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RPG -Jurassic Park: Blood Chaos [Play]-


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[i]Drake craddled his HK-5, keeping a shapr look-out for any of the animals. Hearing someting behind him, his Katana whipped out, slicing the air sharply. He stopped, seeing Mr. Gretta standing there.[/i]

Drake: Parden me, sir...... I though you were one of those....*shakes with rage, closes eyes*.......things.

Mr. Gretta: No........ I wish I was though. Then I could get revenge on those beass for what they did..*tears mist up*

Drake: Yeah...... Listen, go get some rest sir..... It's been a long day..

[i]Mr. Gretta walked off, eyes flowing with silenced tears. Drake shook his head, memories fresh of Little Julia's death.

The tape played over and over again in his head. The raptor lept up in the air, body arching like a coiling snake. It reeled itself downwards, coming down like a comet. It punched right behind the girl as she ran for her father's arms. The beast's jaws thrashed open, grasping her by the shoulder. It drug her backwards a few yards, before picking up her head in the thing's mouth. With a simple twitch, Julia's head was gone, parts of her skull dripping upon the floor.

The raptor slashed her body over and over again, devouring her flesh. Drake had seen it all, from a few feet away. He still cursed himself for hesitating.

The tape stopped for a moment, letting Drake surface to the real world. He reached up with his right hand, slapping his tears off. He looked out open field, staring intencly. A few minutes later, he went back deeper into the abandoned, Safari-style hotel, going to his room. He eventually fell asleep on the bed, the images replaying deep in his wildest nightmares. But Drake had no clue what he was to face in the next few weeks......[/i]
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
[i][b]And so it starts...[/b][/i]
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[I]Prince laughs, and pulls out one of his Katana-type swords.. He walks over to the wounded Raptor, and slits its throat... It screams, and blood flows from the wound, down the neck and body of the raptor, forming a bloody pool on the dirt... He stands up, and puts the sword back in its sheath on the right side of his belt.. He hears a hissing noise behind him.... He knows what it is.. Raptors never hunt alone... He quickly pulls out his whip, and flicks it at the bushes... There is a splatter of blood, as the barbed end of the whip grips into the scaly skin of the raptor... It has wrapped around its neck, choking it slowly to death... Prince smirks, and pulls the trigger, sending a huge voltage of electricity into the whip, frying the raptor... He cracks his whip back, and it pulls the head of the Dino off... It lands next to his feet, in a puddle of blood. The whip retracts back into it's casing, and Prince puts it away. He laughs, and takes note of it... 2 Raptors, dead. Prince's smirk turned into a worried scowl... He realised that his triumph wasn't so great after all... These 2 had been less intelligent than the others, and one of them had been injured. Their death would quickly alert smarter, more able Raptors to him. Prince took his leave, getting onto his off-road Motorcycle, and speeding away from the area... He intended on reaching the Labs, where he had landed in his Helicopter. He had a couple of guards there too, guarding it... Perhaps, he thought, it was time to get off this island...[/I]
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Guest QuickSilver
seifer parashuted onto the island where he was met by a raptor.

seifer: oh cool a dinosaur

the raptor jumped at him but seifer quickly dived out of the way.

seifer: so you want to play rough hey

seifer pulled out his shotgun and blew a hole in the raptor
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*cough* AlmightSSJ4 and Gruffy? Uhhhhhhhh.....we're all in a hotel type thing. If you guys have read the book, then you know what I'm talkin bout. But ehhhhhhhhhhh...............Those posts are pointless........

So, I reinterate. Everyone except Flash is INSIDE of an abandoned hotel on the island, with no electricty. See, we're scared out of our wits, you see. If you make a post of you going outside, then that's fine... But uhhhhhh........you get the idea..
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Craig stood on the roof of the hotel, kneeling down by the edge... with his binoculars, surveying the area.

Craig: Oh man........... why me......... why always me!!!

A disgruntled old geezer approached Craig.

Old guy: Are we going to die in this place?

