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RPG MMX: Armageddon


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Well, it's time I started this RPG...But first, time for a 'small' stats sheet.:D Thanks Flash...

[I]Warlock brought his saber down through the head of the small dog-like maverick, revealing it's small mechanical brain before it burst into flames. He had hardly any time to jump back as a buster blast came soaring by his head, missing it by inches. He quickly threw his energy sabre to his left hand, and concentrated on his right hand. It formed into a buster, and with a quick thought, he fired a buster blast at the direction of the maverick. Seconds later, he saw the remains of a robot fly around. [/I]

Warlock: That should be all of them...

[I]Warlock's sabre powered down, and he attached it to his waist. He kept his buster out, just incase of any other mavericks. He walked around the dark forest, stepping around peices of metal which were once robots. The rest of the unit had already beamed back to the Maverick Hunter H.Q, and he was cleaning the forest of any leftover mavericks. Satisfied that the forest was clear, he focused on teleporting to base. Everything turned to red, and after a few seconds of redness, he appeared inside H.Q. Spotting a familar robot and friend, he walked through the hall he had just teleported into, and upto Flash.[/I]

Flash: How'd go?

Warlock: Good as usual. Well, I better report to the commander. Tell the others in the unit that they can rest or train...we won't be needing them for a few hours.

Flash: Righto.

[I]Warlock turned from Flash, and walked up to a high-tech elevator...[/I]
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[I]Warlock continues to the elevater and presses the button, the door shuts. Flash then pops out of his daze and realizes somthing.[/I]

Flash: Hey wait a sec. I need to check to see if that new droid product is finished! It will be my first invention!

[I]Flash goes to the life support chamber and starts to unhook a life bed so he can open it. But in the process he trips over a power chord and knocks various chemicals down. Nitro, Mercury, Neon, etc. The chemicals start to flow through the tubes and life support vessels anto the new specimens body.[/I]

Flash: Nooooooo!!!!!!

[I]The life support bed then explodes, as the dust is clearing Flash is seen removing the tangled wire from his leg. Then mysteriously, the hatch opens.[/I]

Flash: Huh? Oh please be ok!

[I]Before he can clear the smoke away, a blue figure leaps out from the life support and greets flash![/I]

Bowak: My Name is Bowak, Mega Bot 2178.......

Flash: I dont remember him being blue.......hmmm.....I sense much power in him, why is this true? Oh I got it! The chemicals must ahve boosted his fighting abilities! And it must have died his black armor a neon blue. Hah....its too good to be true! But I dont know what other chemicls spilled into that mess so ill never know what to use on a Bot to make them stronger. Its True Damnit!

ooc: Sorry I just ahd to have him say that,lol.

Bowak: Stop talking giber-jaberish, Im not the ordinary lifeless Bot you think I am, dont tell me you dont know me. Its Mako! You saved me from my last battle and gave me life! Thanks Flash, I feel better than ever.

Flash: Oh sorry I almost forgot......
[I]Wow, I cant believe that this Mako just happened to be my first creation. I cant wait to tell----[/I]

Bowak: Hey wheres Warlock?

Flash: [I]Warlock[/I] Oh um...He just went out the elevator.

Bowak: Hey ive been dead for some time now and I dont have a damn clue about about whats going on, fill me in buddie?
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Tobira: I can't believe it. I had thought the wars were over, now they start anew. I never wanted to do this.

Tobira looks at the nearby factory, with several guards moving about. She frowned in anger.

Tobira: Well, here goes nothing.

With a quiet beep, Tobira's ionic cannon began to charge. At the same time, she pulled out one of her favorite tricks, a large grenade. Her cannon charged, she hurled it at a far away wall. With any luck....Her aim true, it bounced off right into the middle of a group of bots.

*KERZZAP* The grenade exploded in the middle of a group of bots, sending surges of ionic energy through thier systems, shutting them down. Following suit, Tobira fired her charge shot at another bot, shutting it down, too.

The guard bots; all heavy duty models; were no slouches at tactics or fighting. The area filled with flashes of light as they opened fire. By then, however, Tobira wasn't there.

Tobira: Sorry to just leave you guys, but I'm in a hurry again!

Throwing yet another ionic granade over her shoulder, she charged into the factory, throwing ion bolts left and right. She had only one chance at this, she knew. She had to keep moving, or she was dead. There were far too many bots in the facility for her to ever shut down. Unless she could do it all at once, of course.

Running at full speed, a few shots reflecting off of her back armor, she hurried through the complex, looking for the control system.

Tobira: Aha! Gotcha!

She blew open the lock to the command room with a quick burst from her buster cannon, then slammed the door shut behind her. She charged her ion cannon, and looked around. That was when she spotted the remains of the room's resident guard bots.

