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the middle east problem...?


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ok, this is one of the most bothersom subjects (to me) in all of the world.
i'd like to start with a rough copy of dialog seen on a private t.v. station based in saudi arabia. the 2 invovled are an unknown interviewer and a 3 year old girl. my source is fox news. pick on that if you wish but its out there in the international media and reliable. the saudi stations name is IRQAA TV.
fade in...
interviewer- how old are you?
3 y.o.- 3 and a half.
int.- are you a muslim?
int.- are you familiar with the jews?
3- yes.
int- do you like them?
3- no.
int- why do you not like them?
3- they are pigs and apes.
int.- where did you learn this?
3- the koran.
... fade out.
now it doesnt take a genieus to know why i find that disturbing.
im worried because this is something that is a common thing now.
did anyone see the young girl in a german protest, sitting on her fathers shoulder with fake dynomite strapped around her waist.
i know that it is a misinterpretation of the koran by extremist, but that is what the saudis' consider a national religon.
u.s. foreign policy...
first off it hasnt been changed in 55 years towards the middle east. did you know robert kennedy was killed by a palestinian ? coincedentally he supported the u.s. action to give 700 f/14 fighter jets to isreal.
saudi arabia is a major supplier of oil to the u.s. and they are also supposed to be an allie of the u.s. in the actions on that side of the world. how can we expect these people to not start a war, requiring a large scale invasion/rescue of another riegon?
i want to add that the u.s. army, although being used more in the clinton administration than ever, was down sized by one half, to just 200,000.
...islam isnt a problem, nor is christianity ,but the kkk, or the taliban. islam is being practiced in goverment.
this is wahabeeism. a denomanation of islam.
a religion supported by several mid. east countries. countries that have a birth rate twice that of a european country or america
what are we to do?
we cant ignore it; allowing it to grow a seed of hate.
we cant change the way people think.
we cant give in.
we cant kill them all.
what will my children have to endure.
god help us all.
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[b]For one thing, it isn't Wahhabi-ism (I'm a near-centre Deobandi, not a Wahhabi, btw)
But some Wahhabis (like all other sects) are included in the big list.

I'm not bothered by and/or about Jews, but the Israeli government put me off. I'm part helping taking part in the Israeli Goods Boycott.[/b]
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Guest Saiyangohan2002
Yeah, some people need to realise that not all Muslims are evil, and that they should stop attacking the Islamic centres, (post sep 11) those Islams are American too.

Don't judge a nation on the actions of a few, kinda sums up what you are saying
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could you possible explain the difference between the wahabi-ism i know of and the wahabi your taking of. i dont know too much but if you could give me a better view of the more popular sects. also if you could explain why the saudis claim to be wahabist and act the way they do.
really just the difference in between the sects would be enough for me, do you think you can elaborate?
i also want to mention that im not trying to pick on any one country.
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Guest Shift
[size=1][color=crimson]The crisis is a serious problem, but I look at it this way, there's nothing I can do so :p I'd like to see it stop all of a sudden, but that's not gonna happen[/size][/color]
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I dont think the Jews are anti-Muslim. But look at what they are going through. People are just walking into their part of the Country and blowing themselves up killing innocent people. Imagine that happening where you live every single day. Imagine being scared to go to the movies, afraid someone will explode and kill you. If I was leader of the country, honestly I have no idea what Iwould do to handle it, but its got to stop. I saw of the news where they where showing video from a Palistinian childrens show, with little boys and girls sing and dancing yelling out phrases like Kill the Jews! and stuff. That is just plain out scary. You right though. Not all Muslims or Palestinians are the same. But I am not going to try and tell Israel what to do, because I dont know what its like to wonder if I am gonna blow up that day. If they can stop the attacks by going in and apprehending the terrorist, I think they should go for it. I dont think any nation has the right to tell them to stop if they handle it it in athe right way. As long as they dont just massacre people.

They have tried peace for like 20 years. I dont see why they dont just create a Palestinian state.

