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RPG Final Fantasy VII: The Great War (Sign-ups)


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A sound like thunder shattered the peace hanging across the plains near Gongaga town. Massive Shin-Ra battle tanks swept across the beautiful countryside.. Inhabitants of the town watched from their rooftops in horror, as the platoon of war-machines headed towards the west, on a mission to sweep Wutai from the south, across the massive makeshift bridge, built from the crudest of materials, in hope of enabling massive fleets such as this one to cross the western ocean, and reach Wutai. The assortment of battle tanks and other artillery carried on for days, until they met an unexpected ambush from the forests near Cosmo canyon... They were a group of rebels from Cosmo, intent on stopping the Shin-Ra from reaching the Wutai continent. While the Cosmo rebels may appear weak, the Shin-Ra soldiers did not expect them to unleash such ferocious Magic on them. The rebels were attacking from all sides, casting much Fire-elemental magic. The Shin-Ra soldiers could soon fight no longer, and succumb to the rebel's attacks... The rebels stole the battle tanks, and took them to their Stronghold, the massive Fort, known as Dural, a fortification that spanned the entire Wutai continent, blocking off all of access by land to the sacred, lush canyons, and the beautiful gardens of serenity, at the top of the flourishing Mako fountain at the top of the cliffs that surround the city of Wutai itself... The Fortification is armed to the brink with powerful Mako cannons, and other, less conventional weaponary. They had held off many attacks from this fort, and they didn't plan on stopping that trend. A large community had built itself behind the huge fortification, and most of the houses were that of Warriors, who waited, should the Shin-Ra attack again... As for Wutai itself; It had the most elite ninjas in the world, who could take down entire Battle tanks by themselves... Shin-Ra had the advantage in quantity, while Wutai and the alliance had the advantage in quality. The war was at a stalemate... Except for one deciding factor--SOLDIER. The military organisation affiliated with Shin-Ra inc. The ninjas from Wutai were incredibly skilled, and powerful. SOLDIER matched them. Except for one; One who stood above all others. One who was without a doubt the most powerful... His name? ...Sephiroth. He was the best Shin-Ra and SOLDIER had... At the time. Shin-Ra and Wutai continued to battle it out, with the help of their allies, of course. But as time went on, Shin-Ra began to develop more powerful tactics. Shin-Ra were beginning to win the war, until Wutai made a desperation attack; Bombing the bridge. It was difficult desicison, as it would cut off all of their links with the outside world... But they did it nonetheless. Their troops exhausted, and all out of resources, Shin-Ra was desperate. The recent construction of Junon airport was all very well, but without an Air force, it was powerless... Finally, after many meetings, and much negotiation, the 'Sister Ray' plan was given the go-ahead... A massive cannon to be built onto the harbour city of Junon... It's range and power would be enough to destroy any Allied onslaught, and possibly even enough to destroy Dural itself...


Now, you can sign-up to be [b]Shin-Ra, SOLDIER, Wutai elite,[/b] or one of the [b]Alliance fighters[/b]. Try and keep it even, I don't want [i]everyone[/i] joining SOLDIER, or the Wutai elite, etc. And no being god, that's my job. Now, here's an explanation of the Stats;

Name: (Hmmm, I wonder...)
Age: (...Duh)
Height: (..Duh)
Weight: (..Duh)
Hometown: (Your place of Birth/Where you were raised.)
Organisation: (Your organisation; Shin-Ra, SOLDIER, Wutai elite, or Alliance fighters.)
Class: (Your class; Shin-Ra guard, Wutai Ninja, Shin-Ra Artillery troop, whatever. Be creative.)
Weapons: (If you're from Wutai, try to have at LEAST one Ninja/Samurai type weapon. Nothing too advanced, please. Remember, swords rule. Oh, and Max of 3 weapons.)
Skills: ( Materia is awfully difficult to do in an RPG such as this, so I've decided to just use 'skills'. Materia will still be important in the RPG, however. Anywayl, what skills does your character have? Theivery? Enemy Skills? (Blue Mage skill) Just be creative.
Bio/History: (What yer Character is like on the inside (soft and fluffy), and how they came to be.)
Description: (What yer Characters is like on the Outside (hard and crunchy), and what clothes they wear, blah blah blah.)


I'll post my Character later, as it's the style of the time.

[QUOTE][b]...This one will work, I swear.[/b] [i]-Me, after the collapse of my last 5-or-so RPGs.[/i][/QUOTE]
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edit-I had a talk with flash, I am sephiroth! :devil:

Name: Sephiroth

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'2

Weight: 220ib

Hometown: Unknown

Organisation: Shinra, member of SOLDIER

Class: SOLDIER 1st Class Elite Commander

Weapons: Masamune

Skills: Green Magic Skills

Bio/History: known as the best in SOLDIER, a fair commander, though has few friends, if any, nothing else is known about him, his past is locked in shinra's confidentiality files

Description: long white hair reaching his waist, black clothes, black trenchcoat
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Name: Craig

Age: 15

Weight: 170 lbs

Height: 6'1"

Hometown: Midgar

Organisation: SOLDIER

Class: SOLDIER 1st class

Weapons: Dragon Scimitar (Scimitar with a gold blade, and a black dragon embrioded into it)

Skills: Assasin, stealth, theirvery.

