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Welcome to the backstage thread for V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. where Iâ??ll keep a compendium of relevant world information, including major events and any important characters/concepts created by you rpers as the story progresses. And naturally, this is a place for questions and suggestions from interested parties.


â? â? â? 



Eurasia/Africa[United World Government Territory]- Because the General Velaâ??s troops were located in Spain, he was able to quickly spread his forces out across Europe, Africa and Asia, mitigating most of the destruction caused by the demon hordes. Thus, about 80% of Eurasia and 50% of Africa still exist in manageable states, and areas of extreme importance, such as towns with high reserves of natural resources and capital cities, have state-of-the-art force-fields protecting them. However, this has also resulted in the hand of the world government operating heavily in this area, so people on these continents suffer invasive monitoring and extreme loss of liberties.

  • Britain- The hub of the UWG. The entire population was evacuated two years after the creation of UWG and has since been used as a military base and laboratory. It is heavily fortified and requires the highest clearance to enter into Britain-- as such, many members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E actively attempt to infiltrate the area or attack and raid convoys going in and out of the country.
  • Japan- Japanâ??s isolated location allowed the demons to quickly overtake the country and slaughter most of its inhabitants. Although a large percent of Japanese people were able to escape inland, Japan itself was lost and now exists as a no-manâ??s land where demons run rampant. Despite this, ships under Velaâ??s control have been spotted sailing to the islands, although their business there is impossible to determine.


The Americas [Mostly â??Freeâ? Land]- North America received the brunt of the demon attacks and was almost completely leveled in the first couple of years of conflict. Viewing the northern continent as being lost, Vela did not bother installing fields around any North American cities. The bottom half of South America was salvaged, however, and a wall was erected through northern Peru and Brazil to prevent demons from breaching the rest of the continent and to prevent citizens from fleeing in or out of the protected area. Due to the lack of government presence in the Americas, V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E established their base in the USA, a massive, solar powered, 70-car train named Nidhogg.

  • Nidhogg- A state of the art mobile base created by members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. The giant, 70 car train can, although rarely does, house all 1,000 demonspawn living on the planet. The train is equipped with a low-powered anti-gravity propeller on the bottom of each train, which allows it to travel without tracks, and its powerful solar batteries allows it to travel at a speed of 120 mph while the sun is up and at 60 when working off reserve energy. The extraordinary performance of the batteries is due in part to the brilliant scientist they kidnapped from Britain and in part to the Phantom demon who permanently â??possessesâ? the batteries, who has formed a symbiotic relationship with the technology. 50 of the 70 cars are housing units, while the other 20 are miscellaneous specified areas, such as kitchens, training rooms, bars and arcades. Each car contains 10 anti-air guns and 10 mounted cannons, from which everything from stolen military shells to captured demons can be fired.


Australia/Antarctica- Little is known about the tidings in these two areas, as all communication has ceased from within, and large aquatic and avian demons prevent conventional means of travel, and even armed expeditions, to either of these areas.


The Underworld- A large swirling vortex in Washington D.C. acts as a direct doorway to what is colloquially referred to by humans as â??The Underworld.â? It is in fact a separate plane occupying the same space as Earth where all spirits of the dead pass on. Although segmented into three general areas--Paradiso, where the souls of the righteous and angels rest, Purgatorio, where souls seeking to redeem themselves and the deities who test them reside, and Inferno, where the wicked and demons howl--the portal only links to Inferno, or â??Hellâ?, although it is possible that one could reach the other realms if they survived navigating through Inferno. Inferno is divided into four large sections and is ruled over by The Beast: a large, rarely even seen Dragon-like monster the size of a planet. No one has ever seen The Beast; although, some people believe that The Beast has been keeping the demons at bay so that they arrive in a number manageable for mankind. Others believe he is biding his time, waiting to weaken the Earth enough that he may claim it for his own.

