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Sign Up The Lord Of The Rings:The new Evil


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Ok,This is the Sequel to My (Five star:blush: )Lord of The Rings Rpg,So there is a space for the peeps who were in the first one,but New people can be in it to!

[I]After sauron was once again defeated by:Lauren,Lalaith,Ellsa,Samantha,Sam(The second),Redgar,Abob,and Ilsima(Probably spelt wrong!)Lots of things have changed.Lauren And Lalaith had gotton Married and adopted the Young Nev.Abob went with Sam to the shire.Samantha went back to her home land of Mythanmyre. Ellsa went with Ilsima.Redgar decided to have free job in Lauren and Lalaith's Kingdom of Northern Mirkwood.But four years later,After all where happy,Another Evil appeared.All of the New Fellowship were summoned to Mythanmyre to enter a council....to save the world once again...[/I]

Okay,You can be AAAA:Elf,Half Elf,Human,Dwarf,Hobbit,Orc,Uruk-Hai,Goblin,wizard,Witch or the New Master of Evil(You chose his name)

Stuff you need:
Name:Lauren Greenleaf
Age:120(20 in Human years)
Weapons(up to Three):Bow and quiver of her father, long silver dagger(not tall enough to be a sword)and an elvin sword
Bio:After Her Father died in their First Quest,Lauren was in Much grief until She married Lalaith Ril and adopted Nev.Neither Lalaith or herself knew why they summoned them to Mythanmyre,But it didnt matter.They soon found out that that all of their Fellowship Friends were going,so they set out imeadiatly
Appearnce:She is the only elf who has Short Black Hair,She wears a black shirt and black pants.

Have Fun!
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OOC: YAY!! LOTR lives on!! :D

Age-200 (I forgot how old I was in the other RPG)


Weapons-her Elven Sword and a long bow with a quiver of arrows.

Bio-Samantha is one of the companions from the second fellowship. She lives at Mythanmyre, and is overjoyed when she hears that her friends will be coming to a council that will be held there.

Appearnce-Samantha has long brown hair, blue eyes, wears a green shirt, black pants, and has a grey cape.
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Name: Ryan Schezar
Race: Wizard
Weapons: Seven-Foot Tall Redwood Staff. Magically Imbued Spear.
Bio: Raised on the legend of the original heroes I trained with some of the greatest wizards of the time. My powers center mostly around fire magic but I can also conjure strange beasts and some healing magic.
Appearnce: 6' 2" tall. Wears a long red cloak symbolizing his fire element orientated magic. Has a cleany shaven face and dark black hair and green eyes.
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Name: Indrid Drenguard
Age: 214
Race: Elf
Weapons: Enchanted War Staff, bladed at each end.
Bio: Has grown up hearing about herioc quests of heroes of the past, and has heard the tale of the rising evil. Indrid decides to make a name for himself and set out on a quest to vanquish this new Dark Lord.
Apperance: 6' tall. Has long white, loose fitting pants and a shirt that is cut off at the shoulder. Long Blonde hair and bright blue eyes.
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[I][B]Name:[/B] Ralvenar

[B]Age:[/B] Unknown, looks about 20 in human years, 200 in elf.

[B]Race:[/B] Unknown

[B]Weapons:[/B] Has a double bladed sword. (Think Darth Maul's lightsabre, but with blades, not crystal beams obviously.) And a long bow with a quiver, and a kris.

[B]Bio:[/B] Ralvenar is unlike any race seen on Middle Earth before. He was taken in by elves a short time after the first fellowship dispersed, and they discovered that his heart was pure and good. They also discovered his amazing determination and stamina, and so they put him into training. Since Ralvenar can remember he has been practicing his skill with his weapons, and has acquired unrivaled discipline. His skill with weaponry has grown to an immense level, and in Rivendell, where he is training, they believe him to be the most skilled warrior of his time. They decided the time was right for him to reveal himself, and join the new fellowship when it was announced, as they believe he will be a valuable asset.

[B]Appearnce:[/B] 6'6". Has demonic yellow eyes, that will strike fear into even the most sure hearted people. He has intricate black and red tatooes all over his body, and horns atop his head. He wears a black tunic with a black overcloak over it. (basically he looks exactly like Darth Maul.)[/I]
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I shotgun Master of all Evil!
Name: Bahaumet
Weapons: Inscarborus (The Black Sword)
Bio: Sauron was just a pawn. Bahaumet was the real mastermind behind the evil of Mordor. After Sauron's demise, Bahaumet rose to power, secretly building Mordor's forces and power. He forged a new ring and melded his dark power into it. He is now going to conquer Middle-Earth
Appearance: Bahaumet is unbearable to look upon. He is dark blue in colour, with black slits for eyes. He has an Aura of unspeakable evil and darkness which kills all living creatures except those who he wishes to spare. His hands are long sharp claws, his right hand bearing the new ring. He stands 9ft tall.
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Hey Lauren, I'm gonna come back onto this one cause it was an excellent RP.

