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Writing *looks around* Very nice.............


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[COLOR=seagreen]Okay, I'm here.......this is a very interesting change...........and here's some food for thought.

It burns me,
The pressure in my mind is taking me over,

When I am furious, I slam my fists against the stairs,
Cry hot tears of fustration and rage,

The only sounds I can create,
Come out as an un real scream,

Steal my heart,
Take my suffering away,

Just leave me alone,
With my own counsel,
And with my own shame,

Why can't I control myself?
I feel caged in,
like I need to break free,
Or I'm going to tear myself apart.

But instead, I'm cry out,
Throw myself to the floor,
And pray that I pass out of mortal existance,
And into the quiet of the dark moon.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Gothic wasn't what I had in mind, I wrote that after a very fustrating piano lesson.......in which I got very angry, decided not to cry, went home, and cried anyways.

The sunlight flows from the clouds to the sea,
And the glimmering light does not shine for me,
It comes and phases through the air,
And wind has changed for the fair.

The demon gods have taken their hold
And crushed all opposition that was once told.
I dream not of a happy ending,
Or blazing fires growing and bending.

Our shattered truths reflect our eyes
And dull moonlight drips through the skies,
while some sit and wait for something new
My hidden words will echo true.

[i]Something special waits for all of us,
But we can never find it because we never care to look.[/i] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=crimson]Its....Beautiful really, I can't write poetry, only the crappy ones that first graders write. (My 7 yr old brother writes poetry better...plus his poems are like: My sister's got a fat cat, that sits on a mat mat, its really chubby wubby, and really weirdy! (He was writing about my 3 legged cat, Gyn Gyn which infuriated me. *Prepares to whack little bro with umbrella*[/COLOR] :angel:
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by D*Star [/i]
[B][COLOR=crimson]*Prepares to whack little bro with umbrella*[/COLOR][/B][/QUOTE]

[SIZE=1]D*Star how dare you! I am the one who started hitting people with umbrellas, how could you steal that from me?

And Raiha, they are both very good poems. Especially the latter, which I enjoy very, very much. It is not often I read a poem with the words "Demon God" in it, but maybe it is because I don't read enough poetry. Who knows?

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[COLOR=royalblue]Lol, I got plenty more..............wanna see? I don't care, I'll post it anyways. ;)

In my mind's eye,
I can see your face,
And your truth pours down,
And I can not hide.

It fills the corners of my soul,
And echoes through my clouded mind,
Please sky for me,
And try for me.

Open the doors,
Fling them wide,
And unlock the heart,
That I've tried to hide for so long.[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][I]Originally posted by Shyguy[/i]
[B][SIZE=1]D*Star how dare you! I am the one who started hitting people with umbrellas, how could you steal that from me? [/SIZE] [/B] [/QUOTE]

[COLOR=crimson]You do? Hmm...I usually use umbrellas when I'm at home, there's alyays one near enough to knock cookie jars off the high places my parents put them. Oh well...sorry.[/COLOR] :angel:
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[COLOR=royalblue]LOL, I have enough free time to crank out stuff like that.....it's a hobby. ;)

Maybe if I wasn't so bright,
Or if I dumbed down for you all,
Then you wouldn't see me as the "smart girl"
I wouldn't think of my head being smashed into the ground.

I wouldn't be afraid of half the class beating me,
Then I could walk the halls in peace,
Or if I hid my genius,
Maybe I would have less enemies.

I will not hide my feelings,
Holding my head up high,
I will let you all watch me,
And realize that I tried my best, and I succeded.

That way, I would know that I am not a coward,
And you would know that I am not a freak,
Nobody would call me a smart åss bîtch again,
And I would be free.

[i]Dead free.[/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Yes, the last one especially was.

[SIZE=1]-*-This is the poem, Princess Mononoke, which I found in the Soundtrack CD. It is not my own work, it was written by someone else, who that sommeone else was, I have yet to find out. [i]Poem Translated from Japanese.[/i]-*-[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3][b]Princess Mononoke[/b][/SIZE]

There was a time, long, long ago
When people killed the Great God of the Forest.

Human face. Body of a stag.
Horns atop his head like the trunks of massive trees.
For what reason did the humans take his life?

The human population was large.
Much of the ancient forests had been cut.
Here and there, stands of the old forest remained.
Defying the humans? attempt to penetrate it.

Great wise beasts, wolves, boars and others
Desperately guarded the last sanctuaries.
They were feared as rampaging gods.
They revered the Great God of the Forest.

A clan called Tatara were makers of iron,
And it was the Tatara who fought battle
after savage battle
With the raging gods of the forest.

Their leader was a woman, the Lady Eboshi,
Determined to clear and open the forest.
And to those who served her
Gonza, who would follow her through the gates of hell,
Otoki and Kohroku.

And the mysterious priest, Jiko, who is sworn
To capture the head of the Great God of the Forest.

The old woman, the Oracle, the far-seeing and wise
Lived in a village remote and hidden from time.

Nago, Moro, and Okkotunushi, fierce-eyed and terrible
Rampaging gods who guarded the forest.
And the tiny woodland spirits, the Kodama.

The girl San was born a human
But she was raised by Moro the wolf
To be the Princess Mononoke, the defender of the forest.
She loathed the humans who invaded their land
The youth Ashitaka, delivered by fate
Into the midst of the last desperate battle
Between the humans and the rampaging gods
On a journey to cleanse his body a scar
and escape its slow curse of death.

Ashitaka and San,
Met in the midst of the carnage and chaos of battle

What hope could there be for feelings of loveå
Born of a place steeped in hatred and killing?

In the weaving of this epic tapestry,
Which current will prevail.
The battle between forest and human
Or the love between warrior and princess. [/COLOR]
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