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RPG Digimon-The New DigiDestine


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As a boy of not more than 15 is walking down a New York Street a weird Glowing Light shoots out of a building and falls in his hand. The light is a digivice! Before the boy knows what's happening he is sucked into a vortex where he wakes up in a weird place woth two creatures on either side of him.

Note: PLease post ur second digimon on signup before u start. sry if this causes any incovienences.
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Ryu is in his room sleeping having nice dreams of digimon.He walks into a field of nothing but flower's everywhere then a digimon jumps out the brushs.

Ryu: Hey your a digimon cool.Your Agumon right your the best digimon of them all

Agumon:Yea that's right i'am your digimon.

Ryu:Way cool.

Then as Ryu was about to run to his digimon his alarm clock
went off.Ryu then fell to the floor.

Ryu: Another boring day man it would be nice to have real digimon.

He then gets up then turns off his alarm then get's hs clothes then take his shower.Once he was done he then puted on his clothes then went to his room gets his soccer ball then is about to go out the door but then turns around.Goes to his room looks on his dresser and nothing there then he goes to his closet then throws every thing out into the floor.

Ryu: Man where is it?I can't go and play soccer with out it i need to find it.Mom have you seen my gaggles.

Mom:There right here dear come and get. They are dirty you need to clean them.

Ryu:No mom they are my lucky gaggles i can't clean them cause if i do then all wash all the luck away.

Mom:Ok then honey have a good time at your soccer game.

Ryu:Mom i always win.

Mom: Don't you me yall dear?

Ryu: Mom sure the gauge does a lil but every knows i'am the best on the team.Well bye.

Ryu then runs quikly out the house then runs to the soccer but as he was on his way there the sky then started to get dark.Then a circle of light then came ot of the middle of the clothes right in front of him.Then a device was just floating in front of his face he then grabed it then started to look at it.But what he doesn't know is that a dark hole was behind him getting bigger and bigger starting to suck him in.

Ryu:Man what is this looks pretty cool man wait till everyone sees...What is that?

Then as Ryu was about to take off running the hole then was getting more powerful by the second.It then started to suck him in then as he was in it the hole then vanished. Once he opended his eye's there was nothing by him but trees then he heard something in the bushs.All he saw was eye's just looking at him.
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[COLOR=chocolate]Another day, filled with the awful tormenting of Geo. Geo the idiot. Geo the annoying. Geo, the [i]gogglehead![/i] Ginny sighed heavily and wished to be anywhere but where she was, with Geo picking on her.
"Ha ha, lookit little Ginny's drawings! I swear, if they're any cuter, I'm gonna puke!"
"Please stop it."
"What's'a'matter, am I hurting your feelings?"
"Yes." The response was quiet. Geo made a face; Ginny wasn't sure what he was thinking. Taking this oppurtunity, she flounced through the school's front doors and ran across the street. What she didn't see was the 18 wheeler bearing down on her.
There was a bright flash, then Ginny was gone.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Geo stood, frozen to the spot. What had happened to Ginny? A pain of guilt settled in his stomach--he hadn't mean to sound so cruel about her art...even if it was cutesy boo. Geo glanced around the schoolyard. Amazingly, no one had noticed Ginny's disappearance. At first, he wanted to just go home and forget about it, pretend to be just as shocked and upset when the news was broken to everyone about one (kinda cute) girl missing. But scarce had he taken the first step when he knew he couldn't. It wasn't right.
The truck driver looking perplexed. Geo ran to the stopped truck and began to ask the driver where Ginny went, but the driver wouldn't admit to seeing anything. Disgusted, Geo stepped toward where he saw Ginny last.
As the driver turned to tell the kid one last time that he [i]swore[/i] he didn't see anyone, there was a bright flash. The driver wondered why he was staring at empty space...was he meaning to talk to someone? He didn't see anyone...Deciding it had been a long day already, he shifted his truck into gear, and drove on.
Meanwhile, Geo landed with a bump, and stared at the world around him--definitely different.
I wonder if Ginny's here...? "GINNY!" He called.
"What's a ginny?" someone asked.
"Ginny's not an it, she's a she and--" Geo froze again as he stared at the creature. A blah brownish creature with a shock of orangey red hair. "Uh, what are you?"
"Digimon! A Digital Monster, and I'm Bukamon, your friend for life!" the creature said.
"Really," Geo said, rather boredly.
"Yes, really," Bukamon replied testily, deciding he was gonna have to teach this creature a thing or two about behaving. Not that he did much himself, but who was to know?
"Great, that's great, now listen, I gotta find Ginny and get back to school and--"
"Skool? What's skool?"
Geo peered at the creature. "A place where you learn stuff..."
Bukamon shook his head. "Whatever you learn you learn as you live. No time for this skool place, you learn as you go."
Geo's face suddenly lit up. No school? As in, no homework or responsibilities? He was starting to like this place...wherever it was...[/COLOR]
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OOC: there isn't a sign up is there? BTW cool entry GinnyLyn

