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RPG MMX: Armageddon (Sign-Up)


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[I]The events of MegaManX6 (Don't worry if you don't know what happened) transpired 6 weeks ago, and much has changed. The threat of the Mavericks is greater than anytime before, for they're numbers have more than tripled. Already X has fought the Mavericks, but they're sheer force and size overwhelmed him, and he was destroyed...Hopes were placed on Zero, but he has not been seen for a while, and some have said that he will not be coming back. Sigma was thought to of been the mastermind of the operation, but parts of a new body of his were found, mostly destroyed. He warned of a greater threat than himself, but died before he could tell whom. Now, the world is being destroyed at a rapid pace, and only a small group of reploids have a chance to stop the maddness...[/I]

Just post the following.

Weapons; Choose any 2, one must be a Buster. (A Gun-arm type thing)
Special attacks; Choose one for each weapon.

Name: Warlock
Age: Mentally 20, but his robotic body is brand new.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Varies
Weapons: Hyper Buster, Ultima Sabre
Special attacks: Hyper-Blast, UltimaSlash
Bio/Info: Warlock is a revolutionary new type of robot, with an incredible personality, and a heart of pure gold. He is a member of the Maverick Hunters, and he has even risen to be the leader of Unit #17, the main unit of the Maverick Hunters. He is eager to fight the Mavericks, and stop the threat...
Appearance - See Below

If there are any questions, fire away...
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Name: Flash X
Age: Hundreds of years. His Robotic body is fairly new.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160lbs
Weapons: Twin-Linked Plasma-Cannons, [i]Terra Fatalis[/i] Beam Sabre.
Special attacks:
[b]Firestorm;[/b] Flash allows his Plasma Cannons to Overheat, and then uses both of them to fire off repeditive bolts of burning energy, causing widespread chaos, and at times, firestorms.
[b]Fury of the Gods;[/b] Flash uses his [i]Terra Fatalis[/i] sabre to do a Multi-Elemental attack, Combining the forces of Ice, Fire, Earth, Gravity and Electricity.
Bio/Info: Flash X was an unknown survivor of the Cataclysm. A joint creation between Cossack and Wily, Flash X was originally to be known as Giga (man). When he rebelled against his creators, and disappeared, he forgot his name, and dubbed himself the name 'Flash'. Then, when the Cataclysm happened, Flash managed to survive by going underground. When he awoke, he was in Dr. Cain's lab, with a new suit of armour, and feeling much stronger... Cain explained everything to Flash, who now called himself Flash X...
FX was in command of elite Unit #0, Zero's former unit. Sadly, all of the hunters in the Unit were wiped out by the mysterious enemy... Now, FX resides as Sub-Commander of Unit #17--One of the last remaining Units in the Hunter's army.
Appearance: See below... (My Pic is classier than Warlocks! Why? Because I don't have a life!! ^_^;;)

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Name: Omega
Age: 15, his robotic body is brand new
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs
Weapons: Hyper Buster + Disk buster (a device implanted on his forearm and fist which fires disks (buzz saw's) of plasma..... it does not over his hand so he can still use his one arm.)
Special attacks:
[B]Ultima Cannon -[/B] Omega holds out his buster cannon, supporting it with his other hand... and charges up a huge orb of green energy..... then disharges it in one mighty beam!
[B]Wind cutter -[/B] Multiple disks of energy are fired from Omega's disk firing device, going in all directions, piercing whatever they hit.
Bio: ........ I'll post one later........ too much stuff to do now.
Appppearence: Same as above.
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Name: Shadow

Age: New

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 220

Weapons: [color=green]Beam buster (strong but narrow beam, small and on his forearm), Dark claws [/color]
Special attacks: [color=green]Gemini blast[/color]; Dozens of pin-size ultra powerful lasers are fired out the beam buster,which can shred anything in their path, including other energy. [color=green] Midnight rapsody[/color]; He moves so fast that he can't be seen slicing hundreds of times with his midnight black, razorsharp claws.

Bio/Info: He was created by Sigma, to be an assasin, but Sigma was destroyed before shadow could be activated. Once discovered, Cain gave Shadow free will. Hasn't had a chance to learn much about the world, since he is almost always in battle to protect those that need it. His make up is experimental, his parts are made from some unknown material which is as strong as it is light. He is driven by instinct, and prefers close range combat.

Appearance: He looks like Magma dragoon, but he is all black and gray. His energy signature is Green, as is his eyes.
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Well, I don't have a clue about what Mega Man games are like, but what the hell! :p


Name: Hajime
Age: 20
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Varies
Weapons: Um...Super Buster, Hyper Sword (As I said before, I don't have a clue about ANY of this!)
Special attacks: Super Slash (Using Hyper Sword) Ultimate Blast (Using Super Buster)
Bio/Info: Um...Hajime's very calm most of the time...Erm...No family...Ehhh...:huh:
Appearance - See Below
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Name: Kevin
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 162 lb.
Weapons: Zero buster, Gemini katana :)
Special Attacks: Fusion Blast, Waves of Inferno
Bio/Info: A lonewolf for the most part. But can work as a team sometime. Maverick Hunter (if I can) some time trouble maker.
Appearance: Black armor for the most part.
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Count me in, and I finnally am taking the time to create a deep background, one with mystery and potential! I hope this goes far guys!