  • Phlegethon- The South division of Inferno, where all creatures are relentlessly roasted in Rotfire, flames which never quell and inflict incredible physical anguish. The area is filled with volcanoes and lush forest, both of which pump smoke into the already-burning atmosphere. Even the rivers are constructed of Hellfire, which appears as a thick, magma-like substance running throughout the land. Natural demons like Jinn and Salamanders, and transformed human souls, like Succubi and Orcs, among others, dwell in this area.
  • Styx- The West division of Inferno, completely subsumed by the never-ending rain of Soulfire, a liquid which whittles away at the creaturesâ?? stamina levels and drive and reduces them to little more than unmoving piles of flesh. Wetlands, marshes, grogs and endless beaches comprise this section, and each of these bodies of water produce a toxin-like mist which exacerbates the degradative effects of the raining Soulfire. Kappa and Leviathans are among the most plentiful natural demons who inhabit these waters, while Selkies and Sirens comprise a large number of the corrupted human souls.
  • Cocytus- The North division of Inferno, where fierce, frigid storms of Allfire whip and shred the minds of Cocytusâ?? denizens until they are reduced to complete and utter insanity. Cocytus is a mountainous region, and the higher the altitude, the more ferocious the swirling, crackling Allfire becomes. Creatures such as Banshees and Dragons screech and roar their ways through the skies, spewing Allfire on Wraiths and Gorgons, to name a few. (Although Dragons, like Oni and simple Ghost types--phantoms, wraiths, liches-- reside in all of Inferno)
  • Acheron- The East section of Inferno, home to the gritty, sandy Heartfire, which seeps into a creatureâ??s body and forms a solid casing around the heart, preventing the creature from making attachments or being able to relate others, eventually turning the creature into a callous, emotionless beast. Acheron is one expansive, arid desert, lacking any form of moisture save the Ichor--spiritual blood-- of the creatures who dwell there. Heartfire storms suffocate the inhabitants, who wander around alone until they accidentally encounter another creature, whereupon they will attempt to vehemently slaughter their enemy. Golems act as the wardens of this land and Basilisks the defense force, breaking up fights between creatures such as Minotaurs and Vampires, usually by devouring the perpetrators.
  • Lethe- A river of pure Hellfire that snakes through each of the divisions of Inferno. Most things which enter in the river are immediately reduced to oblivion; however, certain creatures have entered into the Lethe and, after a bout of impossibly excruciating pain, emerged more powerful, more dangerous. Given the unique ability of Nephelim to manipulate pure Hellfire, its rumored that either the fallen angels descended into the Lethe and emerged in their new demonic forms, or that the Nephelim were born of the Lethe originally.




Iron Guard- Advanced, armored exoskeletons created by Velaâ??s science council to enforce Velaâ??s laws and defend the people from threats. The suits can be worn as battle armor or remotely controlled from Britain, the more common method of the two being the latter. The suits are extremely durable, even possessing the ability to withstand Rotfire for several hours, and have a number of features, including: rocket propulsion for sustained flight; visual sensors which can filter between any form of light spectrum; forearm rifle mounts which alternate between lethal and non-lethal grenade types; and self-destruct cores for dire situations.

  • Sandmen- A shadowy subsect of the Iron Guard who handle stealth, espionage and infiltration. They wear thinner, stripped-down versions of the Iron Guard armors, trading out size and defense for enhancements such as: reflective stealth plating; built in EMPs; retractable forearm blades; and the ability to discharge an electrical pulse from anywhere on the armor. Each Sandman is fitted with two separate weapons-- a silenced sniper rifle and a silenced pistol, both of which are loaded with dissolvable rounds made from extracted, solidified Soulfire, which kills the target without leaving a trace.
Storm Guard- The UWG's most efficient, terrifying creation yet. The Storm Guard are effectively a combination of the technology of the Iron Guard, the shields used to protect UWG cities, and the recently â??perfectedâ? Purefire engine. After run ins with minions of the Nephelim and the Nephelim themselves, Vela witnessed the extreme power of Purefire and ordered his science council to experiment with it, despite its volatile nature. 100 years passed before the scientists discovered viable means to utilize the energy, but the schematics for the Storm Guard were created simultaneously with the Iron Guard. However, only members with the highest clearance were privy to the existence of this technology, and as such, little is known about the capabilities of the Storm Guard, even to the Nephelim and Xavier's spies. What is known, is that there are two types of Storm Guard, â??Los Rayosâ? and â??Los Truenosâ? and it is surmised that the Storm Guard have at least all of the same abilities as the Iron Guard.
  • Los Truenos- Storm Guard units 7-16, specifically designed to patrol the UWG and react to all demon and half demon threats. They are bulkier than their Rayo counterparts, as their armour houses miniature shield projectors, which makes them extremely difficult to damage. Since they only operate on Earth, they are easier to  service and replenish, so they are equipped with many manufactured weapons, such as guns and grenades. Their engines, although standard military grade, were forged in Purefire, which makes it so that the machines can operate for weeks at standard exertion before needing to recharge.
  • Los Rayos- Storm Guard units 1-6, specifically designed to engage demons and survive the harsh Inferon environment. The paneling of their armor is constructed from a variant of the shield armor that, instead of repelling force, absorbs it. This allows them to continuously maintain the charge of their recently â??perfectedâ? Purefire powered engines. The Rayos possess the ability to discharge energy, like Revenant's battle suit, but the pilots have complete control over the strength, duration and timing of the blasts. The Purefire seems to have had some unexpected effect on the Rayos, making them more bestial, but the full extent of that transformation/corruption is unknown.

