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Welcome to the world of Howl, the werewolf/fantasy themed RP filled with mature and adult content.  This backstage area will be a focal point for references to the world we will be diving into, mostly for character references and helpful hints.  Here the original story will be explained, NCPâ??s will be introduced and free for other users to use if they so choose to (excluding some already taken).  This section will be broken down into multiple sections (posts) to get a natural vibe for the world at hand.  So without further to do, letâ??s get started!




As far as the earliest recordings known to the creatures of the night, immortals were the first creatures to walk the lands.  Some even predict during the existence of dinosaurs, but that has yet to be proven.  What is fact is that these immortals have watched over the living beings of this planet, through their triumphs and failures, destruction and recreation, always keeping a silent voice and watchful eye over ever living being.  During the time of the great Egyptian empires rise to power, these immortals agreed to bring new life similar to their own in guarding the humans from one another.  Each immortals power harbor from the four powerful elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  To each element, a new creature emerged. 


From the lands of the Earth came the were-creatures, shifters they are known as.  The wolf form was the first to be taken, and roamed Europe in packs before moving onto the new world during the time of Queen Elizabeth II, making themselves a key idol in the Native American tribe as strong yet wise creatures.  Their primal connection with nature is matched by none, and their physical strength knows no match.


From the core of the earth come the Vampires.  Fearsome and tactful, always thirsty with power that seems never ending.  Endlessly searching for others with their refined prowess and lethal methods of killing to join their ranks.  Though often misunderstood, these creatures feed to extend their lives, not to end others.  They are the royalty race of the four, and the most dangerous in combat.  Their loyalty, however, can be swayed if their gain is greater in the end. 


From the smallest drop of dew to the powerful crash of an ocean wave comes the Circle of Magi.  Gifted users of the forces unknown mask their delicate and nonthreatening demeanor.  These creatures draw from force of life, and once their power is unleashed, a hopeless battle against a caster it would be.  Very few in numbers were created do to their sheer magical might; these creatures are the most wises of their race next to their creator.


Last but not least, the calm breeze of a summerâ??s day to the merciless tornado brings the Dead Zone users.  These creatures fear not even death, for these creatures fear nothing.  Their mental connection to all walks of life, living and not, has placed these souls into an internal limbo.  They always know; forever aware, and always ready to strike when needed.  Through countless wars and death, they have seen and conversed will all walks of life, small and large, and known their pains, joys, and dreams.  The human tongue today for these creatures are psychics, but their fellow brethren know their true nameâ?¦Grim Reapers.


As the centuries past, another immortal was spawn secretly, his power seeped free from each immortal Goddess while they each trained and created more of their offspring.  A male form incarnate of the negative and blood thirsty range the humans unknowingly or willingly let into their souls.  He stalked and baited his time, growing in murderous envy of the humans who senselessly slaughtered innocents and corrupted their very existence.  This, he knew was his inner power, his inner being.  He was Death incarnate. 


One by one, creatures of the immortals were slaughtered, an act though impossible by each faction.  When answers were sought by the offspring, their mothers heard not their cries nor wiped their tears; summoningâ??s seemed to have no effect as it once had before.  It was as if their time on this mortal plane had come, and they had left without a mournful goodbye.  Each faction leader knew what must come next, and the impossible was done. Sebastian Louise LeBlanc and wife Isabella LeBlanc of the Werewolf faction gathered their armies together with the assistance of Anya and her husband, Vlad the Impailer, Dracula.  Therin, leader of the few magi joined the cause with is trusted men and women of the Circle, fearing losing more immortal brethren would disrupt the balance of power on these lands.  Angelica Tudor, the leader of the Dead Zone Users, did not answer the call.  For she knew the fate of the upcoming battle; and it would be too heartbreaking to see it in person.  Years had passed as more signs of this â??Dark Oneâ? emerged, killing off humans and immortals alike, he had taken a physical body for his own with powers stolen from each immortal child.  The time to strike was high.  At the eve of battle, all forces met on the night of the Blood Moon, surrounding their enemy in an open field caught aflame, as if to draw attention.  Before the first move could be made by the allied forces, they were struck downâ?¦a betrayal from the nation of Vampires sealed their fate.  Dracula struck down Isabella, swift and precise, Sebastian saw his face thenâ?¦cold and soulless, a friendship broken and a heart gone from the were-creatures body forever.  The battle continued for hours, a losing fight, but a fight none the less as each remaining allied side showed their lives were as precious as the lives they protected in the human world from the shadows.  The end was nigh, the vampirism forces halted as their charge on the Dark One pushed through.  Many were lost that morning, Sebastian cradles his dying wife as his family members and friends fell in battle, his own wounds never healing.  A small whisper escaped her lips, as did the strand of life that followed.  Sebastian looked now as it floated to the dark sky, and thenâ?¦.nothing but a blinding light.  