Her given designation is: G-Proto Unit 001
Prefers to be called: Tobira, the name of a young girl that she once killed.

Physical Appearance is that of a 16 year old girl, with long black hair, with long bangs which sometimes cover her eyes - which she finds annoying. Eyes are a brilliant blue, but when viewed closely one can see the unusual sensors she has in her eyes, which make them appear to be constantly shifting and moving. Fairly tall. Very light due to the material in her construction.

Her armor is a deep violet. The metal is of an unusual type; she possesses no records as to what it is, nor do any libraries. It is stronger than the usual armor while a great deal lighter. Thus, she takes less damage than most units. Hovever, her self-repair systems need more energy to re-create the metal used to armor and repair her body. Thus she repairs slower. She lacks a cape, however, she possesses a pair of thuster mounts, stylized to look like feathered wings. While not in use, the wings are retracted and locked in place against her back. When deployed, they appear in a angel wing position, and give her the capability of many mid-air maneuvers. The wing mount can be removed, allowing her to pass through areas without questioning her appearance too much. Her armor can also be removed, allowing Tobira to travel amung the populace undetected.

Tobira has two 'pasts'; A clouded one and a sad one.
The first one is of her true origin. She is not very sure who created her or how, she suspects that the creator of Mega Man X might have also creater her, but there is little data that supports it, so she publicly says that she has none.

Her sad past comes during the Sigma battles. Severall times suring the first war against Sigma, she fought back Mavericks attacking humans, but during one encounter, she acidentally killed a young girl and her mother while targeting the Mavericks. This troubled her, and she stopped fighting, until recently she cam out from her self-imposed isolation to fight against the growing threat.

Age, Height, Wieght:
Will we ever *really* use these? I think not.

Tobira posessed a powerful prototype cannon that was originally affixed to her right arm. After the accidental death of the young girl by this weapon's feedback, she took off the weapon, replaced it with a ionic beam cannon specially designed to disable robots and not cause any physical damage. Her other weapon is a multi-purpose buster, slightly weaker than other busters of the same type. (i.e. Mega Man's). It has the basic charge attacks and such, but is a little slower than the usual ones. It also cannot perform a Level 4 Charged attack. (E.X. The highest level of buster charging as shown in MMX1.) Apparently, the designer favored the prototype weapon over the buster, and neglected keeping it as advanced as the rest of her. The prototype weapon is currently sealed away, and only Tobira knows where it is.

Tobira is non-violent and not pround of her fighting abilities. She fights only because she knows that if she doesn't, more harm will come to those she would otherwize have saved. Sometimes she takes a harsh and judgemental view of other's actions; especially where R.B.G.s are concerned. (Really Big Guns.) This often puts her at odds with the stronger reploids, who are not often pleased by her hatred of over-powered weapons. She trys to stop a fight with words wenever possible. She hates Sigma and all Mavericks. She has a grudging respect for Zero, even though he was a maverick at one time. (I think so anyway...)

Against almost any opponent, she uses her ionic beam cannon to defeat her enemies. It has two modes of operation. The first mode causes a temporary shut-down of the opponent's systems, rendering them helpless for a certain length of time. Depending on it's strength, it can put an opponent down for up to 2 hours.

It's second mode is *much* more dangerous. This cannon does not shut down opponents; it permamently delete's thier running programs and ruins the internal circuitry throughout the robot, rendering it useless until repaired. This is of course difficult as no self repair systems work after they've been deleted.

She only uses the actual buster in unusual situations, usually when something MUST be physically destroyed.
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Name: Mako Bot
Alias: Bowak ( Bow Ack )
Height: 5'9
Weight: ( without armor ) 140 lbs.
Weight: ( with armor ) 240 lbs.
Weapons: Ion Buster, Photon Saber ( x2 )
Special Attack: Atom Blast, Neon Slice
Bio: Killed in the Battle of..." The End Of The Earth ", but with his brain still alive, Warlock and Flash X prepared a suit for him in which he may live again to give another chance at life.
Appearence: Sorry im stealing your suits guys, I spifed it up a little, I just got adobe 6.0!
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*Looks at Krillen's sprite* [B]Kill...Krillen...For...Taking...My*...Designs...[/B]

*Then looks at Flash's sprite 'spec' sheet* I have [I]really[/I] got to get better at using programs to make things look like that...

Anyway, time to get this show on the road. I'll make a topic soon...

[SIZE=1]*The designs for my sprite aren't truly mine...Flash made it for me...^_^;;[/SIZE]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Warlock [/i]
[B]*Looks at Krillen's sprite* [B]Kill...Krillen...For...Taking...My*...Designs...[/B]

*Then looks at Flash's sprite 'spec' sheet* I have [I]really[/I] got to get better at using programs to make things look like that...

Anyway, time to get this show on the road. I'll make a topic soon...

[SIZE=1]*The designs for my sprite aren't truly mine...Flash made it for me...^_^;;[/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE]
Hahah. Well, weve got a red guy, blue guy and a green guy! I love your layout Flash! Oh I have to telly ou guys, 6.0 got taken off because my mom found out that it was hacked and it was screwing up the computer. lol. Well......what now? When do we start?
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