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Well I'v been needing to work on my graphics and such lately, and I'v had some pretty bad times lately so to boost my confidence i'v thought of a contest.

your probably like, oh.. how could a contest boost your confidence? ^_^ well let me show you (click on the attached image)

The Contest-
Any persons to use this Av for 1 week, gets a free graphic from me :)

the Graphic may be anything from a banner, a Av, Desktop, somthing for a website .. up to you really :)

The Rules-
you have to be able to use custom Av's (must have 500+ posts)

you have to post atleast twice a day for that week.. or if you cant be here everyday for the week just be sure to have made about 14 posts ^_^

when you start PM me and let me know, and when your week is up PM me again with your request

when making your request if you want a picture in the graphic, [b]Please[/b] attach it or give links to the images..

if you cant use custom Av's, you can put 'I LOVE CK007' in red bold text and i'll accept that, but ONLY if you cant use custom Av's :p

I'll post with a sample of my work ^_^
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not the best but it'll have to do ^^;; i lost my other stuff

btw, The sample is a desktop background and it has been scaled a bit so i could attach it.. the quality diminished a little..

edit- i was thinking .. o_O this is more like a dare then a contest.. lol.. ohwell you get the idea :P

btw if you REALLY dont want to change your av you can just put the words in bold red text.. 'I LOVE CK007' in your sig.. just be sure to tell me
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[COLOR=purple]Hell, alright! Why not? free graphic? cools!

Besides.. the Taichi ish the cutest ting, but this is just outright funny.. okay.. starting today.. Saturday Feb.9, 2002, util next Saturday Feb.16, 2002, I will use the 'I LOVE CK007' avatar...

besides. i jsut think its funny.. and fun.. and ill do it for the hell of it and to make an arse out of myself b/c its what i do best..

however.. bewarned!!!.. it BETTER AS HELL be a good graphic! lurves ya'![/COLOR]
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*high-fives Duo_God_of_Death*


oh, and it's a Yue avatar I'll be wantin'

*edit*p.s. i only have 7 more posts to go kam! you may want to start lookin' up pics of Yue right now... heh heh heh... :devil:[/COLOR]
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*music plays in the backround as the two girls make idiotic poses together while wearing 'I LURVE KAM 4 EVA' shirts*

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by \¤~NoodleZ~¤/ [/i]
[B]Hey! Don't forget me!!!!!:( :bawl:

I j/k!:D

I think this is my 9th post or 8th. But i started on 692 posts. I want..I still have to think about that.. [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=purple]You still have to use the avatar for one week, I'm already way over the 14 posts.. did most of them in one day...

or at least put "I love Kam" in your siggy... you should still have to suffer with us two!!!

*changes music*

music:I'ma slaaaaaaaaave.. for you... I can not hold it, I can not control it I'm a.. slaaaaaaaave for you.. I won't deny it, I'm not trying to hide it baby...

*freaks with Kam*
*over her shoulder to Duo*

I.. should.. get.. extra points.. for.. this...

*continues to grind*[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=indigo]i'll put it in mah siggy.... But be forewarned I wanna banner. heh. I got a bunch of Cloud pics...

sunday feb.10th - sunday feb.17th.

post number 1...[/COLOR]
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I want a banner or Ava of some Anime charecter...will get back on which..

[I]Anti walks over and puts on the ava then goes and watchs Chicka, Duo and Ck007 dance[/I]

Anti:Sister don't get to close...might have to go into protective brother mode!!

[I]Anti grins at Chicka backs off a bit then Anti sits down and wanders off into other rpgs to fufilhis 14 post requirment[/I]
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wow, I'm amazed so many have faith in me :)

I'm very happy with everything lately.. i'm going to be working on these things very hard.. but keep in mind that i havn't made anything in a little while.. so it may seem a little rusty.. (i know.. doesn't seem very.. like.. reasuring..) if you arn't pleased, PLEASE just let me know what you want changed.. or redone and i'll do it for you :)

and mind you that i dont like giving out crap.. so if it takes like.. a day for me to get it to you.. remember good things come to those who wait :) .. and i'm kinda tight on time.. so i'll really be trying hard! cope with me! well i love you all too! ( :) ) i better get to work *puts a pencil behind ear*
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[COLOR=purple]Well bah... I've worn this thing for more than a week... I'm changing my avatar... but i would still like my yue avatar.. pweeeeeeeease... *bats eyelashes*i was the first one to do this.. i feel so cool :love2:

i be back to collect.. lol... jk[/COLOR]
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