Second Tech- For humans in the Americas and lower Africa, the governmentâ??s protection was not always available or desired, in which case the people had to learn to defend themselves. In these regions, older, outdated weapons--ones that were utilized about 200 years ago and various improvised and forged melee weapons-- were readily available, and so almost every person owned at least one weapon. These weapons of the people were colloquially referred to as Hand-me-down Tech and Secondhand Tech, which was eventually shortened to Second Tech. As time marched forth, however, people began tinkering with and improvising these weapons to make them stronger, and Second Tech became a more viable means by which to counteract demon hordes. Unfortunately, the distribution of Second Tech was seized by and is now regulated by a black market system of dealers dubbed WroughtIron, who sell the higher end Second Tech at exorbitant prices, and bully local weaponsmiths into producing lower quality weapons. Recently, however, WroughtIron has reduced the severity of these policies, and has gained more popularity in the US.


WroughtIron- A group comprised of former para-military, mercenaries and gangsters who gathered together after the USA was abandoned by the UWG. They recognized early the futility and impossibility of erecting a new US government, as every state had already created its own de facto ruling body. Instead, the group acted as guns for hire, traveling across the country offering their services to the highest bidder. Their role transformed, however, after the birth and growth of Second Tech. The organization, which had grown substantially over the years, began engineering the most impressive and dangerous weapon modifications, and various groups across the country attempted to bid not only for their services, but for their wares. The then leader of WroughtIron, Willard Crenshaw, realized that he could lead WroughtIron into a new age of greatness, and began "absorbing" other organizations into the folds of WroughtIron. Eventually, WroughtIron was the sole producer of quality Second Tech that rivaled even the most advanced UWG inventions. Whenever talented engineers would arise, WroughtIron would either buy their services, or, if they were unwilling to join the organizations ranks, they would sabotage their business or their life. The current leaders, Cora and Henry Crenshaw, are less tyrannical than their predecessors, always looking to handle matters diplomatically and lowering the prices on their products as to expand potential business.

Exorcists- Glory seekers, lunatics, revenge obsessed fools, devoted soldiers. All of these titles are adequate descriptions of the Exorcist,  tongue-in-cheek name given to all bounty hunter. These are men and women who actively venture outside of protected areas, with or â??withoutâ? government sanction, and track down demons. Most of them are provided with weapons by the military themselves, either because they find amusement in the Exorcistâ??s journey or they genuinely appreciate their vigilante efforts, but many more venture out with nothing more than their wits and improvised weaponry. The learning curve for Exorcists is extremely steep, so much so that any living Exorcists are considered tantamount to mythic heroes. There are two simple divisions between the existing types of Exorcists: Hunters stalk demons and attempt to bring them back into the cities for scientific research, while Slayers murder anything that resembles a demon.


"Hellfire"- A natural element which exists throughout hell. Although thorough studies have been performed on the energy source, and the UWG's scientists have even discovered a way to harness this energy, the origin of it remains a mystery to humans. In actuality, Hellfire is the anguish and pain of Inferno made manifest. Hellfire exists in five forms, four of which correspond with the divisions of Inferno (although whether the suffering particular to those areas influenced the Hellfire or if the Hellfire that manifests in those areas influenced the suffering), and one "pure" Hellfire. Despite its name, only three forms of Hellfire actually resemble flames, with the other forms resembling other earthly "elements". Demons who have been subjected to Hellfire can sometimes produce it as a result, and variant demon types have even developed from Hellfire seeping into and changing the nature of demons. The effects caused by exposure to Hellfire can be remedied simply by removing the target from the influence of the Hellfire. However, if a person, demon or demonspawn is subjected to Hellfire periodically or for an extended period of time, the effect is irreparable. 

