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Witches: Mankind's Apocalypse


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Location:  Dallas, Texas

Year: May, 2007


A somewhat normal day in Dallas, Texas this time of year, the weather reached an all-time high of one-hundred and five degrees, nothing new to the southern state as the people were accustomed to the onslaught of heat.  The clear skies added to the scenery, giving its civilian population something to look forward to as they went about their day like any other. In the midst of downtown, the heavy population of workers and commuters finished their day of work and began their trek home to enjoy the weekend festivities planned.  A slight humming sound broke the silence of the civilians as they all looked around, at first it was just a light humming noise, but as the seconds pasted, the noise became deeper.  The sheer vibrations became powerful enough to rattle cars and smaller items, the innocent bystanders shook where they stood.  Some falling to the ground while others looked for a sturdy item to hold them still while the vibrations continued, loud pops began to sound in the air as glass shattered one by one.  Windows, doors and delicate crystal all broke from the powers of the ominous humming noises.  Then, suddenly�silence.  The civilians looked around, thinking an earthquake must have passed by unexpectantly, not one word was said in the eerie silence as everyone seemed too shocked to speak, and they were right to be.  Without warning, the earth underneath the packed streets rose up with a mighty force, bringing forth a large goliath sized creature from the dirt as it roared with a mightier scream than the previous humming.  Cars tossed in the air with people trapped inside, only to land and explode upon where they impacted, some on the side of buildings, others onto pedestrians in the streets and so on.  The masses screamed and tried to flee the scene, but more and more of these monsters rose from different points in the city, causing the same chaos as the first.  Finally making its whole body out of the earthly grave, the creature began to thrash about whatever came in its path.


â??****, theyâ??re out in the open now.  Cloak!â?Â  Demitri shouted into his ear piece communicator as he rushed to the scene of the second creatureâ??s emergence.


â??Yes Captain, weâ??re already on extraction duties, all hands are on deck for this one.  Should we inform the Commandant of the situation?â?Â  The other voice responded in prompt haste to his superior.

â??I canâ??t say we can keep this on the hush-hush, make sure you have all the agents necessary to cover the scene and take these monsters down.  If anyoneâ??s on vacation you grab and go, no time to answer question, they should know by nowâ?Â  Demitri spoke his final order before turning a corner, seeing the massive monster swing at the civilians, their bodies tossed into the air like fallen leaves, screaming and crying as their final breaths taken away from them by this unknown demon.  Demitri grunted as his fists balled up tightly; gathering what power he could to unleash to make his stand.  As the goliath beast arose his arm to continue his assault, Demitri extended his hands forward, unleashing a gale force wind from his palms.  The force was enough to push the man back a little, but once the wind blast connected with his target, it sliced through is body, severing his limb as his arm fell to the ground in a bloody crash.  Enraged, the creature turned around and saw the muscular man, as did everyone else who saw what did had just done.  â??Letâ??s danceâ? Demitri roared as he charged the beast with all his strength, firing off more wind blasts towards the torso and shoulder areas of its body.  Mighty roars filled the air with anger and resistance; with only one arm left the creature batted Demitri to the side, the humanâ??s body bounced on the pavement before going through a glass window of a vacant office building.  The monster stalked towards his prey until it suddenly stopped, a large flare of light blinded the creature for a moment, then the earth below shifted and turned, small portions of the ground turned into large hands and rose up, catching and stopping the creature in its tracks.  A slender yet fragile woman clapped her hands together and knelt to the ground, touching her palms downward onto the pavement.  Once again, another flare of light, but this time, concrete and gravel spikes arose, piercing every major organ and killing the monster in seconds.  Once finished, the woman stood tall and made her way to where her superior was, seeing the bloody trail she made haste, finding the man at the back of the suite, sitting at the corner huffing for air.


â??Demitri!â?Â  She gasped, the man groaned in pain as his eyes opened to see his team mate. 


â??Alexandiraâ?¦â?Â  He hissed in pain, the woman knelt next to the soldier, tearing off her shirt sleeve to stop the bleeding on his forehead.