But not all Muslims are terrorist, just like not all Southern People are Racists, and not all Black people rob gas stations.

AJ, Im just wondering, why are you participating in the Goods boycot if you dont have a problems with jews? You say its because the Goverment put you off? what do you mean by that. Im not trying to say your wrong or anything I am justy interested in why you are boycouting.
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  • 2 weeks later...
well looky here. all of the sudden ive found the energy to write again. it seems the political atmosphere of the boards had gone away until someone lite my fuse with some good old disscusion of my president and his actions.
i just want to ask, does anyone really think the palestinians want peace?
im not talking about the women and children either.
of course they want peace. but, unfortunatly in their society they hold absolutely no power.
also, do you think that the middle east will ever be at peace.
do you think saddam is going to use his biological weapons again? or do you think hes gonna get nukes and use them?
will the hard line muslim goverments ever be replaced by a semi-democratic system?
bottom line is i want all of you hard core anti bush, anti- america, anti-my views people to come out of your holes and start backing up the insults you have for my country.
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Guest Fly-T
But when you take History classes you'll find that Islam evolved from Judaism and Juda was like the first relgion sorta and your like thinking woah dude their talking about their own people
Did you know that since the 9/11 attack the number of teens that watch the news went up 57%?
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im glad to hear other young adults are watching the news.
i also have been a history buff my whole life.
i know the origins of islam and i know that it is close to judaism and christianity, for that matter, i also know that it came (chronological) after both of the others and there are several differences in all of them.
i know it didnt evolve from judaism, it was brought on in its own way and is only as related to judaism as christianity is. actually its only got some of the same stuff but other wise they are different religions. but they do have simialarities and they are from roughly the same region.
still, none of that answers the above questions.
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Guest Fly-T
I know it doesn't but I just wanted to point a few things out. ( I always watned to be on the Jerry Springer show I gotta do that)

Anyways, maybe you gotta look at it from every point of view maybe each country is dong their own thing but hasnt had the time to hop to the negotiation table. maybe trow them in a luxury sweet, do all this cool stuff protect reach religion in a seperate luxury sweeted room partionated by windows while each one that wants to have a way to solve the resoloution threw a mic that every room could hear kinda like a P.S.A. or throw a peace rally or do like some kinda let the kids group themselves . Over where I;m at whites N' Blacks were at it for a while but it was like the children who got along were keeping the peace.
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Alright, coming from a person who has many islamc friends.... i dont understand how a child can tell the world what is in the Qua'ran.... christ three years old right? Hmm, lets say he can even read? ... yes this is VERY disturbing my friend... but if the thought for even one second of slaying so many people of good faith.

the only part of the Qua'ran the denotes jewish or christian people is the part where it explains that if the jews and christians wish to fight than god (allah) will punish them in his own time, at the right time... he does not give bidence to an Giah'd of holy right... hell my friends, what you see is the one percentile of the worlds population acting in what we like to call [B]extremist[/B]

I must throw my hands in the air at the gullibleness of such people. Canadian i am...thus my heart goes out to my southern neigbors....

Regarding your .... "children" and how they will suffer... i rarely use the words "suck it up" but this calls for it... Thank the heavens that your children are going to have an unheedless hope for a good life... most of those children in the eastern countries are shaped by the way they must endure...
If a son or daughter of an extremist ask their mother or father; "why daddy, do i have no food?" ...and he says "meh son, its the jews faults...." ... what do you expect this child to learn better from? obviously if they have lack of vital basics they most definatly will have little schooling...

Alright to try to contain myself... I wilst add two things... It is ALWAYS unfortunate because the news media thrives on things that make people bite their teeth.. its called infotainment.. if they showed a child in good contention to the jews, christians or Americans... than it would not be "newsworthy" ... the point i am making is that heedless of the fruituous effort you display.... the worst of the worst will be displayed on the television, internet, or any known medium for tele-news communication, your always going to receive the worst.