Tobira: What?! Someone's already been here?!

Voice: Correction. Someone's still here.

Tobira turned to face the voice. A highly human-looking robot with white armor plating and a massive cape stood next to the main control panel, his buster charged and glowing. Tobira gulped when she realized it was pointing at her.

W-Bot: I don't know what you're doing here, but it doesn't matter. The computer's rigged to blow and you can't stop it.

Tobira: What! Blow it up! No!

Tobira ducked under the white bot's line of fire, just missing the retaliatory blast he fired. It blew through the door and destroyed several bots which had been outside, preparing to storm the room. Taking aim, Tobira fired the ionic cannon, this time taking out all the stops. The surge of energy fried every circuit in the console, it's networks ruined.

W-bot: You stopped the self-destruct!

Taking aim, the green bot fired random shots into the aproaching bots, which began to stream through the door. Tobira followed suit, shutting down and disabling all the bots she could.

W-bot: When this is over, I'll get back at you for this.

Concentrating his firepower on the ceiling, he proceded to drop the roof on the incoming bots, trashing several and opening a hole in the roof. With a powerful leap, he was on the roof and running. Tobira followed suit, her wings expanding into flight mode. She took off after the white robot.

Tobira: I don't know who you are, but I'm not letting you just blow this place up.

W-bot: I won't let any Maverick stop me from completing my mission.

W-bot angrily began a running attack, firing blast over his shoulder as he ran. Tobira frowned as she was forced to dodge them at high speeds, flipping around in the air with all the grace and agility she perform.

Tobira: Listen you, I am not a Maverick, and I never will be, now stop shooting the gun!

Soon the two were a safe distance away from the factory, and they slowed down. The white robot stopped firing, and turned around, his buster trained on Tobira, who likewise had her ion cannon charged. There was a pause, before the white bot spoke.

W-Bot: Okay, who are you. If you're not a maverick that is.

Tobira: My name is Tobira. I chose that name for myself. Now. I have a question. Are you an enemy?

W-Bot: If you're Maverick, yes. Otherwise, no.

Tobira: Good. *shuts off her cannon, then crosses her arms* I won't fight you then.

W-bot: *suspicious* If you're not a Maverick, why didn't you want the factory destroyed?

Tobira: It's a waste and dangerous. We could hurt innocents in the eruption.

W-bot: ...I see. Perhaps I misjudged you. Though I still don't agree with your methods. *powers down the cannon* I will let you live.

The white robot begins to walk away, ignoring Tobira.

Tobira: Well, tell me your name at least!

W-bot: ...My name doesn't matter. I am an elite fighter that will destroy the Mavericks, nothing more.

The white robot walks away, refusing to answer any of her furth questions. Soon, he is gone. Tobira stands, confused. Charging her ion cannon, she heads to the next target on her list.


1) If you have any plans on bringing back, Zero, I'd like to know them.

2) The white bot is mine. You can write him in, but only in small parts and you can't name him or give any background info.

3) The next target on my list is wherever you guys are going to hit. See you there!
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(A dark figure walks along the remains of countless robots in a forest)

Shadow: All this destruction.....

(He continues to walk, when he sees something moving)

Shadow: come out now!!!

He fires a warning shot and a mechanical cat runs out.

Shadow: All this fighting has made me jumpy.

(Shadow continues to walk)
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[I]Flash pivots on one foot, and turns towards the commanders office...[/I]

Bowak: Hey, Wait?

Flash: Listen, go and train for awhile, get used to your new body. I have to go and report to the Commander!

Bowak: Umm.. Alright then!

[I]Flash runs towards the High-Tech elevator that keads up to the commanders office... He steps in, and presses the button. The glass doors quickly shut, and the large elevator pod swiftly and smoothly heads upwards... in less than a minute, Flash is standing at the massive doorway, with latin enscribing all over it... This is the door to Commander Signas' office. Flash pushes it open, and sees Warlock reporting to Commander Signas about the successful mission..[/I]

Signas: Excellent, Warlock. You should take a well earned break.

Warlock: Thank you, Commander.

Signas: Ahh, Flash, how are you?

Flash: Just fine, Sir. I just wanted to report that Mako... Err, Bowak has been fully rebuilt, and ready to re-enter the Maverick hunters.

Signas: Excellent. Assign him a postion in unit #17, Warlock. He is quite a good fighter.

Warlock: At once, Commander.

Signas: And Flash, you should go and prepare for the next mission.

Flash: Just me, Sir?

Signas: Well, not just you. Prepare the best of unit #17, and assemble in my office in 24 hours...

