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RPG Java Hutt (play)


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[color=teal][I]Li sits in his desk idily doodling on a page waiting for his computer engineering class to end lately he had become bored in class and wanted to get back to running the Java Hutt and being with his friends[/I]

Mr Ryan (the teacher): Mr Tokugawa do you have a problem

[I]Li straightens up and puts his pencil down[/I]

Li: no problem what so ever Mr Ryan

Mr Ryan: Li..............

[I]Just as Mr Li is about to start giving out the bell rings and Li walks out of the hall and backs to the appartment and slouches down onto the couch anbd begins to talk to Craig[/I]

Craig: whats new Li

Li: Not much I just was a little bored in school

Craig: You wanna coffee

Li: Sure

[I]Craig takes out a cup and pours Li a coffee and hands it to him as Li begins to drink it Ryan walks in[/I]

Li whats up Ryan[/color]
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*as ryan walk in kevin pop his head out of nowhere causing everybody to jump*

Craig: You really have to stop doing that.

Kevin: Doing what?

Li: That pop up out of nowhere.

Ryan: Serious how do you keep doing that.

Kevin: I really don't know it just happen.
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As Craig leaves Niko walks in
"Hey anything going on that's exciting?"
"No not really people just doin the same old thing"
"OK hey wears Craig goin?"
"Ohh so Li u got any coffee brewin?"
"Yeah just put on a pot"
Niko goes and gets coffee and sits down infront of computer
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Professor Reinstine: So, if the entry wound is surrounded by blue powder, what does that usually mean? Ms. Streamwise?"

Erin: It means that the round was made from teflon.

Professor R: *Pauses as the bell rings.* Class dismissed.

Erin runs out of the classroom to her dorm. She pulls her laptop and turns it on.

Erin: Welcome to Java Hutt. Alright!

Computer: Password please.

Erin: *Types in *********, and waits.*

Erin: Ok, who's here? Oh, only Niko. *Types in 'Hey Niko. Sup?*
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Andrew walks into the apartment with a can and some fliers in his hand.

Li: Hey!

Craig: Where've you been?

Andrew: Just handing out some fliers to promote the Java.........and a little drinking on the side.

Ryan: Trust you!

Andrew: Well I just came back to see how things are going. I still got loads a fliers to hand out. Later sons

Andrew leaves the room and walks down the corridor.
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"Notin' much I am just kinda scanning the net."
"Hey did u hear about the theft in the janitor's office?"
"No what happened?"
"Well apearntly someone broke into the office and he stole the janitor's new golden watch."
"No way! And the main suspects haven't been anounced but I have a feeling someone running the Java Hut is gonna be it!"
"I don't know but it could be me you Craig, anyone it's kinda scary because when they get a suspect they will be arrested and sent to jail for atleast 5 years unde charges of theft and breaking and entering!"
"Yipes I would hate to be the sap hiding the watch!"
"I know what u mean!"
The phone rings
"Hold on a sec the phones ringing!"
"Yes is this Niko?"
"Yes may I ask who is calling?"
"Yes this is the headmasters office the headmaster would like to see u in his office in 5 min."
Gets back on
"Erin I am very scared the headmasters office just called they wana see me I gota go bye!"
"No wait don't! Ohh man this is really gonna suck if they think Niko did it beacuse I know that Niko didn't do it so I guess I will be a witness sourt of...."
Craig signs on
"Hey how are u?"
"Not good don't ask just call and tell evyone that there is going to be an emergncy meeting if Niko doen't e-mail or IM any of us by 6:00 tonight!"
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*Ryan comes back with a starbucks coffee in his hand.*

Ryan: So*sip* What is everyone up to?

*Ryan notices he is talking to himself.*

Ryan: I am such a dork..

*Ryan walks into his dorm and gets on his laptop.*[/size][/color]
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"Mr. Niko we were tipped that u know the werabouts of the janitor's watch is it true?"
"No Sir I was on a website me and my friends run til 11 then I went to bed."
"Well Since You have no...."
"Any of my friends would know!"
"Fine Mrs. Bridinet please phone Erin, Craig,Ryan,Andrew, Kevin,and Li to my office."
"yes Sir."
"No Sir don't..."
"Listen Niko we don't want any trouble if u know where it is tell us because...."
"Mr. Rengend Erin is here."
"Send her in."
"Hello Erin I would..."
"I am not saying anything to you until everone gets here."
"Well then you wuldn't mind if I arrested Niko here then would u?"
"No I..."
"Erin don't say a word until evryone gets here!"
"Listen no one knows but the headmaster and I have a history and he hates me so refuse to say anything and let them arrest me before u say anthing got it?"
"Yeah I guess."
"Good now we have to wait."
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*then Craig, Ryan, Andrew, and Li waltz in*

Mr. Rengend: So now the whole gang is here.

Erin: Not really Kevin is miss.

Mr. Rengend: Perfect he's the one that did it.

Kevin: Who did what now?

Mr. Rengend: Don't do that.

Kevin: Sorry but what did I do?

Craig: You think he did it?

