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RPG Maverick Hunters: Replimasters


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[I]In AD 21XX... War was beginning...[/I]

Megaman X: What happen?

Zero: Someone set up us the Bomb!

*cough* Seriously though...

[I]21XX, the world is in turmoil... A recent uprising of powerful Maverick Reploids has kept the Maverick Hunters very busy, and they have not yet found the cause of the disturbance... And in various parts of the world, some very strange occurances have been presenting themselves... Reploids similar to the Robot Masters created by Dr. Wily many years ago have begun springing up near their original stages/areas... As well as all this, reports of a Mysterious Black robot have been surfacing around the area of Dr. Wily's lab ruins... The Maverick Hunters have termed these new Reploids 'Replimasters', after the Old Robot Masters... However, with most of the Hunters damaged/destroyed from previous battles, there are only a few left in the Squad who can fight these new Replimasters... And so the few remaining Hunters assemble at the Hunter's HQ...[/I]

So how do I start this? I'll keep it simple. And I remind you that you don't HAVE to be a Reploid, you can be an enhanced human if you want..

[b]Sign up sheet-


I'll sign up once I find out where I put my History... >_<
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[b]Name:[/b] Drake

[b]Age:[/b] 147

[b]Height:[/b] 6' 3"

[b]Weapons:[/b] Beam Saber, Energy-Enhanced Shield, and the Fox-III Buster (Meanin it's a hellova kick in the azz)

[b]History:[/b] Can't ruin the suspence, now can we...;)

[b]Bio:[/b] Blows up $hit... You'll find out more later, I promise....I'm just in pain at the moment....O_o
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[b]Height:[/b]5ive foot 9ine

[b]Weapons:[/b]Advanced Beam Saber, Dark Knight Prototype Buster(who knows what'll happen?)

[b]History:[/b]I'll post it in my opening post of the play topic...I can't think of it right now.

[b]Bio:[/b]See attachment...You'll get the idea(but the hair is really f****d up...)
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[b]Name:[/b] Warlock

[b]Age:[/b] 152 years

[b]Height:[/b] 5'10"

[b]Weapons:[/b] Type 5 X-Buster 'Hellspawn', 'COSSACK 001' Beam Sabre

[b]History:[/b] Warlock was Dr Light's last creation, even though he was started after the events of MM3... Warlock was a 'hobby' project of Dr Light's, which he worked on in his spare time... After the events of MM7, Dr Light also started work on MegaMan X, leaving the half-completed Warlock to lie and wait to be built... After a few years, Proto Man decided to activate what was done on Warlock so far, and Warlock's life began... Due to his lower torso and legs not being completed, he watched over the lab for a few years, watching as Dr Light and several robots went along with their work... Then, one fateful day, a green robot he had seen several times appeared, warning the good Docter of danger coming... Dr Light, who had only just sealed away X, rushed up to Warlock, and started to finish him off... However, just as his his first leg was attached, something smashed through the roof... This red robot started laying waste to the lab, and Warlock watched as Rock, Dr Light and several other robots were slain... Protoman, who had been away when this robot first appeared, teleported in... A battle between the two occured, and in the end Protoman, almost defeaten, grabbed Warlock and teleported out... They appeared at a mountain overlooking the lab, and watched as a giant generator by it's side was blown up by the red robot... The explosion which occured was gigantic, and Protoman yet again teleported out, returning back after the shockwave was gone... They looked out over the destruction, before deciding to find a safehaven... Warlock suggested another lab he had heard off, and Protoman teleported out with Warlock again... This time, they appeared in Russia, right at the entrance of Dr Cossack's lab... They met Dr Cossack, and he became intrigued with Warlock's design.... Finishing Warlock off, he also gave him an experimental beam sabre he had just made, including a few more upgrades... For a few weeks, both Protoman and Warlock trained at Dr Cossack's lab, until disaster struck... The red robot appeared again, laying waste to most of the lab... Both Warlock and Protoman teamed up on it, and just barely lost... Protoman yelled at Warlock to leave, saying that if he trained up, he could one day defeat the robot... Warlock teleported out, but came back almost straight after, realising his mistake to have Protoman sacrifice himself... When he appeared, everything was rubble, and Protoman and the red robot were gone... However, Warlock found Protoman's visor, and changing it into sunglasses, he wore them... From the on, he continued to train... Fastforward to the present, Warlock now works with the Reploid Hunters, still looking for Protoman who he hopes to be still alive, and forever feeling hatred towards Zero...