*Liam runs down from the front of the school, past his friends and such and down to the bus*

Liam: *pant, pant* wait, wait! *flashes bus pass and gets on just in time*

Busdriver: cut that a bit fine didn't you?

Liam: whatever . . my graphics teacher kept us in late 'cos of some stupid reason. .

Busdriver: like what?

Liam: we accidentally found out that we could get on the net through the LAN after 3pm

Busdriver: thats nothing major, what were you looking up?

Liam: what? he didn't keep us in over that, we were just doing emails an stuff, it was just that we were playing games behind his back for the entire period

Busdriver: *laughs* *turns to face Liam as the bus pulls up at the lights* you might not want to do. .*Liam dissapears just as he looks at him*

Liam: *lands with a loud crunch* what the? *looks around at the fores he suddenly appeared in* How did this happen? *undoes his tie and chucks it into his bag*

???: its you its really you!!

Liam: huh? *turns to face a little tigerlike creature* what are you?


Graalmon: I'm Graalmon! I'm your partner digimon :D!

Liam: partner who?
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i signed up even look i am jes


in this cold almost not livable place jes writes a letter that wrote

" dear phil,

ever sence i moved here to antartica because of me "crocadile dundee mom and "super nerd" dad though it would be nice to move here for poler bear reserch dang its cold here i am wrapped up like a stupid doll i can hardly move but whats even worse is its to cold here to have a computer and whats worse then that no friend no kids only hukeys that can bearly live here either this really sucks but at least i have you to write to... ohh crud must go my stupid pen is freezing and i wont be able to write for a while.
so bye bye phil
your frezzing friend

she trew the pen in the trash which had a dozen of pens that would still be workin in america but no here in antarctica..she curls up on here bed and just sat there watching here own breath form into almost solid ice drops.....she decides to go to the photo shoot site where her parents are shooting pictures of the polerbears she hooks up the team of dogs and puts a extra coat on..of course her parents had the car so she could not really drive down there in a nice hardly working heater but she was fine driving the team of dogs

half way there she came upon the lake she stoped the team "i wonder if i could go right across it would be a lot less harder on the team if i could just cut across instead of going all the way around" the decided that it would be for the best she starts the team across and they slowly start across the ice

half way there she hears the ice crack a bit ...getting worried she made the team go faster then ever befor because here if the ice cracks you better get moving because the ice will crack right behind you all the way to the other side from all the waight

they make it across but before the part where she was standing could get off the ice ..the ice broke and the team kept going faster yet jes lost her griping and the team jets forward making jes fall into the ice cold water as her sight began to fade she gets all warm like the sun was hitting her..she tought 'i wonder if this is what it feels like when you are dyieing' she opens her eyes and it is the sun and trees and grass!!!!!

its been weeks before she has seen grass!! she leans up "is this what heaven looks like cause its gourgous here"

a fox on two legs walks up and answers her question " no this is not "heaven" but it is gourgous here this is the digital world home to all digimon and..."

the confussed girls inturpts the foxes speach " uhhh who and what are digimon and by the way who are you and why am i here"

