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RPG Hogwarts: A New Term (sign up)


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[Color=teal][I]Dark times have fallen upon those of the magic world. The Dark Lord has risen again with the aid of his servants and is destroying what has been rebuilt since his downfall. In Hogwarts School of Wizardry there is some hope, as Albus Dumbledore seems to be the only one whom the Dark Lord fears but nobody seems to know why. A new school term begins in Hogwarts in a few weeks time when the new students will arrive to begin their studies...you are one of them. You need to go do Diagon alley in a few days to get your things. The Hogwarts express leaves in two weeks time. So in other words it's the 18th of August [/I]
This is set a year after the 4th book so that Harry, Ron and Hermoine are in 5th year and George and Fred are in their 7th year.

All the previous teachers are still there except the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher Mad-eye Moody. A new teacher will be chosen at the new term feast

Also there are going to be important notices posted through out the year in all houses. Quidditch practice begins on October 1st one month after the new students arrive.

Houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin

To make things fair on Quidditch players I have created four new brooms for the different players one for each position Seeker, Keeper, Beater, and Chaser. Be careful when choosing the broom, make sure it suits your position. Each mark gives the brooms stats

Seeker: Nimbus 2002 (Speed 7, Strength 3)
Keeper: Nice-Catch (Speed 4, Strength 6)
Beater: Thrash-Master (Speed 5, Strength 5)
Chaser: Clear- Shot (Speed 6, Strength 4)
Post in a bio like this to join

Name: Seamus Black
Age: 11
Height: 5'0
Year: 1st (must begins here)
House: (Will be decided at sorting)
Pet: Falcon (Name Horus)
Bio: The only son of the accused murderer Sirius Black. His relations raised Seamus in Ireland on his mother's side. He writes regularly to his father and hopes to visit him when he goes to Hogwarts. He is the biggest hurling fan you'll ever meet and goes everywhere with his county jersey on.
Appearance: He has fair hair, blue eyes and looks like a young Ridley from Dungeons and Dragons
Personality: Calm and cool most of the time, Friendly and gets on well with most people. He absolutely hates the Malfoys, as he knows they're dark wizards.
Quidditch Specialty: Beater [/color]
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Name: Ryu
Age: 11
Height: 5'2
Year: 1st
Pet: Cat
Pet name: Des
Bio: Ryu has three older brothers and his father was a teacher at hogwarts and his mother died when he was only five.
Appearance: black hair
Personality: Good humor and sometimes surious. He doesn't like Malfoy very much.
Quidditch Specialty: Chaser
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Name: Tani
Age: 11
Height: 5'3"
Year: 1st
Pet: Saea (cat)
Bio: Tani is a nice girl who like to help others, but often gets into trouble because of adventure-seeking nature. She has many friends, but is always looking for new ones.
Appearance: Brown hair and eyes, always wears her hair in a ponytail.

Qudditch Specialty: Seeker
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Name: Tursi Mar
Age: 11
Height: 5'6"
Year: 1st
Pet: raptor ( name: merlin)
Bio: Tursi lives with her friends(muggles) after loseing her parents in a terrible accident at a very young age. She has a pet firelizard, but i stays home. SHe doesn't have a last name so she made one up for her self when she was little.
Appearance: brown hair and green eyes.
Personality: Humorus at times, but usual keeps to her self so she doesn't trouble anyone with her problems. But with these problems she gets very curious, and adventureus, and in truble.
Quidditch Specialty: dosen't have one but she is good at broom stunts and catching balls (when she plays the muggle sport baseball during the summer)
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Name: Niko de Malveraz
Age: 11
Height: 5'1
Year: 1st
Pet: Owl named Jack
Bio: Niko was born in Mexico to a poor family and was later moved to London with his aunt who was a witch.
Appearance: He has brown eyes with dark brown hair and glasses
Personality: Calm Cool very anti social, but very smart. Niko's aunt hoped hogwarts would change that
Quidditch Specialty: Seaker He has played baseball all his life.
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Age:10(Dumbledore let her in early)
Height:about 4`10
Pet:Owl name Fastflyer
Quidditch possion:Seeker
Bio:Young, cheerfull, always smiling.She will TRY to ne anyones friend, she only sees the good in people.She does get into trouble for being adventureous, though... longlost Younger sister of Harry Potter.
Looks:short black hair, Tomboyish,brown eyes
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Name: Zarith Uraine
Age: 11
Year: 1st
Pet: Anaconda (45 Feet long)
Bio: No one really knows anything about him
Appearance: Like Oliver Wood but black hair
Personality: Mean
Quidditch Specialty: Keeper[/size][/color]
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Name; Abob Teff
Age; 11
Height; 5feet 11 inches
Pet; Dog, Sydney
House; All siblings/father in slytherin, mom in ravenclaw(ravenclaw for him???)
Bio; Comes from long line of wizards, HATES quiddich...
Appearence; White skin, blond hair, green eyes

Anyone Know when the 5th book comes out???????
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Name:Mara Manson
Height: around 5'3"
Pet: Ebony Black Cat named: Gaz
Quidditch possion: Chaser
Bio: Ranaway from Dublin (ireland)at the age of 9 to live with her cousin in Greene (upstate ny). became interested in shoujo anime and obsessed with bishonen.
Pesonality:..... mischievous, troublesum, prankster, luv's fun, adventurous, and sneeky
Looks: Short, reddish blondish brownish hair, blue/green eyes.

:flaming: :D :worried: :demon:
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[color=teal]OK 2 more people and we'll start and by the way here's the list of allowed pets becaus ei think a 45ft anaconda would make people a little on edge or a raptor so would you mind changing ok here are the pets
Small Birds (Owls etc)
Small Dogs
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