[b]Persona:[/b] Cool, collective, and calm in a fight (most of the time). Warlock is an experienced fighter, who always helps those in need.
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[b]Name:[/b] 'Flash'

[b]Age:[/b] 154

[b]Height:[/b] 5'10"

[b]Weapons:[/b] F(lash)-Buster, 'Terra Fatalis' Beam Sabre, G-Shield 'Savior'.

[b]History:[/b] Flash was the Ultimate Proto-type robot. He was first 'designed' by Doctor Wily prior to the events of Mega Man 2. Flash was based very closely off of Mega man, being equipped with the same Armour, Weapons, everything. Wily, fustrated by the difficulty of upgrading such a robot to beyond the powers of Mega man (who will now be refered to as 'Rock'), gave up on Flash who was Code-named 'Giga man' for the time being. After the defeat of his 8 new robot masters (MM2) Wily became Lights Assistant again, fooling both Light and Rock into believing that 8 robots had turned evil, and needed the power devices that they had stolen to power the new 'Peace Keeping' Robot, Gamma... (Mega man 2..) Anyway, while he was in Light's lab, He found plans for new robots, and the old plans for Protoman (who will be refered to as 'Blues'). After MM2, Wily used these plans to upgrade his 'Giga man' plans. He activated Giga man prior to MM3, and he was only equipped with his 'Giga-Buster', which was effectively a Mark VI Proto-Buster (Blues' Buster). Giga man asked about his purpose, and Wily told him it was to destroy Rock.. But, because of the Mega man Programming Wily used for him, he disliked the idea of killing anyone... Wily was most displeased, telling him he was 'a failure, a stupid failure'. Giga man felt angered and rejected by this, but stayed loyal to Wily, as he was his creator.. Giga man Helped Wily alot around the lab, constantly helping him make improvements to his Robot masters. It was Giga man that helped Wily create the likes of Doc Robot and Dark man. Then, around the events of MM4, when Bass was being designed, Giga man had trained himself for combat, and even designed himself a Shield, similar to the Proto-Shield. His Buster was also upgraded to a Mark I F-Buster (Bass' 'prototype' buster), which he later upgraded to feature a Variable weapons grid like Megaman's, only his had alot more data storage, which allowed him to store weapons permanently... But Wily was not impressed. He was more worried about creating Bass... Giga man was angered, but he continued to help Wily... However, Wily refused to listen to Giga man's suggestions, and thus, Bass was built inferior to Rock. Wily was even more Infuriated when Bass turned on Wily, and became Rock's Happy-go-evil Ally. Wily began work on another robot.. This one beyond the power of any built before it... Giga man studied this robot, and even got a chance to test one of it's new weapons, a Beam sabre. For 3 years Wily worked on this Robot, and with each day he rejected Giga man more and more. Eventually, Giga man became fed up with this, and left. Over the next 4 years, He developed his fighting skills and upgraded his own systems, Weapons and all. After a long time alone, he found a large lab, belonging to none other than Dr. Light. At first he was met by 3 Busters, belonging to Bass, Rock and Blues.. But after a long disscussion, he was accepted, and his name was changed to Flash, because of his impressive speed. He became good friends with Protoman, as he felt they were two of the same... During this time he also fell in love (Robot love.. o_O) with Roll (Wouldn't you know it...). Anyway, he learnt alot from the Light bots, and became a much better fighter training with them. He also informed Light of the new Wily-bot, which he knew Wily had termed a 'Reploid'. Light was thankful for this information, and in turn helped Megaman design his own Support System for his Shield. (They based the Adaptors off of Rock's Rush adaptor, Bass' Treble adaptor, various robot masters, and alot of Light and Flash's own design..) Thus, Light began construction of X. A few years later, Flash left, much to the disapointment of Roll. He had a bad feeling about something.. He set up a base in an old station of one of the old Robot masters, and began upgrading himself once more... After a few years, he felt it... Something terrible was about to happen... He fat once travelled to Dr. Light's workshop, and told them of the message... Dr Light was forced to finish work on X early (which explains the capsules in the MMX series... He would have been built with them). He then rushed to Dr. Wily's lab, though he disliked the doctor, he felt it his duty to warn him of what he felt. Dr. Wily was angered by Flash's statement, and then questioned where he god his upgrades from. When he informed Dr. Wily of the Light bots, Wily called him a traitor, and attacked him with a large battle suit. Flash fled the scene, not wanting to hurt Wily.. Flash walked for a very long time, until he came to a place of tranquility, an ancient ruin, most likely of greek origin. He sat atop the high ruins, and watched the sun set for what could very well be the final time. Suddenly, Roll appeared next to him, obviously teleporting in from somewhere... Flash was happy to see her, yet he knew this may be their last time together... As they spent a romantic time watching the sunset, as the twilight was dwindling, something happened.. A huge explosion erupted from the horizon, and a firestorm sped towards them.. They fled inside the catacombs of the ruins, hoping to find shelter... They did.. When they emerged from the rubble, the entire valley was scorched, everything on fire and such. The events had destroyed most of the world... They tried to teleport back to Light's lab, but couldn't, seeing as the lab was destroyed, and the teleporters along with it. They were both saddened by this, but went on, over the horizon. They travelled together for many years, until one day, a mysterious robot confronted them... Roll suggested they approach him, and try to learn what was going on, but Flash knew it was none-other than Wily's creation, who could have very well caused the Cataclysm. Flash took out his own Sabre, and launched into Battle with the robot, who quickly responded with attacks of his own. The robot was outmatched by Flash, and left... But as he left, he attacked Roll with his Sabre, damaging her critically... Flash ran to Roll's aid, but she was already beyond repair, and shutdown in his arms. Flash greived her Death for many years, and swore revenge against the Mysterious Red Maverick... Flash foward to present day, Flash now operates in the Reploid hunters, but secretly awaits his chance to destroy Zero...