â??Cloak got me from base; he said everyone was needed for this one.  I donâ??t know how weâ??re going to get out of this one, weâ??ve been compromised.â?Â  She spoke; echoes of the other monsters roars filled the air from their original locations.  On the south end close to the interstate, a lone werewolf tackled one of the massive beats while a young, petite girl in the same uniform as Demitri stood at a distance, firing off her sniper rifle at its limbs.  On the eastern front of downtown, a large fire surrounded the monster, slowly killing and searing its flesh while ice shards continued to fain from the sky down onto its enemy.  At the western end of downtown, the local police witnessed a man in a black cloth and hood encase people into his outfit, and itâ??s as if they suddenly vanished as he continued to do his task one person at a time.  While he extracted the civilians, a senior man with massive muscled stood over a small group of injured people, the creature bashed down onto his body, but each blow as blocked by an invisible force, protecting them all from the blows.  Suddenly, throwing daggers were tossed at its neck by an agile young girl, followed by rising rock spikes from a taller and older man with military fashioned hair as they all worked together to kill off these creatures at once.  Police sirens filled the air as the local authorities did their best to evacuate anyone they could from the monsters that appeared; those who stood and tried to best off the beasts were stuck down one by one.  Their weapons no match for the might and brute force these monsters unleashed onto the human population. On site news reporters did their best to cover the story and stay out of harmâ??s way; most of them unsuccessful and fell during the line of fire between the unknown soldiers and the creatures from the earth.  Helicopters soared through the sky with SWAT teams and more news crews to capture every moment as it unfolded before their eyes.


â??â?¦as you can see from the mayhem down below, unknown creatures are wreaking havoc at the main corners of Dallas.  The casualties seem to soar with the damages; local police seem helpless to prevent any further death and chaos.  But as we see hereâ?¦â?Â  The cameraman zoomed down onto high way below where cars piled up, most abandoned by their owners while the fighting commences between the creatures and the unknown soldiers defending who they could.  â??â?¦there seems to be a woman and a man fending off this building sized monster andâ?¦Oh my lord!  I donâ??t know what to say ladies and gentlemen, the woman opened her mouth and a type of shockwave blast hit this creature directly in the chest, sending him sprawling backwards andâ?¦this is incredible!  The man with her leaped into the air with what seemed to be swords and made a direct hit to the monsters heart.  If we look closely all we could see on this man is two blue bandanas around his wrist andâ?¦this is just incredible.  Whoever these people are, they are our only hope to get rid of these things.  Back to you Natashaâ?


â??Thank you Matthew, more reports are coming in about this sudden attack in Dallas, Texas.  The president has given the National Guard and military personnel the green light to assist ASAP.  Just a momentâ?¦â?Â   The woman scanned her teleprompter with haste.  â??This just in, another monster has surfaced near a school district on the northeast side of downtown Dallas.  Weâ??re taking you live nowâ?.


â??Yes Natasha, this footage taken by our cameramen shows a live fight between another massive monster that surfaced outside of a local school district, already 5 buses ready to evacuate the children were crushed and destroyed by this beast.  Once another bus was on the verge of attack, it suddenly vanished in a cloud like mist before the monster could slam its fists down onto the vehicle.  As you see from the footage, a woman charges at this monster with full force, but she seems to be encased in some kind of reflective diamond material, followed closely by a young boy who looks no younger than 13 or so encased in solid steel.  Both are keeping the monster at bay, but now another person has joined the fight against this monster, andâ?¦oh my goodness, his body has changed into a large T-Rex and has joined the fight!  Natasha this is something Iâ??ve never seen before in my career as a reporter andâ?¦look out for that car!!!â?¦.â?Â  The line went dead instantly, showing only static from the reporters end.


â??Matthew?  Matthew!!â?Â  The anchorwoman shouted, tears welled in her eyes as she tried to muster up the courage to continue her broadcast while silently mourning for her colleague. 


â??You shouldnâ??t be here Alexandria, not in your conditionâ? Demitri held onto her hand delicately and looked at her stomach, still flat and well defined by physical statues. 


â??Weâ??re in this together Demitri, no one is going to do this aloneâ?Â  Both soldiers looked at one another and smiled, without warning, vapor like gas appeared in front of the two, a man and an older woman appeared from thin air.  The woman quickly knelt down and examined the soldier, her hands began to glow a shade of emerald green as the wounds on his body began to close up and heal slowly.


â??Captainâ? The voice of Cloak sounded on Demitriâ??s earpiece.


â??Go aheadâ? He responded.