  • Rotfire- A sickly green flame with corrosive properties. In its natural state, the flame will burn for all eternity; when produced by a demon or demonspawn the Rotfire will linger for several hours before being put out. Rotfire, unlike regular fire, produces a unique sort of pain in the target, causing the target to always feel as if they are the threshold of fainting.
  • Soulfire- A blue, gelatinous-like version of Hellfire. Physically, the Soulfire affects its targets like heated water, but its true strength lies in the damage it does to a person's will--whenever a person is struck with Soulfire they lose a little more of their will to live. If a victim is exposed to Soulfire long enough, they will completely lose the desire to live and will simply waste away from apathy.
  • Allfire- Half flame and half wind, the yellow-tinged Allfire whips at the body and the mind at once, creating lacerations over the skin and disrupting cognitive functions. Eventually the target will completely lose their sanity, and is reduced to a mindless, speechless beast which acts without rhyme or reason. A popular trend for demons who possess this Hellfire is for them to affect lesser demons with insanity and toss them into populated areas.
  • Heartfire- a gritty Hellfire which manifests in swirling clouds of sand. Heartfire has all of the properties of regular sand, but has the added affect of adhering stubbornly to the targets skin and seeping into their orifices. The Allfire prevents the target from creating links with other creatures, such as empathy, friendship or love. The emotional isolation breeds paranoia in the target, and eventually he becomes cold to socialization, and is transformed into a psychopath.
  • Hellfire/Purefire- pure demonic energy only accessible to Nephelim and certain other as of yet unknown creatures. When a target is struck by Purefire, as it is sometimes deemed by scientists, all four ailments caused by the other Hellfire variations are felt at once, to varying degrees. Demons and demonspawn who produce Purefire do only that; it is nearly impossible to control and can even affect the user if he is careless.



Frederick Castle- The undead spirit in an undead body. His exact location is unknown, but rumors of a plague which wipes out whole cities over night spreading across South America might indicate that heâ??s up to his old tricks, or it might simply be local fear and superstition. It is also rumored that he might be living in Antarctica or Australia, which would account for the inability of anyone to contact the two continents, but cannot be proven for that exact reason. Some people even joke that he walked back into the Underworld, simply to spite his would-be captors. That has not stopped bands of search parties from heading out into the world to attempt to find and re-kill him, with the hope that his death would permanently seal the interdimensional gate.


General Horacio Vela- The World General himself, who watches over the United World Government like a dragon watches over treasure. Nothing happens without his knowledge, and no one is spared from his swift â??justice.â? He alone holds control of the UWG, possessing no government to delegate tasks to--he creates and issues every decree, every law, by himself, with the limited assistance of his cabinet, the six Enforcers. Each of the Enforcers â??presidesâ? over a section of the UWGâ??s territory--West Europe, Eastern Europe, West Asia, South Asia, Upper (Northern and Central) Asia and North Africa. To prevent any of the Enforcers from rebelling against him he has secretly installed neural implants in each of the Enforcers which has their brains release endorphins whenever they think of him, allows him to see through their eyes, and most dastardly, allows him to induce a stroke if they ever step out of line. Despite the relative peace, security and prosperity his rule has brought, people under his command have still braved futile rebellion, and parties outside of the UWGâ??s sphere of influence tirelessly plot against him.

Malik- The first demonspawn born into the world, and one of the very few half dragons. Malik was only able to survive his birth due to his inherited dragon skin, which proved nigh impermeable at the time. Already having the intelligence of a grown adult, he roasted his parents and the doctors with his concentrated Allfire breath and fled into the war-torn streets of Egypt. His dragon powers saved him time and time again from attacks generated both by demon assault and unrest within the population. In time he grew to despise humans and demons, viewing them both as barbaric, cursed races. He came to the conclusion that half-demons, being fresh in existence and free to choose their own destinies, were the most worthy of inheriting the Earth. To this end he created V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. both as an organization to strike out against demon and humankind and as a vehicle to ensure the continuance of the half-demon race. 


Xavier- A secretive and manipulative half-demon of undisclosed demonic heritage, Xavier acts as one of Malik's lieutenants within V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E., collecting important intel and assets for the organisation. He is a master tactician with a sharp mind, which has made him an invaluable member of Malik's inner circle: however, behind the scenes he has dozens of half-demon combatants within V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. swearing loyalty to him and a great deal of socio-political power. His true ambitions and and motives are unclear to all but himself, but what is not in question is that Xavier is an incredibly dangerous man to cross.