"i am renamon a digimon aka digital monsters and you are here well actually i dont know why you are here but you will find out sooner or later" the fox replies
jes stares and then climbes to her feet " so you are renamon wow what a pretty name... and you are gourgeous your self i am jes"

" well nice to meet you jes ..my what a nice name you have and we are partners"renamon says

"partners??? wow i never had a partner before"
the head off into the trees

i dont care if dogs cant live in antarctica its my part of the story i can be creative cant i ??
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OOC: can you see the picture in the last post? thats Graalmon:D

Graalmon: your partner digimon silly! once we are together, we're inseperable!

Liam: ok. .Kewl!

*Liam runs, while Graalmon flies, over to a cave hidden in a cliff face*

Liam: so what are we doing?

Graalmon: nothing yet. .we just wait until others come. .

Liam: the others? you mean other kids?

Graalmon: what do you think? potatoes?

Liam::rolleyes: funny. .but how do we know if there is anyone else here?

Graalmon: *points to the digivice on Liam's belt* little dots will appear on the digivice :D that way we'll know the others are here!

Liam: you-you mean this? *lifts the digivice off his belt, but then a pocket on his spray jacket glows* What the. .?

Graalmon: ooooo it must be a. .

Liam: *unzips his pocket and pulls out a d-terminal* a what?

Graalmon: a d-terminal, the others must be getting them also!!, open it up!

*Liam opens the d-terminal and a crest appears, blinking at him, Honesty then glows underneath it*

Liam: honesty. .thats not me. .

Graalmon: oooo
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[COLOR=chocolate]Ginny found herself floating in nothingness. A panic gripped her, then she tried to swim through it somehow.
"Hello...is anyone here?"
A lonely howl floated toward her.
[i]Great, I'm floating in nothingness and there's something out there that probably wants to eat me.[/i]
The howl grew louder.
Ginny shivered, wondering what was going on.
The howl sounded a third time, a little closer, and...sad?
"Hello...creature....where are you?"
Ginny somehow managed to move her body in the direction of the sound, where she soon found a small peach dog with a golden collar. The dog sniffled and rubbed her tears away.
"Was that you?"
The dog blinked her blue eyes and nodded. "This place is terrifying...there is stuff here that..." Another sniffle. "I don't want to be here, I don't know how I got here!" The miserable creature broke into another howl.
"Shhh, hey, it's ok." Ginny wasn't bothered by the fact that the animal talked. She simply soothed it as if it talking was a natural thing. "You're stuck here too? That makes two of us. I'm Ginny, and you are?" She held out her hand.
"Salamon." The dog peered at Ginny's hand, then placed her paw into it, and the two shook. Then Salamon's eyes grew wide. "Wait, Ginny you said?"
"GINNY!" Salamon nearly purred. "You're here!"
Ginny looked surprised. "You've been expecting me in a place like this?"
Salamon shook her head emphatically, her little ears flying. "No, but that's ok, we're together now and I'm sure we can get out of this place."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Geo grinned again, then his mouth fell open as something shone from his belt. He naturally clapped his hand to the light, and felt an object resting there. He pulled it off his belt and showed it to Bukamon.
"A digivice!" Bukamon chortled.
"What's it for?"
"To make me grow big and strong!"
"You mean you're actually good for something?" Geo laughed as Bukamon bared his tiny fangs. "I'm just teasing."
"Hah, I could wallop you right now with both my flippers behind my back!" Bukamon shot back. Suddenly, the digivice began to shake and shine, and a red dot appeared. It moved in a direction; at the same time, some bushes rustled nearby.
"Ah, Bukamon, when you said you could take on anything..."
Bukamon narrowed his eyes at the bushes. "You scared?"
"Me?!? NO WAY!" With that, Geo charged the bushes, unarmed, hollaring for all he was worth.
"GEO!!" Bukamon shrieked. He was immediately enveloped in a bright light, and began to grow.
"Bukamon, digivolve to...Gomamon!"
Gomamon managed to bounce ahead of Geo, plunging into the bushes--and running into Liam and his Digimon.[/COLOR]

