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Okay this is going to be based very roughtly on a fanfic that I'm still writing. But I'm only borrowing aspects of it. Basically there are three Dimentions, being Ours (first dimention), a futureistic one(with a load of computers and robots yadadadya, commonly called the Second dimention) and a sorta medievil land with castle's a buildings made out of Marble and magic, basically a fantasy land(Third dimention and the main place)

The basic plot is that the Queens Advisiour has summond the Black Dragons to destroy the Third dimention. But no-one suspects him, because he keep on coming up with ideas to protect the city of Qualtras. Five (me +4 others) of the finest Dragon Warriors have been asked to go and find the three Children of the Light, who were sent to the different dimentions and had their memories changed. But they only have a certain time to do it in before the Black Dragons destroy their world.

Okay only 8 people will be on this RPG. And I'm afraid the characters are first come first served. I will allow four other Dragon Warriors, three Children of Light and someone can be the Royal advisiour Who is really evil.

Character Sheet:
Type: (Dragon Warrior, Child of Light, Advisiour)

(This bit only applies to Warriors)
Name of Dragon:
Kept in: (e.g Ring, necklace, chocker, bracelet, watch ect)
Colour of jewelle: (Any colour but don't copy someone else)

(This bit only applies to Children of Light)
Dimention in: (please don't allow all three in the same one, two in one and one in the other one is fine)
Artifical Bio: (what was placed into your head to keep you unnoticable)
Real Bio: (what happened before you were sent away)

(This bit is only for Advisiour)
Magic abilities:
How do you control: (black Dragons)
Why: (why do you want to destroy the Third dimention)

Okay, if more people sign on than the number I will go on posts.

Mine would be:
Type: Dragon Warrior
Name: Lynntilla
Age: 18
description: tall, with long brown hair, blue eyes. wears a silver pair of trousers with a light grey top and blue shash (to show rank. I'll sort that out later when I've got the other four)

Name of Dragon: Labyrinth
Age: 8 (you recieve the Dragons when they first hatch so none of them are to be older than 15, K?)
Kept in: Chocker (Jewelle's are fitted into whatever)
Jewelle: Purple
Description: look at my banner and imagin the Dragon is white with a grey neck and tail with tear-drop pattern on the grey sections and her wings are split into a gold and silver repeatingpattern inside a band of white.
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Type: Dragon Warrior
Name: Sirven
Age: 36
Description: Short tempered, very strong. Don't underestimate his small stature!!! Brown hair. Bright red eyes, glow even brighter when angry.
Bio: N/A

Name of Dragon: Flarebrass
Age: 7
Kept in: Wrist watch
Color of jew on watch: Red
Description: Like Sirven, bad temper. Very large and strong. Can breath fire.Red with silver on the stomach area. Long red neck.
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Type:Dragon Warrior
Name: Lauren
Age: 10
Description: She's very tall for her age,(5`00),She has Short black hair,Black Shirt and Pants,And a Red cape(which she thinks makes her look cool)
Bio:Lauren is the youngest known Dragon warrior ever known.She takes her mission seriously and she loves her Dragon,Bazil
Name of Dragon: Bazil
Age: 10
Kept in: Choker with a Black jewel in the middle showing what Bazil is doing.
Colour of jewelle:Black
Descrition: Bazil is a very tall Dragon.He is black,which Lauren Loves because her favorite color is black.His wings are a beautiful shade of Red.
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Type: Dragon Warrior
Name: Selen BlueHawk
Age: 20
Description: Oh dear . . . I'll get back to you on that.

Name of Dragon: Nani
Age: 4
Kept in: A jewel in the center of a small cross (hung around her neck)
Colour of jewelle: Clear (like a diamond)
Descrition: No time. I'll get back to you on this too!

~!*Sere & Co.*!~
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Fear thee not people, I'll play the evil here!