Craig: Probably.......... *looks at old guy's face* I mean of course not, we'll get out of here somehow.........
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[color=crimson][i]Ken walked out of his room, and walked past Drake without a word. He continued walking, as the hotel was quite large... His gun was resting on his shoulder, and he was being extremely cautious.

He wasnt exactly scared. Ken had always lived his life on the basis that Day by Day is best. If you die, then that's it. That kind of attitude was needed when you were fighting in the jungles of Central America.

[b]But dinosaurs? Great..[/b]

Suddenly realizing he was already at the doors to the hotel, Ken snapped back out of deep thought. Ken opened the doors and stepped outside. It wasnt exactly all too quiet, black clouds rolling in over head. Ken looked around, his gun still rested on his shoulder.

His free hand reached in his right pants pocket, pulling out a box of cigarettes. He took one out, stuck it in his mouth and put the box back in his pocket, his hand came out of his pocket, revealing a lighter.

Lighting the cigarette, He took a few puffs.

He looked in the distance and saw a herd of some sort of dinosaur. He thought for a second and remembered their names- Triceratops. He continued stareing as he arched an eyebrow, seeing them begin to run.

He shrugged it off and continued to smoke...[/i][/color]
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Guest QuickSilver
o.k sorry i didnt realize
seifer: its only a matter of time before dinosaurs start coming in here

drake: calm down.

seifer: o.k. *lights up a ciggerrette*

seifer: i am going on the roof top with craig
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[I]Prince brings his Motorcycle to a screeching stop outside the Lab... He looks, and sees that the Helicopter is gone.. He cusses, and revs his motorbike... He turns around, builds speed, and drives up the stairs, and crashes through the glass doors to the main lobby of the lab... He drives up the main staircase of the lab, turning a corner sharply, and going up another flight of stairs... Bursting through one last door, he reaches the roof, and brakes... He jumps off his Motorbike, and runs up to the Helipad... There are splatters of blood, and signs of a struggle... Some empty shells lay on the floor, and it seems like there are some slugs in the concrete. He looks around, scanning the area from the Helipad... Then he sees it... a burning wreckage... He cusses again, and gets back to his bike. He turns around, and jumps off the side of the lab, landing in some shrubbery, which breaks his fall. He speeds towards the wreckage, and then brings his bike to another skidding stop.. He jumps off, and runs to the smouldering remains of his helicopter... One of his guards is dead in the pilot's seat, and the other is lying on the ground next to it, being chomped at my compies... Prince didn't know who or what could of done this, but he wasn't about to sit around and find out... Getting back on his bike, he pulls his sawn-off shotgun out from it's holder on the side of the motorbike... He cocks it, and gets ready for whatever might lay ahead... He drives back around to the front of the lab, where there is a large map of the island... He sees that to the east is the main hotel and resort complex... He revs his bike again, and speeds off towards the hotel, shotgun still at the ready..[/I]
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[I]Raynor stood guard at the back entrance to the hotel, secret, yet still a possible area where the dinosaurs could attack from... He sighed, swinging around his newly aqquired gunblade, something he had got from someone on the boat a while after it crashed... He heard the snap of a twig, and stopped where he was... Quietly, he put his gunblade away, and pulled out his Magnums, and pointed them into the bushes... For a few seconds, he didn't hear anything, but then he saw a man came running out of the bushes... And what was beside... [/I]

Man: Hey, you! Thank god, someone else on this island other than those god forsaken Dinosau--

[I]Raynor made rapid cutting movements across his neck... The man looked to his right... And came face to face with a dinosaur...[/I]
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[i]Drake tensed up, hearing the soft thudding sound. Something was out there. Literally kicking the window out, he brought up his shotgun, aiming to various places in the night's forest. The trees to the left rustled. Drake wasted no time. He barraged the area with shells, shredding the forest's silence. The shockwaves of the punding became more frenzied, retreting into the distance.

Whatever it was, was big.........

