first act of vigilante justice, beating the guy's head in with a crowbar. Still attached to the orphanage, he strives to protect the people of the area, especially children, from the bad all around them.
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Name: Andin Grant

Vigilante Name: Clown Face

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Costume: If the victim actually gets the chance to see Clown Face before they die, then all they will see is a pale white face with black makeup around the eyes, a big black smile on his lips, and sinister looking black eyebrows. Everything else will be as dark as night. He wears a long sleeve black shirt, black jeans, jet black steel toe boots, and a hidden bulletproof vest underneath.

Appearance: Andin is a very skinny man. He doesn't weigh any more than 150 lbs, and has no intention of doing so. He has long, jet black hair that goes just past his shoulders. His eye's are a dark hazel colour. Even Andin agrees that he is not that good looking. He has quite the wrinkled facial features due to a stressful past. His nose is long and skinny.

Weapon: His cherished sniper rifle, nicknamed 'Gurgles' was taken from his father.The sniper rifle has had some upgrades(larger clip for more ammo capacity, as well as a silencer which was hand-made from his father) and has been painted black. If someone does manage to get close enough to see Clown Face, he will bring out his throwing stars and take them down before they let out a shot.

Day Job: Newspaper Reporter for ''Shell News''

Personality: Andin was a very outgoing person growing up. He was well known and had alot of friends. A series of downhill events, however, left his personality scarred forever. Living in his 30's, he is now a very quiet person who tries to keep to himself rather than have to deal with others' problems. He has no friends or family, making Andin quite the loner. He still tries to get through work day by day so he can afford to live where he is. Some people have said they've never seen him smile...

Bio: Living far from Shell City, he grew up as an only child with both of his parents. His parents were rich and well known at the time, making Andin pretty spoiled for his age. In his late teens, Andin found a job working at a restaurant as a waiter. His life was still looking up, as were his parents. However, a sudden change began tearing the family apart after some time. Andins father lost his job in the stock market due to stock crashes. He tried finding more jobs but noone would hire him. He became angry and started drinking more and more until he began physically assaulting Andin and his mother in front of him. When Andin became 20, his parents planned to celebrate his birthday by making a nice cake and relaxing with some movies. Andin's dad ended up having too much to drink that night and starting a big argument with his mother about how he hasn't moved out yet. He got so furious that he ended up throwing the hot cake in her direction, luckily just missing her as she ducked. Andin watched that happen and anger took over him. He ran into his parents room and opened his fathers gun closet. The first gun that caught his eye was a shiny, black sniper rifle, fully loaded and ready to go. He grabbed the gun, ran into the kitchen, and without a second thought, put the barrel to the back of his fathers head and pulled the trigger. As scarring as that was for him he knew he did the right thing. Knowing he had just become a wanted criminal, Andin fled with his mother, catching the next train going as far as they could go(which ended up being Shell City). Years went by and things began looking up for them again. When Andin was 25 he met a very sexy lady, named Jennifer, who cared alot about him. They fell in love and ended up having a beautiful daughter. 5 years went by and alot had changed. They found a larger house that would fit the three of them and Andin acquired a job working as a Newspaper reporter for ''Shell News". His daughter, Ellen, was almost 5 years old now and attending school. She had alot of friends and was very outgoing. Andin was still scarred from the events that happened 10 years beforehand, but he learned to love the life he had and became happy once again. This didn't last for much longer. On his Ellens 5th birthday, Jennifer planned a surprise birthday party by hiring some entertainment for the party. She decided on a funny clown. Andin couldn't make it to the party until later in the evening because he was overwhelmed with work. He tried calling home 3 or 4 times to wish his daughter a happy birthday, but noone would answer. When he arrived home after work, he expected to see a driveway full of cars and balloons with kids running around everywhere. However, what he saw, gave him a chill he had never felt before. Outside of his house was 5 police cars, and around his house were several officers. At first he thought that maybe he had been caught for the murder of his father, but instead, it was far worse. He found out that his beautiful wife was brutally murdered and her daughter was raped and drown in a kids pool outside. Andin felt like a heart attack was kicking in... When asking who did this, the officer answered ''A large man dressed in a clown suit. He was hired to entertain the children for your party. Unfortunately he fled the scene and has yet to be found.''