Character Sheet:
Type: Advisor (Nothign else is ever any fun)
Name: Lacroix
Age: 32 (young, no)
Description: 6 ft tall, with shoulder length inky black hair. His Robes of State are jet black, and he wears a hooded black cloak that does not hinder his movements. His face is always done up in gothic makeup, and his body asiding the face and hands is covered in scars.
Magic abilities: Pyschokinesis, electrokinesis, pyrokinesis (basically I can control matter, electricity and fire mentally)
How do you control: The runes of control are engraved on vambraces that are magically affixed to Lacroix's arms, and cannot be removed.
Why: Lacroix is driven to destroy the Third Dimension by the shadows of his twisted past. His parents were brutually murdered, in front of him, in a sickening religious ceremony when he was 7. He was tortured and left to die. Left scarred and slightly deranged, he grew up to be a assasin until he was 21, upon which point he entered the Queen's court, his natural cunning, intelligence and lack of scruples, combined with what he learnt as an assasin, quickly gaining him power and favour. Despite his magical and indoorish nature, Lacroix has retained much of his skill from when he was an assasin, although he rarely uses it.[/font][/color]
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Type: Dragon Warrior
Name: Siren Kojia
Age: 18
Description: Long black hair, piercing green eyes, tight green tanktop and black baggy pants gathered at the ankel...
Personality: Siren has the tendency to swear a lot and to make bad jokes at the wrong time... She is joval when fighting and has a temper to kill... She had friends while training in the mountians and felt heartsick to leave them... Siren is not easily offended although there are several barbs that will make her temper rise... She is out spoken and highly opinionated although she tries to keep an open mind... Siren is reckless and out of control...

Name of Dragon: Aerin Feyabrand
Age: 20 (my guess maturity for dragons has been set much lower)
Kept in: A dark green stone implanted into her forehead
Colour of jewelle: Dark pine green
Descrition: With dark green eyes and black scales Aerin looks extreamly similar to Siren... They share a close bond...
Personality: Aerin is the even to Sirens odd... They balance each other out almost perfectly... Although... Aerin shares the same lust for battle and recklessness that usally trips Siren up...
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OOC: Hope I'm not too late...
Type: Child of the Light
Name: Mara Heartlock
Age: 17
Description: Mara is about 5'4 and is very pale and light. She wears robes of silky gauze, which are an off-white. Underneath, a elaborate silver dress flows, giving the impression of swirling water. She has dark raven hair, which flows down to the small of her back. She has dark jade green eyes. Wears a thin gold anklet above her light silver sandels.
Personality: Mara is quiet and good-hearted. She cares about others, and is quite selfless. She has a strong inner strength, yet is always fearing something. She has an uncanny talent of knowing about things before they happen.

Dimention in: I didn't know what you meant in the parenthesis, so I'll just say the Second Deminision.
Artifical Bio: Mara was born and raised in the second deminison with her family. She's just another girl in the corwd, trying to make her way in the technological age.
Real Bio: Mara, in truth, was born and raised in the first demention. Her mother and father were killed in a car accident, and while waiting at the hospital, a strange man came up and tole her who she was. She didn't love her parents, so she left the hospital with him. He took her to the second deminsion and taught her how to protect herself. At fiftee, he left her to herself.
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Wow...practically got all the people in one day. Not Bad. Right this is information for the DW's. I've decided to make us appear more like a proper group and I'm going to post a Wing Leader. Now please don't anyone think I'm being favourite or sexist about this, I'm going partly by the age of the character and the age of the Dragon. And plus Dragon Units need a leader to keep them in order, so Sirven is Wing Leader, but You have to remember that he is older than all of us girls, and probably more used to dealing with Dragons.

Oh all right...stop complaining. Look he's going to be training us to be Wing Leaders ourselves, so please don't leave this RP or tell me off. We will all have power over others but we're not fully trained Okay. And Sirven if you are dead snobby about it, I'll give the post to someone else alright?

Right erm...only two more Children of Light needed and then we can set off.
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Cool. I get to be one of these saviour children things.

Type: Child of Light

Name: Endran Katarn

Age: 18

Description: 6' 4". Short, Black hair. Pale complexion. Usually wears black T-Shirts and black trousers.

Dimension in: First Demension

Artifical Bio: Entered an orphanage when he was eight, having no memory of his past or parenthood. Was adopted by a family which then moved to Ireland. Lives the life of a normal teenager (If it can be considered normal). Has had an aptitude for martial arts and combat all his life, and has been found extremely intelligent and gifted. Also has a firely temper. Strange things have happened in his presence from time to time. (Such as objects flying across a room on their own when he is angry.)

Real Bio: Was trained by the greatest sorcerers and masters when he was very young, in preparation for what the prophecys had foretold. This knowledge was then wiped from his direct memory and stored in his subconcious memory before he was sent to the first dimension to wait until his time had come.
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