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AAAAGH! Its hideous!!! no. .wait. .my reflection. .


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[color=deeppink]:eek: How old are you? Too young for me I'm quite sure. Too bad, you're going to be tres cute when you get older!

But, on the down side, I'm going to ask you to go post this picture in that picture thread we already have started...then I'll delete this topic. Sorry 'bout the inconvience, but we don't want the Picture Topic Plague to start again :whoops:[/color]
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. . . I'm sick and tired of living in America(School so slow . . . I want SUMMER!!!)

:uhhhh: Something just went 'kaboom' in my house and now I'm scared . . . May the Lord God help my soul . . . :panic: It sounds like someone's trying to break in!

:hides behind Liam: Save me!!!(Whee . . ! I made you blush! I need to find a picture of me but I'm too fricking scared to go downstairs . . .)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by liamc2 [/i]
[B]*gices sere a hug* it ok :whoops:

me cool? *twitch* *twitch* :rotflmao: :rotflmao:!!!!

*sits back in his chair* actually me glasses have magnetic clip on sunnies. .so alls good :whoops: [/B][/QUOTE]
Yeah?! So do my glasses..... But I hardly ever wear them..... hurts my nose too much..... :toothy:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Squashed Snail [/i]

Erm..... Why all of a sudden are we talking about sizes, and shoes, in liamc2's piccy thread? [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=crimson]I dont remember Josh. It happened rather quickly, didnt it?


[quote][i]Originally posted by Sere Tuscumbia[/i][b]

. . . how old are you? (Age counts in this . . .)

[color=crimson]I'm 13...


Back on topic...


I kinda thoguht he'd look like this because of the way he talks when he chats on MSN....

Heh... o.0 Now the only person who's pic I want to see is Britty's...[/color]
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Me no see it because me have cruddy comp and can't view BMPs......Grrrrrrrrrrrrr......... I curse you, Systemax! :flaming:

I'd go off and find a pic thread, but I can't seem to find it...A LINK would help. Oh, I will grace you all by showing you people myself soon enough... Soon.........yall'll see a God......Yeah, me! DON'T AGREE?! WHAAAAAAAAAT?!
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*thinks "Yes,Liam doesn't want to see my pic."*
Heh..people usually think I am like 15,16 or 17..and I think "sure I am (16,17) and in the eighth grade."Hehe,thats my smartazz remark to myself..And I tell them I am 13 and their jaw drops and the ask 'Are you sure your 13?!?!' Yes I am 13,But I will be 14 Next thursday,(21st).

Back to the topic...

I couldn't see your pic Liam.I wanted to see it but my computer is stupid and i can't see it.*yawns* okie i done talking now..
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