But that was a minor bother now. In the distance, Drake heard a dirt bike reving. A dirt bike meant people. And people meant a way off of the island.

Drake shot downstairs in a matter of seconds alone. He thrashed the kitchen door open, going out of the back of the hotel. He charged into the forest, HK-5 and shotgun leading in front of him.

But he stopped dead when he heard the sound. A gugrling noise.

Looking slowly to the left, he saw what it was. A Carnotaur. Drake almost screamed his lungs out. He was less than a foot away from it. It was sleeping. A sudden noise to the right, same as before.

Moving slowly, Drake's suspecions were fearfully answered. Another one of the smelly beasts laid there. He was trapped...[/i]
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[I]Prince comes speeding down the dirt track, avoiding overgrown shrubbery and rocks as he goes... After a few minutes of sharp corners, Prince sees something... a building... It's the hotel... He seems to be approaching it from behind, though, as this appears to be a service road. He speeds up, and reaches the hotel... He parks his bike, and notices a massive wire gate... He can't get through this way, so he figures he'll just go through the back entrance... Pushing through some bushes and overgrown shrubs, he spots someone in the forest not far from him... He runs at the person, shouting...[/I]

Prince: Hey, you! Thank god, someone else on this island other than those god forsaken Dinosau--

[I]The man in the forest makes rapid cutting motions at his neck, signalling Prince to be quiet... Prince stands confused, and then feels a warm air on his face... Turning to his right, he sees a Carnotaur inches away from his face... Prince acts instantly, adrenaline running through his body... He drops down onto his back on the ground, pushing his shotgun up into the Carnotaur's jaw... He fires at point blank, the slug piercing it's skin and shattering its bones easily... He fires again and again, finishing off his load of 8 ammo into the head of the dinosaur... He moves quickly, and the dinosaur falls to the ground, it's head no more than a bloody pulp. Prince spins back to the man, who is pushing back another Carnotaur with his Shotgun and HK-5... Prince draws his Magnums, and lends a helping hand... The Carnotaur falls back into the bush, and the two run back into the Hotel, closing the door firmly behind them...[/I]
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Craig ran down to meet Blank and the newcomer. He stumbled at the last step, but failed to fall. A look of supreme horrow emerged over hie face.

Blank: What's up Craig?

Craig: Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you just waste two Carnotaur Ephylia?

Blank: Yeah........ so???

Craig: Did you notice anything strange about them?


Craig: That's wonderfull...... *turns to Blank* Dude, those Carnotaur were twins............... about 2 year old twins.......

Prince: Meaning???

Blank: Meaning....... *eyes widen, and lip quivers* Meaning we killed the babies........... and all baby dino's got parents. *gulp*

Suddenly, a deafening roar issued throughout the building, and across the island. They all turned towards a window, where huge fottsteps were drawing closer, and getting louder.
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The footsteps grow even louder and come closer. At the front of the hotel a another man runs towards the hotel. He runs faster than he's ever run before and draws near to the entrance of the hotel.......only to be stopped by the fence. He looks at the fence and then throws his fist at it cussing under his breath. He turns to face his chaser.........a very large, very angry Carnotaur. He smirks at the foul beast as it draws near and begins to run. He flips out his shotgun and runs towards the beast, firning off a couple of rounds and just as it gets near he dives under it's legs and watches as it continues running, straight through the fence and towards the back of the hotel. He chases after the beast and sees it run towards a group of people. He begins firing at the beast once more, continuesly firing at it's already wounded leg.
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*Kaworu stands ontop of the abandoned hotel staring into the forest.*

Kaworu: Somewhere, you are out there. I can feel it.

*Precipitation falls from the dark, cloudy sky onto Kaworu's face.*

Kaworu: And I will be waiting for you. You can sneak up on my as quietly as you can and I will know you are there. I will hunt you down and rip you apart with my bare hands. Believe me. I will if it is the last thing I do.....