No one can remember clearly the final events of the fight, but the Dark One was defeated, his mortal body destroyed and his soul scattered far from the lands form whence they came.  The faction of Vampires now banished from the alliance, now their kind were marked for death for centuries by all.  The Dead Zone Users and Magi have released their grudge, but Sebastian never let his go.  He has slaughtered so many in the name of revenge, but times have changed and so has mind.  Sebastian took his clan to North American to bury his wife and make a new settlement of wolves, adopting the kin who survived the first Immortal Battle under his own wing.  The night of Isabellaâ??s funeral, the Immortal Goddessâ?? looked down at their children and wept.     

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Yes and thank you for asking, I've been a bit busy this week with work so apologies on not updating the rest.  


The ladies of the land are known modern day today as witches.  However, they are like the immortals mentioned in the background story, however they are not as powerful as their creators.  The witches are elemental by nature, and there are very few of them that walk the Earth.  Each possessing elemental powers assigned to their living area or surroundings, such as woodland, ice, temper heat, aquatic life.  They are gentle souls by nature, wise and all knowing in their lands, usually the first line of defense to sense danger when it approaches.  They do spend time with the human populous, but very little, they mostly watch over the lands and their immortal kindred.  For this RP, our wolf Lady will be the "Lady of the Wilds", a nature powered witch.      

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So here's a secondary question based on the first: what all mythologies are open for the table for this? I'm not really a fan of Japanese/Asian stuff either, but at the same time I think the European side (while still rather interesting) has sort of been done to death. You said you're basing this all in the US. What other American-based myths would you allow to be used?

For instance, both the Native Americans and Latin Americans have their own shapeshifter legends, which are very rich in their own right. When you said 'witch', I immediately keyed off of the brujas in Mexico, which sent my mind down the path of the nahual for blood intermingling. I think that kind of background might lend itself well to, say, a fourth- or sixth-generation character, who might not necessarily know or care about their heritage (or they might, who knows; it all washes out in development, I find).
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As stated in the sign-up, we will primarily be playing the werewolf race, and during the years of cross breeding between the two before the first Immortal War, there will be new breeds of the clan with their own mixed abilities.  Some have been turned after the first war, so they will bring their own uniqueness and gifts to the table, making them the new later generation.  So they would already be later generations from their grandparents and parents, or a new one from the States side.  In fact, due to the lack of numbers of werewolves left (in this timeline), they would have their own abilities that are mixed from the norm.  There are possible few left in Europe and others who wondered off on their own as well, but the majority fled to the States.  However, you do bring up an interesting point.


Here me out:  If a newly transformed wolf that was turned (voluntarily or asked to), who does not know their exact origins might carry blood from another mythological creatures of fable times.  While their main form takes the shape of a werewolf, their secondary powers could show during battle or mostly in their human form.  It would, in part, be a new generation.  As you have stated, these immortals did originate in Europe, after losing thousands of their kind one could have gone off on their own and settled long before the werewolf pack made it to America to colonize.  


If you have a character in mind for such an idea just hash it out with me and we can go from there.  The reason I say so is because the story is already set, and there will be different instances where we go back and forth between old and new characters to explain the main RP so as not to dilly dally or make things slow.  But, I welcome any and all back story to new characters.  


Just remember, the main race/form for us are werewolves for our characters, but don't worry, we  will be seeing other were-creatures during the course of the RP, that's for sure.  I will be controlling several NPC's during the game, I do not see why others could not as long as the story moves forward and doesn't contradict the flow of things.        

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