Name: Ellsa (duh who else would I be)
Age: Cannot remeber first age so I'll make her about 35 in human years, don't know how old it would be considered in Elvish terms
Race: Half-elf
Wepons: Sword and poision dart shoter
Bio: Ellsa is still the same as she was, but with a dark secreat. She learned what happened to her father and nearly wen't insane. But after some time with her half Brother in Gondor she regained her sences and started to wander the land looking for adventures. Unintentinally(sp?) she finds herself in Mirkwood and learns of her friends Lauren and Lalaith going to Mythanmyre, for some unknown reason. Smelling that trouble is afoot she travelle's towards the place. Unknown to her someone follows her...(Lauren I'll give you a hint to who it is on FITS)
Appearance: Tall and slim, with darker skin, her eyes are duller in colour, wears dark green trousers and tan coloured Tunic, her hair is longer than before and tied up to keep it from her face.
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Yay...ermm....what ever did happen at the end of the other one, I was grounded for 1 week and you guys finish it up...o.O....

EDIT: Uh never mind I read it all. Wow that ended really quickly. It was a great RPG and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Hm...I have a kinda odd question....Would you mind if i actually made this into a fan fic. The first RPG being the first story of course....I have an idea on this it sounds fun to write.

Name: Lalaith Ril

Age: 120 (20 human years)

Race: Elf

Weapons: Bow and quiver. Two silver daggers with black dipped handels bearing the sign of a flame.

Bio: After knowing only misery for several years Lalaith stumbled on that fateful quest that changed his life. He slowly began to show his emotions, and eventually led him to marry the beautiful princess Greenleaf. Feeling bonded to Nev from protecting her in the battles he agreed with Lauren to adopt the young elf. He now is more of an out-going elf, but still has many secrets only the fellowship know. He is ready to go out and fight for his kind once again.

Appearance: He now has mythril armor covered by a green tunic. The green tunic is a normal green tunic except for a flame circled by two silver arrows. He wears green leggins with brown boots. He has silver/white hair with blue eyes.
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[I]Let me just say that although I have decided to join this RPG, most LOTR RPG's around here have consisted mainly of very short posts, often with just one person saying one thing. Now I am not the thread starter of this RPG, but still, that sort of RPing is simply not acceptable, as says the rules of OB. Hopefully this RPG will not follow the same pattern.[/I]
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[color=crimson][size=1]Well, I wasn't in the other one, but I figure this one should be fun.

[b]Name:[/b] Angelina.

[b]Age:[/b] 17.

[b]Race:[/b] Half Elf.

[b]Weapons:[/b] An ancient looking bow and a short crystalline sword, given to her by her grandmother, who was an elf.

[b]Bio:[/b] Angel's mother's side of her family are elves. Her father's side is human. Her mother met her father and fell in love with him, marrying him, despite the wishes of her race. Angel has had to live a hard life because of this fact, torn between two separate races who don't seem to want her.

[b]Appearance:[/b] She has long silvery blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She wears a white outfit at all times, a representation of innocence and purity.

Alrightness then...sounds good enough to me.[/color][/size]
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Ok,I'm only going to let one more person join,And I still have a reserved spot for Boba Fett,So Il PM him and see if he wants to be in it.

And Duo,I think it would be okay if you made into an RPG,But dont make it as long as the real books!:) I'm sure it'll be great.:D
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I dont really think there is anything else to explain,I might start it and I'll let Boba join if he wants to,we'll just keep him in the story until he gets heremThat okay with you guys?
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Name: Iondarc

Age: 345 (35 in human years)

Weapons: A four foot long wooden staff with a large diamond on top. And his magical powers

Bio: At the very young age (in human years) of four, Iondac's parents abandoned him in the depth of Mordor. He grew up in the Dark times and he has had to live for himself all his life. He developed his magic ability at the age of 15 and has used them t protect himself. A few years after that he finally got out of Mordor and wants anyone in power of that evil place destroyed.

Apperance: Iondarc wears a long black outfit(like gandalf but black) He had silver hair and no beard. Iondarc is six feet ten inches tall.
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Ok, sorry for being "away" and missing all the action, here is my sign up.....

Name: Abob Ttef

Age: 49

Weapons: A long knife, a bow and arrows and a bag of potions.

Bio: Abob disposed of the first ring many years ago, and has since retired to the Shire with Sam. He has spent the last few years fishing and eating Sam's delicious cooking. He is disturbed by the new evil and will stop at nothing to crush it.

Appearance: Abob wears a brown traveling cloak, which hides his face. He has black eyes, black hair and gostly white skin. He is quiet, but a dangerous man to cross.
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