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The Grooming Thread


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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Having just gotten a facial wax and shampoo and haircut, I'm inspired to ask.

Do you people get groomed often? Ever? Have you even heard of soap?

I get a trim every few months, six or so probably. I often forget. Every two months I treat myself to a eyebrow/upper lip waxing so I don't resemble wolfman anymore, and I like french nail manicures. The little Vietnamese women that seem to run virtually every nail and hair salon in the Bay Area are great. Most often they don't even talk to me, leaving me time to relax. I find getting shampoo and haircuts to be so blissful that conversation becomes an unnecessary burden.

How much do you generally spend on these things? Or does your mom do it for you?

Post a picture if you just got a haircut.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Since I went back to bangs I've been getting them trimmed every time they get too long, though I usually wait a bit longer than I should (sheepdog vision). I think I'll grow my hair out, so I don't plan on getting any major cuts for a long while. I don't style it or anything... Just brush and choke it into a short ponytail.

I usually get my eyebrows waxed since they get bushy if they aren't watched carefully. My blunt father makes sure to tell me whenever they do...

I chew my nails, so no work can be done there...

I always wash my face with some mild soap to keep certain areas from getting oily. I don't get a lot of pimples and my face doesn't know what acne is, so I guess I'm lucky. But I do manage to get really dry and scratchy due to the fact that the only water I can stand to shower with is boiling hot water.

If I don't shave my legs, I begin to resemble a gorilla, so I make sure to do that as often as possible. Nothing is better than the feeling of soft, hairless legs being caressed by sheets when I go to sleep after shaving... Strange as it may seem, I also shave my arms every once in a while, as they get inhumanly furry...

[SPOILER]I trim "you know where" for sanitation purposes and comfort.[/SPOILER]:animeshy:
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR=#35425e]Excellent topic, Raiha!

I like to DIY everything: eyebrow trims, manicures, pedicures, even hair trims! It's way cheaper and more hygienic to do them myself, and I get the results I want (I'm one of them shy customers who can't speak up even if the technician is butchering my nails). Shoot, which reminds me: I've run out of topcoat.

The only thing I leave to a professional is my skin. I have a good relationship with my dermatologist so I get the best treatment--infinitely better than in the hands of aestheticians who are hell-bent on picking every single blackhead on my face.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I really don't have the time or money to really get 'groomed' per say. Three kids and a Navy husband kinda take up all the time I would have for that kind of thing. But I take a shower every night and do the usual things there, wash, shave, lotion afterwards, that sort of thing. I wouldn't get my nails done, even if I did have the money and time, I was blesses with nails that are wounderful on their own, and I take care of them as much as I can, trim them up, file them down that sort of thing. My hair...well I'm letting it grow out, in all angels, bangs and all so it's kinda dull at the moment, I have highlights and what not in it that I did myself but other than that I don't really do much beside the basic at home treatment. As much as I would love to pamper my self every time I can I just don't have the luxery with time and money for that sort of thing, but I'm okay with that, being a mother of three, your not expected to be all twinkles and perfection. XD[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]Yay! A thread on primping. I haven't seen a good one in a few years.

Gods yes I shower every other day. I have very oily hair and I can't bear to see how it looks the day after I shower, but washing it too much isn't good either. I just use shampoo and conditioner (I switched from [B]Matrix Biolage [/B]to [B]Redkin [/B]for my coloured hair and it works much better) on my hair. But I use this face wash from [B]Sephora [/B]it costs 25$ but it lasts me 5 months since you only need one pump of it in your hands and it foams up real nice. Body wash- well that varies I like a selection and right now I switch between [B]Tone[/B] and this lavender scented one by [B]L'Occitane[/B]. The only issue I have with [B]L'Occitaine[/B] is that it doesn't lather as well as [B]Philosophy[/B] or the drug store brands.

Other grooming- I go to an in home salon every six weeks to get my hair trimmed and coloured and to get my brow waxed. Getting other bits waxed only happens when there's other things going on.

The eyebrow waxing, the hair cut and colour and my daughter's hair cut run me about 70$ every six weeks. The other waxing is about 50$ which is another reason why it's a sometimes thing.

Shaving my legs doesn't happen as much during the winter as it does during the rest of the month and sometimes I use Veet for that instead.

There's not much else though- like Knuckle's girl I'm a mom and I don't get my nails done. Sometimes my daughter and I paint our nails, but that's about the extent of it. I wear gloves for work and that won't ever change, so really why risk puncturing a glove for the sake of air brushing?[/color][/size][/font]
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