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Trails of The Grail


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"For as long as the scribes of old could foretell in their stories, papyrus littered with ancient dust from a past now forgotten, powerful creatures roamed the lands of the living.  Breeding, co-inhabiting, and even making history in the volumes of history.  But that is not the tale we speak of in the light, for the shadows hold far more than secrets, it holds the very essence of our culture.  Magic has, and always will be a necessity to keep the balance of good and evil.  However, those terms cannot just describe a person, but an idea, a dream, a passion.  That, my dear reader, is where the lines blur together, and more often than not, our of sight of its wielder.  

I digress, these words are not for comfort, but for an understanding of our way of life.  I am called Morrigan, it is the name over the many moons I've walked upon the plane of man I've come to love most.  I cherish it as if it were my own child cradled t my bosom.  I am part of a long forgotten order of mystical beings who've banded together over the centuries to thwart harm to our people, and the world around us.  Some say we perform blood rituals, others are persuaded we take life for pleasure. How wrong the fools are to come to terms with such trifles, our order simply keeps the balance of two worlds while remaining hidden.

Times have changed, but the hearts of men sadly, have not.  This modern era, full of gadgets and creations only dreamed of in my time now blossoms into a monthly update of information and wonder.  But, so do the shadows.  My order is called "The Grail", users of the mystic art that preserve our history and knowledge with one another, and seek out those who obtain their abilities and use them for the common wealth of our existence; for what little time we have it.  Some of our family, my family, have come and gone to their maker...most however...were forced to meet an end not so kind to their charge.  I remember such an instance when the nations of the world first interacted with our kind from lands far beyond the horizon of the setting sun, powerful dark arts merged with necromancy, and a new age of bloodshed was written.  The massacre of many an innocent during the trials at Salem forced our hand to retreat into the shadows further, leaving our enemy to grow in silence and statue all too boldly.  So in our retreat, we waited, we procreated, stronger and more vibrant youths to carry on our legacy of neutralization, theirs was a time of true and utter peace on this earth.  Unfortunately, fate has never been so kind as to grant anyone immortal happiness....without sorry to follow.

The Moon is that of the 10,000th Sun Burst Raven, or to be simple, two-thousand and fifteen.  I've spoken with what little Grail members there are left in the North American lands, so few....which has me worried.  Even to my core I know there is amiss stalking our my clan, but from where, I cannot say.  After the loss of my own children, and grandchildren years prior, I've returned to the Arbor Wilds, my wilderness sanctuary to forget the pain.  But no longer can I stay hidden...My small oven of wandering mystical users, both experienced and novice shall keep watch of these lands until I return.  Their combined might should be enough to ward those who wish to bring evil upon my lands.  I pray with the last of my love I have to give, that it is enough to rid them of the trials and tribulations we are about to face.  Our time has come to cast our kind into the light, before the darkness swallows us whole.  

To any member of The Grail who come across this message, "The shade only covers you at midnight".  If you are simply a weary traveler who happened to come across an old witch's babbling, may I give you my sincerest condolences.  One should not seek power that cannot be controlled, and power like ours, should never be sought after....."   


A shadowy figure places the burnt piece of parchment back down to the ground, his eyes surveying the abandoned hut slowly and with every detail he could fathom during the hidden moons light.  Nothing remained of this once sanctuary, holy ground to lost or traveling mystics.  Family.  The smell of burnt wood and herbs engulfed the nights sky, tracks of the attackers were long gone as the smoke continued to rise from the dead bark and land.  The figure stood, grunting slightly as he viewed the now open layout of the fields, the crops destroyed, the wildlife slain for a mile that happened to cross the path of these savages.  This was a sign.  The figure reached into his pocket and produced a small flip phone, dialing quickly by memory as his eyes remained ever vigilant, glowing a faint crimson red every so often.  

"Report"  A soft, yet commanding voice of a woman answered the line.

"We're too late, this home was targeted strategically.  Just like the others, that's another safe-house gone I'm afraid".  There were no words spoken then, just a silent defeat.