â??Mission accomplished sir, all creatures were taken down.  Unfortunately, weâ??ve all been seen and the Commandant commands a mass extraction immediately while we regroup and go into lockdown.  Itâ??s a mess sir, I wonâ??t sugar coat it.  Are you all ready?â?Â  Demitri gave a grunt in response as the others prepared themselves.  Cloak vanished from his spot after dropping off the last injured bystander and appeared on top of the tallest building in the city; his cloak seemed to expand with limitless material as his eyes turned as white as light.  It flowed freely as it engulfed buildings, street corners and provided a pitch black cover until the whole city was surrounded by his cloak, the civilians inside scared and speechless at the sudden darkness.  With a mighty cry, the man opened the cloak by extending his arms to the side, bringing light once more to those down below, his cape returning to normal as it returned to the manâ??s body, and suddenly, he vanished as well.  All the soldiers and the deceased creatures gone from their locations, the civilians who witnessed still in awe as the police and fire departments scrambled to do what they can.


Current Year: 2012


Years have passed this that horrifying event; still a yearly memorial is held for those who lost their lives, civilians and officers alike under the surprise attack from the creatures unknown.  Some speculate aliens have finally come to our world for domination, others believe it was a government experiment gone horribly wrong.  As the years passed, so did the suspicions, for some.  Deep in the underground levels of the White House in Washington, D.C; the current President of the United States meets with his council once again, having receiving an urgent call from Secretary of State.  The President entered a war room like chamber with his highest leaders and commanders assembled, all stood as he entered and sat when he sat at the throne of the table.


â??What is this important news you wanted me to see at 3 in the morning General?â?Â  He asked, yawning slightly, rudely awakened from his slumber.


â??Mr. President, we have discovered some shocking information about the incident that happened 5 years ago in Texas, sir.â?Â  The president raised an eyebrow for a moment before sitting upright in his chair, poised and ready.


â??Go onâ?


â??From our initial reports, the creatures are not extraterrestrial, not with the remains we were able to scrounge from the battle grounds.  They are actually from our planet.â?Â  The president stroked his beard as he continued to listen.  â??They are a folklore creature known as Golems, thought to be rock like creatures with massive strength and protectors, but as we discovered thatâ??s a false claim.  Their sheer size and strength is enough proof to us to believe they were the same creatures talked about in olden stories, just with different physical appearances and so on.â?


â??Good findings, but that does not give us clues as to where they came from in the first place.  I was hoping we would have more information on those people who were fending off the beasts when our own military and police force couldnâ??t make a dent.â?Â  The president looked over the files in front of him, again and again a dead end.  Photo identifications matched nothing in their government records, blood collected from various scenes matched no humans in the databanks, and no fingerprints could find them the answers they needed.


â??No sir, butâ?¦we have a lead nowâ? The president looked up in shock as a sealed tight bag was passed to him with an emblem, from one of the uniforms the unknown soldiers.  Upon closer inspection, caked blood from years past and dirt from the battle scene still stained the patch like the fight just happened.  Looking closer on the emblem, the President could make out three letters.


â?? "H.D.F."  Hmmm, interestingâ?.  The president had a slight smile on his face; finally they were onto something that could lead them to the bottom of this mystery.  â??Continue you report General.â?    


WITCHES: Mankindâ??s Apocalypse


We are known as the Human Defense Force, soldiers with far more advance physical, mental, and supernatural qualities trained to defend normal humans from creatures of the dark.  Vampires, Sea Creatures, Werewolves and similar monsters that go bump in the night.  Our mission is to make sure the human population is protected from these monsters of the night and to never expose ourselves as their silent protectors.  Also to keep whatever peace we can with non-hostile creatures, those who will aide us in our fight against vile forces who wish to connect our secret world with the human race.  Our soldiers come from all across the globe, bringing their own unique gifts and talents to the table, and for that, they are well rewarded.


Our motto is simple, when monsters go bump in the night, WE BUMP BACK!


However, with the only exposure to the human population that showed our organization in full action many years ago, our base of operations has come under compromise. Our bases are disguised as schools, hospitals, shipping factories, government facilities and so on to let our organization work in the open without alarming the already suspicious human government.  Our soldiers must lead the H.D.F and work from the deepest part of the shadows, in fear of revealing ourselves once more.  We still remain in the deepest parts of the shadows, watching over the human race as its silence protectors from evil and mayhem.




Name: [Creativity works best]

Age: [If you choose to be a supernatural creature (i.e: Werewolf, vampire, etc.], youâ??re limited to 200 years tops.  Your species may have lived older than that, but you will be considered new and specially selected to join the H.D.F]

Gender: [M/F]

Appearance: [Picture or description will suffice]

Personality: [Not everyone is a lone wolf (pardon the pun), or happy go lucky.  Be creative.

