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The Story - It is the near future in a world where magic use is abundant, magic users and non magic users have lived side by side for years.
Yet the non-magic users are treated badly by the magic users. Eventually they decide to fight back, setting up a group called the Silencers.

The Earth is in a war, Kagims versus Silencers. The Silencers are losing, until they decide to strike back by setting up an elite team (you can choose to be a member of this elite team) with brilliant physical attributes and skills with weapons. The team are called Project Silence.

In this RPG you can choose to be either side.

Silencers mainly use guns/swords. They are very agile and physically fit and can go beyond normal human limits.
Some Silencers are out for their own goals, not for the good of their people.

Kigams are not very fit and rely more on their magic than weapons. However, some Kagims do use swords. They can use spells or magic to enhance their physical abilities, but most of them find this useless. Higher level Kagims can use stronger abilities.

Info needed:
[B]If you are a Kagim/Silencer
Weapon: (if used)
Magic Ability: (on a scale of 1-10, if you are a Kagim)

Here is my character:
Name: Xian (zee-an)

Age: 18

Height: 6ft

Description: Quite long (like Heero Yuy from Gundam) black hair. Always carries his sword in a sheath on his back, although he hates using it. He was caught up in a massive battle between the two sides and used a magic power he didn't even know existed when a Silencer attempted to attack him. His father was mercilessly killed in the attack.

Weapon: A sword that he used to learn how to use when his father was still alive. He infuses magic into the sword, giving him extra power.

Magic Ability: 6 (without sword) 9 (with the sword)

I'm making the thread on Saturday 15th of June, any questions please PM me.
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This looks really cool, great idea TED, this is my character

Name: Taréko 'Tracer' Artike

Age: 16

Height: 5' 11''

Description: -atachment-
Very loyal, usually sees the good in everyone, including silencers. One of the stronger, Kagims physically, and very powerful magic wise, has been studying the art instead of normal schooling since he was 3. Despite, not going to regular school, he is quite smart with great common sense. Taréko feels this war is pointless and believes in an equal society for all, fights to protect himself and others. An orphan from the age of 9, as his parents both went missing with out a trace after war was declared.

Weapon: Refuses to use weapons as he believes it is a sign of pschological weakness and inability to embrace the future.

Magic Ability: 7-8 (can rise higher in times of distress and anger)
Taréko is able to weave complex magic, from elemental types to barriers etc, also practices illusions and 'telekinesis' controling things with his mind.
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Name: Lacroix Vukodlak
Age: 22
Height: 6 ft
Description: Shoulder length raven black hair. Vukodlak always wears black, and conceals himself with a hooded cloak that does not hinder movement. His face when seen, is always done up in gothic makeup. Nothing about his past is known, even to him.
Weapon: Twin scimitars, automatic pistol.[/font][/color]
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Guest cloricus
Name: Kross
Age: 21
Height: 6'1
Description: Tall with jet-black hair and a small "x" shaped scare on his face from previous battles. Wears a full-length black leather coat that has steel fibres sown though it to make it partially bullet proof. The coat is used to conceal his weapons and himself.
Does not like people
Weapon: Gold plated, double handed long sword and a hidden
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Name: Flora


Height: 5' 4"

Description: Long blond hair, silver eyes,

Weapon: Throwing Daggers

Magic Ability: 4-5 She's not very strong in magic. She can read minds and speak to people with her mind. She can fight with her throwing dagers well though, which magic power can't control in any way.
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[I]The Elite DBZ aka TED will not be back for a week, well until this Saturday and so this RPG will not start until then, just means more people can join :D[/I]

[I] Good luck to all, more Kagim please LoL.[/I]
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Name: Blair

Age: 17

Height: 5'7

Description: Rather short and a little wide, Blair is well composed and very strong. He has long, black hair, extending just a little short of his shoulders.

Weapon: Boomerang

Magical Ability ~ 7...Blair's skills in magic aren't focused as well, not enough to create fire, though he can command objects (Telekenesis) to his very will IE: His boomerang...

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Name: Kenes Valkyre

Age: 23

Height: 6'4"

Description: Silver Hair that covers his eyes and ears, so it is kinda long. His eyes are colored a deep green, and give you an eerie sense when he looks at you. His arms are muscular, as is the rest of his body, with several scars along his arms from battles with the Kagim.

He wears a black and white camo shirt, that is extremely baggy. A black vest compliments this shirt, with several knifes and daggers, along with shotgun ammo for his 12 Guage Shotgun that is hung on his shoulder, 'just in case'. , Basic Cargo Blue Jeans are his main choice for pants, and his shoes are Steel Toed Black Boots.

His Personaility Is Somewhat Perky For a 'Warrior'. He is comedic, somewhat depressed, and can unleash his Animosity on you at times. He tries to hide his emotions under a mask of happiness, that you will probably never see through....

Weapons: 12 Guage Shotgun- Average Skill; Dagger Fighting- Mastered Skill[/color]
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Hell...Lets have at it...

Name: Siren Kojia
Age: 18
Height: 5'11''
Description: Long black hair, tight green tank top, black baggy pants, pine green eyes, black boots (see 2 min ill. with no facial features)
Weapons: Katana, sai
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[B]Apologies for my absence, I have been away at a Duke of Edinburgh camp for the week :D

Since there are 7 Silencers to 3 Kagims, I am switching to a Kagim to make the story a little better.

Other than that, I will start the thread tomorrow morning, thanks to all those who were patient enough to wait, I appreciate it.

(by the way my Kagim character has been edited in my first post.)[/B]
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[B]Of course, but after you I don't think anyone else should be able to join. Of course I'm not trying to be rude/annoying/nasty, I just like the people who have joined now and I don't want it to get crowded.

Post your stats soon Angelus..[/B]
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