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Fall 2011 Anime Season


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So I was wondering if people will be following much from this upcoming season....?

I'll be checking out [color="#800080"]Guilty Crown[/color], [color="#800080"]Fate/zero[/color], [color="#800080"]Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon[/color] and [color="#800080"]Shakugan no Shana III[/color] [color="#800080"](Final)[/color] (Although I need to watch [color="#800080"]Fate/stay night[/color] and [color="#800080"]SnS I[/color] and[color="#800080"] II [/color]first) [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/public/style_emoticons/default/sweatdrop.gif[/img]

Oh, and here's a preview for the season:

So, what will [i]you [/i]be watching? Edited by SeDoc
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Not totally sure what I'll be watching -- I sample everything that at least looks interesting, and if I hear good things about stuff that I'm not watching, then I tend to give them a shot.

Right now I'm watching the second season of [b]Squid Girl[/b], because the first season was decently enjoyable. Also watching the [b]Hunter x Hunter[/b] remake, because the original kicks ass, and I'm looking forward to more of the manga being adapted. Also looking forward to seeing how Madhouse adapts the material that's been shown before.
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[color="#9932CC"][font="Microsoft Sans Serif"]I'm considering trying out [b]Persona 4: The Animation[/b]. Normally I would much, much, [i]much[/i] rather play the game first, but it's a game that's eluded me for the past few years...so I might as well just cave in and watch it. We'll see.

If I can ever get off my lazy butt and watch the first season of [b]Squid Girl[/b], I'd also be picking up the second season.[/font][/color]
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I'm so busy with work and school right now, but I'm definitely going to make time for [b]Hunter x Hunter[/b]. It's the first anime in a while that airs at a reasonable hour and that I'm actually interested in watching live, as it were--not that my TV is anything to write home about, haha. The first episode got my hopes up and brought a lot of good memories back.
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Out of curiosity I checked out the OVA for [i]Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai[/i]. My first impression of it was, "oh God, this look unbearable...". However, it went and did something else, which gained my interest. So I'll probably see where the series goes, now that it's started airing. Watched the 1st ep. and it wasn't too bad. It looks like it has promise, but that's not the first time anime has "promised" me something, haha. Still, I'll stick with it for now.
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[color=#4B0082][b]Shinryaku!? Ika Musume[/b], [b]WORKING'!![/b]
Dem sequels. I liked the first seasons, so I'm watching the second ones too.

[b]Tamayura ~hitotose~[/b]
Liked the OAV well enough, so I'll give the TV series a go. I generally enjoy this kind of show and I'm also becoming a fan of Satou Junichi's directing. Haven't watched ep1 yet because the video from AT-X, which airs the show first, is terrible and I was hoping there'd be better video from a different station. But that's looking unlikely.

[b]Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai[/b]
Even if this show ends up sucking, I'll probably still watch it just for the beautiful character designs and tsundere Itou Kanae [spoiler]and the loli teacher[/spoiler].

[b]Persona 4 the Animation[/b]
I've not played the game, but I've heard about it and it sounds interesting, so I'll see if the anime's any good. Nanako is adorable.

[b]Chibi Devi![/b]
The first episode of this airs today, so no subs yet. Sounds like it should be really cute.

[b]Shakugan no Shana III[/b]
Why am I still watching Shana?

[b]Mashiroiro Symphony -The color of lovers-[/b]
[strike]Gotta get my trashy high school romance (harem?) fix.[/strike]
This has turned out to be way better than expected. I am pleasantly surprised.[/color]
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Other stuff I'm watching as of right now ...

[b]Ben-to[/b]: Watching with a group of friends who also watch [b]Hunter x Hunter[/b] with me. If I wasn't watching with other people, I probably wouldn't see this. Have no idea wtf is happening.

[b]Chihayafuru[/b]: Love the style and love the main character, although not that much happens in the first episode. Also, the card game looks boring to me, personally.

[b]Fate/zero[/b]: Thought the first episode was boring as hell (it has all the worst traits of Nasuverse stuff), but the second episode is a [i]lot[/i] better. Hoping this is a Nasu-type work I can actually embrace since it's originally written by Gen Urobuchi.

[b]Mobile Suit Gundam AGE[/b]: Seems like it will be exactly like every [b]Gundam[/b] ever, except with kids. But I'll watch, at least for now.

