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Barf: A thread


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[color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]And a really icky one at that. Sorry. To cut straight to the chase I'm wondering if anyone has any emberassing stories about them throwing up that they wouldn't mind sharing. Yeah... working in elder care and being a mom has hardened me to puke. And I like good stories.

Anyways Monday night I was driving home from work with a friend of mine and had been feeling queasy for the past two hours, we stopped at Wendy's and pulled back on to the main road and had just gotten to an intersection when I got the urge. So I threw the car in park, unlocked the door, undid my seatbelt and threw up right in the street leaning out of the car. After I minute I figured I was done so I started driving again. I guess I figured wrong because the next thing I know I'm throwing up again- this time on my dashboard! I pulled over again and repeated the above steps. However this time people stopped and stared. Three asked if I was okay. After seeing that I was calm with having thrown up on myself and the car- my friend handed me some napkins from her Wendy's bag and said that people probably thought we just came from a wild after party.

So, does anyone think they can top that, or have any simular stories?[/color][/font][/size]
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In 3rd grade I was really sick with a stomach bug that had been going around. But I didn't realize that I had the bug until late in the afternoon. I asked if I could go to the bathroom because of my upset stomach. But while in the bathroom, I just wouldn't throw up. So I stumbled back to class. But a few feet away from the classroom door, I felt it. I knew I was going to barf. I was closer to the room than I was to the bathroom, and I knew that there was a barf bin on one of the counters in the room. I sprinted into the room, made a sharp turn, snatched the bin off the counter, and threw up in fron of my entire class. I didn't throw up anymore afterward. The other kids were screaming, and my teacher was rushing me down to the nurse. But I felt much better after the barf was out, so there was almost no need. I then became mezmorized by the many things I could see in the throw up. I know, gross. But I was a 3rd grader, so...
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Somewhere near Valencia, Southern Island, Philippines, I picked up an amoeba infection. This resulted in explosive amounts of impulsive excavation from both ends. Onto my feet at one point because I was curled over my knees sitting on the edge of a bedbug infested bed.

They had to put me on an IV drip for one night, and I more or less was forced to ingest all the gatorade I could hold so I wouldn't die.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Oh, here's a good one.

I got drunk because my boyfriend & I were having problems (I'm great at handling things like that). I drank 4 different types of alkyhall & lots of it.

The next day I woke up (still drunk) but had to play my trumpet for a banquet with a bunch of people. I got there & nearly puked into my trumpet (but didn't, thank goodness). Then we had lunch, & I puked again.

So then I got back to my dorm & puked again right when I walked in.

Then I walked up to my room & puked once more.

Then I went to my friend's room & ate crackers & drank water.

Then my boyfriend broke up with me!

I think that's the last time I puked?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]These are some good stories- thanks for sharing I suddenly don't feel too bad. Raiha- yours sounds especially horrid.

Anyways five years ago I was getting my thyroid under control because I was diagnosed with hyper active thyroid. My then husband had just bought a used SUV and was treating it better than me. I had to get my car's oil changed at the dealership two towns over from where I live and was feeling pretty crappy, so he agreed to stay at the dealership with our daughter and I could go home and rest. I managed to make it into the driveway before I lost control of my body and puked in the frontyard. To top it all off when he did get home my then husband made sure I hadn't thrown up on the SUV instead of asking if I was okay. And to think we divorced a few months after that.[/color][/font][/size]
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[SIZE="2"][FONT="Century Gothic"]I have a barf story. Back in the day when i was a young lad, me and my friends were eating lunch. Now we all knew that the vegetable soup was gross and never ate any of it. But one day my friend forgot about this fact and he ate alot of it. Then he began drinking white milk and before anyone knew it, he was blowing chunks on my tray and almost immediately I threw up on top of that from the sight of the barf. And i thought it was all over but he threw up again because he saw me throw up and once again I blew chunks at the sight of white, milky discharges of rotten vegetables. This sequence occured about a good 5 times before any of our other friends actually got help. Some friends they were. I'd never been so embarrassed at school ever....it sucked sooooo bad.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[FONT="Trebuchet MS"]The first thing that came to mind when I saw the title was... someone literally barfing a thread out in The Lounge. o_O ANYWAY...

Probably the worse for me was when I was in a car accident a while ago. My right leg was broken and required surgery for some pins to hold the bones in place while they healed.

Before they got me to the hospital the pain was making me so nauseated that I lost it and puked in the ambulance. All over myself and one of the guys helping me. I kept trying to apologize but he kept telling me to not worry about it.