The next 2 months killed Andin. He could not believe what had happened. He took some time off work to relax and try to get his mind back in one piece....however he could not stop thinking about the murder....the clown... He began staying up night after night, researching local entertainment for childrens parties and other options for finding this clown. When he finally found an identity on the killer, he promised his family that he would avenge them. Pulling out his sniper rifle from the basement, he found the destination and planned his attack. That night, he grabbed a bunch of black clothes and some steeltoe boots, and found an old abandoned building in the area of the victims house. Andin sat on the roof from early evening until about 3 in the morning, when he noticed someone suddenly opening the door to the building. He aimed his sights in on the tall, obese figure walking out of the doorway and began panicking, wondering if that was who he wanted or not. He could not see much of his face until he stepped into the light. Thats when he noticed facepaint around the victims eyes. He aimed in on the victims throat, trying not to make it an instant critical hit, and pulled the trigger. Once he saw the target go down, he darted over to him, full of anger. When he reached him, all he could hear was constant gargles. He managed to hit him in the windpipe, making his breathing impossible. As he listened to the gargling man laying on the doorstep, Andin looked at his gun, then looked into the victims eyes, and said '' I think I will name this 'Gurgles'." Then without thinking twice, he put the barrel to the bloody victims head, and ended his life. Ever since that murder, Andin began enjoying the feel of killing... Especially since he had nothing else to live for anymore. He began painting his face to look like an evil sinister clown, trying 3 or 4 times before getting it just right. He still worked during the days, but as soon as he got home, he would turn on the news, read newspapers, and listen to police scanners, waiting to hear for any murderers or child molesters/rapists so he can make sure they get what they deserve. What was once a nice News reporter with a nice family was now a nearly insane man with a horrible past and a horrible future...And right before his prey's life is ended, he makes sure they remember one face while they are in hell, Clown Face...

Let me know if this is alright :) i know its very desciptive and a bit morbid but it makes it all better ;)
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Green"]Name: Nathanial (Nate or Nathan) Kerrigan (Nathanial as a name means God has given and Kerrigan Means Dusk)
Vigilante Name: Nepenthes (Pronounced Ne Pen These and means Not grief or sorrow)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Costume Appearance: Comprising of a Hooded black cloak, originally a short sleeved black shirt which he now uses a long sleeved variation, Black jeans, Old thick soled construction boots and a Reflective metal seemly silver like mask kept in place with leather straps forever formed in neither a smile nor a frown but the way the eyes are formed.. it almost seems to mock you. Often times he keeps a plastic bag in which he can ditch the Cape, hammer and mask in if need be and pass as a goth punk
Appearance: Brown hair three shades lighter then Black over eyes the color of brandy standing at five foot eleven inch with a slender athletic build he has a strange tattoo on his left wrist which is the only distinctive marking really about him aside from a scar on his left shoulder were a bullet skimed his skin.
Weapon: Hammer and Nails.. though he has gotten inventive in the past using such tools as a can of hair spray and a lighter for a mini torch or even going so far as to use Cutlery(Kitchen knives and forks)
Day Job: Pizza maker or delivery driver for Little Joe's Pizzeria depends on what his boss needs that night
Personality: Nate has never been good at expressing his emotions or explaining himself and often keeps his mind busy with a number of seemly meaningless tasks perhaps his biggest flaw considering his other side. He's a big joker that sometimes takes his jokes a little too far but many would find him sort of lacking a strange sort of confidence which makes him seem borderline emotional in someways.He loves to talk about strange and sometimes random things and seems to not have a care though it's all really a facade when it comes down to it. He's a realist by nature.. and once sobered and away from the fun his personally can sometimes seem a tad bit disturbing. However Nepenthes on the other hand is a strangely silent type.. who uses vague gestures to talk.. or when he does it's always very soft. Vindictive and hard to read with that mask of his one can often guess the crime of his victims by the way they are disposed of for example.. Drug dealers often are left to die of overdoses while a rapist might lose his genitalia. however it does seem the lesser the crime.. like thieving or unarmed burglary for example he might only break their hands and leave them for the police to find naked and tied to a post exposing their shame... their is always a method to his madness.. despite how it can sometimes seem.
Bio: Life in shell city is a harsh and sometimes unpleasant experience and no one would know that better then those who've seen one of the Slum Lords handiwork first hand. Living in the poorer sections throughout his childhood and into his late teen years he'd always seen the horrors and disgusting crimes much more acutely then many others. In high school his friends fell into gangs.. and their parents into drugs and other crimes beyond mention.. murder was common as was rape and burglary. But the breaking point came when his older sister was found raped and hung from a fire escape stripped of her clothing and her dignity after the police conducted their "investigation" and the days of waiting.. filled grief turned into anger at the man who did this.. and his anger became rage towards the incompetence of police force.. sitting in the corner of his room obsessing over every detail.. every bit of evidence they had pointed out.. nothing solid leading them to a killer.. it was that night his mother broke the news to them they had closed the case unsolved.. and on that night after she had fallen to bed.. his mind was made certain. If the police would do nothing... Then the scum would did this.. and those like them would pay in pain and blood. the supplies he needed we're easily found.. A black cloak left over from a Halloween costume, a small hammer and some old rusty nails, a Black t-shirt a pair of old black jeans with a thick leather belt for holding the gear and work boots for when he did construction and the final piece.. a shiny mirror like mask finished the disguise. climbing out the second story window onto the fire escape led for a easy access in and out of his parents apartment after they had fallen asleep.. using the shadows of the alley as his ally he found the petty criminals in this forsaken part of town easy pickings.. his methods were considered dubiously cruel but effective and over the last few months has made a small name that is whispered by cons and innocents alike. Nepenthes was born.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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You're both in. Normally, I'd wait for maybe one or two more people, but I know at least two of you are fairly committed due to past RPs, and I figure majority of anyone else who joins won't stick around. So, we will begin very soon. Signs ups are open until I put the big words CLOSED on it.
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hope my audition is not too late, I'd really like to get into something new.

