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it's been 20 yrs sense the intergration or battle of the souls as some call it. the ja'hayra (soul stealers) have been defeted but at a colossal price, the price of enslavement. our "saviors" the da'al jakai are a race of keepers. they enslave races and turn their planets to a fridged wasteland, such as ours is now. the goal of this overtaking is to mine for the stone that their ansostors buried deep within a planet somewhere in the solar systems of aris and epicah... 19 planets have fallen to this new threat ours being the first. many fought valient battles. all failed. but why use the people of the planets instead of doing it themselves? because they cannot stand the temperature of the core. but that is not a weakness on the surface. any organic material will freeze and shatter if left on the surface. they have become the keepers of our fate. we wish to be controlled no longer. although we must find help before any action aginst them may be taken, and we will travel universes to find it...

~~~~~~[COLOR=red] [SIZE=3]we are breed, we want our planet[/SIZE][/COLOR]~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[COLOR=orange] [SIZE=4]BACK [/SIZE] [/COLOR] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*smacks her self*

leave it to me to forget the sign up...

you'll need:

breed/other: (breed are mechanicly enhanced humans...kinda like androids) (other: can be saiyans, suitcases, giant cactuses i really don't care... how ever noone can be immensely powerful... no one can out reach someone as much as some ppl like to do... and finally...no one can take out the da'al jakai all on their lonesome...)
weapon: (anything...if you want a rock i'm not gonna argue...)
bio: (i hate these so it's optional)
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Name: ari enubis
age: 20
breed: Ravenest (a breed of people that can sprout wings)
weapon: staff/pole, bow and arrows.
bio: (I'll make this as painless as possible) Ari left her tribe years ago right before they were enslaved yet she has no intentions to save them for she was an outcast in her civilization.
description: Ari wears a tunic, pants, boots and has long black braided hair that matches her wings.
disposition: friendly when she's assured that you won't try to kill her.
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I'll join. ;)
name: Samantha
age: 15
breed/other: breed
weapon: a sword
description: wears baggy blue jeans and a black T-shirt.
disposition: friendly to her friends, a smart alic to her enemies. :D
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[color=crimson]Name: Orion
Breed/other: Breed.
Age: o.o **** he's old... errr... I dunno... Older than you'll ever be
Weapons: Appocalypse Darkness [A long sword, several inches taller than he is, and thin, sharp as anything else...] and a Sawed off Enchanced Shotgun....
Description: Black Jeans with many rips in them, a large leather jacket with no shirt underneath it, just an Ammo Vest. He has an ammo belt as well, so he is well stocked with supplies. He has a large sheath on his back for AD. His hair is silver and spiked in every which way, and he has a large scar along his cheek.
Bio: A loner, who has never told anyone of his past...[/color]
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lala I guess I will come back to OB since Ken is making such a whie about it and since you, Siren, are threating to kill meh if I dont o.o;;....anywho...guess I can try this out...erm..Siren...more detail please ^^?...*hears Siren yell a big hell no and where the hell ya been at him* righto o.o;...

Name: oo...I guess I will be... Treme Sivart

age: 18

Breed/other: Human

weapon:soo many sword...think I will go with something different... a custom made pistol that can shoot almost any kinda bullet, his razor sharp wit o.-

Bio: a young man who grew up enslaved, and after hearing of the days of peace,reblled, he has psychic power. they tend to lean to the mental such as empathy, and is pure human, without mechanical enhancments. talks little of his past and trys to enjoy himself as much as possible

description: wears a pair of jeans, and a black t-shirt when on leisure time, he has a short ponytail, and dark brown hair. his eyes are grey blue, often changing to a green-brown.

disposition: how ever he feels like being...
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name: kredion spiritborne
age: 13
race: human
weapon:teal lightsaber a wrist shot and a blastech 440 blaster rifle
bio: after fleeing a distoryed earth in a capsured vessel he feld to the closest planet in need of help hates slavery and will use what ever mean to kill his enemys even if it means killing him self lucky for him he is a digimon tamer whose digimon followed him off planet .
clothes/body: has dirty blone hair and wears clothes like squall from ff8.his digivice is teal and a d power model.
dispostion: tends to be sort of selfish and ends up in loads of trouble.
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Name:Surge....I ran out of Ideas Okay?


race:binchotie(People who asimulate others and abilities)

Weapon: Katana called Fusion, and a broad sword called Lumina

Bio:After being exiled for murder, he is after the breeds that cursed his home, Onett.He is skilled with every technique he can asimulate(only 1 now!)

Description:Wears a White robe(More like a ninjas) and has dark blue spiky hair.with his broad sword on his back.
disposition:has a tempure Around ingrates.
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Guest cloricus
Name: Eps
Age: 17
Breed/other: humanoid, mutant.
Weapon: has the ability to turn mostly anything (not living things) to weapons or what is needed (not to big and not magical) and carries a type 2 laser.
Bio: Pessimistic, will help any one if needed. Mutant with healing abilities.
Description: (see sig)
Disposition: doesn?t have a past, if any one asks (or not one people will find out about) and just generally mysterious.
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Wait! Don't start!

Name: TJ Grey
Age: 16
Breed/Other: Shadow Stalker
Weapon: Ninjato(Ninja Sword)
Bio: Not much history.
Description: Looks like a humanoid drssed in the traditional Ninja attire. Has sword strapped to his back. Eyes like burning embers(crimson red). Can also transform into a Grim Reaper-like being.
Disposition: Cynical and sarcastic.
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Guest Morph
[color=orange]Name: Genso Suiko

Age: Unknown

Race: Kobold

Class: No magic unless equiped with his rune, Soul Eater

1) Vision - Can see farther 10 times farther then normal
2) Scent - Can smell enemies 5 miles away

Occupation: Guardian and Protector of ALL Kobold Territory

Weapon: Star Dragon Sword [aka Zodiac Sword]

1) Martial Arts
2) Very Fast

Biography: This Kobold is very loyal to ALL Kobolds and its people, is uneasy to some people that he doesn't know, he can sometimes smell if a person has a pure heart or a dark heart... If you become his friend, you will never regret it, he will be there for you in many ways which you do not know...

Description: Looks like Gengen from Suikoden, but more muscular and built


I gave a lil bit, more then what it says but I was bored, I am not bored enough to post full in depth stuff[/color]
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