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RPG Dark Armageddon


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In a swift, blind fury, they came. A dark force, capibule of ripping the universe apart. It came to Earth, around 3 AD. The Gods felt their power was at stake, forcing them to combing into one being. After centuries of secret fighting, the power was split into an army of demons, undead creatures, super-charged dragons, and their evil warlords, and buried deep within the Earth.

This power was set to be released of the year of the Appocalyspe: 2000. But, the power itself held deep within, growing power. But, on one day... Febuary 1, 2002(scary huh? ;)), the power imerged. Boulders the size of semis rain over the entire earth, killing countless. Then, the forces attacked. The demons were a bit of a challenge for civilans, as they were the simple foot soldiers, but then the undead came out. The military came out, and began holding them off. Then ,the dragons came in.
The humans........never had a chance.

But, the Gods predicted this. They "programed" the spirits of ancient mages, warriors, paladins, etc. to take shape in the God-forsaken world. That's where we come in...

Here's what you need...:



Race: (Demon, Angel, Human, Mage, Undead) [Can be a mix of one race and another]

Job: (Paladin, Normal Fighter, Sniper, Mage, Warrior, or other)

Special: (Snipering, Water, Electric, Fire, Weather, Teleknesis, Holy, Demon or other) (Two only please)




Name: Neil/Medra(Electric Demon form)
Age: 21/Beyond comprehention
Race: Human, Demon
Job: Warrior
Special: Electric Demon

Weapons: A double edged sword(Think Trunks's, only titanium)

Appearance: Think Vegito, with a red and black Fila shirt, black work-out shorts, black sneakers, and golden loop earrings./Brolli, with Vegito's hair, electricty bounces off of him like Metal Gear Rex does when you finally beat it.

Personaility: Filled with rage, after having his family obliterated by the undead.

Bio: Tight with Ken, his good friend from Louisiana. When he was born, a demon inhabited his body, awaiting until Neil's body was strong enough to withstand the Demonic transformation.

6' 2", beefed up, strong, yet FAST/6' 5", beefed up even bigger, WAY STRONGER, and LOTS faster. Blood-red devil wings with a span of 7 feet.
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Name: Aster Wallflower

Age: 17

Race: Angel Mage

Job: Warrior.......Mage........

Special: Teleknesis, Water

Weapons: Twin Swords.......and hair that has a tendency to catch flame.

Appearance: Thick Silver hair, Blue eyes, White skin, Black boots/pants/shirt, dark silver cloak......sometimes........wings.....

Personaility: Calm, serious, sometimes loses conrol of her temper...especially in the heat of battle

Bio: Raised in the moutains, Aster Wallflower takes her calm aptitude from the forests around her and the beasts she has at her command. Messing with her.....is not encouraged.....[/COLOR]
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[color=crimson]Name: Ken/Orion (Orion in Arch Angel form)
Age: 20/Mellenias...
Race: Angel/ArchAngel
Job: Mage
Special: Holy Water
Weapons: Tide of War [Sword that attacks with the water/holy element] Is 6 feet in length and several inches wide like a large katana.
Special Attack: Fury Wave [Thousands of gallons of water form into small needle like shapes, and freeze over instantly. they pummel the enemy/ies at hundreds of MPH breaking the skin or causing them to be chopped into small pieces]; Angelic Justice [Orb several hundred feet in diameter forms and is launched at the enemies, causing a giant explosion.]
Appearance: Silver Hair, 7 feet tall. Large muscles and wears platemail armor with a blue cloak....
Personality: Cheerful, and sometimes dumb. Just like Ken IRL
Bio: Born in San Antonio, TX. Tight with Neil, his bes bro. When he was little he had the amazing power to shoot beams of water out of his hands... as he grew older he found out he was an angel with Water element control...[/color]
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Snazzy indeed.

Name: Cloud Silverthorn (Not Warlock for once:D)

Age: 21

Race: Human/Angel

Job: Paladin, Mage

Speical: Teleknesis, Holy

Weapons: Very large, thick sword, which glows when evil is near.

Appearance: 5'11". Short black hair with white streaks. White trousers, white shirt, and white boots. Also, white wings, span of 7 feet, sprout from his back when they are needed.

Personality: Calm, serious, and always helpful.

Bio: Born in the highest peaks of the Mt Everest and around, Cloud was a born by a angel mother, his father already dead by the time of birth. When he was ten, he was temporaly allowed in an angel temple, unaccessible to all but angels. He was shown the holy arts of the angels in that short time. When he returned, he trained himself as a paladin, a holy knight, and has been waiting for the eventual attack of the forces...
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well, i'll join....i just hope i can remember where it is lol..

Name- Valen

Age- 1102 (*see bio*)

Race- Mage

Job- Mage

Special: Holy/Demon

Weapon- wooden staff, about 2 feet long, with a glowing crystal orb on the tip.

Appearance- A mage with a dark blue robe and he is about 5'7" tall and weighs 103 lbs.