[b]Persona:[/b] Flash is strong in battle, and still holds a grudge against Zero. Out of battle, Flash is a helpful yet stern member of the Hunters...
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Nova

[B]Age:[/B] 46 years

[B]Height:[/B] 5'9"

[B]Weapons:[/B] Vortex Buster, SytheX-80.

[B]Bio:[/B] A rookie in the art of Maverick Hunting, he was developed by an underground robot foundation. During the making process something went wrong and the data on Maverick Hunting was erased from his CPU. He was then chucked out and he seemed to recollect some information on Maverick Hunting. He left, and no more information is known on him.

[B]Persona:[/B] Doesn't like to battle because his sensors tell him not to, but his Maverick Hunting memory tells him to. He is curious most of the time due to his rookie level of Maverick Hunting.

Is that ok?[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Slash

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Height:[/B] 5'7"

[B]Weapons:[/B] S. Buster, Slashing Beam Saber

[B]Bio:[/B] Long ago, when Dr. Wily builted Bass (Forte) he wasn't to sure if Bass had what it takes to destroy Megaman (Rockman).So he decided to built Slash which look identically the same as Bass just with more add-on parts, he locked Slash up in a Capsule until he was sure that Bass could take on Megaman.

Few years later, Bass founded out about the back-up robot "Slash" which maded Bass totally upset with Dr. Wily.With all this in his mind he lefted Dr.Wily's Lab and decided to team-up with Megaman in "[b]Rockman & Forte[/b]" to learn all about Megaman and soon some day destroy him to become the best robot ever.

After all the events that took place, Wily who was dissapointed in Bass unleashed Slash to freedom. One thing Wily forgot was he accidently inserted a Goodguy- Chip into Slash's mind instead of a Badguy-Chip.One day Slash founded out all about the history of Dr. Wily and his evil plans, Slash knew everything Wily did was wrong including himself, so Slash decided to follow Bass steps.

Slash left Dr. Wily's Lab and joined up with the goods.

[B]Persona:[/B] Slash fights with all his might in battles, when he gets mad, Slash will unleash the fierceful side of him. Aside from fights Slash is usally an all-around type of guy.[/size]
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Hmmm...The only MMX game I've played is MMX3, but I've been to loadza sites and stuff so I know the basics in MMX, so I guess I'll join. But if I start rambling on about stuff which isn't MMX related, feel free to kick me outta the RPG. :)


[B]Name:[/B] Max

[B]Age:[/B] Uh...50?

