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RPG Dragonball: Heir to the Empire


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[color=teal][I]Two hundred years before the birth of King Vegeta last in the line of rulers of the planet bearing the same name a terrible war shook the world and lasted many a year claiming countless lives in the process. For you see the previous king had died and fathered no heir male or otherwise to lead the empire after his demise. Countless clans arose to take his place as leader but not one had a legitimate claim to the throne.

Larger clans made alliances with smaller clans who would be seen as less of a threat by enemies. Vicious battles took place intrigue, deceit and assassinations are all part of the war. Many great leaders have been lost through these methods but it is assured that only the strongest clan leader will prevail and lead Vegeta into a new age of glory.

Few leaders actually lead their warriors into battle for fear of being lost in the fray but some still wish to inspire courage and loyalty into the hearts of their soldiers by racing into battle at their side. As there leaders plan their complicated tactics and are ever wary of attack it seems that Vegeta will be war torn for quite some time...unless a victor of this war emerges soon[/I]

Post in a bio similar to this


[i]The average warrior's powerlevel in a clan is 6,000, the leaders have 9,000[/i]

Name: Li
Age: 32
Clan: Vegeta
Bio: Li took over his clan at the age of 20 after his father was killed in an attack by another clan. Li seeks to lead those of planet Vegeta into a peaceful union so that they may crush their enemies in outer space and bring glory to the empire. Li is not afraid to use violence to achieve his conquests and has slaughtered many an enemy village so he can become heir to the throne of Vegeta
Appearance: Looks like Vegeta, he wears a black suit of saiya-jin armor with white gloves and a white cape. The suit is the same suit as Vegeta wore in the saiya-jin saga
Powerlevel: 9,000[/color]
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Name: Bardock II
Age: 25
Clan: Bardock
Bio: First son of Bardock I, he was named after his father. He is a middle class warrior like his father. Hopes he will inherit the clan when his father dies.
Appearance: looks like Bardock.
Powerlevel: 6,000
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Name: Bulliwif(Bull-vi)
Age: 21
Clan: Currently Jinsu. However, this may change because he is likely to be traded to another clan for any number of reasons.
Bio: He is one of many possible heirs to any one of the many smaller, loosely knit, clans in the Northern Hemisphere of Vejita. He is a large man who enjoys to drink as much as he does to fight. He is the only remaining son of his father. This is because he defeated the rest of his brothers and sisters in battle.
Appearance: 6' 11. 280 lb. Brown hair that only stands on end when he powers up. Grey eyes. He wears battered armor which halts at his throat and thighs.
Power level: 6,000
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