Flash: Make it 12.

[I]Flash casually saluted Commander Signas, and walked out of the room with Warlock...[/I]
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[I]Both Warlock and Flash entered an elevator, and Warlock pushed a button labelled '9', the training level. As they waited, Warlock began to chat with Flash.[/I]

Warlock: So, I hear Bowak is back in a new body.

Flash: Yep. He's got a better design now...kinda like yours...

Warlock: ...I hate it when people base designs on mine.

Flash: Heh. I know how you fell.

[I]The elevator bell 'dinged', and both Warlock and Flash walked out.[/I]

Warlock: Well, I'm going to get some training done. If you need some help getting the best of the unit togethor, just call me...

Flash: I will.

[I]Warlock gave a quick wave, before walked down the corridor to his left, and into his personal training area. Flash however walked down the middle corner, heading to the main training room, where he would hopefully find some of the best of Unit #17...[/I]
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ooc: im changing my name to mako, i just like it better......sorry.
Bowak: Hmmmm...........heres the main training room! Mise as well test my new skills!

* Bowak gets in a strait up stance and puts his hands together like hes praying...........his hand forms to a buster........he summons his ion buster and yells........

Bowak: Atom Blast!!!!!!!

* The blast sieges from his buster and sails far off through the room........ the door at the end is then opened by Flash who walks strait in front of the blast.....

Bowak: Flash!!!!! Its good to see......Watch out!!!!

Flash: Ahh!!!!:eek:

*Flash ducks just in time for it to hit the wall and disperce into air.

Flash: Whoa that was close, nice attack buddie. These walls are made specially for stoping a blast when it hits. It just bounces off the wall and becomes living air. But anywhere outside the HQ, it will cause great damage.

Bowak: Is that so eh?

Flash: Yep! Nice out fit you got there. Hmm....seems familiar.... Oh well, I like it Mako.....I meen Bowak.

Bowak: Awww Hell, forget the Bowak name, I like Mako better, just call me Mako!

Flash: Alrighty then!

Mako: Say.....how about we get one round of sparing in?

Flash: Hah! You wont stand a chance!
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[I]After a hard training session, Warlock walked into small office, and sat down on his chair, facing a small computer. He pushed a button on it's left side, and it buzzed to life.[/I]

Computer: Please enter password and voice verifacation.

[I]Warlock typed in a few letters on a small keyboard, and then stepped closer to the computer.[/I]

Warlock: Warlock, Reploid Hunter WX, Advance Model, Number 001. Voice password, 628496.

Computer: Clearance accepted.

[I]The computer's screen buzzed to life, and Warlock got to work, re-instating Mako into Unit #17, and other various things...[/I]
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Flash: Alright. [I]One round.[/I] I won't go easy on you.

[I]Mako readies his Buster, and Flash turns on his Terra Fatalis beam sabre... It glows with an eerie green hue, which seems to make the entire training arena get darker... He holds it across his body, ready to block any buster shots, and awaits Mako's first attack... Mako charges his buster, and is about to fire at Flash, when he sees a bright shining glow emitting from Flash's sabre... [/I]

Flash: Let's begin!

[I]Flash's sabre radiates a hot white, and then he holds it high above his head, with both hands... Massive rays of light stream off of it, until finally, he realeases the energy... A huge flood of energy fills the training room, and suddenly, everything is frozen and blurry, except for Flash...[/I]

Flash: Flash Stopper. A move I learnt a long time ago... Interesting, isn't it? Perhaps I'll install it into your Weapons Matrix...

[I]Flash turns his Sabre off, and suddenly, Mako is able to move again...[/I]

Mako: What, install it right now?

Flash: Of course.

Mako: But... What about the training?

[I]Flash turns around and gives Mako a cold stare..[/I]

Flash: I could have killed you where you stood.

[I]Flash spins around and continues on the way to his lab, and Mako cautiously follows...[/I]
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[I]As Warlock stepped out of his office, he saw both Flash and Mako dissapear into a room only a few doors down from his. He was confused for a breif second, before he realised.[/I]

Warlock: That must be Bowak...or Mako...or whatever he is! ...And his design is awfully similar to mine...

[I]Warlock walked down the corridor, and knocked on the door to Flash's lab. The door slid open, and Warlock walked in.[/I]

Flash: Hey there Warlock. What can I do for ya?

Warlock: Nothing...I just wanted to look at Bowak.

Mako: Mako!

Warlock: Whatever!

[I]Warlock walked up to Mako, and circled around him, taking in his design.[/I]

Warlock: Hmmm...very similar to my design...except there's a slight recolouring...and his weapons are different to mine...

Flash: Yeah, he's quite similar to you. But he's got his own features and all.

