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Setting-Pre-midieval earth in a fantasy world... subsetting europe, contained by the monster infested ocean to the west and demon filled swamps in russia. within the continent of Europe lies a set of treasured items, items of legendary magic and unmatched craftsmanship.

Plot-The player characters learn of the secret of the legendary items and set out in a quest to retrieve the treasure for whatever purposes.


-No godlike powerful Characters
-no teleportation spells
-please try to have a different purpose than other characters(requested, not required)
-Only 6 slots are open. If more than 6 apply I shall choose who will be in it and who will not.

Character sheet

Race(celestials are not available, that includes demons, angels, dragons, half gods, etc.)

Strong Attribute
Average Attribute
Weak Attribute
Spells/Abilitie's(max 5 and not too powerful)
Equipment-be reasonable


My Character

Name Alriy
Race Dark Mystic
Age 22
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Description- 5'10" tall with long black hair in a ponytail and aqua eyes, wears normal brown traveling clothes and a black Cloak over that.
Bio-Alriy was born and raised on the road, orphaned at the age of 8 because of the harvesters stealing his parents in the night leaving him in the care of his "uncle" who raised him to be an excellent fighter. Alriy was trained in the twin sword fighting style and excels in offensive and defensive maneuvers.
Purpose of seeking the treasure-To be able to gain the powers to finally destroy the harvesters and save his race from extinction.

Class-Sword Dancer
Strong Attribute-Dexterity
Average Attribute-Wits
Weak Attribute-Charisma
Spells/Abilitie's-Magic Resistance, X slash, Whirling blades, Battle Trance, Danger Sense
Equipment-Twin Rapiers, tent, bedroll, 2 weeks rations, extra pair of clothing.
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Name Lauren
Race Lost Elf
Age 100(10 in HUman Years)
Alignment ???
Description Tall,Long ears,(Think Lord Of the Rings elf)And Short Black hair.
Bio Lauren's Back can absorb Wings which allows her to be an Air Mage.She is one of the 2 or 3Last Lost Elves.She has semi-Powerfull Spells.She likes to be humorous to take her mind off the loss of her parents.

Strong Attribute Wit
Average Attribute Humor
Weak Attribute Chrisma
Class Air Mage

Wing Shield-Her White wings surrond her Body which can block attacks for 2 turns a fight.

Elf Wisdom:She confuses an Enemy which gives her time to attack

Air Blast-while shes in the air,She creates a Large blast of energy and blasts it at her enemy.

Heal-You all know what this is

Lost Ability-The most powerfull,Complecated spell a Lost Elf Air Mage could learn,she destroys any enemy in the battle but if im fighting anyone who signs up,They wont be destroyed so fast,but After she uses this move,she cant use it for a while,so she only uses it for emergencys.

Equipment-,Ill finish it latr,G2G
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Name: Lacroix
Race: Drow
Age: 215
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Description: 6ft tall, even more slender than is typical of elves. His hair is shoulder length, and inky black. He always wears black, and his face is done up in gothic makeup. His always wears a hooded cloak that does not hinder his movements. Nearly all of his body, excluding face and hands, is covered in scars. Anyone who has known him long enough to catch an accidental glimpse of them knows enough not to ask.

Bio: Lacroix was left to die at an early age, but was taken in by a naive family of High Elves who thought he could be converted. Lacroix learnt all he could from them, before murdering them. He then started to travel and, shocked at the resentment directed at his race, was forced to learn how to fight. He did so, his speciality becoming two weapon fighting. He became a trained assasin, and continued so until he was 196 years old. He was brutually attacked by a rampant mob of drunken peasants, and left covered in scars, and slightly deranged. He was also left with no memory of his life before the attack.

