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ok i gave you the beginning now you do the rest.

someone asked what the subjet was for on the sign up. the subject is used to get on the space ship. that comes after we meet up at cape canaveral(sp?).

Me- Erin
cloudstrife00- Axel(ax)

someone start off my hands hurt.

added player
MajinVegeta- Andrew
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Erin:" why me and not someone else" a sigh escaped her lips as she looked a the shuttle. " with my luck ill die in cryo sleep. i wander if it does keep you younge?"

Erin got to the main door and was stopped be the gaurd.

Guard: You are not permitted her without clearance.

Erin flicked up her access card: Erin Crouse. stated WV. subject science. alone on mission to a new world to keep the human race alive.

Guard: sorry miss, you can go through.

Erin walks past and mutter to her self: Idiot.
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Ax runs toward the shuttle. Suddenly, 3 guard from unknown forces come out to attack him. (Hey, someone's gotta make this interesting!)

Ax: All right! (draws a thin-bladed sword) Lets go!

He dashes thru the guards. Sees Tom running and almost plows into him.

Ax: what r u doing here?

Tom: What r U doing here?

Ax: ...

Tom: ...

Ax: Come'on! Let's go!

More guards pop up. Ax and Tom keep running...

EDIT= why does everyone have to post the moment before I do!
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As the girl and two boys roll around on the ground a boy and a girl walk up to the guards flash their cards and stand watching the people get up.
Hi, I am Nick and this is my girlfriend Ashton
Well this is great woth the intros and all but we need to get to the shuttle!:eek:
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Well we are trying to get to the space shuttle before it launches!:eek:
"Ashton run now!"
Nick,Ashton,Erin,Ax,andTom run twoard the space shuttle board and follow everyone to the hyper sleep (I can't remeber what Natianimon called it) and listen to the instructions of the people
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"Hold up!" Erin shouted."We need to get on thing straight. I helped with the Cryo-Sleep chambers, listen up or more of ya might die." She shouted to the 1001 passengers.

All of the people looked at her on the screans and moniters. The two piolits and all the passengers stared at her in disbelief that a 14 year old could have made something so hightech.
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Kevin hears all the noise but he remains calm.

Kevin: *yawn* Bad enough I have to be the spanish specialist on the ship, I can't even get any sleep!

Sir: I think you should go check it out.

Kevin: why?

Sir: Don't act like you don't like to fight!

Kevin: Not this time. I going to get into the cryochamber and wait for my trip to begin. I'm going now.

Sir: Have fun... and cause so trouble with the ladies!

Kevin: don't I always?
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As people slowly begins to enter the chambers Nick and Ashton go off to talk
"I love and..."
"Shhh just kiss me"
Nick and Ashton kiss and start hand in hand to the chambers where they get in the chambers afraid and scared , not knowing what is going to happen. As Nick begins to think about Ashton he is hit by the Sleep gas and falls asleep.
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Wrin watches from the main screan on the deck and makes sure that everyone is asleep.

"Ma'am are you going in?" Piolit one asks.

"As soon as we are in space and past the moon." came her reply.

"Ok." the second piolit replies.

Everyone is now asleep and now the wait begins. They head out past the moon and the piolits get into their chambers.

"Good night guys." Erin said to the sleeping people. "Sweet dreams and i hope we all make it through this." she said as she hit the button to the chamber.

Quickly she falls asleep. Behind them Earth their home explodes.
Thankfully the journiers have brought a little bit of each animal with them to start new life on a new world.
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(some time in like 5 min to 10years later) the ship crashes jaring - Erin Tom Craig Raiha Kevin Nick Zack Eric and Axel out of croyo sleep.around the ship grather other lifefroms staring at what has crashed on their planet. (one lifefrom steps forward with a spear)
"everone stand back I WILL HANDLE THIS MOSTER "(inside the ship) AX WAKE UP SOMETHINGS HAPPEND :flaming:
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