Warlock: He better. I don't want any 'Warlock' imposters around. Well, you can go back to whatever you're doing. I might as well watch...unless of course you want me to leave?
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...Urm...I hope things don't keep going like this. We need a plot here, and fast, or this'll just be yet another topic filled with people with inflated egos sparring for about 8 pages.

Flash, If you don't mind, could you make me one of those nifty stat sheets? It'd be tough as hell though, cause Tobira's SOO much different from you guys. If you need a description, I have in in the Sign-up topic. It's okay if you don't want too either, it's not that big a deal.


Tobira flew across the landscape, bright exaust trailing from her wing-disguised engines. The Air was relatively heavy with Maverick Air-units, so she kept low to the ground to avoid avian enemies. The few she fought she incinerated with her buster, figuring that it was better to eliminate them completely rather than let them fall to the ground below and hurt someone. She didn't care about the actuall ODDS of that happening; she refused to take the chance.

Not far ahead of her was her next target; a Air-Space base that had become a major link in the Maverick supply lines. Unlike before, she planned on causing as much destruction as possible here; disabling each and every transport here, shutting down the base. She knew, hovever, that she could never possibly handle all the bots there. X, the famed and legendary Maverick Hunter, had proved that clearly. Tobira frowned. She had always admired X for protecting the humans in thier time of need. With him and Zero gone, she no longer could iddly stand aside. With the loss of thier two greatest fighters, she saw the Maverick hunters as a group of unskilled and reckless fighters who cared nothing for the humans.

"So it's all up to me." she stated. She wasn't going to ally with the Maverick hunters untill they woke up and got thier priorities straight.

Tobira soared over the last line of buildings and switched into combat mode. Her senses sharpened, she landed behind a large pile of Sealed crates and closed her wings. Brandishing her ion cannon, she leaned around the side of the crate. Several bots strolled around, patrolling and guarding the aircraft as they were loaded and launched.

Tobira zipped through the maze of crates, carefully shutting down only a few bots who stood in her way. Last thing she needed was to be discovered now....
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragonballzman [/i]
[B]Uhhh...Guys? Sorry I haven't posted yet, it's just I don't have a clue about anything to do with MM...:( Could somebody fill me in on whats going on? Because right now I don't have a clue...:bawl: [/B][/QUOTE]

auhhhhh...not again dbz man! its not that hard, just read what we wrote, flash, warlock and i are preparing for the next mission, to make your plot, just gather info from your bio and post an entrence for your self, and meet up at the head quarters eventually. make it good htough.


Flash: Ok Mako, Im Cloning the Chip to my Flash Stopper attack, I will then implant the chip inside your buster with an acid hologram.

Mako: Acid Hologram?

Warlock: Yes, it is a Hologram that can go through any structure and place its data any where needed.

Mako: Neat.

[I]Flash then steadily implants the Acid Holo. in Makos buster. A siege of power flows through Mako body as his Neon Blue armor glows with excitment.[/I]

Mako: Wow, you must be strong flash, thansk alot, this will come in handy!


ooc: Flash, if you dont mind, Id also like a weopons layout like yourself and warlocks. its houldnt be too ahrd since we have the same design and all. If you cant then again thats fine. Ive just never had that done to me and I always wanted to knwo wha it would be like. Just Pm me if need some info. Thanks alot!
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(Shadow is now at the edge of the forest, sitting there pondering his future)

Shadow: I was supposed to be the ultimate maverick, now I just am. I'm tired of being alone, is there more for me in the future?

(He sits for a second, then gets to his feet.)

Shadow: I know the Maverick hunters have me on file, I think it's time that I go give my creation a new cause. All I know is battle, so being a maverick hunter would suit me fine. Hopefully they'll take me, Cain would've wanted it that way.

(Running at a blinding speed, he heads for their base.)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]

Yeah, Warlock just hasn't posted the next part of the plot yet... HURRY UP, 'LOCKY! [/B][/QUOTE]


[I]A few hours later, Warlock, Mako, Flash, and others of the famed Unit #17 stood in a large briefing room, getting ready for their next mission.[/I]

Warlock: ...And that's how our last mission went. Very good people. Now, I don't have much information about the next mission, but what we're going is this...

[I]A large hologram appeared beside Warlock, showing a large factory complex.[/I]

Warlock: We recieved a message a few hours ago from Dr. Cain. He was captured from a research facility, by forces unknown. However, he was able to warn us just as he was been attacked, and we tracked a GPS signal from a chip in his body to this factory. It's heavily guarded by mavericks, but we don't know who's controlling this batch. Our job is to get in, get Dr. Cain, and get out. Now, any questions?
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