Bio/History: Born in Cosmo Canyon, but moved with his father to Midgar when he was very small, hoping to find a better life. However, they were forced to live on the streets, they could find no homes. Craig's father died soon afterwards of starvation....... he would not steal or kill any man to survive....... but Craig was not so proud. He was only a small boy, he had no sense of dignity. He took of his fathers great weapon, the Dragon Scimitar, and killed an elderly woman, and stole her money, then dissapeared into the darkness. He did this many times........ for many years, an soon was known as a great assasin....... that had not been caught. But rest assured, Shinra knew of his every movement..... but they had other plans for him. They took him in and trained him as a member of SOLDIER, Craig quickly accepted this offer in return for plenty of food and good shelter.

Description: Brown spikey hair, blue ripped jeans, black vest, black trenchcoat, big black boots, a biohazard symbol on his left arm.
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Name: Deus
Age: 19
Height: 6'3
Weight: 90 kg (unsure in lb, I just don' work that way)
Hometown: Wutai
Organisation: Wutai elite
Class: Wutai Ninja
Weapons: Dragon's Fang Blade (long, two handed Samurai Blade... I like this name, I've used it before :D ),
Skills: Stealth, Blade skills
Bio/History: Started training as a ninja at an early age, he can sometimes be a little over-confident. Many of the residents in Wutai have faith in him, though at times he has doubts about whether he will live up to their hopes. He is out to prove to himself that he can do it.
Description: Short Brown hair, Scar on left side of his face from training as a child. Ninja outfit. 'nuff said.
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[COLOR=red]Name: Strive
Age: unknown, but has lived many a year.

Height: 6'

Weight: 150lbs

Hometown: Nibelheim (under the mansion)

Organisation: Unknown

Class: Assassin

Weapons: 2 Large hooked dagers.

Skills: Assassinate, back stab
Bio/History: One of hojo's little expirements. Was in a coffin beside vincent, undesterbed for years. He's not a seph clone, thats for sure, but what is he?

Description: Tall and thin, resembles a ninja, but isn't. He wears a black cloak, with a black garb underneath, he has a black scarf-type thing over his mouthand tied behind his head, he has short black hair. [/COLOR]
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Name: steven

Age: unnown

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 150ib

Hometown: midgar

Organisation: Shinra, member of SOLDIER

Class: SOLDIER 1st Class

Weapons: Masamune Blade

Skills: green magic, theirvery

Bio/History: clasified recards are kept secret locked within the files of the jonova project

Description: black spikey hair and dresses like sephiroth
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[color=crimson]Name: Ken
Age: 16
height: 6'6
Weight: 185
Hometown: Rocket Town
Organization: Wutai Elite...
Class: Ninja
Skillz: Mechanics, Ninja Stuff (lol), and building things.
Weapons: Godsaver Sword (Large sword the length of Sephiroth's, with embedded jewels that give it some sort of magical power)
Bio: Growing up in Rocket Town, Ken learned alot about mechanics and such from his father. He has built many things, and knows most Shin-ra vehicles inside out, from the smallest bolt, to the largest engine. He soon grew to hate the Shin-ra, and traveled to Wutai to study the arts of beind an Ninja. Soon he was a great Ninja, and he was extremely good at blowing up Shin-ra tanks with a few clicks, and pulling some wires....
Personaility: Smart, Cheerful, and sometimes a bit blunt
Appearence: Spiked Silver Hair, with some hints of red in his hair (strange eh....). He wears a black shirt with his sword is in a holdster on his back. His pants are baggy, and he doesnt look like a Ninja from a distance....[/color]
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Organization-Wutai Elite
Skills-Sword Magic,Black Magic,White magic
Weapons-Chirijiraden(Special Katana),Chaos Blade
Bio-He was raised in Nibelheim for 10 years and Midgar for 10 years.He is skilled with most magic.He is an Ex-Soldier looking for money so he joined Wutai in the fight against Shin-ra.
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Alright, I'll post my stats. Perhaps some people would like to sign up as a Shin-Ra soldier? Please? Or maybe an Alliance fighter? (A soldier from Wutai, Nibelheim, Cosmo Canyon, whatever.)

Name: Xyris Tristar (Commonly known as X)
Age: 27
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230lbs
Hometown: Junon
Organisation: Shin-Ra/SOLDIER
Class: SOLDIER, Grand Commander.
Weapons: Excalibur Zero
Skills: Master Materia..
Bio/History: The Grand Commander of SOLDIER. He is the only person higher in rank than Sephiroth. With remarkable talent, and unparalleled combat skills and abilities, Xyris is certainly the best there is, however, Sephiroth is running in a close second... Xyris often thinks of Sephiroth as his 'old friend', seeing as they were trained in the same squad a long time ago... If Xyris is tackling a huge obstacle, there's no one he'd rather have at his side than Seph....
Description: Grey eyes, and long, spikey black hair, with streaks of red running through it. Wears a black suit, and long black cloak, similar to Seph. Large, silver shoulder pads, covered with celtic engravings, and mystical runes, signs of his high rank.