*Kaworu stared down into the brush, his eyes bloodshot.*[/size]
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[color=crimson]Yo Craig... neil is 'Drake' in this story... heh...
[i]Ken climbs out of the bushes nearby, many scratches along his body, and a deep gash in his arm.[/i]

Ken: Damn those ****ers hurt...


Ken:.... This is not in the contract....

[i]The sound of gunfire and loud roaring echoed thruout the forest, drawing the attention of the mate of the Dinosaur. Ken looked down at a pool of water...


The water rippled and Ken stared...

.... thud.... thud.... thud.... thud... THUD...[/i]

Ken: This might be a prob-

[i]A large dinosaur tore out of the forest behind Ken, him barely having time to jump out of the way. Scrambling to his feet, Ken reached downward picking up his shotgun. His hand reached behind his back, and he drew his sword [It's about the length of Sephiroth's]

He flipped around, facing the dinosaur.

It wasnt there.[/i]

Ken: Eh? Where the **** did it go?

[i]He heard screams coming from the area with the gunshots, as the male went to save the female...[/i][/color]
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Levyn: Not good . . . NOT GOOD!!! [I]She ran forewards, pulling out her guns.

Papa dinosuar wasn't happy, and Levyn was the first thing on its lunch menu . . .

Levyn unloaded some rounds into the sucker's head, and it roared in anger and pain . . .

then came after Levyn with a renewed passion.[/I] Really not good!!!

[I]She knew the dino was bleeding heavily, so if she just ran fast enough . . . and long enough . . .

Sure enough, eventually the dino dropped to the ground.

Levyn walked over and kicked the seemingly dead creature in the snout.[/I] Take that you stupid bug--HOLY JESUS!!!

[I]The dino wasn't really dead, and had closed its jaws on Levyn's leg.

She was lucky that the thing was too weak to do anything but jerk on her leg, but it still hurt anyway . . .[/I] LET GO OF MY LEG YOU STUPID BUGGER!!! [I]She tugged harder, and tears started streaming down her face.[/I] Can someone help me out here?! I'VE GOT A DEAD DINO STUCK ON MY LEG!!!!!!
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[I]A shotgun presses down on the Dinosaur's head, right at the joining of the jawbone and the skull... It loads...[/I]

Prince: Hold still.

[I]Holding the shotgun with one hand, he fires 2 shots, shattering the Jawbone of the dinosaur. There is a splatter of blood and some chunks of flesh in the air for a moment... Prince puts his Shotgun back at his side, and kicks the bottom of the dinosaur's upper jaw... It comes off easily... He holds out a hand, and helps Levyn to her feet... She brushes herself off, and Prince holds out a hand...[/I]

Prince: They call me Prince...

Levyn: I'm Levyn.. Thanks for your help, Prince.

Prince: No problem... Is there anyone else out here?

Levyn: I'm not too sure...

Prince: Well come on, let's get back in the hotel... It's dangerous out here.

[I]The two walk to the Hotel, cautiously...[/I]
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[I]Raynor opened the door for Prince and Levyn, locking it firmly shut after they had got in. Raynor stuck his hand out at Flash, and waited until he had shook it.[/I]

Raynor: Name's Raynor.

Prince: Call me Prince.

[I]Warlock walked over to a nearby boarded up window, and peered through a small peephole in the wood.[/I]

Warlock: No more dinosoars at the moment... Hopefully we'll have a nice next hour....

[I]Warlock turned back to Flash after taking on last look.[/I]

Warlock: Say... Want me to get you something to eat?

Flash: Sure... I'm starving...

[I]Warlock walked off, Flash walking slowly after him...[/I]
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OOC: Warlock, it's Prince.. You changed my name halfway through the post... :shifty:

[I]Prince quickly walks over to a table in the corner of the room... He swipes his arm across it swifty, knocking all the papers and empty paper coffee cups off of the table... He reaches into his Jacket, and pulls out his Magnums... He places them on the table... next, he pulls the shotgun out of it's holder on his right side... He places it next to the magnums... Next, his whip, and finally, his Twin katanas... He then walks after Warlock... Before leaving the lobby and entering the kitchen, Prince spins around and faces Levyn...[/I]

Prince: Say, do you want anything to eat?
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[I]Levyn stopped, caught in the act of sneaking back out. She turned around slowly, and faced Prince.[/I] Eat? [I]she squeaked, and then closed the door.[/I] I think I'd rather cook!

