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OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits - Guide to the 'Verse


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OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits - Guide to the 'Verse


Welcome all to the official OB Relaunch Discussion thread for Fistful of Credits - A Guide to the "Verse.


First, some helpful links:

  • Sign-Up: This is for new players. Create a bounty hunter and establish your rep before heading out to explore the Big Black. Also check out the new posting rules for this RP.
  • The Big Black: Our open-roleplay thread. This is the ever-expanding universe of Fistful of Credits, with a twist. It's designed for character development and world-building while in between hunts.
  • The Bounty Board: This thread displays a list of bounties currently available at ICARUS Headquarters. It is part of the RPG and, as such, posts should remain in-character. Your hunters can blow off some steam (similar to options available in The Big Black); accept or cash-in on bounties; and request team members. Additionally, make sure to check out the Leader Board, where we'll be constantly updating the hunters' total earnings and reputations.

Obviously, with this being the discussion thread, you're welcome--and invited--to ask anything that comes to mind, discuss plot, or prompt a specific Outlaw's player for details or hints. Whatever is on you mind that's related to Fistful of Credits is welcome on this thread.


With this being a new type of RPG, the creators are still establishing many of the rules, and delaying the implementation of other game aspects until they figure out how the RP will work to prevent complicating things unnecessarily. So consider the early stages of FOC as a kind of beta test. With that being said, we will always announce here any changes to the rules. And they will always be updated on the sign-up thread.




Now for the literal guide to the 'Verse.


Although we think that imposing a structured map will limit creative freedom players have with this RP, we still believe that some idea of certain objects' locations within space will allow players to better understand and expand the 'Verse. It also creates a database of the planets' and species' descriptions.


I am working on a running list of planets and species that have already been introduced by players in the various FOC threads. Obviously, part of this discuss thread will involve proposed descriptions for new species/planets/etc. With that being said, I want to establish a cosmic scale for reference:  


Small Objects

  • Extra-Planetary Objects: These are the smallest points-of-interest in this RP. Common EPOs are asteroid rings, space ports, and satellites. These are usually manufactured or uninhabited points-of-interest, created by man or too small to generate any kind of affecting gravitational pull. EPOs always possess artificial life support systems to continue habitation.
  • Planetary Objects: Along with EPOs, Planetary Objects constitute the smallest things in space. Ironically, All of our roleplaying will take part predominantly on planetary and extra-planetary objects. These points-of-interest can be moons, dwarf planets, planets, nebulae, etc. Most Planetary Objects have the distinction of possessing their own atmosphere. Some planets will have one or more sentient species.

Large Objects

  • Systems: Solar System. There are many types of systems. You invent and explore the many planets and gas giants of each system as the RP unfolds.
  • Galaxies: Simple enough. The thing that holds stars (and solar systems) together.
  • Cluster: A cluster of Galaxies.
  • Supercluster: A cluster of Clusters.
  • Filament: A long expanse of lightyears-long superclusters. They are called filaments because various cosmic forces push the superclusters into what appears to be lines.
  • Superfilaments: You guessed it: A cluster of Filaments.


With the exception of Solar Systems, each of the large objects are divided into Quadrants. A quadrant is 1/4 the given relative space of an object. So, an example of a planetary object's location would look like this:


EARTH: (Ext:) Sun System/Andromedus1.2386/Central4.3218/Laniakea1.3892


In this case, The Sun System is extinct (our RPG takes place far in the future where Earth has long been destroyed by its dying star). It is within the Adromedus Galaxy (the newly formed galaxy after Adromeda absorbed the Milky Way Galaxy), which is within the Central Cluster of galaxies (composed of several hundred galaxies), within the larger Omega Supercluster.


The bolded numbers are just something I've added for detail and because it looks cool.  :tongue:


Essentially, you only need to pay attention to the first number before the decimal. They'll always be 1, 2, 3, or 4--Corresponding to one of the four quadrants of each large object listed on Earth's mapped location.


When a player introduces a new Planetary or Extra-Planetary Object, they DO NOT have to implement this mapping key in their post (that would be far too confusing). When creating a new object in space you can give as much or as little detail as you'd like, allowing others to flesh out the idea for themselves.


A Map of the Known Universe



I will update this section in the next few days, when I'm not so tired. I just wanted to create the discuss thread now since our first hunt has started. As I mentioned, I've been making a list of species and planets that have already been introduced, but players are more than welcome to provide additional details or introduce new objects as the RP progresses.


Discuss away and enjoy the RP.

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So, in speaking to Darth Vader about our current Bounty I've realized there might be some confusion about the role of the Outlaw in these threads. Basically, the purpose of having a player writing from the point of view of the Outlaw is not to post regularly and consistently throughout the thread: it is to post occasionally in order to move the story along and to throw up obstacles in the way of the Hunters. So when writing your way through the Bounty threads, don't just tread water while waiting for the Outlaw-player to post, do everything you can to try and find your Outlaw, think creatively and use your imagination: the Outlaw-player will post and introduce their character once they feel you have done sufficient groundwork towards finding them.


If this doesn't make sense to anyone, please don't hesitate to use this thread to ask any questions you might have about how the Bounties will progress, one of us will be happy to address your concerns!

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Darth Vectis, Ocrus, and RachaelT have taken on <<The Jumper>> as their newest hunt. This is reflected on the Bounty Board's status. DeLarge is running Ferrus Korven's intergalactic escape. You can decide among yourselves how to start the bounty and any of you three my post the thread when you're ready. Enjoy the hunt!

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