Strong Attribute: Agility
Average Attribute: Dexterity
Weak Attribute: Charisma (He's a dark elf, what do you expect)
Class: Assasin
Spells/Abilities: Dual Strike, offhand parry, acrobatics
Equipment: Twin scimitars, vambraces, small crossbow that is only ever used for hunting, tent.[/font][/color]
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Name-Elsyan Tarayavie
Race-High Elf
Age-around 15 in human years (over 100)
Description-Elsyan has blue eyes, and long brown hair, which is unusual since most Elves have blonde or "golden" hair. She is about 5'3'', and wears a necklace that has a silver, Faerie charm on it. Like all Elves, she has long, pointy or "leaf shaped" ears, and is very graceful.
Bio-She lives with her father since her mother was killed by demons. Every now and then, her father would accompany her to the Faerie Realm; the realm where faeries live. She is close friends with them now. Her father trained her how to fight, and is now an Elven Warrior.

Strong Attribute-agility and speed
Average Attribute-wisdom
Weak Attribute-strength (she's not AS strong as some people in physical strength, but she's still pretty strong.)
Class-Elven Warrior

Spirit of Light: It's a huge energy beam that will kill her opponents (usually), but it requires alot of energy. This is a spell the Faeries taught her.

Elements: She may call forth one of the following elements: water (appears in the shape of a dragon), fire (appears in the form of a pheonix), and wind (appears in the shape of a falcon). However, these aren't very strong attacks.

Detect Evil: duh, she can detect evil. Pretty pointless, but it may be useful.
Equipment-an Elven Sword, a Long Bow with a quiver of arrows, leather armor, some food, some water, and a cape.
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[COLOR=sienna][B]Name:[/B] Ilythiirtar Naïlo
[B]Race:[/B] Evlish
[B]Class:[/B] Shadow-Knight
[B]Age:[/B] 22 (bout 1 or 2 human? Who cares)
[B]Alignment:[/B] Dark (not black) Order

A six foot three Elvish Shadow-Knight. Ilythiirtar is fully trained in the darkest of all Elemental transfigurations. He can morph into the Midnight Wolf, and is always crouching in a defensive manner, never giving his true height.
Ilythiirtar, the pupil of Serenol, the angel Holy-Knight, who?s father died at the hands of an evil necromancer. Ilythiirtar sought out revenge on his past mentors name?Currently he resides as the youthful but highly developed protector of the sacred forest ?Faerun Ashenmyst?.

[B]Strong Attribute:[/B]
His ability to interweave his telekinetic mastery with his transmutation to render his opponents literally helpless.
[B]Average Attribute:[/B]
He is strong against all forms of the elements. Certainly a sword to be contended with.
[B]Weak Attribute:[/B]
While in Werewolf form, Silver is his only natural weakness. While not I man-beast form, his weaknesses are against Hell Magic, and his lack of experience renders him open to making poor choices.

Elemental Surge (releases a dark blast of all combined elements in a disruptive wave of five necromantic orbs. Since his first experience with this attack, he can now concentrate it and hit a small area with devastating effects.

Feral-Ire (When in Midnight wolf form, his body is set aflame, rendering Lycantar immune to fire and wind. Only can use if angered to the point of no return.)

Energy Transversal (the absorption of the earths spirits, to drive himself to deeper, stronger attacks. It also allows him to draw energy to merely stay alive)

Atmospheric Shroud (the bending and manipulating of gravity's forces, also can include minor dimensional shifts...such as the shaping of a inanimate object) One time use.

[B]Equipment-be reasonable:[/B]

[B]Armor:[/B] Wirefleece Chest guard, covered by an impenitrable scarab husk given to him by Serenol, his mentor.
[B]Helmet:[/B] Only the hood of his mystic dark cape.
[B]Tailisman:[/B] An amulet that permits him divine control over the planes of wind, given to him by Eve, a frined of his youth.
[B]Blade:[/B] Tulwar
[B]Gloves:[/B] Cryptic Vampirebone Leather gloves.
[B]Boots:[/B] Mirror Greaves
[B]Crossbow:[/B] Lotar Crossbow, fast xbow that renders enemies debilitated.
[B]Intstrument:[/B] Gold-plated Lute.[/COLOR]
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