[B]Height:[/B] 5'10"

[B]Weapons:[/B] Beam Sword (think Zeros), Z Buster model 4 (My god...I can't believ I just made myself a cannon called the Z Buster O_O) and a plasma sheild (mades out of pure energy, but has to recharge every 3 hours)

[B]History:[/B] Max was the prototype model of Zero, and after Zero was completed, Dr. Wily (i've heard he's the one who made Zero? :confused: ) didn't bother to finish upgrading Max. But after the events of MMX3, Dr. W' decided that X and Zero might not be enough if there were more evils to come, so he finished off Max. (Of course this was before he went evil (did he go evil? Damn site. Dunno whether to trust [URL=http://www.maxpages.com/mmx/Dr_Wily]it![/URL] >_<

[B]Personality:[/B] Max is a calm guy out of battle, but Dr. W' acidentally installed a turbo-mode into Max's brain, which sets off every now and then, making him go crazy and shooting everything in sight. Apart from that, he's a nice guy. :D
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Uh, guys? I think you'd better start the RPG now before this topic goes onto the second page and neone else joins. ;) Also, check out the...Um...Well, they're not really PROPER sprites 'coz all I did was change the colours on them instead of giving them diff' clothes and stuff, but newayz, check out my piccys of Max! :D
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Name: Shadow
Age: He doesn't know and he doesn't care :D
Weapons: Shadow Buster, Beam Sabre, Shadow Claw (Three claws of pure energy extend from his fist giveing his Karate Punches powerful effects)
History: [SIZE=1]He was built by Dr. Wily for one purpose and one purpose only. To help in the creation of Forte. Dr. Wily paid little attention to Builder (real name) from the start. And he paid even more when he was in the construction of Forte. So little attention that it angered Builder. Builder trained himself in the martial arts, and upgraded himself with a weaker model of Forte's blaster. But the Dr. was unimpressed and continued work on Forte. One day while the Dr. was away and Builder was left in charge, he upgraded himself with some of the nearly finished Forte's parts. He thought that if he was as strong as Forte the Dr. would except him. But instead the Dr. was furious and kicked him out. Then Builder became a homeless Reploid. One day he heard about the failure of Forte. Believeing this was his chance he set off to search and destroy X to prove himself. But intead he found a mysterious red Reploid. The two did battle, and Builder's main weapon his B buster as he renamed it (B buster?) was torn from his arm early in the battle, and after that he got beat up so bad it wasn't even funny. Builder escaped, but afterwards passed out because of his injuries. He awoke inside of a huge lab fully repaired. With new black armor that he liked alot better then his old armor which was a green color, a new blaster, a beam sabre, and a brand new weapon just for him which he calls the "Shadow Claw." After realizeing he was repaired by the Maverick Hunters, he immeidetely came face to face with X. The two had a short battle but after a little talking to Builder stopped his battle and joined the Hunters.[/SIZE]
Persona:[SIZE=1]He still holds a bit of anger towards X. Beliveing that if he wasn't created then they would have been no need for Forte, and he would have lived with and been accepted by the Dr. He also has a grudge agaisn't Zero. Since Zero defeating him made him feel like an even bigger failure. He is quick to anger but calm in battle, and hates to lose in anything. [/SIZE]
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*cough*............Flash, Lock? Should we let him join?

Oh, and it seems that Craig might join up... So we'll have to decide weither or not to let him.. I say let Craig join.. We need good members to keep this goin... So that's one vote for letting Craig in...
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[size=1]Okay, phew...I hope I get this right lol. I don't know much about Mega Man (I only ever played the first NES game), so I'll try to get it right lol.[/size]

[b]Name:[/b] Proteus
[b]Age:[/b] 24 Hours (powered up 24 hours prior to the beginning of the story)

[b]Height:[/b] 5'11"
[*]1x Multi-Adjustable Electron Buster - Capable of being adjusted to multiple settings (range, spread, power etc)
[*]1x Adaptive Shield - Capable of changing shape and texture
[*]1x Particle Accelerator Gun - High-powered handgun used primarily against machine/synthetic enemies

[b]History:[/b] During his early years, Dr. Light began working on a secret project entitled "Project Lightspeed". The primary directive of the project was to engineer a robot with specialized metallic surfaces, which were able to change their physical properties at will.

The process was a difficult one, because such technology required a special titanium alloy, which could only be created in a laboritory setting.

Furthermore, Dr. Light realized that utilizing one single CPU would not be enough -- each adaptive part of the body would require its own processing capabilities. This led to various mockup models which had all sorts of malfunctions; some robots would begin firing at nothing, some would be attracted to strong light and fly directly into any light source and some were unable to control their adaptive limbs.

Dr. Light knew that his goals were too complex, so instead he decided to focus on a model which had adaptive weaponry and armor, rather than a 100% adapative body.

The model in question was labeled "P-120x". P-120x was unique in the sense that it was capable of smoothly controlling its own Electron Buster Cannon with ease -- the robot was able to manipulate the various properties of the cannon, allowing it to control rate of fire, power of fire and spread of attack.