[I]Prince lifted one wary eyebrow.[/I] You don't look the type to cook . . .

[I]Levyn gave Prince the evil eye.[/I] I CAN cook . . . I just . . . don't . . . [I]She coughed, and followed Prince into the kitchen.[/I]
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[i] Kaworu walks through the brush his eyes searching his surroundings. There is a low crackling from behind him. Kaworu unsheaths his katana and whips around and slashes the beings neck. A loud pitched scream is heard and then the monster is slain and laying in a puddle of blood.[/i]

Kaworu: Like I said....

[i]Kaworu glances and notices it is a small, weak raptor. Probably a small baby away from the mother.[/i]

Kaworu: You aren't what I wanted....

[i] Kaworu continues on his journey through the forest searching for the one by the name of Rex....[/i][/size]
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*veins pop up on forehead, anime style* People, remember........This dinos are smarter than your average bear...-.-x BTW, who here has read JP(The FIRST book)?
[i]Drake slowly walked throughout the hotel, making sure all of the windows were locked and that the bars were shut. The fence outside was still not electrified, but were able to hold out the smaller animals.....They hoped...

Drake walked back to the main room, where most of the people were standing around, thinking about how they would never get off of the island. Drake sighed heavily, ignoring the itching fact that he missed something. A room somewhere. Or a window.

Walking near a table, he looked at Prince with his classic poker face.[/i]

Drake: Listen..........I'd like to thank you... Ya know, for helpin me.. I doubt I woulda been able to keep them both off. And something bothers me..

Prince: What's that?

Drake: Why are you here?
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[I]Prince kicks back in his chair... He stretches, and then leans forward again... He speaks in a quiet voice to Drake...[/I]

Prince: My plans were simple. After I heard of the incident 2 years ago, I intended to come here, and bring back a trophy... last year, I managed to do it... I brought back a Velociraptor... Live...

[I]Drake looks shocked, and questions Prince in an awed yet angry tone..[/I]

Drake: You took a Raptor to the mainland?! How stupid are you!?

Prince: Quiet. My facilities are the best in the world, even better than this Island perhaps... There is no way he could escape.

Drake: Nevertheless.. It was a stupid and careless thing to do, Prince...

Prince: You think that's stupid? Ha! Then you'll love the reason I'm here now. I came to get more. Three, maybe four others. Different sexes. Then I could breed them..

[I]Drake stands up out of his chair, pressing his fists hard against the table... He glares at Prince with fury in his eyes..[/I]

Drake: You IDIOT!! You intended to [i]breed[/i] these things?! Do you realise what the consequences may have been?!

[I]Prince chuckles to himself, and then looks away... After a minute or so, he then looks back at Drake, who is now sitting back down at the table... Prince smiles a seemingly evil grin..[/I]

Prince: Well... It's a good thing I'm stuck here then, isn't it?
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[color=crimson][i]Ken was outside smoking a cigarette. He was guarding the perimeter, a job he would rather not have. He stared off into the distance, his eyes scanning around.

He threw the cigarette down and smashes it with the toe of his shoe. He looked up again hearing a slight russle in the bushes. His hand slowly reached back for his sword....


Ken: ...... :therock:

[i]The silence continued... a Deafening unsual silence... The kind where the hairs on the back of your neck stood straight up...[/i]

Ken: .... mmm?...

[i]His hand lowered and his eyes glacned around the forest, looking for some sign of something...

Altogether like it left, the normal noises from the forest returned... [/i]

Ken: Right then...

[i]Ken walked back, leaning against the outer wall of the hotel...[/i][/color]
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