[b]Persona 4 the animation[/b]: Thought I'd check it out; honestly, though, the first episode is kind of dull. My interest is already wavering.
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Wow..haven't posted here in years!
But I figured I'd come back n' check things out : P

As for the new anime, I took the time to check out a few series last night.
So far I like [b]C3[/b] (C cubed) and [b]Ben-to[/b].

C3 started out cute n' funny..but soon took a pretty dark turn with episode 2, which really got me interested.
As for Ben-to it seems like just crazy fun with interesting fights.

Check 'em out if you haven't already.

As for other titles, I'm really excited about the [b]Last Exile[/b] sequel....definitely want to check that out when it starts up.

~WW Edited by WW2
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  • 2 weeks later...
Might as well update with rankings! Only show I've dropped so far is [b]Persona 4[/b], because I'm not finding it interesting at all. Maybe I'll play the game one day, but eh.

EDIT: Scratch that, I forgot I also dropped [b]Phi Brain[/b]. Really boring, lame puzzles (when they bother to show them to the audience), and irritating lead character. Bleh.

1. [b]Chihayafuru[/b]: My favorite mostly because it makes me unashamedly happy. It has no trace of subtlety whatsoever, and there are more than a few, "YOU SHOULD FEEL SAD FOR THE CHARACTERS" moments, but this show makes me smile when I watch it. Sue me.
2. [b]Un-Go[/b]: First episode is a decent mystery, but the second episode is a better one, and I love how cynical the aftermath of both mysteries end up being. This could be a very interesting show.
3. [b]Squid Girl[/b] S2: Still solid and funny -- the most recent episode might be the funniest in either season.
4. [b]Fate/zero[/b]: Still enjoying this. Waver and Rider are stealing the show for me. They're a hilarious pairing.
5. [b]Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam[/b]: Haven't seen the original yet, but this first episode is all right.
6. [b]Future Diary[/b]: Decent premise, but it's sooooo hilariously unbelievable. Watching mostly due to high amounts of goofiness and cheese.
7. [b]Hunter x Hunter[/b]: Hopefully it will climb higher once the series gets to the stuff I actually like.
8. [b]Mobile Suit Gundam Age[/b]: First episode is a yawner, but the second is better. Mostly looking forward to the succession deal.
9. [b]Ben-to[/b]: Not really getting into it, but it [i]is[/i] something different, I'll give it that.
10. [b]Guilty Crown[/b]: lol butts and boobs lol Edited by Shinmaru
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Actually, I think I'll also pick up [i]Fate/zero[/i], since I'm only watching one other ongoing series right now. The premise intrigued me enough, so that's where I'll be headed soon.

Uh, I'm finally watching the 3rd ep. of [i]Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai,[/i] and it's decent comedy so far. Nothing to rave about (but I agree that the animation is superb), but I just wanted to watch some goofy fun and that's all. It's given me that, and I'm fairly happy with it! Plus, I wanna see the nerdy science girl.
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I'm watching more than I expected this season, at least for now. Yay.

[b]Hunter x Hunter[/b] puts a big goofy grin on my face with every episode. Honestly, it doesn't even really matter what happens in the story. The characters are a breath of fresh air (and yet delightfully familiar at the same time, thanks to the 1999 series). I don't know how to account for my reaction except to say that it's just so much [i]fun[/i].

[b]Un-Go[/b] makes me smile, too. What can I say? I love detective stories. The actual mysteries haven't been anything mind-blowing at this point, but they do the job well enough, and the character interaction is so enjoyable to watch.

[b]Guilty Crown[/b] makes me angry. What a waste of lovely animation. I'm actually baffled by the sloppiness and lack of imagination in the writing and story department. It almost seems like you couldn't come up with such an absurd pastiche of plot shortcuts and cliches without actively trying. Yet the series seems to be taking itself 100% seriously, which is perhaps its gravest sin. Too bad. I'll watch it just for the visual fireworks, but the moment it starts looking as shoddy as its script, I'm outta here.

Haven't seen the second episode of the [b]Last Exile[/b] sequel yet, but I was super pleased with how they've [spoiler]brought back Dio,[/spoiler] who is still one of my all-time favorite side characters.

I was listening to the Kaleido Star soundtrack the other day, and it inspired me to check out [b]Chihayafuru[/b]. Only after I started it did I realize how much I've been craving a series like this. And it's so darn pretty, too.

Also trying to keep up with [b]Tamayura[/b], although it's easy to let episodes of a show like this pile up unwatched, since it doesn't have the sense of urgency that you'd get from something heavily plot-driven.
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