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RPG FFVII: The Great War...


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Alright, it begins. For those of you unfamiliar with the map;


Pretty much everything on the eastern continent is controlled by Shin-Ra, save the Chocobo ranch and Fort Condor. Also, the Gelinka isn't even in production yet, so it can't be underwater... (It's a plane, btw.) Also, the Gold Saucer doesn't exist yet. That area is a lush forest, with the town of Corel in the center.


[I]Xyris stands on top of the cliff, south of Cosmo... He puts the digital binoculars up to his eyes, and surveys the area... Sephiroth leans against a tree beside him, in Silent contemplation... Xyris shakes his head, and puts the binoculars down... He turns to Sephiroth....[/I]

Xyris: The coast is clear.

Sephiroth: So I take it we'll be holding our position...

Xyris: That's right.

[I]Some lower-class members of SOLDIER standing nearby were confused by the Commanders choice of action...[/I]

SOLDIER, 3rd class: Sir, if the coast is clear, wouldn't the best option be to push foward?

[I]Sephiroth scoffs at the young soldiers comment...[/I]

Sephiroth: You fool! It's a clear sign that they're waiting to ambush us.

Xyris: Exactly.

Shin-Ra Squad Leader: Sir, then what's our plan?

[I]Xyris looks out the corner of his eye at the Squad leader of the Shin-Ra troops that had accompanied them during this mission... Not like they needed it. The SOLDIER elite were more than enough to take on anything they met along the road...[/I]

Xyris: You'll go down.

Shin-Ra Squad leader: Wha!? b-b-but Sir...

Sephiroth: An order is an order! MOVE!

[I]The Squad leader cowers, and just manages to force a salute, before running off in fear.. Sephiroth and Xyris laugh, and the 3rd class SOLDIER stands bewildered... Xyris looks at him.[/I]

Xyris: You're dismissed.

[I]The SOLDIER nervously turns around, and walks away from Seph and X, back to the rest of the SOLDIER squad...[/I]
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seph: I do not think we will see that coward that just ran off, again

xyris: hmm, you may be right, lets see, what should we do....

seph: well, I could always use quake3 to tear apart the whole area, but in doing so will leave us exposed to attack

xyris: true, looks like we need another soldier to head out up front

[they both look back at their squad, each of them became nervous on the spot, a few of them making a silent prayer, wishing that they do not get picked, sephiroth's eyes landed on a 3rd class SOLDIER]

seph: you, go up ahead and scout the area for any possible enemies, thats an order

3rd class SOLDIER: gulp...ye.....yes sir

[the soldier made his way forward, until he disappeared from their sight]

seph: well, all we can do now is wait

xyris: indeed, he had better not take long, this damp air is starting to make me mighty uncomfortable

seph: yes, the air is kind of moist here, but its the season, it will not be like this in a few months

xyris: well, when th-

[xyris' words were suddenly cut off as they heard an explosion come from up ahead where they had sent the soldier]

xyris: looks like the party's started, want to go check it out?

[sephiroth nods in agreement]

xyris: ok men, lock and load, its time to rock and roll!

to be continued....
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Suddenly....... Ralvenar comes trudging from over a nearby glade, a small troop of about 10 men walking behind him.

Zyris: Ah.... welcome back! What's the news?

Ralvenar: There's a small patrol of militia on the Western border of Cosmo Canyon.... they all seem to be armed with nothing better than pitchforks. It would have been all to easy to dispose of them...... but why waste our time, the Wufei can distract themselves with the farmer patrol.
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[color=crimson][i]Near Cosmo Canyon....

Ken stood over a dead member of Soldiers Body. He looked down and put his sword up, his fellow fighters had killed him from a distance earlier....[/i]

Ken: Alrighty...

[i]A Elite Ninja walked up and told Ken some orders. He was to hold his postion with this side of the small renegade army... Ken nodded and waited, nervous knowing Sephiroth was nearby.[/i]

Ken: This cant be good... Sephiroth is coming...

