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[i]They always say...that children can't do anything. We're about to prove that wrong.

[/i]The building on the edges of the once splendid city was believed to be vacant. No one had gone that far into the city for many a year. However, it is here, in this supposedly empty tower that once held a magnificent enterprise, that our story begins. Now, everyone in this city was wrong about the building. It was not empty, though for everyone to think so meant that the inhabitants of this tower had done a very good job of keeping intruders away. If anyone was to-though no one ever did-travel to the top of the building, and endure many stretches of marble hallways, extravagant furniture and the like, they would stumble upon two massive expertly cut wooden doors with thousands of mysterious intricate symbols carved into the smooth, polished wood. And if one was to open that door up...they would find the room empty, except for a huge round table, and eight figures seated around it. It is these eight figures that are going to be our crucial people. All eight were seated at attention around the table, and each of them wore dark blue robes of varying length that had a mysterious black symbol stitched in the back. Aside from these few similarities, all eight were remarkably different.

All of a sudden, one of the girls sitting right next to the Head of the table, banged a fist down and waited. She was extremely short, perhaps no more than four and a half feet tall, and had the babyish look of a six year old around her. However, there was an air of power around her that immediately demanded attention, and the way she held herself was clearly not that of a person of no importance. When the girl realized no one was paying much attention to her, she gave a sharp sigh and extended an extremely small hand, as if waiting for someone to place something in her palm. But that wasn't what happened. Instead, with a small pop, a long whip, perhaps longer than her, appeared in her hand and without any warning, there came a sharp [i]crack![/i] as she whipped it against the table. Although no mark was left, it was certainly loud enough to grab the attention of everyone else in the room, and they immediately jerked. "Well!" The girl declared. "It's about time we get started, don't you think?" When no one answered-they were too startled to-she gave a sigh. "Fine! We'll begin with role call! Vice President of the Control, Kido Chikage, present!"

The boy sitting at the head of the table stood for a brief second, his black hair shadowing parts of his face. "President of the Control, Hasane Shika, present as well." He than sat down, looking a bit uncomfortable.

"Chairman of the Control, Hasane Mitsu, present." Announced the girl sitting to the left of Shika. The call went on down the row, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Defense Head, and finally Administrator. When it became clear that everyone was present, the girl who had spoken up first, Chikage, cleared her throat. "I'd now like you all to pay attention to what Chairman Mitsu has to say. I think that even idiots like you would be interested." She than sat down and all eyes turned towards Mitsu.

The other girl squirmed uncomfortably in her seat for a moment, than, after fiddling with her hair for a few moments, finally muttered, "I have a plan...to overthrow the government."

Everyone was immediately silenced as Mitsu went on, growing more confident. "We all know that one hundred years ago, the government passed a ridiculous law banning magic due to the fact that it killed thousands in the Great War. They expected everyone to follow that rule, but as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink it."

There was a collective murmur of agreement before Mitsu continued. "We certainly did not obey government laws, and now, since we can no longer stay in hiding like cowards for the rest of our lives, I suggest...we get jobs in the government to spy on them."

This statement was met with many reactions. Everyone began yelling at each other until finally, Shika pounded twice on the table and yelled, "The President commands silence!" When he realized that everyone was staring at him, he shrank back in his chair. "G-Go on sis."

Mitsu nodded as she resumed. "Since the age for getting a job is dropping lower and lower each year, I doubt the government is going to complain twice if we show up and ask to work there. Besides," Her green eyes suddenly glowed a deep red. "We aren't going to let them suppress our powers, right?"

This was met with many a cheer and a wave of stomping feet, and so...it begins...

Characters (I NEED these people, got it?)
Hasane Shika(CaNz)-The President of the Control Council, and a rather strange boy of 17. Shika doesn't seem to enjoy very much his role as Council Head, and seems to have been forced to take the position. Though he is rather meek at times, he's also determined, mentally strong and will do anything for his friends. Shika is one of the only members of the Council who does not have an official government job, and instead stays at HQ all the time. He has the power to manipulate the beings of the air, and his weapon is a staff.

Kido Chikage-The Vice President of the Control Council, 15 years old. Since Shika isn't the most 'competent' ruler, she takes over for him most of the time. Chikage may be 15, but she looks like she's only in 1st grade, and has childish tendencies as well. She may seem sweet, but the girl has a severe temper and lets it loose all the time. Chikage is one of the gardeners of the government and when she's not busy tending flowers, she's snooping in on people. Her power is control over the Earth and her weapon is a whip...and she uses it often

Hasane Mitsu (Me)-The Chairman of the Control Council, 14 years old. She's Shika's younger sister and is extremely strong willed. She enjoys her position as Chairman due to the stuff she gets to do, but she doesn't enjoy the spotlight any more than her brother. She's compassionate and overprotective. Mitsu is a maid of the government and attends all their meetings secretly. Her power is the ability to read people's minds-making her very useful-and her weapon is an extremely sharp naginata.

Tsukiyo Hakuo-Vice Chairman of the Control Council, also 15 years old. He is a trickster at heart and loves pulling pranks, therefore making him not the most reliable Vice Chairman. He also doesn't seem to take his job very seriously. Hakuo is a butler and works closely with Mitsu in their undercover work, and is rumored to have a rather odd liking for her. His power is acute senses, and to be able to detect things-like a bat-at a range of roughly 10 miles. His weapon is a broad sword.

Slovenski Eien-(Inuyasha Fandom) Secretary of the Control Council, 17 years old. Eien hardly ever talks during Council Meetings unless she absolutely has to. An extremely strange girl with a monotone, not much is really known about Eien, as she's busy having her nose in books all day. She is also a secretary for the government, handling paperwork all the time. Her power is to be able to remember anything the first time she sees it, and is extremely smart. Her weapon is unknown, but those books she reads sure are heavy...

Umeki Zaku-Treasurer of the Control Council, 16 years old. Even though he's extremely bad with money, he's still treasurer, but he's not even sure what a treasurer does on this type of Council. Zaku is a deep mystery, and often keeps to himself, like a shadow in the night. For the government, he's basically a messenger, carrying everything back and forth. His power is unknown, because he's never shown it to anyone. His weapon is a rapier of incredible speed.

Watanuki Sainan-Head of Defense of the Control Council, 15 years old. She's an extremely Gothic girl and enjoys the sight of blood, because it's the only color that she can actually see since she's colorblind. Sainan enjoys seeing others in pain, and has a dark twisted side to her. She doesn't have a job in the government either, being too busy defending HQ. Her power is to be able to manipulate the shadows and her weapon is a scythe.

Saotome Retsu-Administrator of the Control Council, 16 years old. He is extremely outgoing and friendly, but he appears very intimidating towards people who don't know him. He is very perspective and can tell a lot about a person just from a single glance. He works as an administrator for the government as well, though it's unknown what he does throughout the day. His power is to be able to use any weapon, so his weapon should be pretty obvious. Edited by nightscapture

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