(We have Crests already? I hadn't been planning on that...)
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The two monsters takled to the boy and say
"U are one of the chosen and we are here to help u."
"Am i in the digiworld?"
"Yes and we are..."
"Terriermon and Tokomon."
"And tht thing at ur belt is a"
"And those things around ur neck are"
"Crests : Hope and Peace"
"Wow u are smart"
"Thanks are there anymore kids here?"
"Yes 4 others."
"We must...."
"Tokomon digivolved to Patamon!"
"Terriermon digivolved to Garbumon!"
The digimon is Greymon!"
Nova Blast!
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As the attacks combine patamon is thrown from the sky and begins to fade in and out. Nick runs up to him with tears running down his face
"Patamon no don;t go i love u. u and terriermon were the only freinds i ever had!"
PAtamon disapears just as Garbumon finishes off Greymon.
"Ohh my God he is gone."
"Garbumon shoot me with ur Laser now."
"No i can't it is...
"cut the crap out i killed patamon and i deserve to die.
As Garbumon begins to fire he is hit by a strange force that says
"It is renamon!"
"What are u doing giving up ur life like that?"
"I killed my own Digimon partner by letting him fight against a champion wit a very.....
"Check ur bag!"
In his bag was an egg (looks like egg TK has after angemon disolves in s1)
After a few Minutes a girl runs up to Renamon and says
"What happened?"
"I just saved the chosen one from killing himself!"
"Huh u are the one who will die for love and ..."
Wait hold up i have to DIE!!!????????????
Yes in an epic battle says the ancient inscriptions/
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OOC: i thought we could speed it up by getting crests with our d terminals :D, or we could just make it out that we don't have them, just piccy's of the crests. .

Liam: *sees Geo* :therock: for a digidestined you don't seem to OUCH! *Graalmon crunches Liam's foot*

Graalmon: *whisper* sshh! be nice!

Liam: *faces Graalmon* what? I was only being *snickles* honest with him

Graalmon: . . . why did i get a smart alec for a digidestined partner. .more like a digidoofus..

Liam: :o ai-ight, ai-ight. .i'll change :D *to Geo* Hi! well I'm Liam and this is Graalmon. and I got here when i somehow teleported from a schoolbus in Aus to here. .so how did you get here?

Geo: . . .wha?
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ok uhh its not garbumon ok its gargomon(the champion of terriermon)

jes walks over to nick
jes: hi my name is jes whats yours
???: my name is nick
the two silently shake hands in politeness
jes: darn its to warm here
nick: :therock: what to warm??
jes : i lived in antarctica and its always cold there its not cold here and its to warm for my frozzen blood

nick: ohhh ok

jes : so you have tow digimon it looks like gargomon is preatty strong and your egg will grow back into the digimon it used to be dont worry about it

nick: how come you know so much
jes: uhh because me and renamon were talking for a while i learned a bunch are you the only one here??

nick: actually i dont know??

renamon: yes there are others they just have not gotten around to finding us yet or we have not got around to finding them

nick : ok.....

jes looks at her d power
jes: uhh there are a few over in that direction need a ride there nick

nick: uhh ya gargomon cant cary me and an egg deffenitly cant

jes: well ok then *swipes some card out of the ones she got when she got here* digimodify ...digivolution activate

renamon: renamon digivolve to.

kyubimon: kyubimon..hop on guys lets go

the two hop on and kyubimon takes off..a bit to slow though because of carriing two kids

jes: ohh i am sorry kyubimon...digimodify hyper speed activate

kyubimon speeds up and they hit a clearing where two kids are conversing and a purple tiger thing and a small fish looking thing
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Ryu then started to walk around and talk with his new friend Agumon.

Ryu: So where i'am anyways?

Agumon:You are in the digital world.You and the other are here to help us.

Ryu:Me and the other's?If you won't looking i'am the only one here Agumon.How did you find me anyways?