[i]Ken drew his sword and got in an attack stance, knowing SOLDIER was nearby...[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Sabir ignored the wind whipping through her thick brown hair......she turned and faced the north.....alway watching Sephiroth and the others move.[/i]

Sabir: .........fools......living out their existances to fight......

[i]She sheathed her sword slowly, then leapt down from the cliffside and landed on the edge of a small town. Walking in easily, she watched everbody that passed her by, then turned into a small bar.[/i][/COLOR]
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[I]It's getting late. Sephiroth and Xyris still stand near the edge of the cliff, in thick forest, watching... It must be at least 10pm, but the Summer twilight still lingers... Xyris picks up his sword, and slings it into it's holster on his belt... he adjusts his Armlet, and turns to Sephiroth...[/I]

Xyris: I can't stand this any longer.

Sephiroth: Nor can I... I crave a good battle...

Xyris: Ha ha--Then that's what we'll get...

[I]Xyris calls over a respected 1st class SOLDIER, and tells him to inform the men that he and Seph are going on Recon. He salutes, and does it right away. Sephiroth makes sure his Materia is in properly, and then brushes off his coat a bit. The Commanders Prepare themselves for what should be a good battle... The begin the trek down the hill, and towards Cosmo canyon...[/I]
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[the ground arounmd sephiroth and xyris begins to become barren and red, they find themselves getting further and further into the huge canyon, xyris notices uneasiness appear in sephiroth's eyes]

xyris: whats the matter? is something wrong?

sephiroth: look around you, don't you think all these rocks above us will be an excellent place for an ambush?

xyris: hmm, I guess your right, can you sense anything?

sephiroth: yes, but it is unclear, I cannot determine whether it be man or animal, a certain aura eminates from the canyon, clouding my mind to sense properly

xyris: well thats just great

[they get deeper into the canyon, and then sephiroth stops at his tracks]

xyris: .....now what?

sephiroth: ......6 canyon fighters are ahead of us

xyris: what? *he looks around but sees nothing* I don't see anything!

sephiroth: I can sense them, they are not in front of us, they are hiding on the rock which is slightly darker than the rest, on the top right

[xylis looks up and notices it straight away]

xyris:they must have been waiting quite a while for us, why don't you wake them up?

sephiroth: with pleasure

[sephiroth takes out a green materia orb from his hand, he holds it up, clutching it, concentrating, green energy begins to escalate around him]

sephiroth: .......BOLT 3!

[the rock on top of them is struck with lightning, screams of pain can be heard from the fighters, and suddenly, they hear a rumble coming up from the front of them]

sephiroth: .....looks like we woke up the entire canyon, they are on their way....

to be continued....
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Craig has been motionless since Sephiroth and Xyris left........ he is still bemused to why they both completely ignored him. He looks on at the place where Xyris is standing.... with the exact same look on his face as when they just walked off. Suddenly he shakes his head and come to.

Craig: Such pleasent people! Well screw them..... I think I will deal with those militia aftar all.

Craig starts walking off towards the West. A SOLDIER 1st class aprroaches him.

1st class: Sir..... we have distinct orders from commander Xyris to remain here!

Craig simly flips the guy off, and continues walking off. HIs trenchcoat sways in the wind, revealing his Dragon Scimitar. He adjusts his fingerless gloves, and cracks his knuckles. He leaps over a small crevass..... and breaks into a run.... while still remaining silent. He sommersaults off the end of a rock, throwing his trenchcoat as he does so. He lands perfectly in a crouched position behind a rock........ his white vest and blue trousers now the outer garments of his attire. His trenchcoat lies nicely on the rock above. He grips his Scimitar by the hilt with his left hand. He peers out from behind the rock...... and sees a patrol of militia moving South....... looking around diligently, holding pitchforks and various small knives.

Craig: Child's play!

