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RPG Project Silence


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Ok, sorry for my absence but here is the start of the RPG for my character, we can meet etc. Depending on what you all post.
[i]Xian has been travelling for days through the huge Fardennes forests, hungry and alone, he is being tracked by Silencers...[/i]

[B]Xian:[/b]If I walk another step my legs are gonna fall off, better take a break...

[i]Drinking what water he has left, Xian begins to walk again when he hears a sound coming from some nearby bushes.
Unsheathing his sword, he slowly moves towards the shrubs, thinking that he may be able to kill an animal and finally get some food.[/i]

[b]Silencer #1:[/B](whispering) He's coming! We better move quickly while he doesn't know we're here sir.

[b]Silencer squad leader:[/B] Roger that, get the other 4 and move in on his position, hurry!

[i]Seemingly out of nowhere, 5 men ambush Xian. Keeping his cool, Xian whispers a set of words. His sword slowly begins to glow a light blue, seeming to shrink until it reaches his forehead, where it dissappears, leaving only a scar in the shape of a sword. The Silencers draw their weapons...[/i]

[b]Xian: (thinking to himself)[/B][i]Ok, I can take 5 guys, but something doesn't feel right.... No time now to think about that, better take care of this..[/i]

[i]Xian takes his right hand and plunges it into the ground. Sparks of electricity begin to appear around the area where his hand is embedded in the floor. The Silencers launch themselves at Xian, only to see huge sparks of electricity surrounding his body, slowly getting larger. Letting out a sharp cry, Xian engulfs the 5 Silencer soldiers in electricity, burning them to a crisp. Xian stands up, recovering from the loss of magic energy to see a gun pointed at him. The Silencer squad leader stares at Xian in disbelief before feeling a sharp pain in his chest. Out of nowhere, he appears to be on fire.... As he falls, he pulls the trigger on his 9mm, hitting Xian in the shoulder....[/i]

[B]Silencer squad leader:[/B] You die with me, you little magic using punk....

[B]Xian:[/B] Damn.... I can't feel my hands, ugh, too much blood, I can't heal it in time......

[i]Xian slowly drifts into unconciousness,(sp?) wondering if he will ever wake up in a warm bed, not having to fight the war alone, not having lost his father....[/i]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Vukodlak Lacroix tensed in anticipation. From the rocky ledge upon which he stood, he could see the arrogant Kagim walking down the winding path. In this narrow series of gorges, the magi would never know the blade that killed him. Lacroix jumps up, shadowing the mage from the ledge. As the Kagim stops, peering intently at some feature of rock, Lacroix contemplates why he is doing this. His family was killed by magi, he was left mentally scarred. But did this justify the slaughter of uninvolved mages? Yes. Lacroix leapt of the ledge, his scimitars appearing in his hands as he somersaulted, crossing his arms in an X as he landed. The Kagim staggered, the slices down his back bleeding profusely. Before he could move, Lacroix dispatched him with a quick thrust. Smiling grimly, he starts off along the trail, reflecting on his success. He'd never really been a proper Silencer, they'd just picked him up and he'd went along with it, although he made it clear he followed his own path. He always worked alone, never obeying any orders they gave him, never acting in concert with other Silencers. Damn bureaucrats. Lacroix detested others company, preferring solitude. Human contact, or human approval, meant nothing to him. So it didn't really matter if they thought they controlled his actions or not. Lacroix was, now and forever, an independant, despite his superficial affiliation with the Silencers. Looking up at the darkening sky, Lacroix whispers his vow to any mageborn with a taste for power, and the lack of wisdom to show his face.[/I]

Lacroix: Welcome to the desolation.[/font][/color]
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OOC: Could everyone please try and spell correctly
[I]Taréko stood at the edge of the cliff that overlooked the Fardennes forest, he had seen the silencers go in there, but he didn't want to follow. It wasn't in his nature to go looking for a fight. He looked at the sun, contemplating the future of the human race. Why had his people started using magic to harm non-users, it wasn't right, it wasn't fair. Taréko wanted peace, although mostly impossible, it was a commendable thought.[/I]

Taréko: I must fight.

[I]At that moment Taréko heard screams coming from the forest, at the same time he sensed the use of magic on the opposite side of the forest.[/I]

Taréko: A little far but, I can get myself half way.

[I] Taréko threw his arms out to his sides, like he was about to be crucified. His hands were facing opposite directions. Taréko took a deep breath, and expelled it with force. A sphere of light embraced Taréko, and then disappeared. Deep in the forest, the light appeared with Taréko at the centre. The light disapated leaving Taréko to drop to the floor. He spent a few seconds catching his breath and then stood up looking around. Suddenly his eyes darted towards the north side of the forest, and he began to run in that direction.[/I]

Taréko: (under his breath) Hold on!
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OOC: It's just a game...as long as you can understand the concept of where we are and what's happening...it's all good.