I've been sick enough to barf a few times since then, but none of them were as awful as that. Or rather I didn't get myself or anyone else when I threw up. [/FONT]
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[COLOR="Navy"]I have a few actually...
when I was in third grade we had a small like grad ceremony and I was feeling fine til we had to get on stage and sing, well needless to say I got stage fright and ran off stage but didn't make it all that far, I threw up right in front of the whole audieance.

Another one was I was at my moms this past summer and we were drinking, we were playing a game, never have I ever, I was drinking southern Comfort shots and got pretty wasted but during the game I had made the unwise choice of eatting Cooler Ranch Doritos and ended up passing out at the table and pukeing there as well. I was told it was not pretty...I vaugely remember it...[/COLOR]
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[font=secret font!][size=3]Fifth grade. Less than an hour before I was to represent my class in the school-wide (K through 8th) spelling bee.

I was good at spelling, but bad at remaining calm when faced with the prospect of public humiliation in front of my entire school. The number of butterflies in my stomach could have brought an endangered species back from the brink.

I was making small talk with the other contestants, laughing nervously, and watching the clock slowly tick its way toward the moment of my inevitable doom. It got closer and closer to the dreaded time?at any moment, I would have to leave the classroom to go to gymnasium for a pre-bee briefing of the rules.

My stomach churned. I bolted out the door and into the hallway, mistakenly thinking that I could make it to the girls' bathroom.

I was still running when I started to throw up. I fell to the ground (landing in puke, yay!) and continued to vomit. I remember seeing it hit the tiled floor and splashing back up onto my jeans.

When I stopped throwing up, I didn't know what to do. There was vomit everywhere, and it was my fault. I was sick, nervous, humiliated, covered in vomit, and crying. People were staring in shock and awe.

I made my way down the rest of the hallway to the office, darkening the receptionists' doorway like some vomit-covered demon from the depths of hell. Trying to downplay my complete humiliation, I made some sort of terribly understated comment like, "I think I need to go home."

My parents were soon on their way to pick me up. I stood in the office, unable or unwilling to sit down and dirty their furniture, staring down at my puke-speckled blue-and-white tennis shoes.

To complete my abject and public humiliation, the janitor stopped by the office, loudly congratulating me on my record-breaking "splash zone."

(Three years later, [i]I won the damn spelling bee[/i].)
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[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]I do not like alcohol. It makes me stupid and sick and I don't understand the appeal at all. Yet, when I have the opportunity, even though I know it's a bad idea, if I'm in a bad mood, I'll drink.

The single worst experience with puke I've had was standing outside, drunk with a couple friends, having a cigarette.
The cigarette made me nauseous. I rushed inside, fumbled with the second door that leads downstairs to the basement apartments where I live, and just as I opened the door I couldn't hold it back anymore and projectile vomited down the stairs.
Unfortunately, a neighbour was coming UP the stairs at the exact same moment.

I have never been so embarrassed in my life as the next morning when I woke up and remembered covering my neighbour with puke.
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[color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]I learned a vaulable lesson on Friday- no matter what your kid says, don't let her back on the tire swing after she's said she has an upset tummy.

It was pretty nice out Friday so after work I took my daughter to a local playground and let her run around. Eventually she and some other kids decided to play on one of those tire swings that spins in circles. She played in it off and on- the last time before the upset tummy she was on it for about 20 minutes.

After a while I decided we should get ready to go because of rush hour traffic and she'd said she wanted to get down because she didn't feel good. So fine, I took my daughter off the swing. She stood there for three minutes and decided she wanted to get back on. Okay fine, maybe she was okay again. Nope, five minutes later she wanted to get off because she didn't feel good again and she wanted to go home. She even wanted me to carry her out to the car which is very unlike her.

So we get to the car and I get her in and ask if she wants to stop at McDonald's and get a Sprite to settle her tummy and she says yes. Well I get to the drive thru and lo and behold their soda machine isn't working. While I'm trying to tell the lady I'll just go to another McDonalds my daughter starts making odd noises in the back seat. I turn around and she's throwing up all over herself and her booster seat. The lady at the drive thru must've guessed what was going on because by the time I took my daughter in to get cleaned up there's a McDonald's Employee with a clean wash rag. I got my daughter cleaned up and gave her a water. She spent an hour watching tv in my room before deciding to come down and have some dinner. I'm just proud of myself for not throwing up.[/color][/size][/font]
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