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Happy Holidays (...Christmas) Fan-art


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[font="Tahoma"]Hello! [/font]

[font="Tahoma"]This is something I hadn't noticed as a subject yet, so here we go. [/font]

[font="Tahoma"]I drew this for Christmas and I wanted to know if anyone else can guess which character this is and from what show![/font]

[font="Tahoma"]Btw, I sketched this on paper, scanned it, and then outlined/colored/shaded it using Paint Tool SAI.[/font]

If you want, you can also post links to your Christmas-related fan-art too! (has to be SFW) Edited by wakashi
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That's a cool picture! It looks both winterly chilly, and winterly cosy at the same time. Great colouring, especially with the high lights. Her chin could be a little bit less pointy (it's dagger-sharp now), but I like the apple cheeks and the wavey hair that compensate fully for the sharpness of the chin.

Good job!
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