[i]Dressed in modern clothing, Blair walked through the forest's main path. Quiet and serene, he took hold of a flower and pulled it up towards him from the side of the path. He far from his secluded home deep within Fardennes forest, though he could hear the voices of his family calling out to him. He would not get lost. The sun was still high up in the sky, forcing rays of sunlight through the thick greenery. He still had time to focus on his training. He diverted from the main path and took a hidden one, indicated by the slight charring of the leaves and plants at the foot of the trees. He walked towards there for a long while, until he came to an grassy field. Tall redwoods still stood around him, but he had room to move about and do what he had to do to get better at his abilities. Blair took stance and began to concentrate.[/i]

Blair: I know I have to do this...I've been pushing too hard on the reach...

[i]He only wished he had an instructor guiding him. All of them were on the front lines, battling against a numerous army of machines and tech. Crude weapons that had no purpose in the hearts of his family and friends, only poisoning them and destroying what they held dear. He stood, arms spread open, eyes closed. The beams of light that were cast down by the sun soon became stronger and more potent. Bits and pieces of pollen and extra foliage lifted up from the ground and flew around him until a thick mass nearly blanketed the area. He focused on an expendable tree and brought his arms forward. The steady whirlwind of the forest floor moved the old redwood. Razor sharp leaves scathed it's skin. Bent branches bruised it. Blair concentrated hard, sweat forming on his forehead...the tree began to give way...and it fell towards him. Blair's eyes were open and alert, though the wind had not disappeared.[/i]

Blair: Oh god...

[i]Blair ran out of the tree's path before it collided with the hard-packed earth. It created a loud, thundering sound throughout the entire forest. The tree died...Blair walked over to where it was firmly planted and saw a hundred more seedlings growing steadily. This was a special place where they could generate potent and large amounts of magic, a safe haven and a training ground. He lifted himself up and sat on the tree. He had done the first of his tasks, delved into the element of the wind and the spirit of the forest. Blair lay back and took in a deep breath...that was when he heard the call of his kind...in dire need of help...[/i]

Xi??: Help!

[i]It echoed throughout the forest...a telepathic plea. He didn't recognize the voice to a face or a name, but he knew it was one of his own and he knew where the poor man's location was. The sun was already setting and he had to act fast...Blair felt that he was too far away from reaching anyone else for help. But if he ran back home, the man who needed his help would surely be dead...

~Cautiously, he stood up and boosted himself up towards the higher trees and began his search...~[/i]
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[B]OOC:[i]This is just a quick in-between post but I thought I'd inform you that The One is having very bad computer problems and he will not be participating any further in this RPG until further notice, if anyone was going to use his post and meet him in the RPG etc. I would suggest you reconsider, as he will not be back for a while. Thanks for your time.[/i][/b]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]OOC: It's a plague I tell you. So many people having computer problems...

IC:[I]Lacroix continued through the rocky gorge, coming out to a verdant valley. The soft moonlight touched a pristine lake off to a shattered panorama. The area was surrounded by high cliffs, the explanation for why such a pardise could exist without human intervention.[/I]

Lacroix: Ah, that such should exist without being despoiled.

[I]Sighing, Lacroix walks into the valley, even his cold soul enchanted by the beauty around him. When he reaches the centre, he gasps in surprise. A spring bubbles to the surface, through a circle of stone about 12 feet wide, interlaced with thin stone bridges. The water welling up has been eating away at the weak points in the rock, leaving a strange design traced in stone.[/I]

???: And you are?

[I]Lacroix spins, his hands going to his scimitars. Looking around, he sees nothing in the darkness.[/I][/font][/color]
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[i]Xian felt Blairs presence, not knowing exactly what it was he was feeling, or how it found out where he was. He awoke and tried to sit up, suddenly being struck by a sharp pain in his shoulder, he fell to the floor in agony.[/i]

[B]Xian:[/B] Ah MAN! That guy must of really got me, I gotta heal it quickly, before whatever the hell's coming reaches me..

[i]Xian held his hand high above the bloody shoulder, sweat beading down his forehead, he quickly healed the wound, causing him to lose a significant amount of magical energy.[/i]

[B]Xian:[/B] Looks like I'm gonna have to stop using magic for a while, I'm all out of energy... Huh? That thing thats after me is mighty close, I better start moving.

[I]Xian grabbed his sword and ran as fast as he could through the forest, wondering if whatever it was behind him would catch up. As he reaches the edge of the Fardennes forest, Blair reaches the spot where Xian telepathically cried for assistance.[/i]

[B]Blair:[/B] What the? I know he was a Kagim, he must of known that I was one of his kind and that I was trying to help him. So why did he run off? He obviously needed help from me, thats why he cried out in the first place....

[I]Blair turns around to see the still steaming bodies of 6 Silencer soldiers. He sits down, tired from all the running he did to try and reach Xian, wondering what went on..

Meanwhile, Xian walks over grassy hills on the edge of the Fardennes forest, looking for somewhere to sleep and regaain his strength....[/i]
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OOC: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack, phew!

[I]Taréko ran through the forest, looking for the magical presence he had sensed on the cliff.[/I]

Taréko: He's close.

[I]Taréko walked though a bush to see two men, standing against the sun light, their silhouettes standing strong. Taréko walked in between the two men, staring at the sun, they stood doing the same. [/I]

Taréko: Hello, brothers.
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