Cora Crenshaw- The president of WroughtIron and a woman of amazing capacity and ravishing resourcefulness. A member of the Crenshaw "dynasty" she was groomed for leadership all of her life, as it was glaringly obvious that she possessed a tenacity absent from her five brothers and sisters. She was trained in various forms of martial arts, weapons proficiency, war strategy, business strategy,  economics and politics. She excelled in her studies and began actively maintaining the companies affairs at the age of 22. At that age the 27 year old Henry McEnroe was assigned as a part of her personal cabinet, and six months later they were married. At 26 she became the official head of the organization, and she immediately changed the companies policies. She filtered money into nationwide reconstruction, created a number of charities and philanthropic groups, erected a school to train a new wave of forces who could police the US and has lowered arms prices so that smaller groups and even individuals with the proper means can afford WroughtIron tech. General Vela, noticing the growth of WroughtIron, attempted to create an alliance with them, but Cora has shut him down each time. Despite the attacks on her headquarters by certain members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. she does not regard half-demons with ill will, and a number of half-demons are in her employ. 


Henry Crenshaw- Henry was born to Henry and Eleanor McEnroe, hitmen working for the Cross, a powerful religious group that operated out of Georgia. The Cross was split into two groups-- the Body, which believed that anything relating to the demons or half-demons was damned by god and should be eliminated, and the Spirit, who believed that the word of God could save anyone, human or no, and sought only to eliminate evil in whatever form it appeared. Henry and his family belonged to the Spirit. His mornings were spent in church, his afternoons in training, and his nights bathed in blood. Throughout his youth he was thin and scrawny, and so had to rely on careful planning and his wits to eradicate enemies. When he finally sprouted into the tanking behemoth that he is now, he had already learned the finer arts of stealth, poisons and espionage, and was unrivaled as a hitman. His skill, devotion and charismatic nature earned him control of the Spirit, and his first act was to ally himself with WroughtIron. In return, WroughtIron helped him wage war on and eliminate the Body. He fell in love with Cora the moment he laid eyes on her, and has devoted his life and resources to her cause. He personally works at their main police training facility training new recruits, although he functions as vice president as well.

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So apparently Orcus is having some pretty serious computer issues, hence why he hasn't posted in a while. I'm quite enjoying this RP so I'd like it to keep going as long as possible, but I'm assuming some of you guys are a bit lost about what you're going to be doing in the next few posts. I've spoken to Orcus quite extensively about the RP in the past so I have a pretty good idea of what's going on in the story as a whole, so if you have any questions or concerns about your movements in the RP then you can feel free to address them to me - I'll answer them to the best of my ability, and hopefully we can keep this thing alive until Orcus gets his stuff sorted out!


If they're fairly general questions then feel free to ask them in this thread, but if they're more specific then you can PM me and ask. Let's try and breathe some life into this thing!

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I can't really get a hold of Orcus, I have no way of getting in touch with him while he doesn't have a computer. But my advice would be if you've discussed it with him then go ahead and move your story along a little bit - your characters are together already, so you should be fine.

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Hey guys! Before I get into it, I'd like to thank DeLarge for taking the reigns on this thing. Good looking out mate!


So as stated, my computer has ceased living for an indiscriminate amount of time. Thus the only access I have to the boards right now is through my phone--which is less than pleasant for writing-- or on my sister's computer-- which she isn't particularly keen on. That being said, I will attempt to write whenever I can, and at the very least I can attempt answering questions via pm or here to keep things moving along. Of course, as DeLarge already said, he has a very intimate knowledge of events to come, so absolutely feel free to make inquiries towards him in lieu of myself.


Anyway, onto individual concerns:


Sazabi- I'm actually working on a post right now that I'm hoping to get up tonight, and from there you and DeLarge can take control of Junko and Rhea.


Kayin Cloud- given your group of character's current disposition toward Scythe (who is currently traveling with my character) I was thinking of having Darth Vectis' character Bane approach you and your group with an offer to go with him and hunt down Scythe, which would eventually see all of our characters meeting up somewhere (to be revealed later) and clash before further events transpired. Does that sound groovy to you?

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