Yes, I had this planned from the beginning... Yes, this is an origin story...
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Name: Shadow

Age: 18

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 201 lbs

Hometown: Cosmo Canyon

Organization: Alliance Fighter

Class: Member of the Cosmo's Shooters

Weapons: Rifle X7,Ninja Stars

Skills: Guns,Rifles,etc.

Bio/History: Shadow was born and raised in Cosmo Canyon friend of Red XII since they were a child,and known as a Pro-Shooter.

Description: Short black hair,Black Shirt,and long blue shorts with pockets to put his Rifle and Ninja-stars in it.Oh yeah a Tatoo on his arm with the name "Shadow" going across it.
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Name: Sabir

Age: 17

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 115lbs.

Hometown: Um...............she doesn't have one of those......

Organisation: None

Class: Bounty Hunter.........somewhat neuteral.......

Weapons: Slingblade........daggar........and that's pretty much it.

Skills: Stealth, Assasination, and all around beauty...

Bio/History: She comes from nowhere really, she likes to keep moving, and Sabir always will join a fight if it's has something she can gain....like....money.

Description: Calm and serious, she has a seductive playful side that she uses, only when she wants something........she wears a black tubetop, black leather flares, white gauntlets, black boots, and a long black cloak.[/COLOR]
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[color=indigo]Name: Drake

Age: 23

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 146 lb.

Hometown: North Corel

Organization: Wutai Alliance Fighters

Class: 3rd Rocket Sqaudron, Commander

Weapons: Slayer Rocket Launcher (features straight shot and fly-by-wire)

Skills: Explosives, Sniper

Background: An expert when it comes to explosives or sniping, Drake grew up in North Corel, but soon became restless in the quiet coal mining town. He traveled to Midgar and became a Shinra soldier, until he accidentally stumbled upon an expiriment that left him horrified. Deserting Shinra, he left Midgar and eventually joined the Wutai Alliance Fighters, hoping to help put an end to the sick expiriments like the one he had seen.
Assigned to the 3rd Rocket Sqaudron, he quickly rose through the ranks because of his skill with explosives. He is now the Commander of the 3rd Rocket Sqaudron, the best Rocket Sqaudron in the Alliance.

Appearance: Dark brown hair, green eyes. He wears a thick black, leather trench coat that conceals his Slayer, when he's carrying it.

Description: Although tough and diciplined from his time working for Shinra, he is actually quite friendly... as long as you don't bring up the subject of Shinra or SOLDIER.....[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by jcgoudy [/i]
He traveled to Wutai and joined the Alliance Fighters there, hoping to keep Wutai from the same fate as North Corel.[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

This is BEFORE the events at North Corel and such. It's during the War, remember?

Anyway, I'm starting the topic now... I'll post a map too, for reference...
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Name= Axel or Ax
Age= 19
Hight= not sure
Weight= 135
Hometown= Midgar No.7 Town Slums
Orignization= Soldier
Class= Soldier 1st class, bounty hunter away from soldier
Weapons= Long sword, Revolver
Skills= Black Magic, Swordsman
BIO= Knows very little about self due to scientific tests. Joined SOLDIER because they said they could help him.
Description= Straight long blonde hair going down to shoulders. Blue and red shirt, black vest and baggy black jeans. He refuses to wear a uniform.
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Name: Cid Highwind
Age: 34
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160lb
Hometown: Rocket Town
Organisation: Alliance fighters
Class: Alliance Pilot, and ground fighter
Weapons: Lances/Spears
Skills: Engenering and mechanics
Bio/History: Great grandfather of Cid Highwind from FFVII, Has lived in rocket town all his life and has only one son (Cid's father) and a wife.
Description: (See picture)
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[color=crimson]Hmm...Looks interesting....

Name: Asuka
Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 123 lbs
Hometown: Nibelheim
Organisation: Shin-Ra
Class: Weapons Operation Leader, Instructor
Weapons: Chainwhip, Bow
Skills: Healing magic and fire magic
Bio/History: After her lover died in a terrible accident, she moves and becomes a member of Shin-Ra, trying to forget about her past. She's stoic and stern.
Description: Long blonde hair and blue eyes. Wears a red leather dress with black and red thigh highs and a black leather trench coat. [/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]

This is BEFORE the events at North Corel and such. It's during the War, remember?

Anyway, I'm starting the topic now... I'll post a map too, for reference... [/B][/QUOTE]
[color=indigo]Ah, okay. I thought it was set closer to when the events in FFVII took place... I'll change my post, then.[/color]
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