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Hey everyone! I finally finished the transfer of OB to my new server tonight. Everything about the process took longer than expected but I guess, for a site with this much history, the ridiculous amount of data actually makes sense in hindsight.

Anyway, as always with transfers like this, there are bound to be some bugs I missed along the lines. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please let me know here. Thanks!

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So the site sort of refreshed without refreshing and a window that said "Featured" slid in and out.  Okay.

OH and there's a little green star now.

EDIT: And also it's different from Pinning because Featuring doesn't stick the post at the top.

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All of the custom titles went away when the software was upgraded to version 4. Apparently, one of the new features was the removal of fun things. While I can't make it purple and bold any more, I can at least set the title back, which is now done. Thanks!

Also, learning about things none of us have ever used is useful though! Not sure when featuring a thread would be adventageous but at least we know we can now.

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I think in this case featuring this particular thread is quite useful, as it allows people to quickly find the New Server Bug Report thread without having to think too much about it, and also prevents us from completely cluttering the top of the forum with stickied threads.  Which is mostly why I'm leaving it here.

I'm sure it's also a nice feature for sites that want to promote discussion, or showcase good discussion, or mark event threads or something.  I can see this Feature feature would have been quite useful back in the Event Moderator Contest, or during the poetry/prose competition or the forum-wide FQFG2 semi-roleplay-community-event.

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