One of the militia catches what Craig says.... and stops dead. He starts beckoning toward the rock he is hiding behind. Suddenly Craig darts over the top of the rock, holding his Scimitar above his head with both hands. He swipes it down swiftly, cutting the guy in two. He flips the Scimitar around... the gold blade shimmering in the light of the sun. The black dragon rune on it seems to glow at the contact of the mans blood. Craig rests the Scimitar on his right shoulder.......... and stands side on. He raises his left hand, and an orb of fire forms in his left hand. He smiles..... as the pityfull militia starts to flee.

Craig: Fire 2!

The orb separates into many beams of fire....... one heading for each member of the militia. One at a time the fire reaches each militia member, and they ignite with tremendous speed...... burning to sinders. Craig stands motionless, his hand still raised, and his Dragon Scimitar still resting upon his shoulder. When all the militia are nothing more than chared kindle....... he lowers and sheaths his sword. He turns around, and a Wufei ninja stands before him.

Ninja: Hmm...... my scouts indicated that one of the leaders had wandered off in search of a fight......... well you've found one my friend.

The ninja draws two swords from his back......... and waits for Craig's reply. Craig unstraps the sheath of his Scimitar, and threw it to the ground.

Ninja: Your not going to use a weapon?

Craig: I don't think it's neccesary.

Ninja: Oh you'll regret that!

The ninja charges at Craig. Craig launches forward like a dart and plants his fist into the ninja's gut. He then drops to the floor and sweeps the ninja's legs. The ninjs lands on his back, and flips straight back to his feet. Craig does a crescent kick, knocking a knife from the ninja;s hand. The ninjs takes a swipe at Craig with the other knife. Craig grabs his arm, then swings it back around, making the ninjs stab himself in the leg. The ninjs releases the knife, screaming in pain. Craig twists the knife, then removes it from the ninja's leg.

Craig: Oh no my friend...... it is you who is regretting!

Craig then drives the knife straight into the ninja's skull, right in the centre of his forehead. Craig stands there, back facing the ninja as he drops to the floor......... dead. Craig picks up his Dragon Scimitar from the ground, and straps the sheath around his waist once again. He jumps back up onto the rock, and grabs his trenchcoat. He slings it on in one swift motion..... and starts running back towards the company.
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]With practiced ease, Sabir swished her cloak back and sat down at the counter.[/i]

Bartender: What'll it be miss?

Sabir: Water.

Bartender: Trying to stay sober?

Sabir: You could say that.

Bartender: Suit yourself....although there is a war going on...

Sabir: *snort* You think I don't know that?[/COLOR]
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a choper lands at the shin-ra base camp and some one steps out of it he is dressed like sephiroth wearing all black even his hair is black.the choper leaves and the unnown person walkes up to a soldier.

???:where is sephiroth?

soldier:he went on recon with xyris but the orders they left were to remain here

???:you must not know who I am my name is steven and I am the same rank as both sephiroth and xyris so there orders do not aply to me

soldier:sorry sir both of them went in that direction (as he is poiting)

steven:thank you

And with that he headed off.
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[COLOR=indigo]Not everyone can be "super powerful". And ss Trunks, If a SOLDIER had orders to stay where they were, they wouldn't of let you go. They chose "him" 'cause they knew he could handle it... And no one is like seph, 'cept X

Hojo: HAHA! almost done. just a little more here. A bit over here. and there...! This means a whole new era of bionical bodys[i]Haahahah![/i]

Heidigger: 'urry up hojo! The president wants to see you! Gwhahaha

Scarlet: It's about new weapons! hehehahah!

Hojo: Tell the president he cannot rush me! I must finish while it's still asleep!

Heidigger: (opens door) Common! You're coming now *graps hojo and starts draging him*

Hojo: W-w-w-w-wait! you can't take me yet! Noooo! I must Finish No. 3!

[i]A few hours after Hojo was dragged out No.3 awoke.[/i]

No.3:... Where..... am I....?

[i]He looks around and notices no one is there. He tries to get up but he feels a strange pain in the back of his head. He got up regardless and walked, half stumbleing, out into Nibelhaim mansion...[/i]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cloud [/i]
[B][COLOR=indigo]Not everyone can be "super powerful". And ss Trunks, If a SOLDIER had orders to stay where they were, they wouldn't of let you go. They chose "him" 'cause they knew he could handle it...