Name: Benjamin Gato

Vigilante Name: Deaths Deputy

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Costume Appearance: A Dark brown trench coat, a buttoned blue shirt and rugged blue jeans. He always has a pair of belts with a gun holsters apiece, draped around his waste in a criss-cross pattern. he has leather boots and gloves and a bright silver star badge close to his heart. his mask is a red bandana that gives the illusion of the lower half of a skull.

Appearance: he has a large muscular frame, black hair but showing many signs of graying. he has a full mustache and bushy eyebrows.

Weapon: two colt magnum revolvers most of the time one is loaded with rubber bullets. He also carries a knife in his right boot.

Day Job: Owner of a large shooting range close to the police office, many members of the force go there to practice because the targets are often those of convicted criminals or the vigilantes of the town.

Personality: Gato is a big supporter of captain Bates. he doesn?t mind telling anyone his opinion and is thought of as hot-headed at times because of this (and because he claims to have been kicked out of every bar in town for fighting punks) but police seem to get a kick out of him. He supports all efforts the police and doesn?t mind saying it, but some opinions of his he keeps to himself. He knows that no one fears the police, but crime needs to be scared out. He doesn?t mind dealing with criminals, but the one thing that he hates is corruption of those who have taken an oath to help the public. Deputy normally tries to present himself as the long arm of the law, thinking that sometimes you have to break it to enforce it. normally he tries not to kill criminals, but he will if he feels a life other than his could be in danger.

Bio: As a child Gato dreamt of becoming a police officer. after high school he decided to go to college mostly because he did so well in school that he thought it was waist. He majored in Criminal justice and was offered a place in the force once he had his degree. this was all part of his plan, but what wasn?t part of it was love. He met a woman named Susan Wakoski daughter of a judge, Harry Wakoski. Judge Wakoski was a wealthy man, most of this coming from turning a blind eye to criminals with large pocket books. though her father and Gato never saw eye to eye, Ben proposed to Susan in his junior year of college and had there wedding 6 months before his graduation, it was the most memorable moment in his life, because of the tragedy that took place that day. A group of gangsters crashed the party and killed guests until the judge promised to drop the case on there fellow murderous gang members. the chapel door then opened once more for a masked vigilante carrying an assault rifle. he quickly picked off the thugs, but was not satisfied. The masked man turned on the crooked judge and fired. Susan pushed her father out of the way taking a shot through the neck, she died of suffocation while the judge ran away without even thinking about who saved his life. In those last minutes Gato swore to her he would do whatever it took to make the city safer, for her. After Susan?s death his studies dropped and he dropped out of school with only one semester left. Instead of becoming an officer he took up gambling at bars. he made so much money off of poker he eventually bought a large amount of property and started a shooting range, mostly for his own purposes but a few gimmick shooting tournaments it became quite profitable. years later the vigilante who had killed hi fiancé had been captured by the police and was sentenced to death by judge Wakoski using Susan?s death as a way to get a death sentence. Gato was at the court when the verdict was placed. while the vigilante was being escorted by the stands he stopped in front of Gato and said to him "I am truly sorry, but that man, and those criminals are not." Ben Gato replied. "I don?t forgive you, but I do understand you." Gato knew the system was unable to defeat crime, on the streets or inside the judicial system itself, so he trained. pushing himself even farther with his newfound determination he trained his left hand to shoot pinpoint accurate as well as his right, idolizing western sheriffs and their ability to save a town all by themselves, he took up the name deaths deputy and began his life as a vigilante, helper of the law.
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I appriciated it. but as for screamsin I appaulogise for the late entry, I had thought about posting when i first saw it but i hadnt thought of a good enough bio till just the other day. I will do my best to not give you something to regrett.
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