Li: It's alittle hard since he's on line with the rest of us every night.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Zero [/i]
[B]*then Craig, Ryan, Andrew, and Li waltz in*

Mr. Rengend: So now the whole gang is here.

Erin: Not really Kevin is miss.

Mr. Rengend: Perfect he's the one that did it.

Kevin: Who did what now?

Mr. Rengend: Don't do that.

Kevin: Sorry but what did I do?

Craig: You think he did it?

Li: It's alittle hard since he's on line with the rest of us every night. [/B][/QUOTE]

*Ryan sips his Starbucks Coffee.*

Craig: Do you think he did it?

Ryan: Did what?

Kevin: Did it!

Ryan:HUH?? My brain only goes so far.
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[color=teal]Li: Some kid stole the janitors new watch and [b]we're[/b]being blamed for it but that was impossible because we we're all on-line trying to mop up the webside after that hacker got in it must have taken 2 hours minimum and we were all in classes before that weren't we

[I]All the group nod their heads and agree that they were all on-line last night cleaning up JavaHutt.Com after the hacker was done with it[/I]

HeadMaster: Well then I guess I'll ask all your teachers if you were present in class and file a police report against that hacker and god help any of you if your lying..........[/color]
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*Adrien sits in his cubical of his newspaper job. He is sorting through some pictures he took for the JavaHutt Website. As he sits back, crakcing his nuckles and taking a sip of coffee, he notices a new email.*

Adrien - What the heck is this........

*Adrien opens up the email. It says:

From: Li
Subject: We're in trouble.

Text: Adrien man, we have a problem. Someone swiped the Janitor's gold watch, an they think its a member of the JavaHutt crew. If you can help, please come quick!

Adrien - Holy Crap.....

*Adrien saves the photos and and closes his computer. He grabs his coat and runs into his editor's office.*

Adrien - Boss, I gotta go.

Editor Malaky - What do you meen boy!? This is your job! And deadline for that spread is in 6 hours.

Adrien - Theres an emergancy with my room-mates. I put Jimmy on it, he'll be able to finish by then

Malaky - ........*sigh* Fine. Go. But I expect an excelent spread.

Adrien - Righto.

*Adrien runs out of the office and heads down to his car in the garage.*
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"Well none of us are lying and if we are you can..."
"Niko don't give him any ideas!"
"OK Sorry."
"Well al of you go back to....."
"Hey I am here what's up?"
"Adrien where have you been?"
"Workin' what seems to be the trouble?"
"Well I was informed that Niko here knows the location of the janitors watch which was convinatly stolen on the same night as you all were cleaning up your website."
"It is true because I was there watching Niko almost all night last night so if you think for..."
"I am not thinking or assuming anything I am just putting facts into...."
"Mr. Rengend Prof. Strudlodster's golden braclet and ring were stolen last night but sadly she never noticed."
"OK this is not..."
"You are not to say anything I want a full deciption of al the items any scratches grooves or ingraving in those items we are searching your apartment Mr. Niko and we will se if your lying!"
All:nervous: :worried: :eek:
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Erin: Sorry, but you can't do that.

Rengend: What? Why, Ms. Streamwise?

Erin: You don't have a search warrant. The Constitution protects against unlawful search and seizure. Aside from Culinary Arts, Forensics and Criminology, I'm studying U.S. History. Honors, Professor Tretlinn. I've got the Bill of Rights memorized.

Rengend: Very well then. Now that you bring that up, the search of Niko's apartment will be called off.

Niko: Ca-ching!
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*Adrien walks out of the office, looking very disturned.*

Noxi - What wrong Adrien?

Adrien - Man, I'm gonna be in trouble with my boss. I cut off of work so I could come down here, and it turns out you didn't need me.

Noxi - Aww man, I'm sorry. So, you headed back there now?

Adrien - Actually, I think I'll head back to the appartment. I can email one of the interns the finishing touches to my spread. Besides, I need to make sure the Dean doesn't find some of my "stash" if he does infact get a warrent.

Noxi - But how would he?

Adrien - He does have a decent reason why. I just hope the court doesn't buy it.
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"Thank the Lord!"
"Well Mr. Niko next time you may not be so lucky!"
"OK" under his breath "Yea like this is ever gonna happen again dumb..."
"What was that?"
Niko signs onto the JavaHut and sees that Li Kevin Adrien and Erin are on discussing the recent events.
"Notin man today was not fun!"
"I know I mean who does he...."
Erin gets e-mail from friend
"Whoa my friend just emailed me an rticle talking about school robberies and how they are hapening due to info. givin over the net!"
"Weird it's like someone is watching a website waiting for....."
A guy called HavocWreaker logs in
"Who are you and what are you...."
"None of your buissness and Niko time is up you know what you have to do so it better happen or else..."
He signs off
"Um Ok what was that all abotu Niko?"
"Uh Um I didn't steal the watch and and and"
Niko signs off and runs to police confessing evrything he knew about what was taking place.
"Well son I am afraid I must tke you under custody until...."
"Huh guys?"
"Yeah and why have you been..."
The lights go out
"OMG what is...."
The lights come back on but with one problem Niko is missing!
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