They would let me go, because I am both a higher rank, and stronger than they are. They wouldn't have much say in the matter. And anyway, it makes for good posting.
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Okay, this is getting out of hand... STOP BICKERING!! *Casts Silence on everybody*


Steven, ...I don't know. I really don't know.

SS Trunks, if you wanna rebel, please do so. But mess with this... *draws Sword*

Cloud, I hate to tell you this, because your post is pretty cool... But this is before Sephiroth *dies*, which means it's before Hojo even started thinking about making clones of him...Doctor Gast is still around... Oh well.


Xyris: Those screams... Inhuman?

Sephiroth: Most likely... This is a resting place for all of the warriors of Cosmo canyon.

Xyris: But what about the Gi tribe? Aren't they around these parts?

Sephiroth: From what our recon teams tell us, the Gi tribe haven't been seen for quite some time..

Xyris: Even more reason to take precaution.

Sephiroth: Exactly...

[I]Xyris and Sephiroth work around the many pillars of red and brown rock in the valley, moving further and further into Cosmo Canyon... But ahead of them, something unknown lurks... [/I]
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seph: I have a bad feeling about this, I sense a number of things coming this way, but I sense strange vibes coming from them

xyris: are they human?

seph: .....no, I think it is possible it may be the ghosts of the GI, 60 years ago the GI attacked cosmo canyon, most of them perished by some unknown reason, possible the beast guardians of the canyon, it is said that their ghosts still reside here, the dead are never truly gone

xyris: great....great news indeed

[just then, a ghostly figure appeared, it wore ragged clothes, and it held player cards in its hands]

seph: I have seen this type of ghost before, it is a roulette magician, he can be powerful at times, you want to take care of it?

xyris: heh, of course!

to be continued....
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[color=indigo][I]Drake is in Turtle's Paradise, sitting at the bar with his squad.[/I]

Drake: Something has to be going on... It's been almost a week since Shinra has attacked...

Squad 1: I think it's nice. We even got some time off.

Squad 2: Yeah, this is a welcome break...

Drake: It is nice...

Squad 2: So relax! Enjoy yourself for awhile.

Drake: ...This just isn't right...

Squad 3: You're just paranoid.

Drake: Maybe you're right... Maybe not...

[I]He takes a drink of his iced tea.[/I]

Squad 3: It's not like the entire base is going to burn down if you're not there for one day.

Drake: And it's even less likely if you're here, with your accuracy... :smirk:

Squad 3: I may not hit dead on, but I get close enough to get the job done. Rockets aren't a very precise weapon.

Squad 1: Especially not with the fly-by-wire.

Drake: Long range rockets are nice, but when you're in closer trying to hit a moving target isn't as easy. Even with the fly-by-wire, maneuvering around tight corners is hard.
You should know about that.

[I]Drake nods to the newest member of the squad.[/I]

Squad 12: I'll pass the training excercise next time!

Drake: First thing tomorrow, you're trying again until you do.

[I]He takes another drink of his iced tea.[/I]

Drake: Maybe I am just to paranoid. :smirk:[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Sabir drank deeply, then stood up again. She tossed a few coins on the table, then walked out again.[/i]

Sabir: .....Okay Xyris.....I've got a job to complete....

[i]She adjusted her saber in it's sheath and walked out of the village...[/i][/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]
[B]Cloud, I hate to tell you this, because your post is pretty cool... But this is before Sephiroth *dies*, which means it's before Hojo even started thinking about making clones of him...Doctor Gast is still around... Oh well.


[COLOR=indigo]Nice eye Flash... I edited my post, and Professor Gast well, he's up in the lab place in Icicle Inn Spawnig Aeris, lol.

[i]As No:3 limps slowly out of the mansion, he asking himself many a question.[/i]

No.3: [i]Who am I? Why am i here? What's my purpose? I must know. But where to start? I haven't a single clue where i am?