Dr. Light also added this feature to the model's feet, giving it various supplemental abilities, such as the ability to walk on air (hover) as well as the ability to walk on metal walls and ceilings (magnet).

Moreover, the P-120x was capable of repairing itself and others as well as upgrading by way of limb-additions. For example, Dr. Light intended on constructing various kinds of feet and hand weaponry which could easilly be attached to the robot. Dr. Light also produced a pair of specialized contact lenses, which contained microscopic titanium fibres. The fibres would rearrange themselves based upon electronic impulses provided by the machine's cornea. The idea was that the eyes themselves would not need to be modified -- but rather, the contact lenses could easily adapt to any situation (night vision, infra-red etc) and could be replaced if severely damaged.

As time went by, Dr. Light realized that his pet project would have to wait. He took P-120x and lay him in a storage capsule in one of his warehouses. He then wrote a letter and stuck it on the front of the capsule:

[i]"To whoever finds this capsule,

I am unsure how the world will be when I am gone. The future holds many unanswered questions.

I am concerned that Dr. Wily isn't finished and I know that he will not stop until he has achieved complete dominance.

If you stumble upon this capsule and you are sympathetic to my cause, I urge you to activate this model. He will help you in your quest.

If you decide to activate him, you will find his serial code on the side of this capsule. Simply enter the code into the keypad under his chest plate.


Dr. Light"[/i]

Sure enough, a severe bomb blast destroyed most of the warehouse in a firefight. A figure emerged near the capsule and leant over it, reading the note. It was Flash. He was shocked and surprised to see the capsule laying there in the dust -- it had never been opened.

He read the inscription on the capsule, which read [b]"P-120x 'Proteus Unit' "[/b].

And that is how Proteus' life began.

[b]Persona:[/b] Proteus has just been awakened. For the last 24 hours, he was hooked to a docking bay where he charged up. He is a blank slate with very little understanding of the world around him.

And soon, Flash (or someone else) will need to activate him when his power levels are completely charged.


[color=blue][b][font=courier]Proteus Unit 01[/b][/font][/color]
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I don't know much about Megaman..... but I am steadily learning. If someone would give me a hand with weapons, that would be very much appreciated.

Neil: You call Bob & George steadily learning?

Craig: -.-........ quiet!

Oh, and please don't mock my sprite...... i worked hard on it, and it's my first serious attempt....... but i don't know if I'm allowed o have that kind of robot, so tell me if I'm not, and I'll get Neil to do my other one for me.
Name: Omega

Age: 78

Height: 6'2"

Weapons: X-2 Beam Sabre; K-L3 Buster 'Diablo'

History: Omega was contruscted by Dr Wily, and was the most succesful prototype based on Bass' designes. He was constructed shortly after Bass, and was done so not by Wily himself, but by a team of robotic technicians. He has all of Bass' basic abilities, including transforming with his costom built animal. However, an animal was not created for him to transform with, and so he was programmed initially to activate only when Bass had been destroyed, and then find Treble, so he could transform. So, as long as Bass lived, Omega remained dormant in a bunker underneath Wily's lair. During the cataclysm, Bass was destroyed, and Omega was activated. However, Treble was also destroyed in the event, and so now Omega is trying to find any sort of plans of Treble, so he can contruct his own model. So far he has had no luck.

Persona: Quiet, sometimes bears grudges, and is quick to anger.
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Guest Morph
[size=1]Name: Blaze

Age: 48

Height: 5'8"

Weapons: Carnage Buster, Demon Beam Sabre, X-Shield 'X-Crossed'.

History: After the destruction of Bass and Mega Man, Dr. Willy started on a new project called... "Project Fuzion", He would start this tremenous project, he was of the body construct of Bass, the agility and speed of Mega man.... He was programmed to find Treble, and destory him. But as Dr. Willy created this Reploid, he realized one thing, his jumping skills were limited, he couldn't jump very high or far, try as he might to fix this after tireless hours and hours, he couldn't, so one day, he decided to end " Project Fuzion ", After 5 months of being in his cryo tube, an electrical surge came thru all of Dr. Willy's equipment, and secretly re-activating Blaze. His ultimate quest continues on, for the search for Treble may take forever, but he swore that he WILL find him...

Persona: Blaze has mood swings, he also is very calm under pressure, he thrives on it. Blaze is a good person to those he trusts, but an enemy to all others. He is a great aid for the Maverick Hunters[/size]
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