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Art In The Family

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[FONT=Calibri]So, pretty much anyone who's been around the site and seen me around the site knows I'm a halfway decent writer. But I'm not the only one in my family with artistic inclinations. All three of my sisters are heavy into the visual arts, and their tastes range from sculpting to charcoal to graphic design, to these little, six-inch, ridiculously intricate clay people who, like, dude. Holy crap.

Not gonna show any of those right now. What I do want to show off is a small upload of a piece my second sister worked on for a couple of weeks.


Medium was acrylic on newspaper-covered canvas.

She has also done a 3D-illusion mural of a cheesecake for a local dessert place. Seriously.[/FONT]

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An [i]anything[/i] of cheesecake is awesome in my book.

These cars are first of all, two fantastic cars to work with. Secondly, the brush techniques are extremely cool together. The smudgey and the sharpey, combined with nice dark strokes of shadow, making the painting look both realistic, but giving it the edge of being a visual piece of art. It's not one of those paintings where you could say "well, you might as well have made a picture" because she made it more appealing than real life. Instead of weird American landscapes she should be painting old European villages. But I guess America needs your sister for that exact reason.

I would like my world to have those kinds of colours and smudges and cars. Give my compliments and a big kiss to your second sister. Three. Three kisses. Like we Dutch people do. Edited by Boo

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