As his legs become less stiff he starts to slowly walk towards the Mountains behind Nibelhiem. He was walking up the path and a bird flew down towards him and coughed a fireball at him as it screatched. No.3 instinctively grabbed his 2 long daggers without knowing, and jumped up with a dagger above his head and gutted the bird. He fell down dead beside him. He kept walking as he brushed a bit of char off his under armour.

As he kept walking he noticed that the ground was going up on a slope. His body was still stiff for him, he wouldn't be able to walk up it. Suddenly A helicopter landed beside him. Hojo walked out[/i]

Hojo: 'There you are. I've been looking all over Nibelheim for you. You shouldn't of walked off like that. You're not complete.

No.3: Not complete?

[i] No.3 curls his lip and draws his 2 daggers. Hojo notices this may be dangerous and waves his hand for a few Shin-Ra soldiers to come up. They were holding guns.[/i]

Hojo: Now come with me, I have great experiments inplace for you.

[i]No.3 sheathed his daggers and, wishing to learn more about himself, walked onto the helicopter with Hojo.[/i] [/COLOR]
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Xyris: a ghost, you say? Heh heh heh...

[I]Xyris holds his sword vertically, and places two fingers on the blade... He closes his eyes and focuses his Magic Power into one of the 5 shining Materia Orbs embedded in his Excalibur... The Yellow one emits a radiant glow, and massive red waves of energy erupt from the ground at X's feet. They spread outwards for roughly a metre, and then disperse... Xyris takes his 2 fingers off the sword, and points the Excalibur Zero at the roulette magician...[/I]

Xyris: [b]White wind![/b]

[I]Many orbs of white energy appeared around the enemy, and then all crashed into him... They then seemed to expand slightly, and then dissolve into the air... The magician suddenly succumbs to what appears to be multiple heart attacks, and then is petrified, and turns into stone... He topples over, and then the stone shatters, and fades into the ground...[/I]

Sephiroth: Ha ha, cunning tactic. A healing spell on an undead monster... Nice choice of spell, as well.

Xyris: Heh heh, a favourite tactic of mine. Now, shall we continue into the canyon?

Sephiroth: Wouldn't hurt.

Xyris: It'll hurt. Just not for us...

Sephiroth: Heh heh heh... Onward then.

Xyris: Indeed.

[i]They continue into the deeper parts of Cosmo Canyon...[/i]
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[suddenly, 3 roulette's appear in front of sephiroth and xyris, each one of them throwing cards at them, both of them dodged the attacks easily]

xyris: this is almost too easy

seph: yeah, but don't let your guard down

[sephiroth stops and takes out another green materia orb and clasps it in his hand, it begins to glow green as sephiroth becomes surrounded in green light]

seph: LIFE-ALL!

[suddenly, all the roulette's are killed instantly]

seph: I find that so much easier than white wind, it uses a lot less mp

xyris: yeah, but white wind is really flashy! :D

seph: heh, its all explosions with you, isn't it?

to be continued....
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Sabir had been tracking Xyris for a long time.......soon, she came up behind them...and waited for either one to notice her.[/i]

Sephiroth: *turns* Who are you?

Sabir: Does it matter?

[i]Xyris stopped and immediatly whirled around to face Sabir's saber.[/i]

Sabir: I don't' mean to be a *****, but I've been hired to take your head with me back to.....my employer.[/COLOR]
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[I]Xyris turns to Seph, who has a grin on his face... Xyris begins to snicker, and at once, both Sephiroth and Xyris burst out laughing manically. Xyris stumbles back, and Sephiroth bends over, putting his hands on his knees, as the two warriors laugh like madmen. Sabir stands there, unimpressed... Xyris clambers to his feet, and smiles at Sabir...[/I]

Xyris: But seriously Sweetheart, why are you here?

Sabir: [I]Don't[/I] call me Sweetheart..

Xyris: Oh! I know...

Sephiroth: What is it?