Agumon:Well your not the only one here there are lots others.We just have to go and find them all together we are unbeatable. Ohh yea i'am your digipartner.So come on lets go and find them all.

Ryu: How i'am going to find some one if i don't know where they are?

Agumon: Your digivice well lead us to them lets go.

Ryu: Ok lets go.Wait *feels on top of his head.* Where are they i can't go know where with out them.

Ryu looks around and found what he was looking for in the bushes.They where a lil dirty but he didn't mind.

Ryu: Here we go.

Agumon:What are those?

Ryu:These are my lucky goggles i don't go know where with out them.

Agumon:You don't need them you got me.

Ryu:No thats ok i'll keep these for more good lucky.Hey and when i get home i'll get you a pair.

Then Ryu and his new friend Agumon where on there way to find the rest of the digidestined.
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[COLOR=chocolate]Ginny peered at Salamon. "So how do we get out of here?"
"I was hoping you could tell me," Salamon admitted.
They heard a voice, "Do you know a girl named Ginny?"
"Oh noooo," Ginny moaned.
"That's GEO!"
"Who? Well, is he an enemy?"
"Not really, but he's terribly annoying."
"Doesn't matter for now, we got to get out of here! The darkness is getting worse."
Ginny nodded and the two set off toward the voice.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Geo laughed and nudged Gomamon. "Honesty, hee hee, Liam's got my kind of honesty."
Gomamon grinned at him. "And you've got Reliability."
"What?!" Geo hollered.
"No more reliable than I am honest, are ya?' Liam grinned.
"Eh..." Geo didn't care much to tell about the 18 wheeler story, but it tumbled out--barring the emotion bit."
"Do you know a girl named Ginny?" he finished.
"With a Salamon?" Graalmon piped up.
"How'd ya know?" Geo asked.
"Ha, I knew that too!" Gomamon quipped.
"Hey, he's got Honesty, not me!" Geo hollered. Gomamon looked insulted.
"All us Digimon grew up together waiting for you guys, of course I know Salamon's with Ginny!"
Geo and Liam stared at Gomamon.
"Ok, whatever," Liam said.[/COLOR]
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*Both Geo's and Liam's Digivices start beeping*

Liam: *looks at his digivice* hey! it looks like someones coming! It must be a digidestined also. .

Graalmon: of couse silly! only digidestined appear on that!

Liam: :o must be this Ginny your talking about Geo. .

Geo: really:excited: ?

Liam::rolleyes:, by the way Geo, did you get one of these? *just as he pulls out the d-terminal Ginny comes through the bushes*
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jes walks out into the clearing and walks straight up to liam and geo

jes: hi my name is jes whats yours and meet my partner renamon

nick: my name is nick and my partners are patamon and terriermon but patamon is in an egg form he got hurt

geo: oh k so i am geo and my partner is gomamon
liam: i am liam my partner is graalmon(sp)

jes: nice to met you
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"Yes Yes this talk is nice but we must find the other DigiDestine and fast for if we don't i don't know if our crest will work!"
"Now this legend Renamon what is it?"
"Well one day the DigiDestine become no more until the chosen one arrives and saves us all for the cost of his life"
"What is in the blank?"
"We don't know."
"Why me?" and does the anime sweat drop fall
"Listen does anyone know where Ginny is?"
"Ok we must....."
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OOC: uhh i just did to even befor that i came upon them from the bushes cause i saw them on my d power

plus ginny is in the darkness world thingy mabober


ginny did you draw this cause i downloaded it into my computer (the only way to see it of course) i would love to know if you drew it its kitamon(i colored it) i was board

and i am sorry this is totaly off topic but i cant pm pics (i am comuter impared and dont know how)

i was board you have to understand why i colored it i just would like to know who drew it