"This safe-house was older than the Pyramids themselves; something big is happening and we're chasing our own tail.  Come home at once when you can, I don't think it would be a good idea to stay separated at this point.  Especially not when an elder's home was taken down.  D-did you find any bodies?"  The small hitch in her voice made the figure sigh in defeat as well.

"Yes, none that I recognize, but their mystical powers float about these lands now.  Seven total, all underage.  These were our people's offspring...."  A sigh came from the other end of the phone.

"Come home when you can brother, do what you must, but nowhere is safe now.  I'm returning to our home in the woods.  I'll meet you there."  The line went dead with an affirming "click".  The man closed his device and silently walked the same path that brought him to this hidden sanctuary, whispering a silent incantation, the cloaked man vanished in a quick flash of red light.  The moons light slowly appeared past the clouds, shinning down onto the land  once more, but this time, to an empty field of grass, no trace of the destruction to be seen.  Hours later, in the terminal of Washington International airport, the once hooded figure now revealed in light scours the charred journal that remained a vital clue to their hunters, and their past.  More members of their coven slain, and more their numbers dwindle before even a spark of life could be created.  

"This Lady Morrigan believed it was time to come into the light.  Either she was a lonely old coot, or she was desperate.  In either case, even our contacts are being taken out, and their sources as well.  No one seems to be safe, we need a new plan to draw our enemies out, and keep the remaining mystical users who remain alive safe from harm.  It's not going to be easy, but as this elder witch of the wild stated, nothing ever is...."       


Welcome to Trials of the Grail!

This RP is set in modern time with ancient secrets to uncover along the way.  The theme for this RP will be mystical/magical/supernatural abilities and humans now living in the modern world.  Hunted by the shadows of the past, the goal is to remain alive long enough to band together and start a new chapter of The Grail Order.  Our wold of magic and mystery are coming to light for the first time in human history, and not the version represented in movies and modern day stories, but in a reality where nothing is as what it seems.  The darkness is ever surrounding and engulfing, will you let it consume your light?

Sign Up:

Name:  Pretty Common

Age:  You know the drill.  If you are over the age of 25 and unique in your abilities, you may be considered a new elder since most of the previous ones have been slain or are currently in hiding.

Sex:  Have a ball.

Personality:  See Sex portion for explanation.
Abilities:  Can range from mystic talismans to voodoo practices, witchcraft, transmutation, transfiguration, psychic, elemental or natural sorcery, spells, incantations, necromancy, etc.  Please be detailed with your abilities and include limitations to said abilities as well.  We can grown from our weakness' during the RP.

Appearance:  Description or Photo.

Background:  Are you flying solo?  Spawn of a magical/mystic user?  Related to a well known mystical user?  Give us the scoop.

Occupation:  Hey, we're powerful, but not rich.  Or are we?  You decide!       

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Guess I'll get the ball rolling :-3

Name:  Desmond Tigan

Age:  28 Years of Age

Sex:  Male

Personality:  Desmond has and always remains to radiate a calm presence to those around him  Though he is quite lax with life and his well being, he is a master strategist when it comes to business.  Every other function in life, he is as tamed as a stream of water.  Since his years of growing, Desmond is ever watchful and worry some of his youngest sibling, Harvest.  Now older, he is less concerned with her safety knowing hat she an handle herself, but more worried as any brother would be to his sister about her future.  Being a pseudo-parent ever since childhood, the feelings still linger to always be available when she need.  

Abilities:  Probability Manipulation:  Desmond can control and manipulate the very luck and reality around him to his favor.  In small concentrated dosages, Desmond merely needs to flick and twirl his wrist for a spot on spell completion.  However, when facing another mystical user, more energy is needed to turn the tide and prevent harm to himself.  This power takes a toll on Desmond, back-lashing with powerful migraines and fatigue if not careful.  There have been instances where his powers have backfired towards himself and others; in such a case, the death of his parents at his own hands when Desmond became of age to harness his abilities.  His power is ever growing, long periods of meditation is needed to keep his emotions and mental stress at an even level, so no backfires occur out of nowhere, especially when he's at work. 

