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RPG (sign up) digital problems


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you know the drill

name: ros
personality: loner longes for friends but has none
discription: long black hair and a small red tatto on her leaft cheek(a small little broken heart) jeans and black shirt
crest: respect
digivice color: dark navy blue


rookie: veemon
champion: exveemon
ultimate: paildramon
mega: imperealdramon

(some one needs to help me out and join with wormmon thats the only way to get to the ultimate you need the other digimon too)

more comming later
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Guest Tekken_Kai
name: Jenna
personality: Freindly, always willing to give her life for others. An orphan.
Description: Short Gold hair like S.2 Kari. some blue winbreaker pants, a blue t-shirt with an Angel(MagnaAngemon) on it. She has a necklacxe that has an angel on it.
crest: Light
digivice color: Forest Green


rookie: Salmon
champion: Gatomon
ultimate: AngeWomon(??)
mega: Silphymon
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[COLOR=royalblue]SUWEET!! I'll just use one of my own Digimon....

Name: Sabir

Age: 15

Personality: Think- Rika

Description: Long brown/red hair, strange green eyes, black tights and lng silver tank top, black knee high boots

Crest: Compassion

Digivice color: Silver


Rookie: Plumariamon [small, resembles Floramon, just purple and white all over]

Champion: Uanamon

Ultimate: Maurimon

Mega: Silver Maurmon[/COLOR]
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I was wonderign can our characterbring friends into the digital world (Nick will bring in girls :smooch: that want to get revenge on any of the other girls................) yada yada yada i hate when i am bored!:devil:
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sorry but that idea just does not click or get me exited so no bringing friends

note to all: :::: we have no clue they are real or the world is real exept through the show........and we are transported there with a blink of aan eye
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ill join. ill join. but one ? can i have a digivice i made up? it only come with crest, dc, and dagger. pm me to find out more.

Name: Erin( Rather Wrin Or Ravin)
description: long dirty blonde hair, blue green eyes, jogging pants, tye- dye T, and always seen with a strange smile.
personality: sarcastic, and strange.

digivice: ?
Digimon(my own)
rookie- Nataniamon
ultimate- MagnaAroramon
Mega- Iceoraramon
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Name: Marina
Age: 13
description: Long reddish brown hair, blue eyes. Tall. Wears a white short sleeved jumpsiut, and a crystal pendant.
Crest: Light
digivice: Pink D3
Rookie: Salamon
Champion: Gatomon
Ultimate: AngeWomon
Mega: Magnadramon
Armor: Neferitimon[/COLOR]
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name: siren
personality: feirce and challenging and when the option arises will always fight. loves to joke in the face of a battle but is calm and serious in situations that demand it. has a wry sense of humor and likes to try and get a rise out of ppl
Description: black blue hair ,black baggy pants navy tank top, saphire eyes,5'11"
crest: detirmanition
digivice color: saphire

digimon (made up)

rookie: tannamon
champion: celesmon
ultimate: cronomon
mega: tecronomon
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