its driving me crazy
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([COLOR=chocolate]Yes, I drew the Kitamon and I like your coloring style, 'specially the wingtips. And here, let me fix the Ginny situation.)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Geo was relieved to see Ginny step through the bushes. He didn't want to admit, but somehow he felt responsible for her being in this place--he [i]had[/i] chased her off into whatever it was that brought them here. He gazed at her for a moment--her hair copper shining in the light, her blue eyes taking everything in--
--her shattering into a million cloth pieces--[i]WHAT?!?[/i]
"Hey!" Geo hollered. "Who did that?!"
A Lillymon flew overhead. "Simpleton!" she shouted. "You'd better run--you're too close to the Dark Realm!"
The group began to obey, but paused as Geo screamed in fury, wishing he could tear the pixie apart. The anger overflowed from his heart and seized Gomamon. Gomamon felt his own heart beating fast with anger as he glowed and began to grow.
"Gomamon, digivolve to....Ankylomon!" The large dinosaur reared up and swung at Lillymon. "Tail Hammer!"
Lillymon barely dodged, slapping the tail away with her flower gun. "Idiots, all of you--they're coming!"
Before anyone could react, a mass of Bakemon tore threw the bushes.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=chocolate]Ginny paused for a moment, her hand on Salamon's head. "You hear that?"
A muffled explosion sounded nearby. The two tried to listen to what was happening, but were interrupted by a Bakemon flying backwards, slamming into them. It whimpered, holding one arm, looking rather smokey, and a lot worse for wear. It spotted them, and sat up quickly. "I shall destroy you, Bearer of Light," it sputtered weakly.
Salamon's hair stood on end as she faced the ghost. "Sledge Crash!" She hit the ghost dead on, and he stumbled backwards...then shattered into tiny bits.
"What just happened?"
"We defeated our first enemy, and look!" Salamon pointed to the direction the Bakemon had come from. "There's our escape route!"
The two scrambled through the hole the Bakemon made in its crash landing, onto the field the others were at. They tore through the bushes, wanting to be as far away from the dark place as possible.
"Not again!" shrieked the Lillymon. "FLOWER CANNON!"
"Ginny!" Salamon squeaked. "Salamon, digivolve to....Gatomon!" The cat shoved Ginny out of the way just in time. "Hey, watch it," Gatomon called to Lillymon, "we got a Child down here!"
Lillymon aimed again, and fired!
"What the--?"
Another Bakemon had been sneaking up on them. It instantly blew up in a shower of cloth. Lillymon ignored Ginny's thanks and went back to the battle.[/COLOR]
BTW, Digimon are special from Pokémon in that they can digivolve to multiple forms. Gomamon turned into Ankylomon for that reason. Sure, he'll probably be Ikkakumon later, but this is a land battle, so....^_^ Am I making sense? Probably not.
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(I have been confused and not paying attention i am vry sry about it and yes D*Star can join.)
As the furry of Lillymon's FLOWER CANNON was inflicted upon the digiDestine gargomon got worried because he could not see Nick anywhere. When he finally found Nick he was hit and crying because the egg was missing! Gargomon's furry and Nick's power combined as the crest of Peace started to Glow! Gargomon digivoled to Rapidmon!
Papidmon his attacks are Bunny Missle and Tri Beam!
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Honestly Ginny it's original state was wild and after it blaste dthe Bakumon it was infected with a black gear type thing nd started to attack Note: This is part of what the DD find out as we travel to the Darkside!
As Nick began to look for the egg he noticed a girl about his age standing alone woth two digimonin front of her. Aparently when the egg droped out of Nick's backpack a girl named Kris entered the digital worl woth Hawkmon. she found the egg as it began to hatch. when Nick approached her Tokomon (dang the egg has been missing a while) ran u to Nick happily and said
"I missed u alot"
Me too old freind."
"Not to break up joyice renunites but there is a big flower thing coming and it doen't look happy!":eek:
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jes runs back into the battle field with renamon by her side

rena:why are you back in here you should be in a safe place
jes: be cause the only safe place is with you
rena:ohhh i understand just stay out of the way renamon digivolve too

kyubi: kyubimon.... now stay back jes

jes: oh ok digimodify speed activate diggimodify power activate
kyubimon: now lets get this party started
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