Appearance:  Desmond stand at an even 6 foot 1 inch with a well toned frame of a healthy 200 pounds.  Lightly sun tanned skin adds to his complexion, added with shoulder length brunette hair that he keeps tied in a pony tail.  Though he is a large icon in the fashion industry, Desmond usually parades around in simple jeans and short-sleeve t-shirt that compliment his figure.  Relying on comfort than luxury when the apparent spring or chase may occur.  When activating his abilities, his eyes glow a crimson red, as well as his body radiating the same color when large amounts of energy is displaced.    

Background:  Product spawn of an Arcane Magister and Voodoo Sorceress; Desmond is the eldest of his siblings, followed by his sister Harvest.  Both are mystical users who obtained their powers from their parents who are no longer alive due to the manifestation of his own powers at the age of 7.  Desmond concealed the true entire story is kept from his sister Harvest, fearing backlash and rejection from the only family he has alive.  The duo fended for themselves for the longest, Desmond always working and making sure his sibling was well taken care of to the best of his ability, the elder sibling used his probability manipulation abilities to swindle and steal, and make sure the pair had a warm place to sleep at night.  Around the time Harvest came into her abilities years later, the duo were tracked by an old family friend and Grail member, Edward Stockling, who took the two in and raised them through their schooling years.  

During a their time with Edward, Desmond's powers grew and so did his knowledge of the world.  Traveling abroad ever so often while Harvest continued her studies. Researching more into the world of mysticism, the elder sibling discovered their heritage of their clan and began training with Edward upon finishing his tour to bring the order back to its once prestigious status.  After years of training, Edward and Desmond debated on the morality of their small Coven, either to come from the shadows or remain dormant from the world, eventually the feud subsided, but both parties stepped away.  Desmond and Harvest were old enough now to make their own choices in life, but the two still stuck together like glue, as they always have.      

Desmond continues to travel around the world, thanks to owning and operating the worlds most highly favorable fashion line and marketing company; he is able to keep eyes and ears out for magical users on a constant basis, trying his hardest to keep his fellow users safe from harm.  Even with such a lavish lifestyle and accommodations available to him, Desmond keeps his side project extremely hidden and covert.    

Occupation:  CEO of Silk Line Industries, a fashion and cosmetic line used by high society families and heirs for their every day outings.  

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Name:  Harvest Tigan

Age:  26

Sex:  Female

Personality: Harvest is considered a sobering force amongst her people and in her work environment. She has a hard trained military mind set and looks at all people and subjects around her as pieces to be moved on a board. Having an overly analytical mind, she doesn’t have the easiest time communicating with people in the form of conveying emotion but shows little of her ability to care for others, besides her brother.


Abilities:  Harvest was gifted with the strengths of their father, granted powers from the mystical side in the form of runes that were imprinted on her body since she was born. The runes only number as twenty total, typically scrawled on her chest and across the top of her back. The symbols can be moved, rearranged, changed and resized to serve whatever function she requires.


The change is almost instant, but to move them across her body and to resize them requires about four seconds to change. And once she does this, it takes a toll on her body for every rune she has to change. The toll growing heavier with each rune she changes, requiring her to take longer periods of rest per rune that is altered. Changing a single rune demands she take an hour of rest before she can alter that rune again without causing damage to her body. She can alter them outside of her rest period, but that can cause substantial damage to both her physical form and her mental ability.


Appearance:  Standing at an average height of 5’6”, a tanned complexion from their families heritage and short cut dirty blonde hair. She has a fit build, not being very outwardly muscular but toned and with more muscle definition. She is usually wearing a more formal attire of a typical pantsuit when in her work environment but has clothes she wears for times of ‘relaxation’. Harvest as rather soft features but hard green eyes that cuts into people like daggers.


Occupation:  Harvest is the High Commander of the Private Government agency called IRIS. Working both in the office setting, running the operation over all but takes fieldwork from time to time to escape the monotony of an office life.  

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