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[QUOTE][b]Gokuu[/b]:Nah, I wud rather read this book on astrophysics, but thanx 4 the offer on the seven-course meal, Chi-Chi.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE][b]Gokuu[/b]:Two plus two equals four. Wow! Math is easy.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE][b]Gokuu[/b]:Vegeta, come on, it's just simple geometry. A right triangle has an angle of 90 degrees. I mean...duh![/QUOTE]
[QUOTE][b]Gokuu[/b]:We don't stand a chance- he's just too strong for me or anyone. i ges we hav 2 give up.[/QUOTE]
What did u think? I hav tons mor, but i will only post 4 at a time. Want mor? Or u can try 2 post sum of ur own.
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[QUOTE][b]Gokuu[/b]:Hold up, I'll train after [I]Survivor[/I]. Chi-Chi, hurry up with that six-pack of Mr. Pibb![/QUOTE]
[QUOTE][b]Gokuu[/b]:Orange just isn't my color. Pink would accentuate my eyes better.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE][b]Gokuu[/b]:Hello, Vegeta, old chap. Would u by chance lik 2 chalenge me in a game of croquet?[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE][b]Gokuu[/b]:Gohan, hurry up. It's mud-wrestling night at Capsule Corporation. We don't want to miss Bulma.[/QUOTE]
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[quote][b]Freeza[/b]:Time-out! Time-out! I broke a nail.[/quote]
[quote][b]Freeza[/b]:Why won't my dragonballs grant me a wish? Zarbon, u try rubbing them.[/quote]
[quote][b]Freeza[/b]:Darn it! How many times do i hav 2 polish my head b4 it shines?[/quote]
[quote][b]Freeza[/b]:Oh no! I'm missing my stories![/quote]
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[quote][b]Vegeta[/b]:Goku, help! I just can?t seem to get my zipper up.[/quote]
[quote][b]Vegeta[/b]:Hmm...a little more blush here, a touch of eye shadow. All right Bulma, I?m ready to go to the ball.[/quote]
[quote][b]Vegeta[/b]:Sniff, sniff...this movie is so sad. Bulma, pass the box of tissues, pls.[/quote]
[quote][b]Vegeta[/b]:All right, let me get this list of chores right: wash the windows, polish the hover seat and pick up sum lipstick. Coming right up, master freeza.[/quote]
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[quote][b]Vegeta[/b]:Oh, this tutu makes me look so cute.[/quote]
[quote][b]Master Roshi[/b]:Why wud i want 2 watch an aerobics instrustor? I wud rather watch this commentary on the rain forrest on the learning channel.[/quote]
[quote][b]Master Roshi[/b]:Bulma, put on sumtin besides that bikini.[/quote]
[quote][b]Oolong[/b]:Bulma?s undies! I better return them and quickly.[/quote]
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Due to a set back, i am able 2 get on b4 i go 2 the beach today!

[quote][b]Gohan[/b]:These tights make me feel so self-conscious. Maybe this Great Saiyaman thing wasn?t such a great idea.[/quote]
[quote][b]Gohan[/b]:Of course, I?m 21 (gulp)! That?s wat the ID says, right?[/quote]
[quote][b]Gohan[/b]:No offense, Piccolo, but a white cape and purple cloths...c?mon.[/quote]
[quote][b]Gohan[/b]:All this strength, all this power and i don?t hav x-ray vision. What a ripoff.[/quote]
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