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[URL=http://www.mutedfaith.com/quiz/q2.htm]What kind of friend are you?[/URL]
[URL=http://www.mutedfaith.com/quiz/q1.htm]What stereotype are you?[/URL]
[URL=http://www.mutedfaith.com/quiz/qz4.htm]What kind of mage are you?[/URL]
[URL=http://www.mutedfaith.com/quiz/q3.htm]What kind of roleplaying stereotype are you?[/URL]
Heres what I got:


I'm really curious to see what you people will get..........
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Guest Matt
[color=red][b]lol. here's what i got:

friend: [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/stab.jpg[/img]

Sterotype(I like this one): [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/slut.jpg[/img]

mage: [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/earth.jpg[/img]

RPS: [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/shape.jpg[/img][/b][/color]
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[color=crimson][size=1]Well here's what I got, but I don't have the pictures:

I was the Good Friend.
I was an Outsider. (Although I agree, I disagree with the part about have a disfunctional family. I really just don't fit into any category.
I was an Illusionist.
I was a Demi-God.

And there you have it![/color][/size]
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As if this one wasn't going to be obvious.



Oh, that was fun.[/color]
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Guest Voodookanaka
friend: um...this ones just wrong[IMG]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/comicfriend.jpg[/IMG]
stereotype: This goth guy looks just like me, i really really agree, this is me. [IMG]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/goth.jpg[/IMG]
mage: i guess.......[IMG]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/illusion.jpg[/IMG]
RPS: I think i got this one coz of the spanking thing...o_O [IMG]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/pain.jpg[/IMG]
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[color=crimson]Friend: [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/fairfriend.jpg[/img]

StereoType: [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/goth.jpg[/img]

Mage: [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/water.jpg[/img]

RPG StereoType: [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/pain.jpg[/img]

If you know nothing about me... those four pretty much sum me up...
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[COLOR=blue]Here's what I got.

This wasn't surprising.

I expected this.

Mage: This didn't work for some reason. :confused:

Not sure how I got this...[/COLOR]
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Mage: As if we didn't see [i]this[/i] one coming...

Roleplaying Stereotype:

This topic is hell for those with slow modems, lol. :p

[edit] . . . Looking back on all of my little shpiels.. I have a pretty deadly combination.. a backstabbing, demi-god-like, pyromaniac goth... :all:[/color]
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Wow, I always thought I was a bad friend, but it turns out to be the other way around.Lol.:)
Friend: [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/goodfriend.jpg[/img]

Stereotype: [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/jock.jpg[/img]

I love the name of this one.
Mage: [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/spirit.jpg[/img]

RPG StereoType: [img]http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/demi.jpg[/img]
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I don't know what I mage is(DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!) but I took the other tests. and why do all the images turn out as little boxes with Xs?
My stupid AOL internet thingy has those stupid restrctions on them, and I was only able to take the friendship test. >< well, here are my results for that test:

wow. you are a really good friend. People like you are hard to come by, and even ahrder to belive. maybe you have a secret motive or something....
But it seems like you genuinely care about your friends. Go you!

eh. I don't think i'm THAT good good of a friend. I mean, I'm pretty good, but I have, my stupid moments...
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I'm touched.:D

Now this is just wrong!

Yep, that's me alright!

What the hell?
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[color=indigo]I got bored... so I made this on my lil' cheapy MS Paint program (see attachment) :p Hehe.. having no life is fun, and for that I also have a poem I saw somewhere.

Life is a waste of time...
Time is a waste of life...
Get Wasted all the time...
Have the time of your life...


[edit] It would probably help if I [i]attached[/i] the attachment -_-[/color]
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