Personality- Calm under the pressure of battle, annoyed most of the time.....very presistant....

Bio- A Mage that was killed in the 8th century new world, and ressurected for the purpose to take form in the new world after Appocalyspe.

k..i think thats it...
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Name: Telekinus (Not Flash for once... My, what a groundbreaking RPG this is becoming.. by the way, Telekinus is the name of a guy from an RPG i'm working on.. So... Yeah.)

Age: He was killed 4000 years ago.

Race: Undead/Mage

Job: Dark Mage

Special: Demon, Telekinesis

Weapons: Doesn't usually use weapons. Does have one massive clawed gauntlet, though.

Appearance: Long, Black cloak, with Golden piping, or whatever it's called. Semi-Long DARK blue hair, just down past his shoulders. Red eyes.

Personality: Emotionless. He is dead, you know.

Bio: Was killed over 4000 years ago, and lived as an undead Dark Mage assassin. He fought against his masters though, and became free. Being dead, he cannot feel pain, show emotions, nor does he eat, sleep, or take sides. He is dead. A being kept in suspended animation through means unknown. A mockery of life.
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Name: Craig
Age: 24 / An age
Race: Mage / Demon
Job: Mage / Warrrior
Special: Holy Fire
Weapons: Dragon Scimitar (Has a gold blade, with a black dragon rune on it)
Appearence: Same as other RPG's........ trenchcoat, brown spiked hair, biohazard tatoo... blah blah blah.
Personality: PIssed off all the time......... thats basically it.
Bio: A vampire type creature given human form.........
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Sounds cool......I'll join.

Name: Andrew
Age: Many millinia's old.
Race: Demon
Job: Demon
Special: Teleknesis & Demon.

Appearance: very tall (7ft something) With large muscles. He has blonde spikey hair and brown glowing eyes. Black leather jeans, white vest, big black boots and black trench coat which goes down to his knees.

Personaility: Mostly calm and relaxed but when he gets a temper he will destroy most things in his path.

Bio: Demon turned good. sent from the underworld to destroy the earth many thousands of years ago to destroy it. Originally known as Amon the great demon, he changed his name to suit his new human form. He was given a soul and conciousness by a sorcerer and then he turned good and know helps to save the planet from this apocolypse.
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Hmmm . . . this sounds extremely interesting . . . :evil laugh: time to try out some new charas . . . :devil:

Name: Katanga Selwyn

Age: Should she keep count? She doesn't know . . .

Race: Human/Mage

Job: Mage(Technomage)

Weapon: A staff, with several ancient runes, and a gauntlet(witchblade), encrusted with gems and runes.

Bio: (Too busy to write one)
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[SIZE=1]Name: Pyro

Age: ¿¿¿¿

Race: Demon/Mage

Job: Mage

Special: Teleknesis, Demon

Weapons: Retractable staff made from his own body. It holds a medium-length, wide blade on one side and a black ord on the other. Orb possesses the dark magic of his ancestors

Appearance: You really want to know? Eh, see attachment (notice that is not his staff in the pic) He's a dominant demon (obviously). His mage ability is lesser but still extremely powerful and much stronger than that when combined with his demon power.

Personaility: Mean, bitter, sarcastic. Fun-loving but in an evil way.

Bio: Unknown

[edit] Probably would help if I ATTACHED the attachment eh? :D[/SIZE]
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Name: Outlaw

Age: 29

Race: Demigod

Job: Knight

Special: God-like strength & speed

Weapons: Sheild-Breaker, a 6-ft long broad sword with spiked sides and a curved end. He also has a long diamond tipped lance which he uses only when riding his horse into battle.

Appearance: Peircing red eyes, long blonde hair, and dark stubble. He wears Mythral platemail chest plate and gauntlets, along with a full bodied chainmail suit. Shin length leather boots. His armor is all silver, and his boots are black. He also has a strong platemail helmet which he only dons in battle.

Personaility: A bold warrior with a strong sense of honor and resposibility. Atleast, he is on the battlefield. Off the battlefield, he is a joker and commonly found in the local bar piss drunk.

Bio: In 43 BC, the god of war had an afair with a human woman. She became pregnant with his child who was born a demi-god. He was given god like strength and speed, along with eternal youth, but not eternal life. His true namewas long forgoten, but he retains his nick-name, Outlaw, which he gained when he gained his 1st sword by steallign it from a nobleman when he was only 6. He ruled the battlefeild of Britian for many centurys, along with his trusty stead Alexander, which is one of the legendary Pegusus horses, untill the 2nd Crusade. There, he was killed in a battle by an enemy archer who had shot him 5 times. He has now been brought back, along with Alexander, to fight the new evil.
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Sorry, Outlaw, but the sign-ups were ended with Piro. I coulda sworn I asked him to put that in his post. Oh, well.




Aw, what the Hell. You can join, but no one else can. The sign-ups are officially CLOSED.
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