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Most hated household chores

Ice Dragon v2

Whoich one do u hate the most  

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  1. 1. Whoich one do u hate the most

    • Washes the dishes
    • Vacuum ur living room
    • Clean up your room
    • Mow the lawn (i say thats a good way in making $$$)
    • Other

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ZF SSA Goten [/i]
[B]i hate mowing the lawn. it's soooo hot out. it takes 2 hours. but then i demand 40 bucks. :devil: :devil: [/B][/QUOTE]

I don't get paid for doing [I]any[/I] of my chores....

That's why they're called 'chores.' :rolleyes:

And lucky me, I get to do the dishes of six people, almost every night.....
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I have to do TOO many chores!:( :mad: Wash the dishes, do EVERYONE'S laundry, clean the whole stinkin' house and I have a pretty big house!:flaming: :flaming: :flaming: And a whole lot more! But I hate laundry the most! I have to fold so many clothes! I don't get paid either or ALLOWANCE..... I never have to clean the yard much or mow the lawn tho.. thats my older brother's department.....:flaming: :mad: Laff :laugh: if u want about my unluckiness! But I am after all the only grl in the household besides my mom..... So my mom and dad say: It a grl's job to clean, and since u r a grl u have to do it. (my mom helps me sometimes but she has to go to work):( :(
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Cleaning the bathroom. and when I ask for money or anything for doing chores heres my parents responce.

"You get a roof over your head food to eat and clothes on your back"

Grrrrrr. :mad:

and I have to clean the dishes for a family of 7.
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