Xyris: She's one of those 'special ladies' the officers get when they're off duty!

Sephiroth: ...think so? *looks at Sabir* Well, I can hardly say they made a bad choice...

Xyris: I'll say. So, shall we head back to camp and, dare-I-say, get it o--

Sabir: *interupting* I'm no SOLDIER hooker, Xyris. I'm here to kill you.

Xyris: Ahh, going for the whole 'bad-girl' image, eh? Oh, baby! Who put you up to this? Was it Chris? Zyke? Was it that crazy bast*rd Heidgger? I bet it was...

[I]Sabir, angered by Xyris' behaviour, rushes towards him, wielding her sabre fiercly... Sephiroth quickly intervenes, blocking Sabir with his Masamune... Xyris does a backflip, and lands with his Excalibur Zero drawn, and ready to attack...[/I]

Xyris: Alright then... I don't know who sent you, but I suggest you leave now... Or you [I]will[/I] be killed...

[B]As Xyris spoke, Seph held a small piece of Materia in his right hand, and began to conjur up a Remove spell... The green orb glew, and was ready to use...[/B]
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seph: now listen to me sabir, do you seriously think you could defeat someone who not only is one of the most powerful fighters on the earth, but is also with me? sephiroth?

sabir: I care not for such trivial things, I have a mission to do and I shall fulfill it

[as sabir lunged at xyris, sephiroth held up his green materia orb]

seph: not if I have to say anything to say about it, ENEMY REMOVE

[in an instant, sabir disappeared and was nowhere to be seen, xyris relaxed his guard]

xyris: where did you send her?

seph: some 30 miles away from here

xyris: who do you think she was working for?

seph: .....possibly the turks

xyris: what?! that can't be, the turks work for shinra, for us!

seph: not necessarily, the turks are an independant organisation, shinra does hire them from time to time, but that doesn't mean they will work for someone else for the right price

xyris: .....

to be continued....
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[color=indigo][I]By now, the Squadron is sloshed, all except for Drake.[/I]

Squad 1: What shall we do with the rest of the day?

Squad 2: Lets climb up Da-chao and take a leak off the edge!

[I]Uproarious laughter from the squad.[/I]

Drake: Check please!

[I]They exit Turtle's Paradise and the squad starts heading towards Da-chao.[/I]

Drake: Oh no you don't! Get back here!

Squad 1: Aw, come on!

Drake: I don't [i]think[/i] so...

Squad 2: It'll be fun!

Drake: You'll get thrown in the brig. That won't be fun.
Come on, you guys have had enough to drink... We're heading back to the base.

Squad 3: But it's only... *looks at his watch* .......... *looks again* ...Can't quite make it out...

Drake: Come on! Back to the barracks. You guys aren't even sober enough to climb up Da-chao!
(thinking) Although, it could be fun to watch...

Squad 1: I bet I could make it...

[I]He trips over a rock.[/I]

Drake: That's an order! Get back to the base and sober up!
(thinking) The [i]last[/i] thing I need is a bunch of drunk people with access to rocket launchers, on my hands...

[I]The squad goes back to the barracks and retires to their rooms.[/I][/color]
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[COLOR=indigo][i]As Hojo's helicopter lands at the top of the Shin-Ra building Hojo leads No.3 onto the 67th floor. (remember when you first met RedXIII?) He then leads him over to a capsule in the middle of the main room. He clicks a button on the left side and the capsule zings open[/i]

Hojo: Get in. I now, must go see the president.

No.3:[i]eyes the capsule strangely[/i] There? Why?

Hojo: Just listen, I can't have you running around the Shinra building now an I? Hmmm?

No.3: [i]continues to eye the capsule oddly[/i] What are you going to be doing to me...?

Hojo: JUST SHUTUP AND GET INTO THE CAPSULE! *under breath* not even Sephiroth was this difficult*

No.3:?? Wha?


No.3: [i]slowley walks into the capsule.[/i]

Hojo: *under breathe* stupid creation.... more difficult than i thought. [/COLOR]
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