Background: [A little bit about yourself and how you came across the H.D.F, or how they found you.

Abilities: [This is open for ideas.  Telekinetic? Werewolf? Magical User? Healer? Elemental User? Etc.]

Weapons: [If you choose to have them]


If you were a member of the RPG Witches: Mankindâ??s Hope and Witches: Godâ??s Rising, please feel free to use your characters from those games.  Just remember, this is a new story line and reality, so whatever you want to change about your character is fully open.  You can be married or your personality can be altered from what you were originally going with, itâ??s your choice.  Be creative.

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[indent=1][font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080][b]Name[/b]: Oya Hidenburg[/color][/font][/indent]
[indent=1][font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080][b]Age[/b]: 24[/color][/font][/indent]
[indent=1][font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080][b]Gender[/b]: Female[/color][/font][/indent]
[indent=1][font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080][b]Appearance[/b]: [attachment=15284:Anime_Sexy_girl_016672_.jpg][/color][/font][/indent]
[indent=1][font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080][b]Personality[/b]: Oya isn't super socail, but she's not totally ignerant to others either. Even if she is more of the quiet tye she still enjoys being around her team, if only just to watch them enjoy them selves and get entertainment from that alone. She would rther be around her team then alone, but would prefer to stay queit than to say anything. [/color][/font][/indent]
[indent=1][font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080][b]Background[/b]: Oya was found by the HDF after a vehical accident that killed both her parents and brother, being left alone she took to an older couple with in the HDF who raised her. She remembers nothing from the accident only that there had been a bright flash and than her world had gone black. Not much is known about her origins since she was brought in, and she doesn't remember anything before the crash. [/color][/font][/indent]
[indent=1][font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080][b]Abilities[/b]:Oya has found that she has super senses, able to hear, see, smell, and sense things around her better than any animal in the world, this also is led to the slight jump in her physical abilities as well, although its nothing she likes to brag about, but it keeps her alive when on missions with the more ability able agents. [/color][/font][/indent]
[indent=1][font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080][b]Weapons[/b]: Her weapons are mostly everyday items that have been modified. She wears a custom pair of boots that are weighted and reinforced with steel, as well as a pair of gauntlets that are much the same way, her fighting style in more hands on than using actual weapons, her custom boots and gloves give her a slight advantage when dealing damage in a fight. [/color][/font][/indent]
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[b]Name[/b]: Demitri Athens
[b]Age[/b]: 35 Years of Age
[b]Sex:[/b] Male
[b]Code Name[/b]: "Wind Wizard"

[b]Personality:[/b] Demitri is seen as a born leader and all around good guy, his life has been easily rumord to be "blessed" by those who know him well. He can be a class clown to chipper the mood, but when its time for action, he's a natural strategist and role model to soldiers and superiors alike. Being a single father of three children, he's had to take on a lot of responsibility to make sure his kids are taken care of equally, sometimes it can conflict with his work, but the man tries his best to balance both worlds while serving his organization.

[b]Background:[/b] Demitri's family come from a long line of wealth and prestigue, his mother, Tabitha "Touch" Athens, is the Chief of Medicine for the H.D.F while his father, Pavlos "Sheild" Athens currently runs the whole organization as the current Commandant. Equivilent to the humans leader, the President of the United States. Having been the only child from the two, Demitri has been given every aspect of attention and love, along with advancements in life to achieve his goals. Demitri joined H.D.F when he turned 17, some years later, he met his future wife, Alexandria.

Alexandria was a powerful mystic like her brother, Marcus, who both used runes and studied various spellcasting from years past. Both an asset to the H.D.F organization for their skills and years of experience with the supernatural on a more mystical level. Demitri was placed with the Demons siblings and a few others in Alpha Elite, where Demitri courted Alexandria, and they finally married. Marcua and Demitri became close friends from then on, enemies at first, but with Alexandria's persuasion, she defused the tension between the two. During their years serving, Demitri and Alexandria bore three children together, who each possess their own special abilities. A year after the incident in Texas, Alexandria bore her last child, Neos, and passed away during an accident not too long afterwards. It left Demitri heartbroken, but he needed to tend to his family while mourning the loss of his wife.

Now as a full Commander, Demitri balances the life of a single father and leader to soldiers. Always making sure never to clash the two together to distract him from his duties as a soldier, and that of a father.