And the second thing... Proximity is what leads to Dismal and anxious over reaction.... IT WAS GONA HAPPEN SOONER OR LATER! yes of course it was tradgic.. ok done move on.. christ... if only americans would learn to move on....what doesnt kill them only makes thine stronger... if so why does it take six months.... are americans dumb? i think not... it shouldnt take six months and more just to relay the message...it matters not... the point is.. just cuz its at home does it make it THAT much differnt... how many of you heard about the Genocide that so swiftly swept two million humans of this earth.. oh i say about maybe five people i have online even asked more than "Genocide?" ... again this is because it was not at home.... i saw not one person grieve for those two million people... what about the death of four canadian soldiers fighting for YOUR cause, remarkably getting disembodied by YOUR planes... excellent *clasps his hands briskly* ... this my friends is odd because not ONE american i asked knew... why? well cuz it would get alota news stations in serious **** if they told the public much about that....

I must wrap this up however, leading out of pain and arguements, leaving you all knowing that the only infidels that the Qua'ran (Koran) states are those who break the ten commandments so clearly stated in all of the three great religions.... that is all.. not by thine color, not by thine beleifs... only if thine decideth to breath thine holy ten principles of faith that guide us all through this everlasting bond of reconciliation...and peace is only wrought forth by the joining in united soveignty... the peace of this global market for arms and deceptions.... Be weary not... and never be trapped into the beliefs of a co-extremist... that kind which makes false lies about a religion so closely mingled with our own... amil aslab sitar... do not let yourself lose your kinship for mere slander.....

M.S. Hunter
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at first i thought the phantom canadian newbie located in my fears was really just that. but, unfortuantly it was a let down.
turns out hes just another disgruntled canuck. of course maybe i dont know what im talking aboot just like all us americanos.
oddly i did know about and think about the canadian soldiers you mention, because i am the child of a soldier just like them and just like them my soldier isnt with me any more. i think about all those who are thrown into this world of fighting but just like you said, suck it up.
i also think i should mention that a talented author with an incredible intellect is just that until he starts killing every bit of his mind with all those tools hes so proud to claim up to using.
by the way,
i want to say that if the palestinians could just control themselves for a little while i would support them. but every time i try, a week later they blow up some kid. and yes it may be true that palestinian children have died. but, if they really want that to stop why dont they take the path every one has laid down for them. a few years of peace and there would be nothing to loose.
only gain. the possible gain of a seperate independent state.
or if worse cause and the israellis dont do the right thing, the palisitinians will have a larger population and the possible build up of military hardware and forces; allowing them to finally fight this to an end.
but no, they woulnt do anything with their sights on the future and their people in their heart.
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It's just rediculous in my opinion that people are prejudice just because of religion. Jews are not "pigs and apes." I would know because I have a friend who's father is Jewish. Anyway, it should just STOP because it's pointless slaughter and massacres.
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I think its just the ignorant people in this world that think that a race of people all feel the same way. I dont mean that in a bad way, but I mean it by the true meaning of the word "ignorant". they just dont know any better.

Many of your points are right. I just stand by my opinion that Israel should not just sit there and let their civilians be blown up. WAR is never good. We should always strive for peace. But you cant just sit there and hope the other side wants peace too. All thats does is make more people die. I support Israel. Anything they do to stop this horrible crap thats going on now I support. I dont see why people should support it. As long as they are not massacring innocent people, I have no problem with it.

I think the truth is the Extremist groups dont want peace, they want to take Israel back. And you cant make peace with someone who does not want it. Its ignorant for the Palestinians to think that ISrael is rightfully theirs though. If you look back in history, the Jews were run out of Israel by the Romans, then the palestinians came in after the jews were gone. Theirs just no sense in fighting though. Theirs nothing to fight over. There would be no fighitng if the extremists would not kill people.
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Guest Fly-T
I remeber in History class we were talking about Islam in Baghdad how Baghdad was a great city Islam wasnt such a big problem All Relgions were accepted and wasnt discrminated
If Muhammed Ali (The Prophet of Allah)were to look at Earth at whats happening now-a-days he'd probably put his hand on his head and put shame on it
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