[b]Abilities: [/b]Demitri is known as the master of the wind element, before he was limited to one attack at a time, but with training over the last decade and extensive combat rituals, his powers have evolved faster than normal soldiers would. Able to produce shotgun like wind blasts, barriers, cutting attacks and even suck the air out of another person when the time calls for it. Demitri has also adapted his powers in a new way, able to teleport himself by moving like the air around him, enabling the man to vanish in a second to reappear in another area of his choosing. It is limited for now, but the soldier has been practicing more and more as the years passed, extending his distance in the process.

[b]Weapons: [/b]Demitri's skills with his pistols is matched by none other, keeping two at his thighs with leg holsters and two attached to the back of his pants belt. Spare ammo clips on either side of his lips, four in all. Demitri is also well skilled in hand-to-hand combat and now teaches new recruits techniques and combos whenever he gets the chance. Edited by Shwa
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[indent=1][size=3][b]Name:[/b] Marcus Demos[/size][/indent]

[indent=1][size=3][b]Age:[/b] 43[/size][/indent]

[indent=1][size=3][b]Gender[/b]: M[/size][/indent]

[indent=1][size=3][b]Appearance[/b]: Marcusâ?? last know appearance was one of a man who stood tall at a height of 5â??10 with short brown hair and regular build with dark brown eyes and olive tan skin. He has been known to wear just a t-shirt and pants and any old pair of shoes he could find. However, recent reports have seen him wearing a robe that covers him up completely and he is constantly seen with his hood drawn over his head, gloves donned and reported to hearing the clicking sound of sandals. No one has seen his face since, though it is assumed he looks the same as he did before.[/size][/indent]

[indent=1][size=3][b]Personality[/b]: Marcus isnâ??t a very warm person; he keeps his thoughts and his feelings to himself as he has suffered a lot of despair in his lifetime. He keeps everything walled off and guarded as best as he can, and it all stems from a deep seeded need to not be the one to lay his problems and burdens on others around him. He has no problem giving out information when it is needed and to solve problems for others when they ask, he just has an issue conversing with people on an emotional level as he thinks more logically then his sister does.[/size][/indent]

[indent=1][size=3]Even though he doesnâ??t show his emotions to the world, he does unleash them when he gets into a fight or in a desperate situation as he feelings push his powers to their highest point to deal maximum damage. He also tries to be more of a team player, and team leader when he has to make the choices for the good of his team, even if it means putting his life at risk.[/size][/indent]

[indent=1][size=3][b]Background[/b]: The Demos family is went known throughout the HDF, more known for their longevity within the history of the HDF as they have been one of the longest working families within the HDF. The Demos line can be traced back through the centuries; keeping a detailed history of their family they have been able to trace a Demos back all the way to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The first Demos are still a bit of a mystery, as they are the origin of the powers that have been passed down from one family member to the next. The first one was rumored to be an advisor to a Babylonian king, and while in his service was visited by a god who bestowed the power upon his bloodline. Whether it was true or not, they havenâ??t squandered their power and have done everything within their ability to influence pinnacle events.[/size][/indent]

[indent=1][size=3]Marcus himself was recruited when he was rather young, only 20 years old when they put him into the force and gave him his own team. During the time, he fell in love with one of his team mates and they started their relationship. A year after getting his team, one of his members tried to kill his team for a complicated ritual to achieve godhood. He failed to kill his team, his love almost met her end at his hand but Marcus was about to save her before anything could happen. Marcus disappeared shortly afterwards, his love disappearing with him around the same time. Marcus remained in contact with only a few people during his hunt to find his rouge teammate, and even upon success, he remained gone for several more years. Now, upon hearing of his sisterâ??s death, he returns to the HDF to mourn her and keep his family together.[/size][/indent]

[indent=1][size=3][b]Abilities[/b]: Marcus is a powerful magic user, his hands and his mind are they only weapons he needs when it comes to using his abilities. The faster he can think, the faster he can cast, even able to cast without the use of his hands on the simple spells. His powers manifested through runes and symbols from ancient times, the runes being his way to channel his power and making it manipulate the world around him. As he got older, he and his sister developed their powers together to the point they could use them with no drawn symbols, just hand gestures.[/size][/indent]

[indent=1][size=3][b]Weapons[/b]: Marcus joined up with a division within the HDF called the Crimson Guard, they being allowed to roam more freely then other divisions. He was given their signature colors and weapons, a sword to use. He followed in the example set by Corporal Blues and carried two blades, both distinct in their looks but effective for their use. [/size][/indent] Edited by Darth Malgus
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